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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 3 : Attatched
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Authors Note: So this is now my third chapter, hope you enjoy it but please don't forget to give me a little review, brighten up my day? Anyway I hope you enjoy!

I knew I hadn't met my match,
But every moment we could snatch,
I don't know why I got so attached

Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse

“You do realise you’re dead don’t you?” Ashley asked stealing a sip of Sydney’s butterbeer as they sat in the Three Broomsticks, she twirled some of her jet black hair around her right index finger.

Sydney propped her elbow on the table and took another sip of her drink, rolling her tipsy eyes.

“They’ll get over it,” she sighed “plus,” she began, a slight smile on her face “this is just the beginning of my plan.”

It was Ashley’s turn to roll her eyes at Sydney. She stood up, wobbling slightly then regaining her balance “Toilet.” She muttered as she tottered off towards the pub’s stairs.

Sydney looked around the pub, seeing teenagers with friends, on dates, and with family. The pub was wooden and old fashioned with tankards behind the bar, giant barrels filled with what she assumed to be butterbeer or maybe some other kind of ale or alcoholic beverage, the tables and chairs were all wooden with a clear varnish covering them.

She suddenly noticed someone sitting opposite her.

“Afternoon Miss Maura,” said Remus Lupin, his long, blonde, curled hair falling into his cappuccino coloured eyes.

“Hello Lupin,” Sydney greeted the boy she was familiar with. The lesser evil of the marauders. “How are you?”

“Not bad.” Remus said nodding. His eyes bore into hers, he smiled. “However you have wounded two of my best friend’s egos.” His smile grew “One more so than the other.”

Sydney never broke eye contact with him. She gulped down another sip of her butterbeer, this time it was a rather large gulp causing her to choke slightly. Remus smirked and scooted closer to her.

“And that’s a bad thing?” she asked, recovering from her coughing fit.

“For everyone else, maybe not.” Remus tilted his head. “But for you it may become a very bad thing.” He again scooted a little closer. “You should know that I’ve never condoned all the tricks James and Sirius have played on you,” he looked directly into Sydney’s blue eyes “After what happened between us,” he placed his hand delicately on her small knee “I tried to make sure they left you alone.”

Sydney gulped and stole a glance at her knee quickly before snapping her eyes back up into Remus’ eyes. “Well,” she breathed, Remus always made her nervous. “you’ve done a terrible job so far.”

Remus laughed slightly “I guess I have, haven’t I?” he began to rub his thumb on her knee, making her nervous. She stared into his intense eyes, filled with raw emotion that she had never seen in a person before. She felt as though she was attempting to find out what kind of emotions he was feeling and she had the strange sensation that he was doing the exact same thing.

Someone clearing their throat snapped them out of it. Both of them quickly investigated who said person was. Ashley stood beside the two of them, towering over them.

“I hate to break up this little..” she gestured towards Sydney and Remus “Whatever this is.” She turned her gaze to Remus “You’re in my seat.” Remus raised his eyebrows at her “Also your little pals look like their missing you.”

Sydney turned to where Ashley gestured to and she noticed James, Sirius and Peter peeking over a couple of people’s heads to view their friend. They saw Sydney looking directly at them and suddenly they all snapped their heads back towards each other. Sydney looked back at Remus, her expression unreadable. She removed his hand from her knee and stood up, she looked towards Ashley.

“Come on Ashley,” said Sydney in a dark voice, “I need to go back to the castle.”

Remus seemed to look up at her with remorseful eyes, however Sydney was not about to let him explain. She walked out of the three broomsticks attempting to keep her dignity intact.

The story of Remus and Sydney was a brief but passionate one. Remus seemed like a genuine guy, apart from his slight arrogance and the fact he sauntered around with the marauders. He was smart, he didn’t play girls, and he was friendly, kind, caring and attractive. Naturally, Sydney slept with Remus, but in the morning, he was still there.


She remembered him stroking her cheek and brushing a strand of her hair out of her face. She smiled up at Remus, watching him watch her. They lied together in bed, their bare skin touching each other’s as they caressed each other fervently. Sydney had kissed his lips lightly and he smiled against hers as she did so. He watched her stand, the loose sheets draping her silhouette, dipping to the small of her back. Remus couldn’t help but notice how she glowed in the morning sun, how her small, curvaceous frame allowed the sheets to fall so elegantly on her. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her; she leaned on the sink and looked into the basin, smiling to herself.

Don't get attached just yet.

She looked up into the mirror and pushed back a few strands of her tousled, blonde hair behind her ear. She couldn’t wipe the silly grin off of her face. Remus was actually nice. She touched her lips where his hand previously been, then slid her hand down to her neck, tracing his kisses from the night before down her neck and along her collar bone. She remembered how his gentle embraced had felt as his whole body had tightened around her. She ran the cold water, cupped it in her hands and splashed her face, allowing the water droplets to slide down her gleeful face. She bushed her teeth as she thought of Remus’ hands gripping at her hips, sliding up her waist and then back down again to caress her inner thigh. She turned the tap off and dried her hands and face on the fluffy, crimson, Gryffindor towel. She walked back into her dorm room to see Remus lying in her bed the sheet barely covering his hips. His torso was slim but muscular, his arms were powerful and inviting, she couldn’t help herself but to climb back into her cosy bed with him and just lay there.

They found themselves just talking, no small talk, no serious ‘talks’ but just talking about their general lives and the ended up laughing and kissing and smiling and caressing and just having the perfect morning. Remus managed to drag himself out of their dorm as everyone was in classes and he’d have to have left at that particular moment in order to not be seen. Sydney kissed him goodbye as she stood there in nothing but a baggy oversized t-shirt and bit her lip as she watched him walk back down the girls’ stairs.


As Sydney and Ashley walked back to the castle, Ashley shot a questioning glance at Sydney who in return gave her one of her famous ‘I’ll tell you later’ expressions. Sydney knew that Remus had just been a tool in the marauders attempt in getting her back for her little spat with Sirius. Her and Remus always had a truce between them, that after what happened, they’d remain at least friends and not use it against one another, but Remus had just use her to their advantage, he’d been trying to get her all hot and bothered and within another second his gang would have either dumped hippogriff dung on her or turned her face a brilliant shade of red or something.

They arrived at the quidditch pitch while the brilliant sun shone down on them, Sydney walked up the stairs on the stands, she walked further and further up and she must have been on the five thousandth step when she reached her destination. She sat on the front row seat of the Gryffindor stand and perched her head on top of her hand with her elbow resting on her knee. She sighed as Ashley eventually came into view.

Ashley gasped for her breath “Why the hell,” she took a couple more gasps “Would you come all the way up here?” Her hair had become all tangled and tousled as she obviously had difficulty climbing the last few steps. “We could have just gone to the dorm?”

Sydney shook her head and rolled her eyes, never straying her view from the quidditch pitch.

“So are you going to tell me what the hell that was back there?” Ashley asked her eyebrows furrowed quizzically.

Sydney rubbed her eyes stressfully “It’s difficult to explain.” She commented simply.

“Well,” said Ashley scooting closer to her best friend. She put her arm around Sydney’s shoulders “I think I can keep up.”

She sighed and looked at Ashley “Fine.”


Sydney left her dorm room full of squealing girls to go for lunch, the ridiculous grin still plastered across her face from that morning. She knew she was being an idiot and that she was getting sucked into this all too quickly, but Remus was a good guy. He was boyfriend material, right? Remus was a true gentleman, not like his band of lunatics.

She made her way down to the great hall, her hair was extra vibrant that day, her eyes had a gleam to them and she felt so confident that she was almost strutting towards the grand oak doors of the great hall. She sauntered through the doors and wandered towards her house table, her eyes searched for Remus or one of the marauders that would surely lead her to seeing Remus. She found him. He was sitting beside James Potter and on his other side was Samantha Lawrence the fake blonde, foolish skinny girl, who had draped herself all over him, whilst Janice Fowler had been attempting to sprawl herself all over James and Farrah Bishop had successfully wrapped herself around Sirius Black, eating his face.


She narrowed her eyes at Samantha, whom Remus had his arm around, whispering in her ear. Sydney felt her throat go dry and she attempted to gulp but it only hurt more. She sat as far away as she could from them and ate her plain toast in silence. She couldn’t help but feel a little knot in her stomach as she watched Samantha give Remus a peck on his cheek and giggle as he whispered something to her.

Stupid girl

He was a marauder; she knew he was so she wondered why she thought he was any different. She mentally kicked herself and it hurt. She felt her eyes welling up but she quickly wiped her eyes clean and shook her head, furious at herself. She felt her chest tightening, her neck and cheeks flushed as she fought back the stupid tears. She finished her toast hurriedly and escaped the great hall, as she turned the corner she felt someone grab her hand.

She turned to find herself looking into his coffee coloured eyes, “Sydney,” Remus breathed “Are you okay?”

She only tilted her head at him, feeling her blonde curls fall against her face. He furrowed his brow in confusion. “We’re friends right?”


The word cut into her like knives into butter. She nodded, knowing that if she said a word she’d lose her poker face. She managed to flash him a convincing smile to which he retaliated.

“Okay,” his grin was gorgeous “we’ll just keep it between us.” he said before winking at her “Thanks for last night.” And with that he turned and went back to the giggly, pretentious Samantha Lawrence.

He had used her. Remus Lupin, the nicest guy in Hogwarts had used her for sex. She walked speedily unaware of where she was going. She may her way up a couple flights of stairs and found herself weaving through empty corridor after empty corridor soon finding herself walking into an empty closet. She slammed the door behind her and screamed to vent her emotions as she punched into the wall opposite her. Her insides hurt but she wasn’t about to cry. She felt wretched; she never wanted to feel this way again, if she could she would have ripped her heart out then and there she would have. It was at this point, in this closet Sydney vowed to never again let a marauder hurt her in anyway.

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