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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 29 : Draco's Surprise
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“We get to go home today!” Hermione told her newborn daughter as she fed her for the first time since she woke up that morning at nine a.m. 

The discharge process had already started and Draco left to get the surprise a little more ready to get out of the hospital. 

He still didn’t want Hermione to know what it was still, but she didn’t mind. She had a feeling she really would love it whatever it is.

Baby Savanna’s little eyes stared up at Hermione as she lay her down after her feeding to get her dressed. Every time she looked into her daughter’s eyes it made Hermione feel so happy inside. Like she had won a prize. An amazing blessing. 

Draco kindly asked everyone to stay home today because he wanted it to just be Hermione and himself today for the first time in the past three days or so.

Healer Tompkins had been in and out all morning long with papers and Savanna’s birth certificate and ect. She came in again and had Hermione sign her discharge papers, “You’re all set to go little lady. It was a pleasure taking care of you and little Savanna. Come visit us sometime!” 

“Will do!” Hermione promised as she got the last part of the luggage together while baby Savanna now slept quietly in the incubator.

Draco showed up a little while later and helped by carrying all of Hermione and the baby’s things after picking all of it up with magic because there was quite a bit of stuff. 

They got settled into the Ford Anglia after Draco made sure baby Savanna was safely in her seat and Draco started driving to the place where they were going.

Hermione, curious, kept looking around at where they might be going.

When Draco saw her prying, Draco gave her a bandanna and told her to put it around her eyes.

 “But the baby! I have to watch her!” Hermione said. 

“I’ll watch her, don’t worry. You can't see this until we get there.” Draco assured her.

They parked and Draco turned off the engine. He then got the baby out who was in her infant carriage, heavily on his arm and the luggage and directed Hermione to go ahead and open her eyes when they were in right in the front of where he brought her.

“Oh my God!!!” Hermione said excitedly. “A HOUSE! Seriously Draco? How did you just happen to have this house!?”

Before her stood a medium to large sized farm house on a lot of beautiful hilly land with a large river behind it and grassy pastures on the horizon for as far as they could see, it seemed to not be far from Ginny and Harry’s and it was the color of off white with royal blue shutters, it was beautiful, a house Hermione only could ever dream of before now.  

Hermione now looked at Draco with raised eyebrows, expecting an explanation.

“Well, Andromeda had this a year ago but they moved and she told my mum about it, and here is our surprise, it’s all set up for us to live in!” Draco said.

“Oh my God!! I love it! It's everything I ever wanted.” Hermione said excitedly as she started to walk toward it with a huge smile.

“Well go have a look Hermione! It’s ours!” Draco told her excitedly.

Hermione walked to the door and opened it with Draco and their baby behind her.

Before her there was a light blue living room with beautiful white furniture which included white leather couches and a coffee table and a white fireplace in front of her. Even a big screened TV was sitting on a stand. It was even complete with a baby swing for Savanna and a pile of baby blankets. Hermione loved it so much she was almost in tears.

She walked into the kitchen which was a color of beautiful beige and it had the most modern oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, and all the nicest kitchen appliances you can think of to satisfy Hermione’s muggle side of her. Draco was sure to tell his aunt and mum to include this for her.

She moved onto a bedroom in the back of the house that was decorated in different shades of pink for baby Savanna. They even had a beautiful white wooden crib with bedding of daisies and also a changing table to match and a dresser and lots of pink, ruffly, and colorful baby clothes and stuffed animals. Hermione loved it so much! Andromeda and Narcissa did such a good job, she couldn’t be more grateful for what they did for herself and Draco.

Then she almost completely broke down when she saw Draco and her bedroom, it was the most beautiful bedroom she’s ever seen in her life. It was the color of turquoise and looked like an ocean almost, the comforter was a beautiful white down comforter and there was a bunch of pretty pillows and a huge master bathroom with a massive Jacuzzi tub as big as a small swimming pool. Fluffy white towels and wash cloths hung on a pole, Hermione brushed her hand across them and felt shocked at how soft they were.

She even thought their house may be prettier than Ginny and Harry’s but she’d never would tell them that.

“Do you love it?” Draco wondered, entering the bathroom behind her and looking around himself.

He too was completely satisfied with the size and look of the house. He always felt like Malfoy Manor could swallow him, and that was apart from the dark secrets and magic it held. He was defidently excited to get out of there as well. Although his mum declared she would miss him terribly, she agreed it was time for him to get a fresh start in life.

 “Oh Draco, it’s perfect for us!” Hermione exclaimed, a tear coming from her eye from the overall emotion from it, she took baby Savanna out of the baby carrier and brought her to all the different rooms in the house. The baby girl listened to her mother’s voice, her eyes fixed on her as though she could understand as Hermione introduced the baby to her room.  

The things happening lately were amazing to Hermione; she was engaged with a beautiful baby girl and an amazing new house. Yes, even if it was Draco Malfoy she is engaged to, she’s very happy.

“Does anyone other than you and your mum know?” Hermione wondered.

“No. The Weasleys or Potters don’t know either,” Draco said with a smile, “We can have a dinner party if you like to show it off tomorrow night. I can cook on our new grill, I'd like that. And don’t worry; I have only brought one house elf over here to help out with chores, Elaina. She wanted to come! So I let her,” Draco explained, knowing Hermione’s views on house elf slaves.

Hermione just smiled, “I would love to have a dinner party, and I’ll invite everyone that I’d like to come. And okay, as long as she requested it! Where is she?”

Draco just laughed at this, expecting a lecture, “Yes ma’am. And she’s behind you, I told her you might object to her coming because of the way you view house elf slavery and she hid, not wanting to upset you.”

Then like she was called little Elaina came running in on Draco’s last word.

“Oh Miss Granger what a beautiful baby! Master Malfoy was telling me how wonderful she is! I can’t wait to babysit her when she gets older!” The little house-elf proclaimed.

“Well I will defidently let you! Elaina, are you sure you want to serve for us? Because like Master Malfoy said, I do not tolerate any house elf’s service unless you absolutely want to. Otherwise you’re free!” Hermione said gruffly. 

“Ohh nooo miss!” Elaina sobbed on her front shirt, “Elaina loves Master Malfoy, I wanted to come with him, I have been with him since he was a small child and took care of him when his father did bad things!”

“Okay Elaina, good then, you are most welcome here but you do what you please, you are not our servant but our fellow housemate!” Hermione said with raised eyebrows, then glaring at Draco who nodded in agreement as she cradled little Savanna on their living room couch now.

“I’ll take the baby and you can start on the invites for tomorrow night? If you want to that is..” Draco offered with a smile as he took baby Savanna who was making sounds and was a little fussy now. Draco just kept speeking softly to her and the baby calmed down at the sound of his voice, he dreamily said, "I just love our daughter."

Hermione smiled at the baby and then picked up her cell phone to call Ginny.

Hermione told Ginny about the dinner party tomorrow night and she said Harry and her would be there and tell Mrs. Weasley. Hermione then called Ron; he hesitated but then said he’d be there with Lavender. Then Hermione called Neville and Luna and he said they would be there as well, and Dean Thomas and Cho. And she called her mum and dad, and they were coming as well. Everyone so far agreed and Hermione was very excited to show off their place. But she still questioned if she was in a dream. Is this baby and house truly hers? 

Draco owled his mum, but he didn’t quite expect her to show up unless Andromeda came with Teddy and they invited them too. But the owl that came thirty minutes later said she would indeed attend to both of their surprise.

When the sun was going down, Hermione finished her invites and then kissed Draco and got up to take a bath in their new bathtub as he tried to rock baby Savanna to sleep for a nap.

Hermione walked into the beautiful marble floor bathroom and turned on the water to what looked bigger than a prefect tub at Hogwarts. She turned on some of the soaps and then stepped into the hot water. Her skin turned a light red from the temperature and she put her head back to relax. The hot water felt good because she was still a bit sore from labor of Savanna still although the magic made everything cure her stomach was just a little sore but not bad enough to prevent her from anything.

Draco sat in thought as he closed his eyes and relaxed while the baby fell asleep finally.

He was a bit nervous about the dinner party. He was afraid drama would unfold with everyone there, but this was a happy time and he wanted to show Hermione how happy he was to be with her and be engaged to her.

Even though his Father was horrible while he grew up, his mum made sure to teach Draco how to treat a woman. Draco never truly listened to her until now, now that he's grown up. 

And he knew someone like him and someone like Hermione together would always spell drama with something or somebody. He wouldn’t have it any other way if it meant he could still have her and Savanna… he didn’t care what anyone thought of them together.

Hermione put her head back into the warm water and let it engulf her hair and face. She bathed and then after relaxing a good thirty minutes she finally got out. She put on a white bath robe and walked to join her fiancé and daughter in the living room again.

She smiled huge when she walked into the living room when she saw Draco fast asleep with Savanna on his chest.

She loved her new little family.

She knows in her heart that it could have been with Ron, but everything happens for a reason and there was a reason why Ron and Hermione didn’t make it. She accepted that months ago now even though sometimes she didn't realize it.

Draco heard Hermione walking in the living and he smiled at her. “I hope you had a good bath in your new bathtub?” He asked her.

She smiled at him, “Yes, I had an amazing bath.”

“Good,” He simply said, and then gazed down at his daughter with a grin.

“I’ll put her to bed,” Hermione said coming to reach for the newborn baby in Draco’s arms, her heart warmed by the sight of the father and daughter. Shocked at how good of a daddy Draco truly seemed to be. 

“Okay,” Draco said as he looked Hermione up and down. She didn’t have anything else on under her robe, and he enjoyed the view. Her hair hung wet with curls loosely around her shoulders.

“I’ll wait for you in our bedroom,” Draco said almost seductively, a bit tired and wanting some ‘alone’ time with his fiancée.  

Hermione kissed Savanna on the cheek before putting her inside her beautiful little bassinet-crib in her new bedroom. She was still in shock that this angel faced baby was actually hers.

She then walked into the bedroom she was to share with her fiancé.

She always felt strongly about being married first before sleeping together in a bed at night, but she was not the same Hermione she was two years ago. She had slept with Ron, and now with Draco in the same bed. Oh well. 

She took off her bath robe, a little self-conscious about her body since she just had a baby, but she really had no stretch marks whatsoever and she was grateful for that for sure. Her body, because of magic, was almost to the size she was before the pregnancy.

Draco opened his eyes to see his future wife get in bed with him. He knew she was unclothed and he grabbed her and started to kiss her skin, not being with her like this since the night in the hotel. Hermione accepted as it has been so long since they made love. This was only the second time.

Draco got on top of Hermione but was gentle because he knew she was still sore in her stomach. He kissed her, rubbed his hands against all of her skin.

She sighed and kissed Draco passionately like she did the first night they made love.

But this time it was a different kind of making love, a happier kind, like they knew they weren’t about to part ways anytime soon. And they weren't intoxicated. They had nothing against them as of this moment with the Death Eaters gone and having their own house together. So in love. 

The night got late and they continued to make love until Hermione was too tired.

She lay next to him and sighed, saying that she was ready for bed and thanking Draco again for the surprise house she was so excited about and felt as though someone needed to pinch her awake.

Draco kissed his fiancée one more time and then agreed that he would sleep as well, she was already totally asleep. 

He was more happy than he had ever been.. good things like this don’t happen to the Malfoys. How did he get so lucky? 


A/N: Almost done guys!!!! One more chapter!!! What did you think of Draco's surprise? You wouldn't think Lucius Malfoy's son could turn out to be so charming! Thank you all for reading and reviewing!!! <3


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