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Beneath by keyty
Chapter 12 : prom song (part two)
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Let me take you out of this town,

Let me do it right now, baby.

Dancing till dark, staying forever young

Prom Song (Gone Wrong) -- Lana del Rey

The music slows down and Rainne’s heart accelerates. Ben pulls her closer and puts his hands around her waist. She leans her head on his shoulder and they sway to the beat.

Rainne looks around, watching her friends. Sirius leads a girl outside, holding her hand. Marlenne and Carmen slow dance together, talking and laughing. Rainne’s eyes widen when she sees Lily dancing with James. James is grinning from ear to ear while Lily leans her head on his chest with her eyes closed. She seems happy.

Rainne, too, closes her eyes and takes in the moment. Her wings flutter slightly, and she feels like she’s flying again.

“This is nice,” she says quietly.

Ben smiles and traces circles on her hip with his thumb.

She looks up at him, feeling as if her heart is about to explode.

Ben leans into her capturing her lips with his, and Rainne feels ecstatic. The music pumps through her veins and her heart beats in time with the music and she could die right now and be happy.

He pulls away, licking his lips.

“Tastes like... cinnamon,” he says. She blushes, “I like it.”

He grins and kisses her again.

“Get some, Rainne!” calls Carmen, whistling.

Rainne giggles, smiling into Ben’s lips.

Suddenly, the music stops. The lights are turned on. Rainne pulls away, looking around.

“Hey, turn the music back on!” someone yells.

That’s when they enter.

The tall, cloaked figures glide into the building, looking down on everyone. It seems endless, there must be at least thirty of them.

“Surrender the mudbloods and nobody gets hurt,” says the one at the front.

Everyone is silent for a moment, looking around.

Then James breaks the silence.

“NEVER!” he bellows, standing in front of Lily. He throws hexes and curses at the Death Eaters.

Everything turns into chaos. People scream, running for their lives, stepping over each other.

Ben runs to join James.

“Get out of here!” he says to Rainne. But she refuses, pulling out her own wand and pointing it at one of the cloaked figures.

“Filthy mudblood!” says a Death Eater, “CRUCIO!” she points her wand at Rainne, but she dodges the curse by mere centimeters, jumping behind a column. When she looks up, Ben has disappeared.

“Ben!” she cries, daring to peak her head out, “Ben, where are you?!”

She watches her roommates run outside. Lily looks at Rainne, begging her to join them, but she shakes her head.

“Be careful!” Lily calls as she leads the girls outside.

Rainne nods and looks back to the Death Eaters, shooting hexes at them.

Suddenly, they begin to yell. Rainne hears a growl and turns to see what made the noise.

She gasps.

A large, black, jaguar shows its teeth, snarling at them.

What the hell?” Rainne mutters.

The Death Eaters start sending hexes its way, but James seems to be protecting it.

Without warning, Rainne is pulled behind the column.

“What are you doing?” asks Sirius, “We need to get out of here!”

“No!” says Rainne, “Not without Ben.”

“Don’t worry about Ben, he’s fine, now let’s go!” Sirius says. He grabs her hand, but she snatches it away. She feels as if he’s shocked her. He looks at her strangely and grabs it again, dragging her out despite her complaints. He sends curses flying behind them as they run outside.

When they exit the building, the cold air bites at Rainne’s bare arms. She shivers.

“Where is everybody?” she says. She realizes that, despite not knowing Sirius, she hasn’t stuttered or stammered when speaking to him. She stares at him. She has never felt comfortable with someone that easily.

“What?” he says. She shakes her head, “Come on, we need to find the others,” he grabs her hand once more and pulls her into the forest.

They sit behind a tree a few feet into the thick woods, panting.

“Shh,” says Sirius. They slow their breathing and listen.

Owls hoot, crickets chirp. Rainne doesn’t hear anything out of the ordinary -- until a branch breaks.

“Shh!” someone says.

“Oh god, they’re going to find us, aren’t they?” says another voice. Rainne recognizes it as Marlene.

“That’s them!” she whispers to Sirius. He nods.

“Lumos,” he mutters, walking towards the group.

The girls scream.

“Please don’t hurt us!” screams Marlene.

“Be quiet, do you want to get us all killed, or what?” says Sirius, leading everyone behind another tree. He turns off the light on the tip of his wand, “Where’s Remus?” he asks once they’re safely hidden.

“He went to go get help,” says Lily. Sirius moans, “Not from the school!” she quickly adds.

“Good. If I survive this I don’t want to be stuck serving detention until January,” he says. He looks around, listening to his surroundings.

“GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” bellows a voice from the Witch’s Wart, “OR I WILL CALL THE MINISTER OF MAGIC HIMSELF!”


For a brief moment, the air is filled with the pops of the Death Eaters apparating.

Silence again.

“Do you think it’s safe to go back out there?” asks Rainne. All she wants to do is embrace Ben and make sure he is okay. Sirius listens for a moment, then nods.

Rainne runs to the club, nearly tripping over tree roots several times. Her heavy breathing blocks out any other sounds and she knows that if any Death Eaters have stayed behind she is a goner. She doesn’t care.

She finally reaches the stone road. The street is deserted, the only light provided by the flashing neon sign. Rainne looks around, desperate.

“Ben!” she cries. She doesn’t bother waiting for the others and runs back into the building.

The place is a mess. Tables lay on the floor, some broken. Shards of glass cover the entire surface, crunching under Rainne’s feet. The lights are off and she can’t see a thing.


Her wand illuminates the scene. Ben lays on the floor while James and Remus mend his wounds, muttering charms under their breath as their wands hover over the gashes covering his flesh. Rainne runs to him.

He looks at her and smiles. She tries to force herself to do the same, but can’t seem to do it. She clears the glass around him and sets down on her knees, putting his head on her lap. She strokes his hair as she watches his friends work on his cuts.

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