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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8: Calm Before A Storm
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“Draco?” I looked up. Hermione was standing opposite me, old blue jeans and a bright red t-shirt. Showing off her fabulous figure and highlighting the colour of her lips and slight natural pinkness to her cheeks. Made even better by the simple fact that she doesn’t know it.

“Yeah?” She blushed slightly, whispers were floating around the other tables at the simple fact that she was standing here, made even worse by the fact that she was talking to me. The forbidden one! I saw several glares being thrown at me but I ignored them.

“We’ve moved rooms. Sir told me to tell you we’re doing our test outside on the Quidditch pitch.” I nodded. Lovely day for it.

“We mixing with anyone?” I spooned another mouthful of cereal, chocolate. My shoulder was fully healed but still gave me trouble so I tended to use my right shoulder more. She shook her head.

“Sharing the pitch I think but we’re not mixing.” I nodded.

“Cheers Granger.” I said it to her softly so it didn’t sound like an insult. She smiled slightly before catching up with Potter and Weasel at the door.

“Dude. You have a crush on her don’t you?” I glared at Cyrus.

“No.” I munched another mouthful. “Why’d you say that?” He just laughed.

“The fact that you can’t take your eyes of her. You saved her mum from a guy who is criminally insane. Plus it seems Potter doesn’t hate you, even Weaslette’s taking a bit of a liking.” Really Weaslette?

“So what, it’ll never happen.” She’ll grow happy with Weasley, have kids. Okay just making myself angry here. Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

“As much as you two would look cute together there’s a lot going against you.” I glared at him but he carried on. “Hermione’s part of the golden trio. You two go out and it’ll be in the newspapers in seconds. Roldolphus and all the other Deatheaters that are still free will skin you alive. Plus for that to happen, her and Ron are going to have to break up which means there will be a whole load of arguments involved. Ron will be constantly trying to get her back and their entire family will be against you because you broke up the ‘golden couple’.  Which will put Ginny against you and that means Potter would be conflicted and nothing is stopping him from turning against you as well except Hermione. It would cause a huge conflict.” I sighed.

“So what you’re saying is that to keep everyone happy I don’t let my feelings grow.” Dam! “If I had any.” It was too late, I could see the triumphant twinkle in his eyes. Dam. Way to go in keeping it quiet Draco. “You know what. Nothing is going to happen. I’m off.” I walked out the hall. He’s right. Hermione’s happy with Ron. I can’t upset the nest. Just keep her happy, make up for what I did and at the end of the year try and move on. I walked outside, down to the edge of the lake and stretched out on the grass, listening to the younger years playing. Remembering every detail of her face. No that’ll make it worse you fool. Instead I tried to remember everything Roldolphus said. He wants Arabella dead. Great.

I lifted my head and looked over to where her and some friends were playing. Professor McGonagall knows but she can’t keep an eye on her. I looked at her again as her and Rhianna started wrestling over something called a football. Her and Rhianna had quickly become very good friends which was causing a lot of mutterings in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. If I asked Potter to keep an eye on her he’ll be able to see her in the common room. That would mean me relying on him. What if Arabella got taken though? I can’t be around her all the time. Should just do it, as a back-up, it can’t do anything but help. I stood up and walked over towards the Quidditch pitch, their whole group were up on brooms playing catch with the quaffle. Potter was next to the hoops, doing elaborate saves and making everyone laugh.

I can do it another time.

 I spotted Weaslette looking at me as I stood at the doorway to the pitch. Being a Slytherin it went against everything to ask help of another house, we prided independence, but if I didn’t it could risk Arabella. I leant against the wall, waiting for them to come down. Shouldn’t be long. I watched them for a while, aware that they were blantantly ignoring me. After a second I felt someone’s eyes watching me, I glanced over at Hermione. She was watching me with her chocolate brown hair falling over her shoulders casually. Her eyes were burrowing into mine, warm and welcoming but they made me shiver. She was sitting in the stands with a book on her lap, she didn’t like flying. She spotted me watching and quickly glanced back down at her book blushing. I smirked at her reaction. Merlin she’s beautiful.

“Hey Malfoy.” Weaslette had flown down to me. “What do you need?” So much for liking me.

“I need to talk to Potter. If he has a moment?” She frowned, but she didn’t question me. Flying up to where Potter was guarding the hoops, she leant over and muttered something in his ear. His eyes turned to me, I nodded at him. He yelled to Ron for a break and flew down to me. Dismounting he walked over. I can still back out.

“What do you need Malfoy.” I sighed. No. Man up.

“A favour.” His eyes narrowed, I smirked at him. “Rudolphus Lestrange as you know is Arabella’s father. He wants her dead.” His eyes widened. “She’s a disgrace to him, I’m asking that if you could just look out for her when you’re both in your common room. To make sure he doesn’t get to her. She’s one of the few members of family I have left.” He nodded.

“I’ll do everything I can. Can I tell Ron and Hermione?”

“Hermione, not Ron.” He nodded, his eyes narrowing. “Not because of the blood traitor thing.” His face relaxed.

“Al’right Malfoy. I’ll help.” He turned away.

“Potter?” He turned. “Thanks.” He nodded. Okay now go away.

“Nothing to it mate.” Mate? When did I become mate? I sighed and walked back out onto the field. Hogwarts had possible never looked more beautiful, even with its own battle scars. Scorched walls with blasted craters, the gorgeous change in brick colour from old walls to new. I breathed in the fresh air, feeling my lungs expand. Pushing my hands in my pockets, I walked up the stands to the top row. Stretching out my legs I watched them play, Weaslette is actually pretty good.

“Malfoy?” I glanced over, smirking as Granger stopped about two metres away. “Mind if I sit with you? Gets a bit lonely on my own down.” I nodded and she sat about a metre away.

“I don’t bite you know.” She smiled.

“I’ll hold you to that.” Watching her face, something was wrong. She had a slight smile on her face but the way she was sat, she was curled in on herself, her face was a mask, I couldn’t see what but it was obvious she was hiding something. She wasn’t thin but her body weight made her even more gorgeous.

“What’s up Granger?” She looked back to me from her friends playing Quidditch.

“Nothing. Why’d you ask?” I smirked.

“I can tell your lying. Now, would you like to tell me what’s wrong or should I drop it?” She seemed stunned, her mouth quivering slightly as her mind raced, I watched as a tear threatened to overflow down her cheek. Dam. I fished around in my pocket for a tissue, finding one from breakfast I’d used to get milk of my chin I quickly folded it to find a clean bit. “Use this, this sides clean.” She took it smiling. “I’ll drop it.” She wiped her cheek, smearing it more than actually drying it up. She looked at it, trying to figure out what to do. I took it out her hand and put it back in my pocket.

“Thank you Draco, and no, it’ll be nice to talk to someone who is relatively unbiased.” I nodded. Really I am considered unbiased? What’s this about? “I’m just a bit confused at the moment that’s all.”

“About anything in particular or?” Probably shouldn’t be digging.

“Emotions.” She bit her lip as if she’d said too much. I shrugged to try and put her at ease.

“I know how you feel.” She frowned at me. I rolled up my sleeve to show her my left wrist again. “Only hopefully your confusion isn’t so drastic.” She smiled again.

“No. It’s just complicated.” Feel like an idiot. I saw her glance up at Ron. Ah, that’s what it’s about.

“So what are you doing for Halloween?” I tried to change the conversation to make her feel a bit more comfortable. Reminds me I still need my costume. She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Not much really.” She turned to look at me, her warm eyes burrowing into mine. Dam, she’s pretty. “Aren’t you having a party in your common room? Cyrus told me.” I nodded. “What are you going as?” I smirked.

“Guess.” I saw a flash of enticement in her eyes, this conversation just got a little more interesting.

“Erm, you are going to dress up as a superhero?” I shook my head. “Something magical?” I nodded. “Okay, erm, an animal?” I shook my head. “Werewolf?” I laughed. She giggled slightly.

“Do I really look that much like Fenrir Grayback?” She went pink.

“No no I didn’t mean that!” I blanked my face to look offended.

“Carry on like that Granger and I might just bite.” She laughed as I snapped my jaw to make a biting sound. “I’ll turn you into Lavender Brown.” Poor Lavender had been bitten and had to be taken to the shrieking shack every month until enough potion was brewed to keep her relatively human. She laughed.

“Draco that’s horrible.” She punched my arm. Desperately trying to supress her giggles.

“Sorry, I forgot I’m known for being oh so sweet.” She smiled. Making her face light up, and my stomach bound around my body like a baby rabbit. Stop it!

“Come on, we need to go down there.” Several groups had gather on the pitch and their relative professors were setting up some weird looking obstacle courses. I followed her out onto the pitch and over to where Professor McEvan was standing with Neil and Jack, both trying to kill me with glares. I smiled back taking the pair of them off guard. Idiots.

“Now I’d like you to get into pairs.” Neil and Jack were standing together resolutely but were giving Hermione an awkward look. They didn’t want to make Hermione be partnered with me but they didn’t want to be partnered with me either. “Very good. Now number yourselves one and two.” I looked at Hermione.

She smiled subtly so the others wouldn’t notice. “I’ll be two.” I’d never been happier.

“Now then, number two’s take these pieces of fabric, don’t worry their clean. I took them off the curtains.” I heard a bit of sniggering and saw Professor smile. “Then blindfold your partners.” I got down on my knees so I wouldn’t fall over and Hermione could reach easily. I felt the pressure on my eyes and curled my hands up into fists. Clear your mind. There is nothing to be frightened off.

“You can get up Draco.” I heard Hermione whisper it, she had cottoned on that something was wrong. Dam. I slowly stood up. Straining to hear everything that was being said. Are they talking?

“Right. Draco, Hermione you go first. Hermione you have to guide Draco around the obstacle course with your words.

“Okay erm, go forwards.” I shuffled. “Bigger steps.” I walked trying to look confident but shaking inside. “Stop. Now, lift your left leg up.”

“Like a dog or straight?” She giggled. If only I could see the smile.

“Straight up.” I did so and waited for the next instruction, listening to her snort and she tried to hide her laughter.

“What?” She laughed even louder when she knew she’d been rumbled.

“You look like a ballerina.”

“Tinkerbell!” I heard Blaise yell from somewhere across the pitch. Hermione started to properly laugh.

“Shut up Blaise.”

“There’s a plank of wood to the left of your knee, so you have to reach a bit.” I stuck my leg out straight and gently tried to lower it. Hermione was still laughing.

“Hermione this isn’t helping!” She fell over laughing and I had to stop. “Seriously.” I heard Blaise shout again.

“Shut up Blaise!” I stood there. “Great, now I’ve got to get this wood out from between my legs and no one is helping!” I yelled at Hermione before realising what it was I had just said. I could hear Hermione burst into fits. Even Neil and Jack were chuckling.  “Sir!”

“Yes Draco?” I gestured to where I thought she’d landed.

“Help?” I heard a chuckle.

“No can do I’m afraid.” I stood, getting more and more irritated by the fact that I was helpless. Could try without her? I lifted my right leg and turned, lowering it back down. Yes! After a moment I heard Hermione get back to her feet as I felt around in front of my with my hands and feet.

“Okay Draco, you need to walk forward three steps, turn and walk five then get on your hands and knees and start crawling through a tunnel.” I did, even with practically dragging myself along the floor I bashed my head into the roof. Cursing I dragged myself out the other end. “Almost there. Stand up.” I stood. “Now walk forward, being very careful, it’s a bridge.” I felt with my foot, feeling the plastic and stood with one foot on the end. It was too thin to go side by side and carefully walked forward. “Stop.” Feel like a dog. “Now, put your weight on your right foot.” I did, after a second I felt the bridge flip forward and I was facing downwards. “Now walk forward and you’re done.” I did and ripped off the blindfold, blinking at the sudden burst of light. “Well done.” I glanced at Professor McEvan. Hermione was grinning at me but like the sun I couldn’t look at her directly.

“Granger.” Her smile faded as everyone turned back to Neil leading Jack.


“When did I become Draco?” Her face flooded of all colour and she bit her lip. “Don’t be worried though.” Her eyebrows knitted together. “I kinda like it.” I saw her smile and flush.

“Fine then, on one condition.” I raised an eyebrow. A mischievous glint in her eyes “You call me Hermione.” I just smirked.

“Deal.” She grinned again and I had to blink.






So? What are you all thinking? I have a lot planned which I am currently writing. It's been awhile as I was on holiday, I know! I am sorry! No where fancy but to some family a few hours away. Lots of fun as is writing this :D


x Ravenpen x


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