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Twelve by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 3 : The Beginning of February
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The Beginning of February

“Did you kiss him back?”


“Did you want to kiss him?”

Rose thought a little bit longer. “Yes.”

“Why?” Scorpius was officially confused.

“It was sort of in the heat of the moment.” She tried.

“In the heat of the moment,” he repeated the words to himself, slightly disgusted by them. “Why was there a moment? How did this conversation go on long enough for there to even be a moment? Wait, what were you even talking about? Why was he there to begin with?” He took a large breath of air as he and Rose rounded the corner of the hall making their way to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Rose didn’t even know where to start with that list. It took her nearly three days but finally she had told Scorpius about the kiss. It wasn’t that she was trying to avoid it but, she honestly needed time to process it herself, before she could even attempt to tell him.

“So do like him?” Scorpius pushed.

She stopped walking and crossed her arms, waiting for him to notice that she wasn’t following along beside him. A few paces ahead of her he turned around and walked back. “Scorpius stop,” she said sternly.

Although she was relieved to finally have told him, this constant string of questions was driving her nuts. When she had first told him, she had prepared herself for an entire list of insults directed at Marcus, but instead he was oddly quiet and calm. He remained that way for the following two days, but the day after that was a completely different situation. From the second that she took her seat beside him in the Great Hall, Scorpius had started to bombard her with questions. It had been like this for nearly four days now and she was at her limit.

“But,” he tried to argue.

“No.” She shook her head feeling the wavy hair hanging from her pony tail swinging against her neck. “It happened, and asking me a thousand questions isn’t going to change how you feel or why it happened.”

Scorpius didn’t like feeling this frustrated. He spent a majority of the week trying to figure out how this could have occurred and he wasn’t anywhere close to a reason. “If it was anyone else but Marcus then I…”

“You would be acting the exact same way.” Catching the smirk that was appearing on his face, she knew that she was right. Carefully Rose raised her hand and placed on his shoulder so that he would look her in the eye. “You forget that I know you,” smirked Rose.

“I’m just concerned is all.” If it was anybody else but Marcus, he would still be bombarding her with questions, but he wouldn’t be as concerned. The fact was he trusted Marcus about as much as he trusted Peeves.

“I know and I am so lucky to have a friend like you that cares for my wellbeing but you are overreacting to something that holds no purpose. It happened, it’s over, and it’s not going to happen again.” She reassured. “So there really is no sense in standing here and dwelling over it,”

Scorpius shifted his eyes to the ground. “One more question?” he persuaded.

Rose gave a half smile as she held up her finger. “One more,”

“Do you want it to happen again?” He asked, surprising himself by what he hoped the answer was.

She bit her lip, trying to think of the answer. She wasn’t sure if she wanted it to happen again or not. Honestly, she had hope that he could change, but recently Marcus had taken on the habit of acting as if he had changed, which was a complete act that she saw right through and was slightly offended by. If he had truly changed then he would understand how his actions have an effect on people and he would feel remorseful about it. However, he showed no signs of regret and he still seemed to believe that he was above everyone else. At the current moment she couldn’t even imagine having another conversation with him, let alone kiss him. Still there was that small part of her that wanted to believe in him and if he could truly be the person that she knew he could be then she could easily picture herself kissing him again.

After a long pause she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know,” her voice soft and gentle.

It wasn’t the answer that Scorpius wanted to hear, but it was better than the word yes. He had been dreading that one. “So do I still get to punch him?” he joked lightly.

Rose rolled her eyes. “You’re not allowed to punch him.”

“That’s fine. I don’t mind kicking him either,” he suggested.

Rose gave a tiny laugh, knowing that he wasn’t serious. “No kicking as well,” she responded, tugging on the shoulder of his robe for him to start walking again. 

“That’s alright. I can do more harm with a hex,”

The only thing that she could think to do was to shake her head at his remark. Relieved to have put the conversation to rest, she glanced sideways at him, her own personal questions rising within her.

Noticing her inquisitive glance “What’s that look for?”

“What’s going on between you and Miranda Crawsher?” she asked, remembering that she saw them together.

“Oh umm…” he thought, scratching the back of his head and ruffling his hair. “We were talking about Quidditch,” he stated, which wasn’t a lie.

Rose raised her eyebrows giving an all-knowing look. “She’s really sweet,” she commented.

Becoming slightly red in the face, Scorpius kept his eyes glued to the stones on the ground, watching as his feet stomped over the cracks. “Yeah she is,” he stated, becoming considerably more uncomfortable with the conversation.  

“She is a Ballycastle Bats fan,” Rose recalled, remembering the time when the Bats won the world cup several years ago and how Miranda didn’t stop talking about it for months.  

“Which is exactly why I’m not dating her,” Scorpius said, quickly opening the door to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“You know, if you are holding out for a Chudley Cannons fan, it might be a while. There aren’t many of them.” She sarcastically said, laying her books down at her table.

“You’re one,” he quickly shot back.

She attempted to make a serious face, but couldn’t suppress her smirk from his witty comeback. “Yes, but you aren’t going to date me,”

Scorpius made a mocking face to her. Tilting her head back, she laughed before glimpsing a pair of eyes staring at them. Stopping, a sudden awkward silence fell between them as Scorpius removed his grin and turned his head to see Marcus across the room. His eyes were narrowed to Scorpius, the way they usually were.

Sighing, he lowered his books to the table. “I’ll be right back,” he mumbled.

A shocked expression crossed Rose’s face. Scorpius rarely talked to Marcus during school. For a second she contemplated if he was serious about hexing him, but quickly let the idea disappear. Nodding her head, she sat down and began to get her supplies out for class.

Looking at the date on the chalkboard as he walked, Scorpius had nearly forgotten that today was the first. Stopping at Marcus, he gave his own Malfoy glare, the two staring down at each other.

Swiftly Marcus snapped his hand up, holding a folded square between two fingers. “I had to get creative,” he said dryly.

“I bet,” Scorpius seethed through gritted teeth, reaching to grab the parchment, but Marcus jerked his hand back so that he would miss.

“Will you quit playing games?” Scorpius reached again, but was met by the same reaction.

“I’m not playing games,” Marcus smirked, lowering his hand, only to repeat the same action as before.

Scorpius watched Marcus’ eyes glimmering at his frustration. Clinching his jaw tightly together, Scorpius forcefully reached up and snatched the paper from his fingers. Opening it, he read the challenge Sasha Kendrick to Make Her Speechless.

Raising his eyes to Marcus “You’re joking right?” He asked. Sasha Kendrick being one of those people who didn’t know how to shut up.

Marcus wagged his eyebrow, obviously receiving the reaction that he wanted, “Have fun.”

Scorpius remained still, staring at the paper while he twisted it in his hand. “You’re not going to tell anyone about the bet are you?” he asked curiously.

Releasing a snuff, Marcus rolled his eyes “Why would I do that? That makes me look bad.”

“You are bad,” stated Scorpius, as he pointed out the obvious.

“Maybe I’m trying to change that.” Marcus crossed his arms stiffly.

“Maybe?” Scorpius paused, eyeing Marcus up and down, unsure what Rose could have possibly seen in him. “But doubtful,” he said finishing his thought before he moved to walk away.

Marcus glared at Scorpius, his muscles tightening in his arms. “Say hi to Rose for me,” he said in a smug voice.

Scorpius snapped his head around to Marcus with a deadly look. He wasn’t sure what to say that would express the rage building up inside of him.

Seeing that he had hit Scorpius’ sore point, Marcus walked closer to his cousin. “Before you know it, I’ll have her too.”

“That will happen over my dead body,” warned Scorpius in a voice so dark, he had only ever heard his grandfather Malfoy use.

Inching closer to Scorpius, the grin on Marcus’ face suggested his impure thoughts. “Oh really, because it seems that I’ve already kissed her.” Scorpius’ hand instinctively balled into a fist, crushing the paper. “It was good too.” His eyes were almost glistening as he spoke.

Scorpius fumed, his neck becoming hot as he radiated heat. He swore he was only seconds away from ripping Marcus’ head off, but was interrupted by the sound of “Students, gather round,” from Professor Knight.

Both boys turned their head and watched Professor Knight carry down a brass cage with an extremely large blue bird inside of it. Turning their heads back to one another almost at the same time, Marcus’ sinister grin had vanished, his face taking on its usual dark exterior. “Good luck Scorpius… you’re going to need it.” He simply said, walking away.

Scorpius turned to look at Rose, who was opening her book to the instructed page, a sudden sickening feeling overwhelming his stomach.


It was just after lunch and Scorpius had gone to the Quidditch pitch for a team meeting about snow practices and how they should be treated as normal practices, never mind the fact that one would become a human icicle in the process.

Still having some spare time before class, Rose and Cathleen were sitting in the Great Hall discussing the proper techniques for a Greenfork potion when they heard the call “Oh Rose,” come from the end of the table.

Cathleen groaned inwardly at the sound of Dominique’s sing song voice. Turning their heads, they watched as she glided over to them with perfect grace, a scroll of parchment and a peacock-colored quill floating not far behind her.

To Cathleen, being in Gryffindor had its advantages. However, sharing a dormitory with Dominique was not one of them. She was always the first to start a conversation about herself and if it strayed too far off topic, she made sure that it came back around.

There was a point in time when she didn’t use to be so self-centered. For first and second year she was friends with Rose and Cathleen, but as time went on and they started to outgrow those awkward adolescences, Dominique began to distant herself from the two. She joined organization that she could work her way to the top and making friends with girls like Raven Heartly and Sophia Sharp, who were born strikingly beautiful with the world at their fingertips. Occasionally she would say hello to them and be polite but even that stopped after Rose got something that Dominique wanted.

It was fifth year when Rose was given the honor of Gryffindor prefect. When Dominique had found out, she caught up to them on the train and said, “Oh, I am so happy that you got prefect. All summer long I was worried that I might get it which would have been a huge imposition on me with how many student organizations that I hold positions in.” Widening her fake smile, she placed her hand over her heart. “I’m just so relieved that Headmaster Peenly realized how busy I am and gave the burden to someone who has time.”

It was officially after that that Dominique didn’t even bother with simple hellos and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that she used to be friends with them. She never spoke to Cathleen and if she talked to Rose, it was never just for a friendly chat among cousins. It was because she wanted something.

Stopping near them, Dominique put on a very forced smile that showed how white her teeth were. “I have been looking for you all day.”

“We’ve been here for the past hour,” Cathleen replied snarkily.

Dominique didn’t seem to notice or care about Cathleen’s comment as she kept her eyes focused on Rose. “As you know, Headmaster Peenly has decided to switch the brand of soap in the bathrooms to one of a lesser value, so that Professor Longbottom can have enough money in his budget to buy that Amazon Snap Dragon plant.”

Rose nodded having heard Dominique complain quite a bit over the past month about the new quality of soap and how it didn’t moisturize as well. “The thing is,” Dominique continued, flipping back her pin straight long blond hair. “I don’t see why the students should suffer because Professor Longbottom doesn’t know how to properly save his budget. So I have started a little petition to request that he switch the soap back.” She waved her hand, beckoning the scroll forward so that it floated right in front of Rose’s face.

Staring at the dozens of names on the list, Cathleen was positive that most of the students could care less about the soap and like her probably didn’t notice a difference. Dominique, however, was a professional charmer and could talk almost anyone into anything. “Are you seriously raising a complaint about soap?” Cathleen eyed her in a funny way.

Dominique widened her deep-blue, almond-shaped eyes. “It’s more than just about soap; it’s about our rights as students. What’s next, the quality of our food?” She stated passionately.

Tilting her head out from behind the scroll, Rose smiled. “You know Dominique, Professor Longbottom has been looking forward to this plant since third year.” She tried to make her cousin understand. “And they can only be cut once every ten years. If we don’t get it this year then he will have to wait. Besides it’s only for the rest of the school year, next year it will all be back to normal.”

Dominique shook her head “I thought you of all people would be understanding of this cause. I mean, look at how it has affected your skin.”

Rose sighed and was about to try and reason with Dominique again, but something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Right outside the entrance of the Great Hall stood Marcus and Clark with a young boy trapped against the wall. Her natural smile fell from her face as she shook her head. Cathleen and Dominique followed her gaze.

Smiling at the sight, it was common knowledge that Dominique was attracted to Marcus, but he was exactly her type arrogant and rich, so why wouldn’t she be. He had snogged her a few times before the Christmas Holliday, but to her dismay nothing came from it. Telling her that he didn’t do relationships, of course she just assumed that he was playing hard to get and that he would come around, they always came around.

“Why is Clark always involved?” Cathleen mumbled.

“I don’t know,” Rose shrugged. Grabbing her bag, she stood up and turned to her cousin. “I’m sorry Dominique, but I’m not signing that.” And she walked past her.

Marching straight up to Marcus, Rose roughly jabbed her finger into his shoulder, forcing him to turn around. Looking to the small Hufflepuff boy, he looked absolutely relieved and terrified, cowering against the wall. Narrowing her eyes to Marcus, she knew exactly what he was doing. Holding out her hand, she flicked her fingers for him to give her what he had taken from the boy.

“Clark.” There was a hard line in her voice “Cathleen wants to talk to you now,” she said, not daring to lower her eyes from Marcus.

He had a playful smirk on his face as he placed the coins in the palm of her hand. There was no real value to the coins they were only knuts and nowhere close to the amount of a Sickle.

Silently she counted them and bent down to the boy “Were you saving up to buy some sweets,” she said kindly to the first year.

He nodded his head, his unbrushed hair falling into his eyes and a small smile appearing on his face. “I thought so,” she said, taking his hand and dropping the coins in them. Slowly she cupped his hand around the coins “You really should keep these in your room, locked in your trunk.”

“Okay,” the boy whispered, still a bit shaken from Marcus. “Thank you,” he said, holding tightly onto the coins as Rose let go of his hand for him to walk away.

Rose stayed in the knelt position and took a deep breath before she dealt with Marcus. Standing up, she whipped around and faced him. Crossing her arms, she was mad. “Twelve points Slytherin.”

“Twelve points, that seems a bit steep, don’t you think?” Marcus grinned back.

“One for every knut you took,” she said harshly. Her eyes burned into his. Not only did he not show any remorse, but he could have cared less if he scared the poor boy. Shaking her head, she had to turn to leave.

Marcus followed her a few steps behind. “If you wouldn’t avoid me, then I wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble to talk to you,” He stated.

“All of that so you could talk to me?” She wasn’t sure if that annoyed her or if it repulsed her. Regardless, it unsettled her.

“Well what else did you expect? I try to prove you wrong and you just ignore me,” he reasoned.

“Do you honestly think that a few days of not insulting anyone is proving me wrong?” she asked seriously.

“So you have noticed.” His words were precise while he smirked at the fact.

Frustrated, Rose sighed, unsure why she had let this conversation continue for this long. Quickening her pace, she made a sharp turn onto a staircase, feeling as it instantly began to move. Marcus stood a few steps beneath her, watching as she gripped the railing and stared at the portraits along the walls in attempt to avoid him.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are very attractive when you’re angry?” His voice was slick and calm, like he had said that sort of thing all the time, which he probably did.

Rose’s face twisted in disgust at the uncomfortable comment. Tugging tightly on the strap of her bag, she readjusted the weight of her books, begging for the staircase to move faster. Hearing it reconnect to the stone floor she hopped off and started to walk even quicker.

Marcus strutted behind her, his hands in his pockets. “I can follow you around all day long, Rose.”

That was her pushing point. “Will you please stop?” she practically shouted surprising herself.

Spinning around, she pointed her finger at him. “You have absolutely no regard for other people’s thoughts or feelings, and worse you don’t care.” Lowering her finger, she continued. “Have you ever once considered why it is that I don’t want to talk to you?” she stared at him hard.

Taken aback by her outburst, Marcus searched for words. In truth he hadn’t given any thought to it. He knew that he wanted her and that was all that mattered to him. Like Scorpius, he had set himself a task and that was to make Rose his. His jaw set into a blank expression.

“The thought never even entered your mind did it?” She commented, her voice taking on a softer tone. “Marcus, you are so consumed in your own world that you can’t see what’s right in front of you.” She took a step closer to him. “I am probably one of the only people who believes that if you took ten seconds to think about someone besides yourself, then you could actually be a good person and do great things.”

Marcus could only stare at her standing in front of him. Only Rose could manage to insult him again and still have faith. Biting her bottom lip, she sucked on it momentarily, almost debating if she should say what else that she was thinking. Fiddling with the burlap strap of her bag, she raised her eyes to meet his, no longer full of rage but instead pity. “But watching you do what you have been doing the past few days…” Rose shook her head. “Pretending to have changed, makes it hard for even me to have faith in you.” There was changing and pretending to change, and pretending to have change was almost offensive to her because it was a lie.

A heavy pit sunk into Marcus’ stomach, feeling that someone had punched him in the gut. “So that’s it, I’m a lost cause?”

Rose shrugged her shoulders. “Only if you let yourself be,” she stammered. Slowly starting to back away, she said, “Please don’t follow me,”

For once he listened and remained still, mulling over her words.

A/N: Alright here is the update I promised like two weeks ago, sorry about that I got pulled into covering a job for my friend  and I’m moving, along with transferring schools so things sort of all came at once. Anyways please bear with me, I swear things will regulate out, because  updating only once a month really is unacceptable to me and my personal goals and standers that I set for myself. I will never abandon a story so you won’t have to worry about that, but I just have to get things settled a little bit first. I am going to try to have an update soon within in the next two and a half weeks. Thank you so much for sticking with me and I promise that updates will become more frequent.

Now for the story, what did you think of the chapter, I’m interested to see what you thought of what Rose said to Marcus, also what Marcus said to Scorpius? Please review and let me know. The next chapter will be a bit more interesting.

Thanks again to Luvinpadfoot for betaing.

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Twelve: The Beginning of February


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