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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 26 : Chapter Twenty-Six
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I wasn't sure about leaving Bentley and Aubri for the night but I knew if I didn't somehow dad and Ria would find a way to get me to the party whether I liked it or not. I crept upstairs to check on my babies one more time and kissed their foreheads. "Sleep tight."

"Flickkkk!" I heard Tessa call.

I picked the baby monitor up tiptoed across my room; I glanced back at them once more before heading downstairs. Tessa was waiting for me in her bedroom, when she heard me she came out and I could she was wearing a dress that would probably give dad a heart attack.

"Um, Tess, what are you wearing?" I asked carefully.

"Clothes," she shot back.

"Well isn't it a bit short?" I questioned as we went downstairs and I looked at the blue dress she was wearing, which was in truth a bit on the short side. In reply she shrugged which made her blonde curls bounce around her shoulders. Dad was saying goodbye to Oscar who was waiting in the living room along with nana and Ria.

I handed nana the baby monitor. "They'll be fine, Flick," Nana said to reassure me. "Go have fun."

I nodded, but the knot that was in my stomach seemed to be getting bigger. Ria smiled at me and mouthed 'You okay?' In reply I just nodded; she looked good in a simple dark blue dress that hugged her curves. I had on a black dress, one of Ria's in fact which she and Tessa had jazzed up with purple accessories. Meaning I now had a pair of purple high heels on which I could just about walk in, a purple belt around my waist and a small purple clutch bag in my hands.

"Ready?" Dad asked us and I nodded, as did my sisters.

We left the house waving goodbye to nana and Oscar who were in the window before getting into the taxi that dad had booked for us. The journey to The Burrow felt like forever to me, maybe it was just because of my nerves or because I hadn't eaten since lunch time but whatever it was I just couldn't wait to get out of the taxi.

Eventually we came to a stop in the town square of Ottery St. Catchpole, where the Weasley's live. As dad paid the driver I headed towards the house along with Tessa who slipped her arm through mine which was strange because I was much taller than her now in my heels, especially as she was only wearing flats. Ria wasn't far behind us and I don't think she wanted to go first because of James being there and me and Tessa teasing her.

I think she's just as nervous as I am, although I'm not entirely sure why. I can hear other people in the village are having parties as well because there was a mixture of music coming from all over the place.

There appeared to be some guy in black robes awaiting us when we arrived nearer the house. "Names?" he asked as he looked up from the scroll in his hand.

Dad stated our names and he seemed to be happy with it and allowed us in. There was a large white marque and I could see hundreds of people inside it, dancing, talking and enjoying the party.

Dom and Rose soon found me and I stumbled into their arms to hug them. Rose informed Tessa that Lily was over by the back door and then her and Dom took me towards the drinks table where there was another man in black robes stood behind it. There were large bowls of punch as well as bottles of firewhisky, and of course not alcoholic drinks such as gilly water and butterbeer. Rose asked him for three butterbeers and he handed them over once he popped the caps off of them.

They took me outside of the marque and I noticed the chill in the air compared to being inside with everyone else. Rose cast a warm bubble around us and we sat talking for ages. Scorpius came and joined us and Rose stood up to kiss him on the cheek, I heard Dom mutter something but I couldn't quite hear what.

Scorp gave me a massive hug and in my ear he whispered, "How's the babies?"

"Good," I managed to reply before we broke apart.

"More drinks ladies?" he asked and took the empty bottle off of us and slipping his arm through mine. "Back now," he said to Dom and Rose with a wink which made me laugh.

"Did you my present? Sorry I couldn't come, I got held up with family stuff."

"That's fine, Scorp, and thank you, they love it," I replied and it was true. Both of them loved the toy snakes that Scorpius had got them along with a mini Slytherin Quidditch uniform. "Little snakes through and through." I laughed as we headed to the drinks table.

I spotted Ria and James in a corner, she was sat on his lap and whatever James was whispering in her ear was certainly making her smile. I pulled a face in disgust; I really didn't want to know what he was telling her. Myself and Scorp headed back to where Dom and Rose were sat when I heard someone calling my name. I stopped and turned to see Aaron coming towards us.

"There you are beautiful," he said and wolf whistled at me.

I slid my arm out of Scorp's to give him a hug and I could smell some sort of cologne on him, it took me a minute to realise it was the one I had him.

"I see you got my present," I said to him with a smile playing on my lips.

"Yep," Aaron replied popping the 'p'. "Anyone would think you were trying to say I smell."

I laughed. "Oh yeah big time, now you smell just fine."

Aaron placed a kiss on my cheek as we headed to the others. I saw Rory and Didge and waved back to Rory who was waving at us. The two of them came over and of course we all got talking once again.

My stomach growled at the precise time there was silence. "'Scuse me," I muttered.

Dom stood up."Come on the food is bound to be ready now."

We followed her back to the marque and since me and Aaron were last he pulled me back and into his arms. I was about an inch taller than him and it made me laugh, before I knew it his lips were pressed against my own and his one hand was tangled in my hair. I was kissing him back and he tasted like butterbeer and firewhisky.

Even now when I kiss him, there's still nothing. No fireworks, no heart pings, no nothing. I didn't say anything and just carried on; when we eventually break apart he kisses my forehead.
"Come on lets feed you." He laughed which made me hit him playfully and we followed where the others went since they're now long gone.

As we were getting food I spotted Al, at the other end and I saw  him mouthing something at me. I shook my head carefully as I didn't understand what he said, he said it again but I still couldn't make it out so I ignored him and the flips that my heart seemed to be doing. It then occurred to me, that I haven't seen him since I left the Potter's on Boxing Day. I haven't seen him since he kissed me and I kissed him back.

I was lot happier with food in me and my stomach thought so to. The nervous knot that had grown earlier was slowly dying down now and I was enjoying myself a lot more, especially after Dom had given me and the others two shot glasses of firewhisky.

I laughed, I danced and I was enjoying myself. I could see dad nervously glancing at Tessa at one point as Oliver Wood and Katie Bell's youngest son; Liam was talking to her and even I could tell it looked a bit like flirting, no wonder dad was worried.

I went over to the table where Dom was sat with her uncle George. "Just don't tell your mother I got it for you okay. She'll skin me alive," he said with a wink before running off to his wife Angelina and pulling her onto the dance floor.


Dom didn't answer but showed me a bottle that she was hiding under the table cloth; I knew what it was the minute I saw the colour of the liquid inside. Firewhisky, the red colour of it makes it so distinctive, especially compared to muggle alcohol.

She pointed to the shot glasses that were on the table in front of her, I nodded and held up one finger. She filled both glasses and we drank them, I'll never get used to the burning sensation but I suppose when you've had so much you don't really feel it any more. Dom poured another round and we drank them as well, I shook my head when she poured to more and offered me the glass. Instead she drank both of them, one after another.

"Fuck," she mumbled and then I saw why, her mother Fleur was heading in our direction. "I went to get food, okay." Dom said and then ducked under the side of the marque along with the bottle.

Technically we're allowed to drink firewhisky at seventeen. But I think that dad and the others including Fleur believe we shouldn't consume it until we're eighteen (the legal age in the muggle world) unless it's a special occasion due to the strength of it.

I left as well taking the opposite direction that the stunning Veela woman was heading and I ending up dancing with Lily and Tessa. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Al and Hattie, again he tried to mouth something to me but I still couldn't make out what he was saying. What the hell is so important that he keeps trying to get my attention?

I ignored him once more and danced the night away.


I was stood outside the marque with everyone that was here, the minister for magic; Kingsley Shacklebolt, Professor McGonagall and famous Quidditch players such as my uncle Liam and Oliver wood were just some of the famous faces I recognised. Dom had gone off to the toilet, Rose was somewhere with Scorpius, knowing them they would probably already be kissing and Aaron had gone to get more drinks.

It was five to midnight when Al caught me. At first I thought it was Aaron and I went to cuddle into him as his arm went around my waist from behind but then when I looked back I saw Al.

"Come with me," he whispered as his fingers locked through my own.

Most people weren't paying attention to us; they were all looking at the giant screen that was somehow being projected in the sky showing the live events in the centre of London.

No one stopped us, not even Hattie as we crossed the garden and entered the house. Al pulled me up the first set of stairs and then the second where he pushed open a door and brought me inside. I saw that it was bedroom, most likely his. I hadn’t been inside the Burrow for years, and knowing the amount of teenagers that live here in the holidays they've probably swapped rooms a fair few times.

The walls were covered in Quidditch posters and there were two single beds, which were neatly made and topped with knitted blankets; one green and one red. Out of the window I could see the top of the marque as well as the big screen.

"I had to see you, Flick, I meant what I said the other day and you can't deny that we're good together," Al said and I turned back to look at him as he moved forward from the door.

Somewhere outside the countdown had started and with every number Al got closer to me, closing the gap between us.

"Five, four, three, two, one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Came a roar from outside but I was too occupied as Al had lent down and put his own warm lips on my colds ones. He also tasted like butterbeer but there was something else, something sweeter on them as well.

I couldn't help it and I kissed him back, my one hand placed on the front of his chest near to his heart and the other at the back of his neck. I could practically feel his heart thudding against his rib cage, although saying that my own was probably doing the same. I knew it wasn't just the fireworks outside but I could feel the spark that's always been between us. It's like Al's re-lighted my fire once more.

I felt the kiss deepen and I fell on the one bed with Al on top of me. We eventually broke apart, breathing hard.

"Happy new year, Fliss," he whispered and then kissed the tip of my nose which made me giggle.

There was a bang on the door and then a sickly sweet voice saying, "Albus, are you in there?"

We both kept quiet and I looked Al right in his green eyes and I saw both fear and hope. Fear of being caught with his ex-girlfriend, yet hope that Hattie would catch us and break up with him. The door knob rattled but the door stayed firmly shut and I let out a sigh of relief as Hattie thundered off, knocking other doors on the way.

"You should go after her."

Al rolled off me and shrugged. "Why? It wasn't her I wanted to spend my new year with."

I swear a part of me melted a little as he said that and I lent over and kissed on the cheek. We didn't say anything as the next few minutes of the New Year ticked by. Al was playing with a strand of my hair and I had my face buried in his chest, inhaling his smell which to me is always amazing.

We both knew that we couldn't stay like this the whole night so eventually we both got up. Al headed to the door and unlocked it; he gave me kiss goodbye on the lips and slipped out. I heard him falter with his words and then I heard him talking to someone.

"Where have you been?" Hattie demanded.

"Taking a nap," Al lied. "The drink went to my head."

She seemed to accept this because then there was quiet and a tap on the door. I suppose this is my signal to leave, I thought. When I stepped out into the hall I found Al up against the wall with Hattie kissing his neck.

"Go!" he mouthed but I was frozen to the spot for a second as I looked into his eyes. "I love you, Fliss," Al mouthed and I nodded silently as a tear fell down my cheek and I headed downstairs.

I didn't stay long after that, I was in no mood to see Hattie kiss nearly every part of Al especially after what had just happened between us. So I found Tessa who was with Lily and some of their friends and told her I was going home and that dad shouldn't worry. I checked with Dom's dad Bill who was in the kitchen with his wife Fleur whether it was okay for me to floor home and he nodded.

I was home within minutes and I must have startled nana who was asleep on the sofa with Oscar, the TV was still on showing the live scenes in central London, "Is everything okay?" she asked.

I nodded and left the room; I kicked off my heels and ran up to my room. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw my babies who were happily sleeping, oblivious to the fireworks and all the celebrations that were going on.

"Happy New Year," I murmured as I planted a kiss on each of their cheeks and then got myself ready for bed before going back down to see nana and Oscar.


Albus' Point of View.

What happened with Flick was no accident; I purposely brought her up here to kiss her, to hold her in my arms. I hated Hattie right now for ruining my kiss with Flick. Although I'm so glad my New Year's kiss was with Flick and not Hattie. She seemed tipsy and I knew it, although saying that I am and I'm pretty sure Flick was as well, having seen her and Dom doing firewhisky shots earlier.

Hattie's lips crashed on my own and then she pulled back and kissed my neck again, her one hand guided mine to the top of her low cut dress. I didn't do it though; I pulled back and simply placed it back on her waist. I wanted nothing more to go after Flick which is what I decided to go. I pushed Hattie off of me and she stumbled.

"Oops," I said not caring that I didn't mean it.

Downstairs I found uncle Bill in the kitchen, I asked him about Flick and he said she had flooed home. "Damn," I muttered knowing that I wouldn't catch her now and I headed outside, avoiding the crowd. I grabbed a bottle of firewhisky from within the marque as the guy was no longer behind the drinks table.

I made my way to one of the big trees that are the bottom of the garden and I slumped down against its large trunk not caring about my shirt or trousers getting dirty. I opened the bottle and drank a mouthful, it burned as it went down my throat and it seared my stomach but yet I went back for more. After my second mouthful I stopped because it felt like my throat was on fire.

I gave it five minutes before I started drinking it in little sips. I was surprised that she found me, stumbling her way over in those ridiculous shoes and a dress far too short.

"Hey, Albie," Hattie sang in a voice that you would probably use when speaking to babies not an eighteen year boy.

"What?" I asked bluntly as she fell and landed next to me, I didn't help her I simply took another sip from the bottle. One sip every time she annoys me, I thought as she leant up against me and I took another sip.

I didn't expect it but she crashed her lips on mine once again and then she was kissing my neck, my collarbone and then finally my lips. I don't know why I returned the kiss, since I hadn't long kissed Flick. But this, this was different from all those times Hattie kissed me and I just kissed her back as I would anyone else. It may have been the alcohol, in fact it  probably was the alcohol talking but I dropped the bottle which rolled and held her face in my hands.

She is pretty; dark hair, dark eyes and an okay figure, but she is far different from Flick. Not just in looks but how she acts. I pulled her closer and kissed her, I put full effort into it and it wasn't just a half-hearted kiss I normally give her.

After a few minutes we broke apart and she stood up, holding her hand out towards me. I laughed since really it should have been the other way around. I picked the bottle back up and took another swig as I got up and then she took it from me. I was vaguely aware that she was taking me somewhere as we moved from the tree and the house got closer. We went inside and headed towards the fireplace.

Hattie slurred my home address and the greens flames flickered around us and it so didn't help me what with the current state that I was in. As soon as I stumbled out of the fire place in the family room I ran and just made it to the downstairs toilet in time before the contents of my stomach came up. Maybe I should lay off the firewhisky, I wondered.

I felt a fair bit better once I had stopped throwing up so I rinsed out my mouth. I sat on the floor and shut my eyes for a moment and then went to find Hattie once the room stopped spinning. She was nowhere to be found down stairs, her shoes slung across the floor in the hallway and I could see a small puddle of sick close to the cupboard under the stairs. I heard giggling up on the second floor so I headed up.

She was in the guest room jumping up and down on the bed, the contents of the bottle was splashing little dots of red liquid on the perfectly cream quilt.

"Oops," Hattie giggled and jumped some more.

I stood in the doorway watching her, that stupid short dress rising higher and higher. I went and grabbed the bottle from her and drank more of the sweet hot liquid as I went up to my room, my head spinning as I climbed the stairs.

I had only just put the bottle down when she came up and pushed me against my bedroom door. Kissing me like crazy, it was long and it was wild but a part of me couldn't help screaming 'It's the wrong girl Al, it's supposed to be Flick!'.

Her hands fumbled with my buttons and when my shirt was finally open she slid it off shoulders, making sure that she runs her finger nails down my arms as she slid it off, which made me shiver.

I fumbled with my belt buckle and my trousers slid down, I stepped out of them as my thumbs brushed the hem of Hattie's dress and I hooked them under to pull it up over her head causing us to break the kiss. I tossed it aside on the floor and picked up the bottle of firewhisky again. I drank two mouthfuls and Hattie did the same, I saw her flinch as she swallowed yet she went back for a third mouthful before giving back to me. I drank the remainder of what was left as Hattie fell on my bed.

I tried to put the bottle back on the side, but I must have missed as I heard it smash but I didn't care. I joined her on my bed, lying next to her pale body in nothing but matching black lacy underwear.

The alcohol seemed to have taken over my brain and before I could think of the sensible thing to do, my boxers and her pretty bra and knickers were gone within seconds. She moved so she was lying on top of me and the rest of the night soon became a blur.

A/N I know it's crazy but writing this chapter makes me like Albus/Hattie.

Has drunk Albus made the right decisions? Was it interesting again to see Al's POV? And who do you want together more Albus/Flick or Albus/Hattie???

Up next - Back to Hogwarts they go.

Edited - 11.07.2014

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