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A Little Bit of Luck by Chivalrous
Chapter 2 : Tripping Up
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Credit to Vee (bathtub.) @ TDA for this prodigious CI! Ily Vee, thanks again!

"Oh the way I'm feeling now
It's worth sticking around to see
Is this love
Or could it be?"

Could It Be by Charlie Worsham


Lily Luna Potter



“Hey Little Potter!” someone called behind me. I turned around my brown curls swirling around my shoulders. I looked amid the chaos of the busy platform to see my brother’s friends. It was Troy Clearwater, one of my brother’s best mates. Troy had one of those large personalities that people just flock too. He was almost always surrounded by hordes of adoring friends and girls. I waved at him and he strode forward.



“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Potter!” Troy chirped. Troy was also sweet talking guy. He could charm the socks of anyone. Troy’s aunt was Penelope Clearwater, who had dated my Uncle Percy back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. (That was a joke for those who have no sense of humor…like my Uncle Percy.)



“Hi Troy,” My mother smiled. Troy was a sixth year in James’ class and he was popular with everyone seeing as he was a Chaser for our Quidditch team and really hot (but according to James I wasn’t allowed to think that). “How are you?” she asked politely.



“Great Mrs. Potter!” he grinned impishly. Suddenly a woman trotted over to him,



“Troy,” Penelope Davies (née Clearwater) you left your books.” She sighed, brushing back her long dark curls.



“Sorry Aunt Penny.” Troy smiled at her and she rolled her eyes. I laughed and waved to Mrs. Penelope, she was really nice. “Thanks though.” He took his school bag from her and she hugged him.



“Hello LP, nice to see you. You lot as well; Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione,” She waved back and turned back to Troy. “I’m going to see your cousins off. Be good and take care of your cousins.” She kissed his cheek.



“Don’t, I always dear Auntie.” He smiled cheekily.



“Cheeky, cheeky,” She tsked her tongue. “Goodbye Troy.” She laughed and made her way back through the crowds. He slung his bag over his shoulder and grinned at us.
“You don’t look like a little second year anymore, LP.” He grinned, quirking an eyebrow at me. “You’d better watch this one Mr. Potter.” He made a mock stern face and my Dad laughed. “Well see you on the bus mates.” He clapped James and Albus on the back. “Drew and that lot are in our spot now.” He grinned. Drew was our friend, Andrew Wood, Quidditch extraordinaire and son of Oliver Wood former Quidditch extraordinaire and seventh year Gryffindor. “See you around.” He quirked his eyebrow upward and darted off, saying ‘hello’ to everyone he passed.



“See Lily why can you find a nice boy like Troy.” My Mum teased and I snorted at her. I gave her an incredulous look.



“Mom dating Troy would be like dating James!” I spluttered. “It would just be weird and wrong and ultimately detrimental.” I shuddered.



“Paws off my mates Lil,” James warned.



“What you want me to date Montague?” I grinned devilishly, referring a seventh year Slytherin that James despised. James glowered at me and Albus fake gagged loudly.



“Kids stop it.” Mum chided us. We laughed in return and she shook her head trying not to smile.



“Aw Ginny let them tease the bloke, I’m sure he does the same to them!” Uncle Ron chimed in and Aunt Hermione smacked his arm. Rose giggled and Hugo snickered behind his hands. “Ow Hermione,” Uncle Ron pouted, nursing his arm.



“Well we’d better get on the bus.” I chimed eager to get out from under my parent’s grasps and off to Hogwarts. “Bye Mum, bye Daddy!” I grinned hugging each of them tightly. I kissed my Dad’s cheek and they smiled down at me.



“Bye Lily,” they said and turned to say goodbye to my brothers. I hugged all of my aunts and uncles who had gathered to see their children off. I then turned with a final wave to my family and followed my brother’s onto the train. As I walked down the corridor I noticed boys were looking at me more than per usual. I glanced down at what I was wearing; a black skirt that fell to about mid-thigh and a red bow-tie belt, a cream button up with ruffles down the front and my red and gold Gryffindor tie, and a red and gold headband to hold back my brown curls.



“Hey Little Potter, I like that skirt.” Dorian Montague, the earlier referenced seventh year Slytherin, grinned at me as he stood in the doorway of his compartment. I could see the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team behind him, including Scorpius Malfoy, cue swoon.



“Thanks…?” I raised an eyebrow at him. Last time I checked they hated me like abhorred me last year. Dorian just grinned at me and winked.



“Keep your hands off my little sister, Montague.” James growled as he grabbed my arm and pulled me forward. My red leather schoolbag smacked against my legs as James towed me forward. “What the hell, Lil?” he questioned me once we were out of earshot. “Thanking a Slytherin for calling you fit?” he glared at me.



“He didn’t call me fit James!” I smacked his arm. “He just said he liked my skirt, you git.” I glared crossing my arms over my chest.



“When a male says that Lil, it means you have a hot arse and mile long legs.” He explained as we entered the compartment. “I should know.” He said loftily.



“You should know what?” Andrew Wood asked looking up from his book of Quidditch plays. He carried that thing around everywhere and treated it better than his own girlfriend. Drew was a muscular lad, but with a long frame. He was properly fit and his muscles often got him more girls than his position as Quidditch Captain/Keeper. Drew was a seventh year and was currently dating my cousin Molly Weasley, a seventh year Ravenclaw. I can’t stand Molly at all. I don’t know how he does it.



“How to compliment a girl right,” James replied. “Dorian Montague told Lil her skirt was nice.” James spat. Troy pulled me into a hug,



“Are you okay LP!?” he shook me by my forearms dramatically. “Tell me man!” he shook me. I detached his hands from my forearms and took a step back.



“First, I am not a man. Second, yes I am fine he didn’t assault me or anything; arse-hole.” I rolled my eyes. Drew stood up and looked closely at me.



“Whoa LP, you’re like all feminine.” He said bluntly. I looked at him weirdly, and everyone chortled with laughter.



“Um yeah thanks for noticing.” I rolled my eyes.



“See I’m not the only one you forgets LP is a girl!” Fred exclaimed. Resident Beater, Fred Weasley was, yes, another cousin of mine. I went over and sat my bag down beside Troy with Kye Shacklebolt, a seventh year Gryffindor, across from me. Kye was a brilliant Beater for us. He was much like Mr. Shacklebolt; tall, black, with a shaven head, a reassuring smile, and an intimidating manner. Kye was an only child, so we lot were pretty much his siblings Poor Kye… Kye smiled at me briefly before leaning forward.



“Hey Lil don’t let them bug you. They’d have figured it out sooner or later.” Kye offered kindly. Kye was a fatherly figure to all of us and this year’s Head Boy.



“I doubt this lot will figure out anything anytime soon Kye.” We laughed and I settled back into my seat.



“Oi! Kye, you git, you’d better not be flirting with my sister!” James proclaimed. I sighed and put head in my hands.



“I can’t I’m done.” I sighed and I walked out of the compartment.



“Nooooooooo, LP, come back to me!” someone inside, maybe Troy, called. I laughed and shouldered my bag moving into an empty compartment. I sat down hoping to get some peace and read some of my textbooks. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Scorpius Malfoy himself.



“Oh, sorry Lily, I thought this compartment was empty.” He shrugged. He began to make his way back out of the compartment. I can’t help but think that Scorpius Malfoy is one of the fittest blokes in school. His pale blonde hair was in perfect, stylish disarray and his eyes were a stormy grey/blue colour like thunderclouds. He was muscled to the point where it made my mouth water and he was pretty tall at 5’10. But unfortunately for me and other Gryffindor girls, Scorpius was a fifth year Slytherin and therefore off limits.



“If you want to sit here, that would be okay Scorpius; we don’t have to talk to each other.” I shrugged. He looked taken aback by my blunt kindness, but took the seat across from me. “I mean I personally don’t have a problem with you.” I said before turning back to my book. I was watching as he studied me intently, almost as if he was surprised by me. He kept studying me so I sighed and looked up, closing my book. “Do you need something, Malfoy?” I asked calmly.



“No, not all. I’m just merely curious as to why you didn’t drop kick me out of this compartment like your brothers would have done.” He gave me a sly grin and I laughed.



“I’m not as daft as my dear brothers.” I laughed and he smiled at me warmly as I smiled back.



“Good to know, Lily.” He grinned.



“You called me Lily?” I raised an eyebrow. He looked up at me and nodded slowly, unsure.



“Yes, isn’t that your name?” he asked carefully. I smiled warmly at him and nodded swiftly.



“Yeah it is, it’s just that no one ever calls me Lily, except for my parents and my aunts. Everyone calls me Little Potter or LP.” I shrugged. “It’s different, but I like it.” I grinned at him.



He laughed, “Alright, if you promise to call me Scorpius and not Malfoy, I’ll call you Lily. Not LP or Little Potter.” He stretched out his hand for me to shake.



“Deal Scorpius,” I shook his hand and felt sparks tingle down my spine. I dropped his hand and then set back into my seat. Scorpius and I began to chat loosely about Quidditch the entirety of the train ride. Just before we arrived, I pulled on my robes, leaving on my clothes I had on previously.



“We should probably get back to our friends.” Scorpius smiled. I laughed and nodded, “I wouldn’t want your brothers to be on your case about me.” He shrugged.



“Hey Scorpius, we can still hang out you know.” I said as we both exited the compartment. “If you want…” I shrugged.



“Sounds smashing,” He grinned. “How about in free period we can meet up by the lake?” he offered. I smiled warmly back at him,



“Sounds great,” I said my hand on the compartment door. “Bye Scorpius, see you then.” I said as he waved before disappearing into his own compartment. I walked into the compartment, running face first into my nosy brother James.



Who are you seeing then?” he questioned me, emphasising certain words while raising an eyebrow. I glared at him, pushing past him and back into the compartment.



“Why do you care, James?” I rolled my eyes. “I’m a perpetual tomboy in you lots’ eyes.” I scoffed and plopped down beside Troy who hugged me tightly.



“Aw Double L, why so touchy?” Troy smirked lazily. “Being a tomboy is great, you get to hang out with us all the time,” I socked him in the shoulder as hard as I could and he yelped. “OW LP!” he cried. I shrugged, turning back to my reading.



“Stop being such an arsewipe,” I flicked him off as my eyes flickered back to my book.

Author's Note: Okay so that was the second chapter of ALBL, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to my wonderful Beta (LilyScorpius4eva on the boards) who Beta-ed this chapter!!

Yeah we've got more characters!

1) Lily Potter II is portrayed by Isabelle Furhman

2) Albus Potter is portrayed by Logan Lerman

3) Fred Weasley II is portrayed by Taylor Lautner

4) Troy Clearwater is portrayed by Zac Efron

5) Kye Shacklebolt is portrayed by Drake

6) Andrew Wood is portrayed by Josh Hutcherson

7) Scorpius Malfoy is portrayed by Alex Pettyfer

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the HP world or the lyrics above! I only own my original characters. :)


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