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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 30 : Dinner Party and A Wedding
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 Baby Savanna woke Hermione up many times in the night so when she woke up the next morning she had bags under her chocolate brown eyes. Draco was already awake and rocking the baby as he drank a strong cup of coffee, he was a bit tired too because the baby woke him up with her crying as well.

She put on the same white robe she wore after her bath last night and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat.

“Already made eggs and bacon love,” Draco told her as he looked up at her.

“Oh, erm, wow, thanks,” Hermione said smiling at him, “I guess it’s not so bad living with you. I’m surprised you can cook.”

“And why is that?” He wondered grinning.

“You are a Malfoy, you get your arse wiped twenty-four seven at home!” Hermione joked.

“Ha, yeah, but I wanted to learn how to cook, Elaina taught me and I told her I wanted to cook today,” Draco told Hermione.

Hermione just came over and kissed him on the cheek.

“Well… Ron never cooked for me. I was always doing stuff for him,” Hermione said matter-a-factly.

 “Well, you aren’t with Weasleby anymore for good reason!” Draco said to her.

“True,” Hermione agreed.

“So what do we need to get for our dinner party?” Draco wondered.

“Hmm… wedding bands, and food.”

“Wedding bands?!” Draco wondered, his eyes widened and he looked at her in shock.

“Yes, why don’t we just elope tonight in front of our friends and family?” Hermione asked with a huge determined smile.

“Erm, I don’t know. Everyone wanted to plan things…” He wasn't sure... 

“Oh Draco, you and I aren’t about all the glamour and stuff with a normal wedding,” Hermione said rolling her eyes.

“We have been engaged for two days,” He said, concerned what everyone would think but not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Draco, if you are ready, let’s get married for our baby! Tonight!” Hermione pushed on.

“You’re right, fine, who cares what anyone thinks, it's our bloody life,” Draco said, agreeing with her now, realizing that it was going to happen in a month anyway.

“Brilliant, I’ll go call the wizarding judge and then you and I can go find wedding bands,” Hermione said as her heart raced from excitement and adrenaline and she picked up her phone.

Draco didn’t feel so sure about how they have been engaged for two days and now Hermione wants to elope, but he was ready.

And who cares what the others will think? They are happy, in love, have a baby, and are ready to wed with each other in front of their friends and family tonight and for baby Savanna.

Hermione got off the phone and the judge from the Ministry agreed to marry them tonight. He then called a caterer for food, and then a DJ. She was surprised in herself how much effort she was trying to put into the wedding she decided she wanted done today. But she was excited to be Mrs. Malfoy; it will be like everything in the past made sense to get her to where she is today.

She decided she would confide in one person… her best friend Ginny. She picked up the phone and dialed her number. She was a bit nervous to what her reaction might be.

“Hello?” Ginny’s light voice answered.

“Hey Gin,” Hermione said, nervous.

“What is it ‘Mione? You okay? Need help with Savanna?” Ginny asked, a little alarmed.

“No…it’s nothing like that. It is a good thing, but I hope you think it is too.” Hermione said.

“Oh god Hermione, you aren’t pregnant again are you?” Asked Ginny as her voice threatened to raise.

“No! God no! Isn’t that impossible when you just had a baby like the other day? Anyway… no… erm… we are err… going to get married…” Hermione said shakily. 

“I know that ‘Mione, I was there when he proposed to you both times.” Ginny chuckled.

“No, you don’t get it. We are going to get married… Tonight.”

“WOW! Really? Are you sure you want to do this?” Ginny asked frantically. 

“Yes… with everything that is happening in our lives. I think it’s the right time. I know he’s the one,” Hermione said as she smiled at Draco, who was looking at her.

“Okay… I’ll go get the décor and be there at around three, sound good? Do you have the judge and everyone?” Ginny was in maid of honor mode. 

“Yes, got everyone. Thanks Gin! I don’t know what I’d do without you…” Hermione said, sighing in relief that she wasn’t mad.

“I don’t know either actually,” Ginny said jokingly.

“Do you want to be the maid of honor?” Hermione asked suddenly.

“I thought I already was?” Ginny half-joking said.

“Yes but…” Hermione started.

“I know, you wanted to make sure I still wanted to since you guys are getting married sooner,” Ginny said.

“Yes, exactly.”

“Well of course… can I tell Harry?”

“Yes but no one else!” Hermione directed.

Ginny agreed and they then got off the phone after the girls conversed where to get the decorations at and decided to meet at a dress store at eleven, it was ten now.

Draco was half laughing at Hermione’s commitment to getting everything done so quickly as he hugged his daughter still and she slept.

“I am going to ask Dean to be my best man,” Draco said.

“Good, do that,” Hermione said.

Draco picked up his phone and called him and Dean also agreed to be the best man. Draco planned to wear black dress robes, and Hermione wanted to go buy a wedding dress.

Draco, knowing Hermione generally didn’t have many galleons to her name took out a bag full from the closet when Hermione needed to feed Savanna again. He handed Hermione 1,000 Galleons and she accepted hesitantly of course after he begged her to take it.

It neared eleven and Draco agreed to watch the baby as Ginny and Hermione go to the bridal store in downtown London.

Hermione kissed her daughter and Draco and then went to the front of the house and apparated.

She landed in front of Blushing Bride Bridal Store and Ginny apparated there at almost the same time behind the building. The girls startled each other and laughed.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you are getting married tonight!” Ginny said, remembering why they are there.

“I know! I never in a million years planned to marry Draco Malfoy but funny how things change and how life plays out,” Hermione said, smiling at the thought of being his bride.

The girls walked into the bridal store.

“Oh ‘Mione, I want to get married again, these dresses are beautiful! I had to wear a secondhand one that mum had!” Ginny exclaimed, running her hands across a beautiful beaded wedding dress.

“You still looked beautiful,” Hermione complimented.

A bubbly, young woman bounced over to them, “Hello ladies! Who’s getting married?”

“I am!” Hermione said excitedly.

“Congrats, when is the day?”

“Tonight,” Ginny said, giggling at the lady’s face when she said that.

The woman did a double take, “Oh my! Girls usually come in at least three months before!”

“Well, erm, it was kind of unexpected,” Hermione said apologetically.

“Oh honey, that’s okay, we will get you in a beautiful dress!” The woman said grabbing Hermione’s arm and bringing her into the wedding dress aisles.

“Is this your maid of honor?” The lady asked.

“Yes, she sure is,” Hermione said, smiling at Ginny.

“Oh sweety, go find you a dress!” The lady said. Ginny listened and disappeared to the other side of the store.

“So what kind of dress are you looking for?”

“Uhm… never thought about it…” Hermione started.

The woman sighed, “Honey, we’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Okay… how about… chiffon? Empire waist? Beaded?” Hermione started to imagine the dress she wanted in her head, she tried on a few when she was with Ron but she couldn’t remember, that seemed ages ago.

“Of course!” The lady said and then she disappeared after giving Hermione undergarments to try on.

Hermione went into the dressing room and put on the undergarments and waited.

The woman didn’t take long, she put two beautiful wedding dresses to try on, and since Hermione didn’t have much time to decide she told herself she would pick between these two unless they were ugly.

She put on the first dress, and it was mind-blowingly beautiful. Hermione absolutely loved it. It fit with her body perfectly.

She opened the door of the dressing stall and walked into the room full of mirrors to see every angle of the dress.

It was perfect… Hermione didn’t think she would go with the very first one. But this one was just… stunning.

“’Mione! You look gorgeous!” Ginny said from the entryway in a beautiful royal blue dress.

“So do you!” Hermione said tears coming to her eyes as she looked at her friend and then at herself again.

“Don’t cry,” Ginny said, smiling.

“I’m not. I just can’t believe I’m getting married!” Hermione said, refusing to let the emotional tears come to her eyes.

“Me either! And to Malfoy!” Ginny said.

“I know!” Hermione said, disbelieving it herself.

“I have mixed feelings, you know why,” Ginny said with a somewhat watery smile.

“I know Gin… but we can’t take back the past what Ron did…” Hermione said, not wanting to talk about her ex on her wedding day.

“You’re right. We are sisters anyway!” Ginny said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Forever!” Hermione agreed.

“I hope our children will get married someday,” Ginny said day-dreaming about the future.

“Me too, that would be so adorable!” Hermione said with a huge smile at the thought.

“He’s a year old tomorrow!” Ginny said.


“I know, I need to plan a party!” Ginny told Hermione.

“You do… it will be fun,” Hermione agreed.

The woman interrupted their conversation, “Do you like the dress?”

“I love it!” Hermione told her, “This is the one I think!”

“It looks absolutely stunning on you ma’am, but are you sure you don’t want to try anymore on?” The lady asked, surprised Hermione picked the very first one she tried on.

“Yes! I’m sure this is it.”

“Okay, well I will take it up front. And you madam?” She turned to Ginny.

“Oh yes, mine too, I love it.” Ginny said glancing down at her royal blue, chiffon, sweetheart necked dress.

And it was hard to get Ginny in dresses but she really liked this one.

“Well you both look gorgeous. Go take the dresses off and I’ll meet you up front!” The woman said clapping her hands.

Ginny looked at her watch, it was already twelve forty-five.

Ginny and Hermione returned to the dressing rooms, undressed, and then got into their normal clothes. Then the girls got the dresses hung back up like they should be and walked together up front to the cash-register.

Hermione’s heart was racing as she paid for her dress. She felt like she was in a dream, she was truly getting married tonight!

The girls left the bridal store and went into a shoe store that was near the bridal store.

They found shoes for the wedding and then went to go get their hair done.

Hermione was so happy with how everything was working out so fast.

Hermione got her hair curled into elegant ringlets; Ginny had her hair put up in a beautiful bun.

The people that did hair agreed to do the girl’s makeup as well.

Hermione and Ginny looked almost like models that walked out of a magazine when the stylists were done with them.

"We could be on Witch Weekly!" Ginny joked. 

Hermione chose a beautiful shimmery brown eye shadow and Ginny a beautiful blue to match her dress. Needless to say, the girls were ready for a wedding.

It was about two forty-five when the girls were done with everything appearance and dressing wise.

Hermione called Draco to check on the baby and he said she was a little fussy but was currently sleeping and he gave her the go ahead to go with Ginny to pick out decorations and she did so.

The girls entered a store called Party City and there was everything imaginable for a party, wedding, you name it in the store.

“This is bloody brilliant!” Ginny said as she looked around.

“I know! It has everything we need basically!” Hermione exclaimed, excited.

Hermione loved blue colors, mostly ocean like colors like aqua.

That was the main colors the girls went for and they got lots of plates, spoons, forks, knives, drinking cups. Plastic wine cups. Everything galore.

There were cute wedding party favors that say “I Do,” and “Me Too.” And there were mints of every kind and the girls picked out a bunch of them. And candy and different kind of punch drink recipes. All the picking out of things just made it more exciting.

Finally the girls got everything they needed and the cost was quite extraordinary, but Hermione didn’t care. She hoped to only get married once.

They both went behind the building to apparate back to Hermione’s beautiful new house. Ginny squealed, “Oh my god, this is precious!”

“We love it.” Hermione said back, truly proud of her new home.

“How did you manage to get such a cute house?” Ginny wondered looking around in awe after saying hi to Draco and Savanna.

“My Aunt Andromeda’s old house, she gave it to us. She hasn’t been in it for a year, but my mum and I made it right for me and Hermione. It was a surprise for her yesterday.” Draco explained.

“Well Draco, this is just amazing.” Ginny said with a smile, still looking around.

“Thanks!” He said as he handed Savanna to Hermione.

His eyes rested on her in a loving way. “You look beautiful Hermione.”

“Well thank you Draco.” Hermione said blushing.

She still couldn’t believe that they were getting married tonight.

“Let’s get to decorating!” Ginny said to them, excited to finally get started after the shopping they did this afternoon.

Ginny by herself started to decorate the whole house. She first decorated the pillars around the house with streamers of blue and white. She blew up dozens of balloons and almost passed out a few times. She magically got lots of beautiful roses and lilies and decorated the house with her wand in hand. 

Hermione charmed the bottle that Savanna was drinking to hold itself up and then she started to help Ginny.

Ginny told Hermione to decorate the backyard if anything.

When Hermione walked outside she stood and closed her eyes for a few moments and imagined exactly how she wanted her wedding since she was five. She then put her wand in front of her and made it happen.

Beautiful rows of seat covered in satin white chair covers appeared along with white roses dangling lightly off the side. An aisle runner covered in more flowers fell and unrolled itself. A archway popped up in the end of the aisle where they would get married under... and now it looked like this will be a fairytale wedding. 

The DJ showed up and Hermione discussed with him what music she wanted played which consisted of what her friends enjoyed such as the Weird Sisters... but anything far from Mrs. Weasley's Celestina music that she blarred into unwanting eardrums around Christmas. 

As the DJ started to set up his supplies Hermione surveyed the backyard and realized how happy she was that the weather was just perfect for a wedding. It was sunny and cool for the first time in what seemed like ages. 

She went inside to help Ginny finish the house which now looked almost like a whole different place with all the colors of blue and white around. A table was set up with all different kinds of candies and another table had Fire-Whiskey, Pumpkin Juice, and the likes. 

With the house looking beautiful already the wedding decor made the house look absolutely stunning. 

Hermione and Ginny finally  finished up a few last touches and sat down to rest awhile.



Later Hermione dug through the clothes of baby Savanna’s and found an adorable white and frilly long dress that Narcissa had actually given to her. It was long enough to cover her little feet where Hermione placed socks. 

Savanna was a night without contraception but Hermione didn’t care because she wouldn’t trade her little one for the world.


As the hours ticked by Hermione got more nervous.

She had many thoughts going through her head… is this the right time to get married? Should they have waited like they planned? Will any of the family be upset? Will the parents do their jobs even though the wedding is a surprise?

Hermione didn’t know. All she could do is hope and pray that everything works out like they hoped and dream this evening.

The questions didn’t continue for much longer because Dean arrived along with Cho. They were in awe at the decorations and they congratulated Hermione and Draco with warm hugs. They also lobed the house a lot! Cho and Ginny went off to get the cake that Ginny ordered not long ago ready for the event.

Harry and James arrived next. “Wow, what a beautiful household you guys have. Andromeda was telling me about this place one day and you guys really got it all perfect for a little family like yours.”

“Thanks Potter,” Draco said to him with a big smile. He was proud of it all, his baby, his about to be wife, and his beautiful house. He felt he didn’t deserve any of it. But he was grateful.

Mr. Jeff Granger and Mrs. Jean Granger arrived behind Harry; they were in total shock at the decorations for a dinner party. They understood a little more when Hermione explained to them that they decided to get married since all the friends and family would be here anyway. They were happy for Hermione. Jeff of course glared at Draco just a little bit.

Neville, Luna, Ron, and Lavender arrived next.

“What a lovely place! It’s almost as though you guys decorated for a wedding!” Luna said with a big smile, complimenting the house.

“Well, surprise, we are in fact getting married tonight!” Hermione said to the group, giving Draco a big smack on the lips making Ron coil like a serpent.

“Do you really want to stay?” Ron asked Lavender.

This was the very last place he wanted to be. He had no idea that they were getting married tonight and it would break his heart to watch it.

Lavender who was oblivious to everything said, “Yes! Ron! Don’t be rude! I want to stay; it will be a beautiful wedding!”

Ron shrugged and just followed Lavender wherever she went. He wanted to be anywhere but here watching the girl he truly loves being taken away… for good.

Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley came in next. She was also expecting this to be décor for a dinner party and thought it was a bit too much, but Ginny explained that it was the wedding. And Mrs. Weasley was a little disappointed that she couldn’t help plan it. But she couldn’t anyway in just two days! She seemed accepting.

So far everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves besides Ron. The catered food arrived at about five-thirty and people started to munch on the appetizers. There were hot wings, crab cakes, pumpkin pastries. And for drinks there was butter beer, fire whiskey, pumpkin juice, and many other choices.

Narcissa arrived with Andromeda and Teddy about an hour into the festivities. When Draco told her that they were getting married that evening, she almost seemed to want to feint. But she didn’t… she put on a smiling face for them and told him she was very excited. She even asked if Draco could walk her down the aisle or not. Draco of course accepted to walk her down the aisle first, he wanted his mum to feel important in the wedding too. He wanted her to know how grateful he was for changing some of the things she did and being here for them now. 

Hermione was excited to see Teddy. He looked a lot like Lupin and Tonks together. And it almost made her feel like Lupin and Tonks were present at her wedding through their little boy who was now four.

To Hermione’s surprise, many more people came than expected.

The guests started calling more friends and different people arrived when they heard of the news that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were having a wedding tonight.

Even Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini showed up to Draco’s dismay. Astoria tagged along with Pansy with her boyfriend, weeping away already at the fact Draco was not hers anymore or ever will be again but had a baby and is marrying another woman. Draco of course didn’t care at all whatsoever.

The wedding night seemed to be a very big success so far. People were talking, socializing and having a good time. All but of course Ron and Astoria, who were both sulking and pouting the whole night so far.

Everyone started taking seats and Hermione and Ginny went in to change into their dresses with the help of Mrs. Weasley and Jean Granger of course.

Jean squealed in excitement when she saw Hermione in her beautiful wedding dress and then started to cry all in the same moment. Hermione looked absolutely amazing.

Jean helped Hermione get on her shoes and everything too and did one more touch of hairspray to her hair so her ringlets wouldn’t have any chance of falling.  

Ginny and Mrs. Weasley soon joined them in the room and Ginny was holding baby Savanna because Draco said she was fussing really badly. Hermione made sure she looked beautiful as well before they got ready to go and she did.

She stopped crying after Hermione changed her and made sure she was content. Jean agreed to hold the baby until almost the end of the wedding, and then Draco wanted her up there with him.

It was finally about time to start the ceremony, the mums both left with the baby after kissing Ginny and Hermione. Then Jeff Granger came to do his daddy duty, to take his daughter down the aisle.

Hermione viewed the whole backyard from the room she was in and she could see Draco patiently waiting for her after walking his mum down the aisle.

Hermione’s heart started to race and Ginny gave her one last big hug before the major music started to play.

Jeff took ahold of his daughter’s left arm and Ginny got in front of them with a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers identical to Hermione’s. 

This was the moment Hermione couldn’t believe was coming. The moment she would marry Draco Lucius Malfoy, the man she loved.

They have actually been through a lot when you put it all into play.

They were all a part of the same war, and Draco and Hermione were victims worse than normal witches and wizards.

Draco was expected to be a part of the Death Eaters that day, but that was the day that he decided he wanted to leave the Death Eaters.

And Hermione was the best friend of the man Voldemort wanted, Harry Potter. The two have been through a lot to get here… the best day of their lives when they unite in marriage. Voldemort is gone, the Death Eaters are all locked up or dead, the family is pretty content with everything that’s going on.

Hermione was over Ron, Draco was over Astoria, and they were both head over heels in love with each other and with their baby girl, Savanna. They wouldn’t want to be with anyone else in the whole wide world but with each other. And tonight they were going to make sure of it.

Jeff and Hermione walked slowly out of the double French doors that led to the back yard.

Ginny was about ten steps in front of them and she proceeded to make it to the altar across directly from Dean Thomas, who was wearing identical outfit to Draco’s.

Hermione didn’t look up at first because she hated everyone to look at her.

She was also still in deep thought of everything that they ever had to go through when they hated each other, when they started to talk, when they became a couple… this couple has been through a lot more than a lot of couples have been through. Soon the emotion of everything that was happening and the general emotion of the wedding took over her as tears came to her chocolate brown eyes.

Braving the way she felt she finally gave herself the courage to put her eyes forward and look at her groom who was smiling at her with tears in his eyes as well. Yes, they had been together for a short ten months, but that was all they needed to find their true selves and their soul mate.

Hermione was soon at the middle of the aisle way, almost to Draco, her heart felt like it would fall out of her chest. Her emotions were scared but excited at the same time to join hands with Draco.

Like it took forever in the world, they finally came to the front of the altar and Jeff Granger grinned broadly at Draco.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” The Ministry judge boomed.

“Myself and her mother,” Jeff Granger said.

And then he handed his daughter’s arm to Draco’s after shaking his hand gruffly. Draco’s gray eyes looked straight into Hermione’s brown ones. Hermione could see in his eyes in that moment how much she meaned to him.

“I am here today to join Draco Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Jean Granger in the rite of holy matrimony by the city of London…” The judge started.

Then he moved on to the vows, and Hermione and Draco said them to each other with a big smile on their faces. Hermione was crying a bit by the time the vows were said, this was an emotional process for her… and she still couldn’t believe this was happening. But she was so, so happy to be standing right where she is.

The couple said their vows and then exchanged wedding bands that Draco picked up earlier that day when Ginny and Hermione were gone.

He did a good job because Hermione’s band went very well with her beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Then as fast as it seemed to start and Jean handed Savanna to Draco and big “AWW!” came from everyone… the judge said, “I pronounce you husband and wife, Draco you may kiss your bride!” And Draco kissed Hermione passionately like he never kissed her before.

Then the couple made their way down the aisle and stopped to wait to thank everybody.

Ron didn’t know whether to cry or to be angry, he had never been so upset in his in his life. But despite all the pain this caused him, he was happy to see the girl he loves get a happy ending even though he wasn’t in it because he messed it up.

Astoria cried the whole time and her boyfriend eventually announced that they were leaving because he couldn’t stand her doing this anymore, and the couple left as Astoria kept weeping about not being with Draco and losing him immaturely.

Even Pansy wondered how her boyfriend put up with her, but she never said that out loud. Pansy also felt a little sad that Draco was married because he married a mudblood and also she wanted him since they started Hogwarts but at least she has Zabini now. But Pansy was happy for them too.

The people started to get up and come and hug and kiss the couple and baby Savanna.

Lots of “Congrats!” came from everyone. No one said anything negative to their relief.

After everyone came through to hug Hermione and Draco people started to get in line for the catered food which was an amazing tilapia and different vegetables and finger foods to go with. Hermione was very pleased with how everything was turning out so far and they too went through the food line and got their food.

Draco and Hermione Malfoy sat down and Hermione cradled Savanna as they ate.  The food was amazing in Hermione’s opinion. Draco wasn’t much of a fish eater but he survived it.

Then it was time for cake, the Hermione and Draco cut their buttercream flavored cake and threw it in each other’s faces so much that they had to go inside and change.

Everyone laughed so hard and took so many pictures as they did the whole wedding. After they went inside and changed they came back out and everyone was eating the amazing cake.

Sometime during eating cake the DJ started playing songs such as the Weird Sisters and other wizard bands. People got out on the floor and started to dance.

Draco gave Savanna to his mum to hold and asked Hermione for her hand when a slow song came on.

Hermione gladly took it and they joined their friends and family on the dance floor.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy danced and danced until their feet were sore. People started leaving because it was nearing midnight now and everyone wanted to get home to go to sleep.

Hermione started talking with Luna and Ginny and Draco went to talk to Harry and Dean.

Ron, not being able to take the emotional pain of being here dragged Lavender away from the reception a while ago. But suddenly he showed up again and his face looked downfallen but confident, “Congrats Hermione.”

“Th-thank you Ron,” Hermione said, unsure of what to say.

“You’re welcome. And everyone thought you looked absolutely stunning tonight, as always.” He added with a weak smile.

“Aww Ron, thank you.”

“Hermione despite what happened between us I hope that me and you can be friends again someday.It is too painful right now because I am still in love with you. But one day I will get over this and put my big boy shoes on and come be your best friend that I used to be,” Ron told her, hugging Hermione to him.

Draco watched him closely, he knows Ron is probably torn up and he didn’t know what he might try with Hermione.

“Thank you so much for that Ron, it means the world to me,” Hermione told him and kissed him on the cheek.

Ron couldn’t help but smile.

Ginny and Luna watched with softened expressions on their faces. Ginny didn’t expect Ron to come do anything like this, it was very sweet of him and made the wedding night that more special.

Soon it neared two in the morning and the crowd was generally cleared out all the way. Only a few remained and they said their goodbyes by two thirty.

Draco and Hermione put Savanna to bed and then went to their room and made love.

When they were finished Hermione lay motionless still in awe that this was still happening and it wasn’t a dream.

“I love you Mrs. Hermione Jean Malfoy.”

“And I love you Mr. Draco Lucius Malfoy. And I always will.”

A/N: OMG.. I finished my first story ever!!! How did everyone like it? I hope you enjoyed it although I did have a few minor errors. Please tell me what I can improve on in my stories to come!!! I am excited that I finished this story in a short five months! That kind of surprised me because I got married and I work.. but I LOVE TO WRITE! So please let me know what you think. and to you all- THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING AND REVIEWING! Even if you didn't review and you just read it means alot for you to just consider reading my story. :D 
Check out my new story Coming Home After A Disaster and also I plan to right a sequel to this story.. and it is a surprise what it will be about. :) Once again my amazing fellow harry potter fans. THANKS SO MUCH! ;) 

-Lindsey <3




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