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A Disaster In The Making by LadyL8
Chapter 1 : Mr. Evans
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Author’s note: This is an idea I had a while ago. This was actually my very first story on HPFF, but I deleted it a couple of years ago. I recently found it on my computer, and I decided to change the plot and re-upload it. This story is not finished yet. I’m still editing it. So if you see anything that’s wrong or anything you’d like me to improve, don't be afraid to tell me

Mr. Evans was worried. Last night, he had received a letter from his youngest daughter Lily, which had left him greatly troubled. In this letter, his dear Lily announced that she would return to her home in two weeks, just like he had expected. What he hadn’t expected, however, was whom she would arrive with. James Potter. He was the bloke she had loathed since her very first day at Hogwarts, the bloke he had heard many ill things about. Why would Lily bring him home?

Mr. Evans remembered reading the newspaper, when the letter arrived. Lily’s snowy owl, Lady, had brought it. This unusual way of getting the post was still new to him, so he was quite surprised when Lady came flying through the kitchen window and landed right in front of him on the dining table. Attached to her leg was a letter addressed to him. He instantly recognized his youngest daughter’s beautiful handwriting, so similar to that of his late wife, Posey. He quickly opened the envelope, and read the letter.

Dear Father

I received you last letter, and you’ll be happy to hear that I’m doing fine. My grades are good. In fact, Professor Slughorn told me the other day that he would write a letter of recommendation to the school I’d like to attend. Isn’t it great?

This year, Mary and I have unfortunately had little time together. With my Head Girl duties and her Quidditch practices, it’s hard to find enough time. But the holidays are coming soon, and I promised to visit her family on New Years. I hope that’s fine by you.

Speaking of the holidays, I’ve invited someone to stay with us like you asked. And no, it’s not Mary. His name is James Potter. His family had a ministry-related meeting to attend in Egypt, so I asked if he wanted to spend the holidays with us. He’ll be leaving on New Years, to attend a formal party with his family and friends. Two of his friends, Sirius and Remus, might come by sometimes, but they’re nice. You’ll like them.

Hope you’re doing well, and that Petunia is taking care of you. How is she doing by the way? Is she still seeing that strange boy, Vernon?

I’ll have to leave. Mary is calling for me. See you soon, father.



To say he was shocked would be an understatement. Mr. Evans had never been so surprised in his whole life, not even when his wife Posey informed him of her illness. His dear, sweet, and innocent Lily was bringing home James Potter, the bloke who Lily, the last six years, had described as nothing but a lazy, arrogant toe-rag. Wasn’t he the very same boy she had been mentioning in his letters, the boy who had bullied her best friend, the Snape-boy? Why would she bring someone like that home?

“Is something the matter, father?” asked his eldest daughter, Petunia. “You look worried.” Yes, he was worried. In fact, he was more then worried. He couldn’t understand why his Lily would change her mind. Despite the fact that he believed his daughter to be more mature and clever then himself, he couldn’t help but question her choice in this decision.

“I am worried, Petunia,” he answered honestly, knowing his daughter would instantly know if he lied. “I just received a letter from your sister…” He didn’t like the frown that appeared on her face at the mention of her sister, but decided to ignore it for now. “… She’s bringing a friend from school back home.”

“I see,” she said, biting her lip. He could tell she wanted to throw an insult, and was glad she restrained herself. He didn’t like it when his children were arguing. “And why is this worrying you, father?”

“Well…” He struggled to find the right words. “…He’s the bloke she has mentioned in several of her letters, the Potter-boy.” Petunia’s eyes widened, clearly recognizing the name from the letters. While Petunia acted like she didn’t care about her younger sister, he knew for a fact that she still read all the letters that they received. But if Lily or he ever asked her about it, he knew she would deny it.

“James Potter?” she asked, trying to make it sound like she wasn’t sure if that was the correct name. “I thought you said she hated that boy.” He nodded, answering that she had indeed written so in her previous letters.

“I see why you’re worried…” she trailed of, looking thoughtfully down on the letter in his hands. “But I’m sure it’s fine. Lily wouldn’t do something without thoroughly thinking it through,” she continued, clearly having forgotten that she wasn’t supposed to like her sister. And he was happy to hear she not only speak well about her younger sister, but also comforted him by saying the exact thing he knew to be true. But she must’ve remembered whom she was talking about seconds later, because the frown reappeared. “But she better not ruin my relationship with Vernon!” She exclaimed, and stomped up to her room.

Mr. Evans sighed, throwing a quick look at the clock. Lily and the Potter-boy would be here in two hours. And so would Petunia’s new boyfriend, Vernon. He had a bad feeling about this Christmas. Something told him it would end in a disaster. If only his wife was here. She would've known what to do in a situation like this. But he was alone, alone with two teenage daughters who couldn't get along.

"Posey, my love" he said, like his wife would answer him. "What shall I do?"

Like always, there was no answer. All he heard was the constant ticking of the clock, reminding him that in only a few hours, he would meet his daughters' boyfriends for the very first time.

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A Disaster In The Making: Mr. Evans


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