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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 6 : The one with all the blue-haired boys
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 ‘What are you doing here?’ I managed to ask after standing there, shocked, for about 5 minutes.

My Mum just smiled at me and motioned for me to come sit down. I obeyed her and sat down next to her. Next to my Mum, my Dad was sitting. In front of my Dad my uncle Harry was smiling at me. My aunt Ginny was sitting next to my uncle and was giving me a stern look.

Soon everyone else joined us. Albus was sitting next to his Mum, next to him was Malfoy. Dom came to sit next to me and Nymph took a seat at the head of the table. She was fidgeting, I guess she was a bit nervous. She had met my parents before, a lot. But she hadn’t really spend that much time with my uncle. He did save everyone, so I understand that that can be quite intimidating.

‘I could ask you the same question, Rose.’ My mom replied after greeting everyone properly.

‘It’s a Hogsmeade weekend, we are allowed to be here.’ I said defensively.

‘Yeah, I know. But …’ she looked meaningful at Malfoy, ‘But I’m just surprised to see all of you together.’ Then she gave me a nervous smile. Didn’t know what she was nervous about until I saw my Dad staring at Malfoy. If I was him, I would run and hide for the rest of my life.

‘Rose and me are cousins, so we hang out from time to time and Scorp is my best friend, so …’ Albus replied a bit nervously. I saw my uncle eyeing him suspiciously.

‘Scorpius is not Draco, Hermoine. Give the boy a chance.’ My uncle Harry replied.

‘Ow, no. Scorpius, I know that. That’s not what I’m aiming at. I know my daughter and everybody knows you two don’t get along.’ My mom quickly said. She looked at Scorpius, the way she always looked at me when she wanted me to understand her.

‘And there is good reason to.’ My dad muttered. My mom hit him. ‘Ronald!’

‘Aw, that hurt!’ he spat out.

‘You’re such a baby, Ron.’ My aunt Ginny said.

‘So would you guys like to drink something with us?’ My mom asked.

‘Well, thanks for offering. But we kind of have other business to attempt.’ Albus said coolly.

‘Very important business.’ Dom added. I smiled at her.

‘But we are supposed to meet Teddy here. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind seeing you guys again. It has been a while …’ Ginny explained.

Teddy? Teddy was coming here? My stomach did a funny thing when hearing that. Teddy was like my big brother that I never had. I could tell him EVERYTHING!

‘Yeah, alright.’ Malfoy replied as he threw my a funny look. My Dad eyed him suspiciously. I looked at Malfoy and my dad carefully. I didn’t trust him. I don’t even know if I’m talking about my dad or about Malfoy.

‘So what are you guys up to?’ Harry asked. Albus and I exchanged a look.

‘Not much, you know. Just the usual stuff.’ I replied.

Did I tell you before was awkward? Well that was nothing compared to this. My dad was throwing dirty looks at Malfoy. My mom was looking carefully at my dad. Albus was twisting his fingers, the way he always did when he was nervous. My aunt looked right at him, she knew he was up to something.  After all she lived with Fred and George almost her whole life!

‘So Scorpius, I heard you are a great student?’ Ginny asked to break the silence.

‘I do alright.’ He answered. ‘Rose does better.’ My dad was looking really proud.

‘Not really. He’s better in potions and stuff.’ I replied.

‘Who cares about potions?’ My dad asked. That cost him another hit from my mum.

‘It’s very important. Just as important as all the other classes.’ My mom said. Scorpius smiled weakly.

After another 5 minutes of awkward questions, the door finally opened. Teddy came in, wearing his hair blue for the occasion.

‘Rose! Al! Dom! It’s really nice to see you.’ He said as he hugged everyone, me a bit more than all the rest. Or did I just imagined that?

He sat down next to Nymph, who introduced herself.

‘And you must be Malf- Scorpius I mean.’ Teddy smiled at Malfoy. He nodded weakly.

‘So Teddy. How’s Victoire?’ Hermoine asked.

‘She’s fine. That’s exactly the reason why I called you guys to meet me here …’ Teddy begun. Everyone was looking at him, waiting. Did they split up?

No Rose. Stop thinking that! Besides he was smiling, so ….

‘She’s pregnant!’ he exclaimed with the biggest smile on his face ever.

My mouth dropped open. He … She? Pregnant … Everyone was reaching over to hug Teddy, so they didn’t notice my moment of weakness. I quickly regained myself and congratulated him.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really see him as my big brother. He is … was, I mean, my first crush. He was the first cute guy to ever acknowledge me. So yeah … I had a thing for him.

After another 10 minutes of exciting shattering, Teddy stood up.

‘You guys wanne come home with me? Victoire must be back from her meeting as well. We’re having a little party.’ He stated.

‘Sure.’ My Dad said as he stood up. Dom looked kind of sad.

‘Will you tell Vic that I will come by as soon as I can? We kind of have plans right now …’ she said sadly to Teddy.

‘Of course, Dom. She will understand! Don’t worry.’ He said as he hugged his sister-in-law. 

‘Well let’s get going. Don’t forget to enjoy your last year. Have some fun, it doesn’t have to be all about school.’ My mum said to me.

‘Who are you and what have you done with Hermoine?’ My dad asked with a smile. My mum blushed. ‘Shut up, Ronald’ she said and she hit him playfully.

My uncle and aunt got up. They told Dom they would tell her parents that she said hello and they kissed us goodbye.

‘Take care, honey.’ My mum said and she leaned in for a hug ‘Don’t listen to your daddy, Scorpius is a fine young man.’ She whispered. I put my arms around her and a bag fell out my pocket.

About a hundred galleons scattered over the floor.

‘What the … !’ My dad shouted. Everyone was looking at me with big eyes, Albus almost lost it, my uncle and my dad exchanged a meaningful look. Dom and Malfoy reached out and grabbed as many coins as they could.

‘Honey, where did you get all those?’ My mum asked in surprise.

‘There not real!’ Nymph quickly said. ‘There for … euhm … our project! Me and Rose are making a paper about fake galleons! We brought them here to see whether shopkeepers know the difference!’

‘Don’t worry, mum. We tell them they are fake if they don’t see the difference.’ I said quickly after her smile faded.

‘Alright, honey. They look really well made.’ She said as she picked one up. She could only see the word galleon. The coins only worked in the hand of a 7th year. She, my dad, Harry and Ginny exchanged looks. They were probably on to us. Teddy just winked at me.

But they said nothing, they helped me pick them up and headed out.

‘That was close.’ I said nervously. ‘Too close …’

‘Nothing happened, that’s what mattered. Let’s go. We still have a lot to do before the 7th years get here.’ Albus said, finally being able to speak again. Miss Rosmerta showed us the room. It was quite big. Apparently a lot of people rented this room for parties and such. But she give for free to us, because of the whole Albus crush of course.

We decided to change the room setting. All the tables were moved to the back. Expect for one large table that we put in the front. There were five chairs at that table. The remaining chairs were put in rows in front of the table. There were enough chairs for all the 7th years. Dom and Nymph were arguing about where they were going to sit. Albus was in a corner practicing his speech. I was counting the coins in front of the window. It was really nice weather outside. I wonder where Lucas would take me afterwards.

‘Your dad will always hate me won’t he?’ Scorpius suddenly asked. I looked around, he was standing next to me, starring out of the window, ignoring my look.

‘Like you … Like father like daughter, right?’ He asked. He looked in my eyes now but I turned away.

‘I don’t hate you …’ I began as I focused on a coin in my hand ‘I just don’t like you. There’s a difference.’ I said.

I saw him smiling in the corner of my eye. ‘That’s something I can live with, Weasley.’ He said. He gave me one last smile and went over to Albus. Albus turned around and stared at me.

‘Alright, folks, it’s time.’ Albus said. He looked at Dom and Nymph, who had stopped arguing.

‘Folks?’ Dom asked sarcastically. Albus ignored her.

‘Dom, Nymph, you two go outside and lead our guests in.’ Albus said. Dom and Nymph went to the door.

‘I sometimes swear that boy was switched at his birth, folks? Who says that ….’ Dom told Nymph who laughed as they went outside. Albus pretended he didn’t hear her.

He sat himself down in the middle of the table. Me and Scorpius sat on either side of him.

‘So what the hell happened last night, Albus?’ I asked as soon as we sat down.  Albus looked at me and then at Scorpius. He gave him a look, like it was alright. He could tell me…

‘Well I guess you heard everything from Nymph, Scorp and even David.’ He said and he looked down.

‘Well yeah, but it is true? You wanted to see Nymph?’ I asked. He starred into the distance.

‘I wanted to see her, I realize it was stupid. But I thought it would be romantic you know. I never thought that she would be with David or that Jackie would show up. She just attacked me, I swear.’ He looked at me now, tears were starting to form in his eyes. ‘She just threw herself at me. I was ambushed. She kissed me and before I could push her away, they walked in.’

‘Why don’t you just tell her …?’ I asked. He sighed.

‘Why should she believe me? Besides she is still mad at me, I will make this up to her. I will figure something out. Telling her would just make everything worse.’ He said. It made sense, Nymph was stubborn. She would never believe him.

‘So what exactly are we doing here?’ A high pitched voice asked that I recognized as Kylie’s.

‘Just go inside.’ Dom answered annoyed while she walked in. She was at the entrance, ticking off the names of the students that came inside. They were 76 7th years in Hogwarts. Every one of them was here, looking at us. Dom and Nymph soon joined us. Lucas was looking worried at me, I smiled weakly at him. I felt guilty, although I did nothing wrong, it was my dream-me that did something wrong. Although we weren’t exactly dating. Does this then count as cheating? Maybe I should stop thinking about it …

Albus stood up. ‘Dear fellow students. Let me introduce you, for those of you who don’t know who I am. My name is Albus Potter, these are my cousins: Dom and Rose.’ He pointed at us. ‘This is my best friend Scorpius ..’ he looked at Scorpius. ‘And this is my euhm well Rose her best friend Nymph’ he said. That was awkward. Nymph smiled weakly. Albus soon continued.

‘You probably all want to know why you’re here. The thing is: we are throwing a party!’. People started talking and looking at each other. ‘Not just a normal party.’ He began. Everybody was quiet again. ‘It’s going to be epic. It will be the best party Hogwarts has ever seen! People will talk about this for years. You won’t remember who you kissed last night or why did that black eye came from. This, my friends is project H!’ People started clapping and cheering.

‘These, my friends, are your invitations.’ He pointed at the coins that were lying before me. ‘This galleon will tell you on the day of the party when the party starts. So be sure to check this every day!’ I simply waved my want and the coins flew up towards the 7th years. Everyone grabbed one.

‘A few basic rules: This party is only for 7th years so keep your mouth shut! Also we are not responsible for anything that happens that night, everything you do will be on your own risk and don’t forget: be prepared.’ Albus said and he smirked a very similar Malfoy smirk. They have been spending way too much time together!

People started leaving, talking and speculating what will happen. Some people stayed behind and came up to us, trying to find out more about the party. I caught Dom saying some words like dragons, vampires and werewolves. The girl she was talking to looked scared. I was scanning the room and then I saw Lucas, standing there at the back of the room, leaning very cool to the wall, he was looking at me. Butterflies started flying in my stomach, that was new ... I walked over to him.

‘Hi, red. Didn’t know you would allow this party.’ He said. I smiled ‘Well, without me this party would fail.’ I said while he smiled at me. ‘Ready to go?’ he asked, I nodded and took his arm. I turned around and waved at Nymph, she waved back and smiled at me. Me and Lucas went outside.

‘So what are we going to do?’ I asked as I looked into his eyes.

‘Don’t be so curious, Rose. It’s a surprise.’ He smiled. We walked away from the three broomsticks. The sun was shining bright and I stared at Lucas. Lucas was really tall, that’s one of the reasons why he is a good chaser. His hair was blue, of course, and had a nice length. Not too long and not too short.  From time to time he would shake his head to get the hair out of his face. He was wearing a brown shirt that accentuated his fit body very well, with a dark jeans.

‘So what do you think of my outfit?’ I asked seductively. He stopped walking and scanned my body, his eyes resting a little too long on my chest. ‘Red and blue, nice.’ He smiled ‘You look beautiful, red’ he said and then we walked on in silence. We were heading in the direction of Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, you know that tacky little tea shop where all the couples went.

‘So we’re going to Madam Puddifoot’s?’ I asked, a little disappointed. ‘No way, Red. I’m not that predictable.’  He smiled. We walked away from that tea shop and we were heading to an area of Hogsmeade that I’ve never been before. It was recently built and a lot of new shops had been opened since I last got here.

‘My uncle owns a new pub here. It’s really nice, I thought we could go there.’ He said, I nodded. He walked me towards a nice looking building, it wasn’t that crowded, but that’s the way I liked it. We walked in and I immediately felt home. He guided me to the corner where there were some comfortable looking seats, me and Lucas sat down there.

‘Hello, my favorite nephew, what can I get you?’ a nice looking man asked, he was about thirty, but still looked really young. He had brown hair and I figured he wasn’t like Lucas.

‘2 butterbeers’ he ordered, he then turned his attention towards me. ‘Have you noticed the name of the café?’  he asked. I shook my head,  I was too busy looking around at the other shops. ‘It’s called the tribute. It’s actually dedicated towards all the victims of the second war. Look around, on the wall paper you can see a lot of names, the names of the victims.’ He said. I looked at the wall next to me. Fred Weasley. I suddenly felt sad. ‘That’s your uncle, right?’ he asked, I nodded. Very close to Fred’s name I saw Dobby. ‘I didn’t want you to feel bad on our very first date, but I wanted to let you know that your uncle isn’t forgotten.’ He said, I smiled at him. ‘Thank you, Lucas’ I said. Soon, the two butterbeers arrived and me and Lucas started talking. About everything, our childhood, our past romances, our families, the stories I heard about my uncle. It was getting dark and we were still talking.

‘I don’t think I will be able to say anything tomorrow. I used my voice to much today.’ I smiled. ‘Maybe we should stop talking.’ He said and he leant in and pressed his lips against mine. I started to move my lips in sync with his. After a few minutes he pulled away.  

‘So how was it?’ He asked nervously. ‘I … ‘ I started. ‘Still no spark?’ He asked, I nodded, then he gave me a hug. ‘We can always be friends.’ I said. ‘Yeah, I know. I guess we aren’t supposed to be together.’ I nodded in agreement. Then who was I supposed to be with?

Anyways me and Lucas got up and went outside, heading back to the castle. We were holding hands, this was a date after all. We were chatting all the way, not awkward at all. I really liked him. Maybe I just needed to give this a bit more time.

‘Oh no! I forget my purse!’ I suddenly realized. We were about 5 minutes away from Hogwarts. ‘Let’s go back.’ Lucas replied and he turned around.

‘No! You don’t have to head all the way back with me. I will be fine. Besides didn’t you have to tutor your nephew?’ I asked remembering what he told me earlier.

‘Yeah. But he can wait …’ he began.

‘You’re already half an hour late!’ I exclaimed.

‘Well you are quite distracting.’ He flirted, poking my side. I smiled at him.

‘No, I feel bad. Go ahead. I will be fine. It’s not that far back.’ I reasoned.

‘Alright, red. My nephew does tend to get really really mad when he doesn’t get what he wants.’ He smiled weakly and gave me a quick peck on the check.

‘It had a really good time.’ I told him. ‘Me too. Don’t be a stranger!’ he warned as he walked away. I smiled at him and turned back.

I was thinking about my date. About where we went, when Lucas kissed me. I really had a good day. I smiled to myself. Then I thought about Teddy and Victoire. They were going to be a family. Just like Teddy always wanted …

My thoughts were roughly interrupted when I ran into someone. Tall, blonde, stupid smirk on his face. Get it?

‘Well been dumped so soon, Weasley?’ he commented upon seeing me alone.

‘You wish. No I forget something, Lucas had to get back …’ I explained. He still smirked at me, not believing a word I was saying.

‘Why are you alone? Everyone with an IQ lower than 20 already taken?’ I asked.

‘For your information Weasley. I had a date. But I realized I want something more serious…’

I burst out laughing. ‘You … Serious?’ was all I managed to spit out.

‘Alright you got me.’ Malfoy said, the smile never leaving his face. ‘She was too easy. I need a challenge.’

I rolled my eyes. ‘It will be hard finding someone who hasn’t already slept with you.’ I commented.

‘Yeah, it will.’ I coughed. ‘Any ideas, Weasley?’ he asked as he stepped a bit closed to me.

‘I’m taken. Thank you very much.’ I said stepping away.

‘Yes by an imaginary date, right?’ he asked while raising his eyebrow.

‘Fine. Don’t believe me. I have to get my purse …’ I said as I started walking away from the blond guy. I didn’t get very far, as I was pulled back by my wrist, my back bumping into him.

‘I know your secret.’ He suddenly whispered in my ear. I turned around, fuming. His hand was still around my wrist.

‘You know what, Malfoy? I’m sick of you games!’ I almost yelled as I tried to pull away. His grip only tightened.  ‘LET GO OF ME!’ I shouted as I started hitting him with my other hand.

Again it probably hurt my hand more than his chest. He grabbed my free hand and I was now completely powerless. Both of my wrists caught in his hands.

‘You like him.’ He said very silently. I was intrigued, but confused.

‘Of course I like him … I just went out with him …’ I answered.

He shook his head, smiling. ‘I’m not talking about that blue haired-boy. I’m talking about another blue-haired boy.’

‘Who -?’ I began. But he interrupted me by pulling me a bit closer.

‘I’m talking about Teddy. You like him.’

My eyes widened and my stomach did a funny flip again. It only lasted a second, but enough for Malfoy to see. His smile grew wider. I said nothing.

‘I saw your reaction. You like him. Now you can’t have him anymore. He’s married to your cousin and expecting a child. I always knew you were twisted but this …’ he smirked.

‘I DON’T! ALRIGHT!’ I yelled, tears forming in my eyes. ‘I used but I don’t anymore …’ my voice was dying away. I looked down, away from his piercing grey eyes. I suddenly felt his grip loosen and was about to turn away when I felt his hand lifting my chin up.

He stared deep in my eyes, before smashing his lips against mine. Well this is unexpected. I was too shocked to move at first, but then I quickly got into in. Moving my lips in sync with his.

I had never felt this before. My stomach turned and twisted. Fireworks were going off in my head and I felt like we were the only two people on this entire world.

You know when you watch the notebook, that kissing scene in the rain? That’s how I felt right now. This kiss was very passionate and raw and it consumed me.

And just like that, the fireworks stopped. I looked at his face and he smirked, before he trotted away without saying anything.

I’m so confused. I don’t even like him.

But then why do I want to kiss him again? 

AN- The Notebook is written by Nicholas Sparks (1996)
       I'm sorry for the waiting! I had a lot of problems with getting this chapter validated. I uploaded it on the 9th of August and it's only up now. I hope you can forgive me :). 


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