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Double Trouble by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4- Brother's and their stalkers
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“Harry, this is your sister Jasmine.” Harry stepped out of the doorway, into the office while his eyes swept over me. “You look like mum you know?”

“That’s what people keep telling me. Except for my eyes their dad’s eyes.”

“I know what you mean; I’m always hearing I look like dad except for the eyes.” I smiled and Harry sat on one side of me while Remus sat on the other. “So what did this old fart tell you about me?” Harry looked aghast as Dumbledore busted out laughing again and then looked at me with wide admiring eyes. “Just that you’ve been living in America under an alias with our godfather.”

“Hey I didn’t exactly know who I was until the old fart showed up and dropped this whole bomb on me.”

“Yeah, he has a habit of doing that.”

“Ahem, I didn’t bring you two together to team up against me,” Dumbledore said with a slight pout. “Hey Dumbo, you thought I was bad just imagine what will happen when I bring my brother to the dark side.”

“I told you having Sirius raise her would have been a bad idea now look she’s just like him.” I laughed at Remus’ comment and glanced at Harry who was watching this with a slight smile on his face. “So Harry is there any girls I have to worry about beating me up if they see me with you?”

“N-no, I don’t have a girlfriend.” By the look of that blush on his face I would think my dear brother is already lying to me. I just smirked and looked over at Dumbledore. “Old man it’s always a pleasure to have these thrilling conversations with you but before you try to tell me I’m actually a mermaid I think I should go to bed.”

“Of course Miss Potter, Harry will show  you to the Gryffindor common room and Harry I understand this will be hard to keep from Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger but if you could keep it quiet from everyone else until tomorrow then that would be greatly appreciated.”  Harry nodded, grabbed my arm and with a wave to everyone in the office drug me down the stairs to the hallway. “So who is Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger?”

“My best friends Ron and Hermonie. It was easy to keep the secret of your identity over the summer because after Dumbledore showed up we had so much work to do but once they see you they will instantly want to know who you are.”

“Are they like going to hate me or something?”

“NO! Once I explain to them why you were in hiding and everything I’m sure that they will love you.”

“Harry! Harry Potter!” Harry and I turned to the voice yelling Harry’s name and saw a midget with a camera bouncing against his chest run up to us. “Hey Harry, did you have a good summer?” The midget asked in a high pitch squeaky voice. “It was alright Colin. How was yours?”

“It was great! My dad got me a new camera. See? Hey, who is this?”

“Oh um this is er…”

“I’m Jasmine, I just transferred from America.”

“Wow! Have you ever been to that great big amusement park in Florida?”

“Duh. Everyone who is cool knows you have to go to that great big amusement park in Florida at least once.”

“Hey what’s that on your forehead? BLIMEY! Harry she got a scar just like yours!”

“Uhmmm…Colin the thing is…”

“Look squirt can you keep a secret?”

“Sure I can.”

“If you don’t I will find out and I will break your kneecaps. The truth is I’m not just any old exchange student from America, I’m Harry’s twin sister. My full name is Jasmine Potter.”

“Really?! That is so cool! Can I get a picture of you two together? I promise I won’t tell anyone!” I glanced at Harry and he just sighed nodding his head. After the flash blinded my eyes, autographs were signed (I told Sirius I’m a celebrity. I don’t see anyone wanting his autograph), and Colin was just a blur down the hallway Harry and I continued on our way. “So who was that and why did he want our picture?”

“Colin Creevey, he’s been a bit obsessed with me since he started Hogwarts but he’s completely harmless. Always wants a picture and now I guess you’re part of that since you’re my sister.”

“Aw, Harry you have fans! Does that mean you got stalkers also? Well I guess fans can count as stalkers also but Harry if one of your stalkers tries to steal my underwear we are going to have some problems!” Harry just shook his head laughing and turned to the portrait we stopped in front of. The fat lady in the portrait looked down at us and laughed, “My dear children how much you look like your parents standing there! It’s like going back into the past.”


“That is correct.” The portrait swung open and after giving me a reassuring smile Harry and I walked into a room covered in red and gold curtains, armchairs scattered around the room and a long couch with two armchairs by it in front of a roaring fireplace. “This is the Gryffindor common room that was the fat lady; you have to give her the correct password to get into the common room. The staircase to the right leads to the girls’ dormitories and the boys are to the left.” I nodded and looked around the room. “Damn this is sweet. My old school had a bunch of tables in the downstairs area and then the upstairs was filled with bunk beds. Well Harry I would love to sit here and chat but I’m exhausted so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Meet me down here tomorrow morning and I’ll walk you down to the Great Hall for breakfast ok?”

“Sure good night Harry.”

“Night Jasmine.”


I don't llike this chapter either but i wanted to give you guys something to read. the next update might be a while because i'm going on vacation. The story should start picking up now that Jasmine is in Hogwarts. The great big amusement park in Florida includes a really famous mouse. I changed it from the actual name in accordance to the note I recieved during validation.

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