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Valour by blackballet
Chapter 1 : The Doubt in the Strength
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 A/N: Hello there! I know, I know, I've already got two novels! This has been the bane of my existance for too long, and I just need to get it down on paper. I am very excited about it, and I think it will be something very different from what I have written in the past. I hope you enjoy! 

(June, 1981)
Marlene McKinnon has led the life of the other woman for almost three years now. It wasn't her idea, really. She is just doing what she was told to do, taking one for the team. It's probably the hardest thing the brunette will ever do.

Lily Evans has led the life of the leading lady for almost three years now. The job was thrust upon her, when it came down to what everyone's duty would be. She will never experience anything as difficult as this.

Dorcas Meadowes has led the life of the secret keeper for three years now. She was born to play this role, or at least she thought. She wasn't prepared for any of this.

Mary McDonald has led the life of the peace keeper for almost three years now. She used to think she wanted her life filled with action, but she was better with peace. Of course, she never dealt with two sides so opposed as these.

Sirius Black has led the life of the man of action for almost three years now. He has always wanted this life. This was his choice. He really had no idea how hard it would be.

James Potter has led the life of the leading man for almost three years now. He was just following in his father's footsteps in this sense. His dad never mentioned the toll you took with this role.

Remus Lupin has led the life of the protector for almost three years now. It was his favorite thing to do, protect. At school, he was good at it, too. It was never this hard in Hogwarts, though.

Peter Pettigrew has led a life of conflict for almost three years now. He was used to getting this role. He wasn't used to actually having to decide.

(May, 1978)
Dumbledore gathered the eight students in his office. They were seven Gryffindor's, one Ravenclaw, the headmaster, and the Transfiguration professor. It was the second to last week before term ended on their last year at Hogwarts, and it was, characteristically to May, bright and sunny out. The weather, however, was the opposite of the tone of the meeting.
"I'm sorry to have to pull you out of classes," the old man began. "However, I'm sure at the tender age of seventeen, I too would enjoy a free period in this heat." The students held worried gazes, as the Headmaster rarely called them all in if there was no trouble. As a matter of fact, all ten of them had never met in the same room together at once. The redhead and the dark haired bespectacled one clasped hands nervously, waiting in anticipation. Everyone stayed quiet, even though it was apparent there was a frenzy of emotions going on behind closed mouths.
"I've spoken with a few of you before about an idea, another rather spectacular one of mine, if I do say so." The thin-lipped professor stood in the corner behind the Headmaster, her fingers fiddling, her emotions stirred as well.
"It's a difficult subject to broach, with children such as yourself."
"You don't have to say it aloud, Professor. We know what you mean." The head boy gripped the red-head's hand tighter, and she moved in closer to him. The Ravenclaw was becoming increasingly confused.
"I'm sorry Mr. Potter," he answered the tall boy,"but we have to address this. Sooner rather than later, if I would have my preference." A shaky sigh came from the lips of the only Ravenclaw in the room. She was not comfortable with these people yet.
"The thing I've brought you here to discuss, is the Order of the Phoenix." His revelation broke the noise, and it seemed as if everything in the world stopped talking, moving. "I want to form a group of people to oppose the dark times that are ahead of us."
"Wouldn't...wouldn't adults be more useful, in such an important position, Professor," Remus asked timidly.
"Professor Dumbledore has chosen the few he has for a reason," the Scottish woman interrupted very solemnly.
"I'm sorry, Headmaster," the Ravenclaw said. "What is all of this?"
"We're preparing for something Miss McDonald. There is something, someone, very dangerous rising." Her pursed lips and furrowed brow stayed, but Dumbledore did not continue.
"I'd like to give you each until the end of your schooling here to think about this," the elder man said, regaining control of the situation.
"Thank you, professor," the red-head said, finally speaking up. "We understand," she said, her conviction becoming stronger as the one with the spectacles rubbed the back of her hand.
"I'm sorry, but what's happening?" Mary asked again, clearly scared. The seven other friends exchanged glances again, rather pitifully. She really didn't know.
"Don't apologize, Miss McDonald. This is my fault I'm afraid. Can I trust that you will help Mary understand?" He looked at Remus, who was next to Mary, and he nodded yes, along with all the other's who weren't addressed directly.
"I'm sorry to bring this upon all of you in your very last days, but it is necessary. And I apologize further for not being able to assist anymore than I am." Most of the student's gazes had been cast downwards, and eyebrows were bent.
"I'll let you get back to your classes now. Please, take into account everything you have learned here," he said cryptically. Almost as if the students knew something more than he did. Something important.
They filed out as Dumbledore had clearly become focused on something else. It was a brief meeting. Short, fleeting. Like the time they had left together. There was a hungry, empty, deep space in the air. The same space that they would be filled with in due time. All in due time.


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Valour : The Doubt in the Strength


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