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She Came From the Land Down Under by tonksadora
Chapter 1 : No Worries, I'm Aussie
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A/N So this is my first chapter! I like setting the scene so hopefully you get an idea of what everyone's agendas are :) 


Also (DISCLAIMER), the names/characters you recognise do not belong to me but to our queen JKR. Georgie and the rest are my own invention.


 This year I’ve decided to write down a number of goals for myself. Mostly, this is due to the fact that I bought this great purple ink recently and can’t get enough of it. But that’s not the point. Goal 1: because it is OWL year, I will study hard so I get good marks. However, that resolution will be broken within the first few days, I can tell. I hate studying, it bores me to tears. I wrote it down anyway.


Secondly, I will make the Quidditch team some way or another. Maybe I’ll sleep with the captain- he’s not that bad looking when you don’t look at his face. What a joke… who am I kidding, he’s a troll. I’ll just put a bag on his head. And maybe I’ll listen to music to drown out all the awkward sex noises. I can’t believe I just thought of that. Anyway, I’m a virgin.


Thirdly, I will try to get on really good terms with Sirius Black. Like fantastically great terms. Like… get in my pants kind of terms. Sirius won’t need a bag I can tell you that right now.


I’ve kind of liked Sirius since third year when he grew into his good looks and perfected his flirting skills. Even though he’s such a ladies’ man, he’s only officially been out with one girl, Andrea Summers who’s possibly the prettiest girl in our year, tied with Lily Evans.  He broke up with her just before the holidays. So now he’s single and ready to mingle. With me, of course.


I’m on friendly enough terms with Sirius- I call him by his first name and he calls me by mine. Although, everyone calls me by my first name since I demanded them to back in first year. And, come to think of it, I pretty much call everyone by their first names as well, regardless of whether they want me to or not.


Anyway, what I’m trying to say is; Sirius knows that I exist (which is more than I can say for most of the girls in my year). And, he sometimes even goes out of his way to talk to me. Well, that is if I’m already talking to Remus (since I am friends with him), but still.


Everything aside though, this year is going to be different. I’m going to grow up and stop bagging my house so much. I’m a Hufflepuff. I didn’t want to be a Hufflepuff. I never thought I would be a Hufflepuff in a million years. My family were convinced I was going to be a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Even Slytherin wasn’t out of the question but Hufflepuff? Dad was disappointed (he was a Gryffindor), Pa was disappointed (he was a Ravenclaw) and mum was amused because she thinks the name ‘Hufflepuff’ is hilarious (she’s a Muggle). I was pissed- why was I put in the shit house?


However, I am not thinking like that this year. I’m going to stick up for my house from now on. It’s not the shit house- it’s an alright house most of the time. It’s never boring, the people are usually very friendly and someone’s always doing or saying something hilarious. And it’s close to the kitchens.


I don’t know why I’m a Hufflepuff, really. I’m not particularly patient, I’m pretty damn competitive and I have limited tolerance for a number of people. All I know is that the Sorting Hat put me here for a reason and I’m going to honour that reason. Not sure what the reason is… but I’ll figure that out later. Right now, it was time to be social on the Hogwarts Express.


“Merlin, Georgie! You’re looking very brown, aren’t you,” Lily Evans exclaimed as walked into the prefects’ carriage. “I’m so glad you’re the Hufflepuff prefect… I told mum and dad when I got your letter, they say congratulations to you.”


Yes, you read correctly- I am a prefect. I’m not quite sure how that happened either. Veronica Smethely, my dorm mate, is going to be pissed when she finds out; she’s always prized herself on being better than me in every way. Except for the fact that she’s not better than me, she has no friends and just generally sucks at life.


“Thanks Lily,” I grinned at her, “there was good weather down under this year.”


I might as well give you the brief family history so everything can be understood, and ‘down under’ can be explained. My grandfather- John Hart was a Muggle-born Englishman. When he arrived at Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw. After school he travelled to Australia and ended up marrying an Australian witch- Charlotte McAdams (my nana). Then they had kids, including my dad.


 So, my dad and his three siblings all came to Hogwarts to spread joy in Gryffindor house. After dad’s school days, he went back home to Australia and married an Australian Muggle by the name of Claire Bowen. She’s my mum, for those not keeping track (I probably wouldn’t be either).  A couple of years and lots of tequila later, I was born and then three more years (and probably even more tequila) later, my little sister Ava was born.


Ava is a Hufflepuff as well, although dad was a lot prouder of her than he was of me. He said that he had ‘expected’ me to be in Gryffindor whereas Ava was ‘always’ going to be a Hufflepuff. I don’t know who should be more offended. He wasn’t even that impressed that I was had become a prefect.


Hey dad, look what just arrived in the mail,” I gave him the letter with my badge in it. He held it up to the light- being the blind bat that he is.


“Hufflepuff prefect? What do they just let anyone be prefects now?” He chortled and I snatched the letter back off him.


“You can’t talk; you weren’t even made a prefect,” I cried. Dad just tackled me onto the kitchen ground and then walked away.


“Did you have a good holiday?” I asked Lily, pushing that memory from my mind as the gorgeous redhead sat down next to me. We had been in contact over the summer but since I was in Australia, it took a while for our owls to travel. I did know, however, that she was going to be one of the fifth year Gryffindor prefects. I didn’t know her male counterpart though it didn’t take a genius to figure out who it was going to be.


“It was alright, caught up with old family friends, got ignored by Petunia, ignored Potter myself… pretty ordinary stuff,” Lily replied lightly. “Wish you were around though, you could’ve lightened things up a bit.”


I smiled at her- she really knows how to give and take compliments. I guess it comes with lots of practice.


Just then, the compartment door opened again and Remus Lupin entered, followed by Andrea Summers and Ryan Gordon of Ravenclaw. Interesting- well, not Andrea that’s for sure. She’s got less personality than a flobberworm, although she has the face of a goddess. I smiled at the pair of them- Ryan smiled back but Andrea just looked down. Snob.


“Is there someone sitting there?” I looked up to see Remus Lupin pointing to the seat on the other side of me.


“Nah, go for your life mate,” I replied and he grinned at me. “So you’re the other Gryffindor prefect… not that your competition was very tough,” I said casually and he just laughed because it was true. As if Sirius Black or James Potter would get it. Or the other one. Pettigrew. I’m not a big fan of his, to be honest.


“Oh, I’ve missed you, Georgie,” he said after he sat down, “although, I’m surprised to see you, of all people here,” he said with a twinkle in his brown eyes.


I got a little closer to Remus last year- firstly, we worked together in Herbology and bonded over our mutual hatred for the stupid subject. Secondly, I was trying to get in his good books so he would say lovely things about me to Sirius. Thirdly, I genuinely like the boy.


I punched him on the arm, maybe a little harder than I intended- he was joking after all. It’s not like I had stiff competition either.


“Alright, I’m just kidding!” He exclaimed clutching his arm in an exaggerated way, “who’s your other half, anyway?”


“Don’t call him that,” I told Remus in a low, warning voice and indicated Lily to come closer so she could hear as well, “because that’s what he’s thinking it’ll be this year- Georgie and Greg; the Hufflepuff golden couple,” I finished darkly.


Remus and Lily both looked at me for a second then burst out laughing, much to my displeasure. This is not a laughing matter! Gregory bloody Quirke has been sending letters to me all holidays asking whether I’m a prefect because he’s a prefect and wouldn’t it just be so great and awesome if we were both prefects? No, it would not! But long behold… we were both made prefects.


I was about to snap back at them when the devil himself, opened the carriage and walked in, closely followed by the remaining prefects and lastly, the head boy and girl.


“Hello Georgie, good summer?” Greg asked very cheerfully and loudly as soon as he came in making everyone in the carriage look at me. As if I wasn’t intimidated enough as it was- the sixth and seventh year prefects just look at you as though you’re nothing more than a dung beetle.


“It was good thanks,” I replied in a nice voice with a nice smile. I could see Lily and Remus looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. I wanted to smack both of them.


Thankfully, the two heads decided that this was the right moment to talk to us. This year, they are both Gryffindors (surprise, surprise… almost every year I’ve been here the heads have been from Gryffindor. Except when I was in second year, they were a Ravenclaw couple); Alice Fortescue and Frank Longbottom. I like them.


So they talked to us about a lot of different things like what we had to do as prefects, our power, how not to abuse it, how to deal with ratty first years and other stuff I didn’t really listen to. I was busy being appalled at the fact that Dumbledore had let Evan Rosier and Eloise Baddock become the Slytherin prefects. At least that bloody Severus Snape wasn’t one of them. I don’t think I could stomach that.


“Alright, well I’ll let you all go… fifth years need to be patrolling the corridors at two!” Alice said as we all hurried to get out of there.


“I’ll see you two later for some fun patrolling times,” Remus waved at us and began to walk down the corridor. His sarcasm has improved, I must admit.


Lily turned to me, “do you know where everyone is sitting?” I shook my head.


I had been so worried about doing this whole prefect thing wrong that I hadn’t bothered see anyone, headed straight for the carriage and sat in there for twenty minutes on my own before the train even began moving. Dad stood outside the window and laughed at me for at least ten of those minutes.


“Lily!” Both Lily and I spun around to see one of the more intimidating seventh year prefects looking at us. I knew who she was but her name didn’t come to me right away.


“Congrats on getting the prefect badge, you deserve it,” she said.


“Thanks Marlene,” Lily replied, smiling widely. Marlene returned her smile and walked right past me as though I was a part of the wall, into the first carriage on the left. I turned to Lily, my eyebrows raised.


“Was that Marlene McKinnon?” I asked and Lily nodded.


“Yeah, I’ve known her for a few years, she’s on Slughorn’s… little dinner party list,” she was looking a little embarrassed so I took advantage of it.


“Oh of course!” I exclaimed, “I forgot you were in the Slug Club!”


“Oh shut up,” she hissed although she was looking amused. We began walking down the corridor, looking in every compartment. “Here they are.”


Just looking into the compartment lifted my spirits which had been lowered a little during the lecture. Opening the compartment door and being welcomed was even better.


“Georgie! Oh my God I’ve missed you!”


 “You’re so tanned!”


“Lily you look great!”


Lily and I let ourselves be hugged and squealed at for a few minutes before we all calmed down and found some seats. I sat in between Mary Macdonald and Bailey Abercrombie, both whom are in Gryffindor. Lily sat in between Amber Madley and Lara Davies both are in Ravenclaw. The six of us are great friends. But there was someone missing.


“Where’s Clara?” I asked the girls in general.


Clara Chambers is probably the girl I’m closest to in my year and is also the only person in my dorm that I can tolerate for more than a few minutes at a time. However, she always feels as though she doesn’t fit in with our little group which is ridiculous. True, she hasn’t always hung out with us, but at the end of last year I thought she had gotten significantly closer to the other girls. Guess I was wrong, then.


“We saw her sitting with Michaela, Veronica and Henrietta. We invited her to come with us but she just waved,” Lara explained. The other three are my other dorm mates- the intolerable ones. “Also, who are the Ravenclaw prefects from our year?”


“Andrea, of course,” I said as Amber and Lara rolled their eyes, “and Ryan Gordon is the other one.” They both nodded at that, though Amber was looking rather morose.


“Yeah we thought he’d get it. He’s going to love spending time with Andrea,” Amber sighed. She’s had a crush on Ryan for a little while now.


“Why would anyone want to spend time with Andrea? I’d rather stick quills in my eyes,” I snorted, mostly for Amber’s benefit. It made the other girls laugh because it was just fact- Andrea Summers is bloody boring.


After that, Lily asked how everyone else’s holidays were; Mary talked about how she went to Canada with family (I am insanely jealous right now), Bailey talked about some boy she hooked up with and Lara and Amber chatted about their boring holidays spent at home.


“Alright, well it’s two… we better start patrolling,” Lily looked at me and I made a face. Being a prefect sucks and I’ve only been one for four hours.


“Fine, I’ll see you sexy ladies later,” I said and winked seductively at them. They all laughed and waved.


“Georgie,” Lily began when we closed the compartment door. She was looking troubled for some reason, “do you think Lara has changed in the past few months?”


I thought for a second- Lara had just dished the dirt on every girl in our year who wasn’t sitting in the compartment (apart from Clara). She was wearing way more makeup than usual and her hair had obviously been straightened out and bleached blonde by some potion or another.


“Yeah she was being weird,” I said finally, “which isn’t on because I’m the weird one.”


Lily laughed for a second but stopped as soon as she saw a certain two boys come tearing up the corridor like wild Hippogriffs.


“Looking good Evans,” James Potter slowed down and ruffled his hair. I’m not sure why he does that. I wasn’t paying attention to him anyway- my attention was solely focused on the other sexy beast in front of me.


Sirius Black has a smile that would make angels jealous. Wow, that’s lame… and coming from me; I’m the least romantic person ever. Let’s just say- he’s pretty damn hot.


“Potter, I’m not sure how you can stand up with a head as big as yours but I would appreciate it if you could move out of the way,” Lily replied, her voice icy. Both Sirius and I began laughing at the same time. Then he looked at me and winked.


Yep, this year is going to be great.

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