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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae. by FawkesThePhoenix
Chapter 13 : Will Ron be silenced?
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"Wh-what do you mean, remove him, My Lord?" Ginny pondered. What had she done? Had she really just done this?

"You shall be the one to do it. Prove your loyalty to me..." Voldemort coldly said.

"What have I done?" Ginny asked more to herself then to Voldemort. It was too late to go back. Voldemort seemed to know when his allies were lying to him. Ginny knew there was only one thing to do. Talk to Dumbledore, tell him everything. He would be able to sort it out. "Tell me what to do," Ginny said bravely, she needed to get Voldemort to trust her.

"WORMTAIL! Get in here, now. He'll explain." With that, Voldemort had vanished. Ginny didn't realise that Voldemort spoke to his weakest followers, maybe because Ginny was his secret weapon he felt obliged to deal with her.

"Ye-yes My Lord?" Wormtail had entered rather cowardly. "You. What are you doing here? Where is Lord Voldemort?"

"He's gone, he said you would tell me the plan. The plan to get rid of my brother, Ron." Ginny forced herself to act brave and not show any emotion.

"Right...yes. What you have to do is..." Wormtail had leaned in and was now whispering the plan to Ginny, to make sure no one heard. "Got it?" He asked spitefully. His courage seemed to have return since knowing Voldemort wouldn't turn up anytime soon. "Leave." He commanded.

Ginny swallowed. Her reflection did too. She was staring at herself but couldn't see the same girl she used to. She had changed. Changed because of Draco Malfoy. "It's time to fix things," she said sternly.

She left the bathroom and set out to find Dumbledore. As she didn't know the password to his office, she looked for McGonagall.

"Why ever do you want to speak to Professor Dumbledore?" McGonagall seemed rather irritated at what Ginny was requesting. "He's a very busy man, Miss Weasley."

"No, Professor, you don't understand. I need to talk to Professor Dumbledore. It's life or death." Ginny firmly stood her ground.

"Miss Weasley don't be so dramatic. However, if you must see him, he's free at lunch. Find me then." even though by the sounds of it, McGonagall didn't believe Ginny, upon looking into her eyes, Ginny could see a glint of understanding. She was glad McGonagall didn't question her more on the matter.

"Harry? Can I talk to you about Hermione?" Ron asked.

"Sure, what about her? She's not ill again?" asked Harry worryingly.

"No, she'll be out of the hospital by Sunday lunchtime," Ron said sympathetically. "It's about...well Krum and Hermione. You might not believe me, but please, let me tell you the whole story," so Harry gave Ron the chance to speak. Twenty minutes later, however, Harry couldn't believe his ears.

"I never thought Hermione could sink so low. Pathetic."Harry spluttered.

"What? You don't believe her?" Ron asked sounding astonished.

"Not one bit, I don't get why you do. Why would Ginny fight against her family?" thinking about it, back at the meal they had at Grimmauld Place with Percy, Bill and Charlie. Ginny had looked very guilty indeed when Bill and Percy were arguing about family loyalty. Harry then remembered the letter he and Hermione had found from Malfoy. "Ron, you're right," Harry said bluntly. Ron stared at him, heartbroken, maybe thinking Harry would reject his theories.

"Albus, Miss Weasley is here to speak to you," McGonagall said loudly upon entering the amazingly curious room.

"Thank you, Minerva. I can take it from here." Dumbledore had stepped out from the shadows behind his desk. His eyes glistening like the sea on a sunny day. He waited for McGonagall to close the door before offering Ginny a seat.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir. I've done a terrible thing." Ginny began.

"Miss Weasley, I know what you have done. You have betrayed your entire family." Dumbledore said matter-of-factly. "You ran to Voldemort as soon as something in your plan, hatched with Mr Malfoy, went wrong. Now you've seen sense and want to erase the past couple of weeks, am I correct?"

"You know? How do you know?" Ginny asked ore-struck.

"Miss Weasley, I pride myself on knowing everything that goes on in the castle." Dumbledore smiled. "This means, however, I know what to do."

"Y-you do?" Ginny said with hope in her voice.

"I do. Firstly, I need to know that you're not going to inform Voldemort of our little plan." Dumbledore still had his famous sparkle in his eyes, giving Ginny faith so she nodded. "Spectacular." He smiled. "Mr Weasley would have told Mr Potter by now, wouldn't you agree?"

"I guess so. What do we do about the?" Ginny asked slowly.

"I want you to give him Oblitus," Dumbledore said as though he had just asked Ginny to give him Pumpkin Juice or something familiar to her. "Oh, I beg for your forgiveness, Oblitus, Miss Weasley, is a potion which makes the drinker forget the past twenty-four hours."

"Alright..." Ginny agreed.

Dumbledore went on to tell Ginny his plan, as she listened, she became more and more nervous. "Do you think you can do that, Miss Weasley?" Dumbledore questioned softly. "If you can, you'll be one of the bravest young women I know." He said beaming down at her as he had just stood up.

Ginny got up, too. She looked at Dumbledore and he understood her like he could read her mind. She walked across the door and left.

"Well done, Voldemort. I will give you that, you definitely have the upper hand now." Dumbledore said to himself as he was staring out the window. "But I have something you'll never have." He said before extinguishing his candle.

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