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Unfortunate Mishaps by JustYourWallflower
Chapter 1 : PROLOGUE: Fatigued Eyes and a Failed Attempt
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Fatigued Eyes and a Failed Attempt

The dark and gloomy corridors of the Hemsworth’s residence would give anyone the creeps at two in the morning. The Victorian styled wallpaper matched the dark carpet floors that were soft and fluffy on bare feet. The portraits, tables and ornaments cast shadows along the walls and every door was closed. Even the stairs were two-faced at that time of night, as they would creek and moan in the eerie silence; each step becoming noticed.

The only sign of life in the tranquil house came from the family room on the first level. A girl around the age of sixteen sat under an aged lamp that let out a dull yellow light. Her brown curly hair was messily tied up, exposing her freckles, and her blue eyes were showing fatigue. There were books around her, and on her lap sat a thick leather bound one, which the girl was flicking through rapidly. She was looking for something, anything that would give her the answers she needed. The other books, which she had already looked over, didn’t hold the information she desired. She was becoming impatient, but the tired girl pushed on, for she believed that she was close to finding what she hunted for.

The girl was too captivated in her study to notice that someone was making their way down the whining stairs and into the room she occupied.

“Morgan, you do know school starts tomorrow; right?”

The girl tore her eyes away from her book to look up at the person who made their presence noticed. There, standing in the door way, was her brother Ben. Morgan and Ben shared many similarities: the same wavy brown hair, and freckles. The difference being that Ben had inherited warm brown eyes instead of icy blue.

“Yes,” was the only thing Morgan said, before she went back to her book and continued her search.

Ben sighed and took a seat on an available arm chair close to where Morgan was settled. He was worried for his younger sister; all he wanted was for her to relax and except their mother’s decision. However, he knew his sister too well. He knew she would stop at nothing to find a cure for the problem, no matter how difficult it would be. So he sat there, watching her flick through the pages of her book.

The silence was broken after a long fifteen minutes by Morgan, who was becoming irritated by her brother’s stares.

“I know you and mum don’t want me to do this; to waste my time. But I have to try; it is possible you know.”

“I know,” Ben replied, “and I’m not going to stop you, because I know you’ll do it anyways. I just hope you know that if you fail –”

“I won’t,” Morgan said, cutting her brother off. She won’t fail; she just couldn’t.

Ben sighed again. His attempts were always met in defeat when he tried to persuade Morgan; even so, he would still try.

“Okay,” Ben said after a while, “but you need to go to bed now. It’s almost quarter to three and you need to wake up early tomorrow; you know how bad-tempered you get with a lack of sleep.”

This time it was Morgan’s turn to sigh. She knew her brother was right; and she knew he would keep pestering her if she didn’t listen to him.

She got up, collected her books and departed from the room with Ben at her tail. They made their way back up the flight of stairs, to the third floor and to their bedrooms; trying to create little noise as possible. Once she was in her dim room and in her inviting bed, Morgan closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.
The Hemsworth’s house had once again fallen into an eerie silence.





Okay so this is my first story! I've had this idea for years and after multiple changes to the plot and pressure from my friends, I've finally decided to put it up here.

So I hope you enjoy this story and I'm sorry in advance if some things don't make sense - I have trouble expressing ideas from my head into words. If you have any ideas for up coming chapters feel free to tell me and I'll try and incorporate them in somewhere.

JustYourWallflower :)


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