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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 8 : The Crazy Gene
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Kasy's P.O.V.

"Morning sleepyhead."

I opened my eyes groggily, groaning as another flicker of pain went through my ribs. Bastard. If I hadn't of passed out, he'd be in a much worse state than he was, frickin' Ricky...whatever-his-last-name-is.

"Alby. Where's my chocolate?"

Albus grinned, handing me a chocolate frog from his bag. It had a slightly bashed head and melted body, but at least it didn't try hopping away.

"It's just gone eight. You feeling any better?" He asked, slumping down into one of the chairs beside me.

"Fine, fine, fine. So fine I think I should go. Rose will kill me if I miss any more lessons!" I ramble, trying to sit up.

"Oh no you don't, Kasy Wood. Sit down and flick through this stupid magazine and even this NEWT book if you must, but you're not leaving." Al ordered.

"Correct Mr Potter. However, you are leaving. Though it will not be because of missing lessons, as it is Saturday Miss Wood, and definitely after lesson hours anyway, someone will kill you if you are discovered here past visiting hours. She's awake and alive. Now shoo!" Madame Pomfrey said, bustling Al out of the Hospital Wing. I sighed, wrinkling my nose at the cover of Witch Weekly. Some scandal in the Ministry.

"Medicine?" She offered me a vial of something similar to swamp water.

"No thanks." I replied, deciding on the magazine. Fucking Ricky. I was going to kick him so hard he won't be able to register as a bloody male any longer.


Albus' P.O.V.

"She awake?" Rose asked when I walked into the common room a while later.


"She trying to escape?" Scorpius asked from beside her.

"Yep." I slumped down on the armchair across from them.

"She blood-thirsty?" Aidan asked, not even looking up from where he was gazing at the ceiling. I really couldn't see what was so interesting about it.

"Hell yep."

It was silent for a few minutes.

"Did you say hell yep?"


"What the fuck Al?"

"No swearing Rosie-posie."

Was I meant to be studying or something? Aidan was still checking out the brickwork, Rose was reading another muggle novel, and Scorpius was gazing blankly at a Transfiguration textbook.

"I have to go. See ya's." Scorpius yawned, kissing Rose on the top of her head before leaving.

"Hey! Where's my kiss? I'm your best friend dude!" I cried after him.

"I'm going to go see Kasy. Fill her in on today." Aidan piped up, rolling over and army crawling towards the portrait hole. Rose snapped her book shut and glared at me.

"What? Was I breathing too loud again? Because if I was, I'm sorry, and please hit me with anything but that, because that book is the size of fucking-"

"Shut it. I'm thinking."

I froze, watching my cousin carefully. She definitely inherited the Weasley temper, and armed with that 900 paged killer? Bad thoughts, bad thoughts.

"When's our first quidditch practise?" Rose asked after a few minutes, lowering the book and unglazing her eyes. I hesitated slightly.

"Er...I'll be pinning up the chart in the next few days. The first is Monday though."

She nodded, smiling sweetly and hopping upstairs, leaving me alone in the common room.

"Oka-ay." I murmured, about to follow her.

"And the crazy gene strikes again!" A voice chirped from behind me.

"Hey Lily. How's OWLs?" I asked, turning to face my sister. Her deep red hair was in a spiky ponytail at the top of her head, her fringe hanging in ragged strips around her face like curtains.

"Boring. Still can't decide whether I want to be a Healer or an Auror."

I nodded sympathetically.

"Heard Kasy was in the Hospital Wing. True?" She asked shortly, twirling a strand of hair around her purple painted and ink splattered finger.

"Yeah. Ricky got overexcited on remaking the team and hit the bludger. It's okay though. She hexed him a few times before passing out."


"Few broken ribs, mostly bruising really. Especially to her sanity."

Lily 'ahhed' in response, clicking her tongue tunelessly.

"Right. Nice talk Albie. Oh, and if James owls you, tell me so I can send him a Howler with reason. 'Kay?" Without waiting for an answer, she bounded up the stairs to her dorm.

"Kay." I smiled faintly. Dad said she was a mix of Mum and Aunt Luna, with a bit more ruthlessness, better taste in music, and less patience for hairdressers. We all agreed when she came down one morning during summer with her hair cut in chunky, crude layers. No wand involved.

"Hi. Thought you would already be upstairs."

I turned again, seeing Aidan walk across the room to meet me.

"Just going. Lily stopped to have a chat. How's Kas?" I asked, hopping up the stairs alongside him.

"Fine, though a Silencing Charm had to be cast over her. Luckily she's still too sore to make a run for it, so it's just that charm for now. She's requested chocolate and as many healing potions as we can sneak in."

I smiled tiredly, barely bothering to kick my shoes off before collapsing into bed. I'd been writing up new Quidditch moves to suit all our players while freaking out over whether or not Kasy would be okay.

"That's our Kas..."

Sleep pulled me down almost immediately, so fast I didn't even hear Aidan's murmured reply.


Author's Note

Technical difficulties? Yeah. I don't know what's up but my laptop's decided to suddenly reject the whole editing area on this site, so I stayed off for a while so as to finish school (whoo!) and not smash anything up with anger. However, here it is, a reasonably short chapter. I read back through this story and realised that I've sort of been coming off topic. Like, seriously. Trying to steer things back to how I want them, so my other stories may be put on a small hold for now. Anyway, see you next time! And happy holidays guys!

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