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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 25 : The Arrival.
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 Lily pov

   It was 11 o'clock when the owl arrived from Jaynee saying she had gone into labour, By the time we got to the hospital it was 12. We met SIrius in the lobby, " How is she?" James asked. 






"She's in pain but they're going to start the operation soon." Sirius replied.







"Is it okay if we go see her?" I asked  smiling at him.







"Of course,we'll need be quick they want to take her in soon." We nodded and followed him through the hospital to Jaynee's room. 







"Jaynee!" I yelled as I saw her, she smiled. 








"Hey, Lily." I smiled.







"Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're about to have them ." I grabbed her hand.         " How are you feeling? I can't wait to see my little niece and nephew." 









"Tell me about it." Sirius smirked from across the room. The door opened and a young ,she couldnt be much older than Jaynee, witch in a St.Mungos robe walked in, smiling.











"We're ready to take you in, sweetheart." Jaynee took Sirius' hand as the nurse rolled her bed from the room. 









"We'll be in the waiting room, get us as soon as you're done, We love you!" I called after them, then I took James' hand and me,him and Remus made our way to the waiting room.




Sirius Pov



     We're about to have our babies! The nurse had came to get Jaynee a few minutes ago, and we were in the operating room, waiting for them to start the ceasarian. Jaynee looked up at me from the bed and smiled weakly.







"I love you." she whispered.







"I love you too." I smiled back, wiping sweat from her forehead. 









"How are you feeling,Miss - Jones?" said the St.Mungos doctor who had just walked into the room. 









"I'm alright." She replied , wincing slightly as she spoke. 










"Okay, so we're just preparing the incision, this will feel a little cold, We're putting on someting to num the incision sight." Jaynee gave a low startled yell as the doctor applied the numming gel to her stomach. I grabbed her hand and whispered. 
















Jaynee Pov




"Ready." I smiled back at Sirius.The Doctor had just put the numming stuff onmy stomach and I could feel it tingling, 










"Okay, We're about to ,make the incision, you may feel some slight pain." The doctor said. I grasped Sirius' hand as hard as i could,I was so excited and scared at the same time, and I was in so much pain,I smiled and tried not to yell out as the scalpel cut across my stomach and another contraction hit, I looked in Sirius' eyes seeing the mixture of excitement , worry and pain in them, and that helped me. 










'Don't scream" I told myself over and over. 'Don't scream." I didn't want to show Sirius how much it hurt me because I wanted him to know that, even if I was in pain, I wanted these babies enough and I was strong enough to make it through it.








"We've got a hold of the first one, we're going to take it out now." the doctor said as I felt something slightly move in me, I lifted my head up annoyed that the curtain was blocking the view of my babies. "It's a boy." pronounced the doctor. " Does the father want to cut the umbilical cord?" he asked. Sirius smiled, realeased my hand and went over to the doctor, I laid my head down exhausted, and annoyed that i hadn't seen my son yet, When Sirius came back around the bed holding a blue bundle in his arms. 











"Jaynee meet our son, this is your mummy, baby." he said, lowering the baby so i could see him. My breath caught as I saw his beautiful face, so much like his father's except for his lips. they were pouty like mine. 









"He's beautiful." I whispered. I lifted my hand and gently touched his,










"We're gonna take him and clean him up, while the doctor gets the other baby out." a nurse smiled holding her arms out for the baby, somewhat hesistantly Sirius gave him to her.










"Bye, baby." I whispered , tears rolling down my face. Sirius bent and kissed me.









"You did good, now let's get our little girl." I smiled.









"We're taking the other one out now." The doctor said from, behind the curtain. I grabbed Sirius' hand again and waited, it was almost over and then I'd get to see my babies. A small cry sounded and once agian Sirius ducked behind the curtain, coming back with her, he lowered the small baby to me and once again,I smiled.










"She's gorgeous and perfect."









"Just like her mother." he smiled back.









"She's so tiny." I whispered as i reached to touch her small hand.









"We're going to close the incision now." the doctor said as Sirius handed our daughter to the nurse. I laid down and smiled at Sirius.









"We did it."










"You did it." He replied kissing me softly. " I love you so much." 










"I love you too." 









The doctor finished closing me and we were moved to another room,once there the nurse told us that the babies would be brought in, in the morning, and that I should get some rest. I laid down and closed my eyes to sleep as Siirus went to tell everyone we we're done. When I drifted off I smiled as happy as I had ever been.

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JJ Gone.... Wild?: The Arrival.


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