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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Do you want to put a bet on that?
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Roxanne looked around the room before she entered quietly. Letting out a thankful sigh as she realised that the room had a cooling charm on it, she closed her eyes and let herself cool down.

The weather had been unpredictable for weeks, finally deciding to become hot and humid over the last few days. The Prophet had mentioned that it was the hottest July for years and was likely to continue its heat wave over the entire month. Roxanne would normally welcome the heat, but today she didn’t want to be sweating her ass off whilst she watched the match against the Tutshill Tornados and Pride of Portree. It was the second match of the tournament, the first match took place yesterday, but as Roxanne was at training she was unable to make it.

She wasn’t supposed to be in here, but as the box was currently under refurbishment and as a result, out of use to the families and friends of Quidditch players and sponsors, for whom they would normally be reserved for. In this case it was the families and friends of the Pride of Portree and the Tutshill Tornados.

She wasn’t sure why she was sneaking around. She was allowed to go to other matches and watch the games as the federation and teams didn’t really frown upon it, so long as you didn’t cause any trouble. Although there was normally a ban on having certain teams watching others, but mainly due to the violence that could happen at these matches. Roxanne would have been sitting in one of the other boxes, but she had arrived late, having trouble finding her wand so that she could apparate up to Portree in Scotland. She had left her wand on her kitchen counter and it had taken her a lot longer than she cared to admit to, to find it. She had decided that after she had watched this match, that she would visit the Hogsmeade branch of her father’s shop, deciding that as she was in Scotland already it wouldn’t take that long to get there.

Roxanne didn’t particularly want to make a scene because of her lateness, so chose to just find a quiet place to watch the match. She was thankful that she had stumbled across this empty box, although she would have to be careful what she touched or sat on, as well as making sure she wasn’t seen at the front of the box, she didn’t really want to be kicked out.

The match had already started when she had arrived and taken her seat. She watched as the players flew across the pitch, hearing the commentator calling out the names of a Chaser that had just scored a goal. It didn’t take Roxanne long to find the Beaters on the field. She liked to watch other Beaters playing, hoping that she could get some tips on where she might be going wrong.

“Weasley, I was not expecting you to be here,” She heard from behind her.

Roxanne gave a groan as she realised that she had been caught in the box, before realising just who it was that had caught her. She turned around to see that Jason Turner was smiling at her and was walking towards where she had sat on one of the free chairs. She noticed that he was wearing a pair of dark blue shorts and a grey T-shirt, both of which showed off his broad and toned build, Roxanne tried not to stare at him as she looked back up at his eyes. Jason was smirking at her.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here either. Why are you here?” Roxanne asked, hoping that Jason didn’t say anything about her checking him out before. She ran her hands over her pale blue summer dress, to smooth away nonexistent creases, as she tried to look away from him. But she couldn’t help glancing back up at him.

“I’ve been here since the beginning. I just needed to take a quick stop in the gents,” Jason stated, raising an arm and jerking his thumb to the door behind him.

Roxanne tried not to think about how nice his arms looked. It was obvious to an outsider that he would be a Beater, he had a big enough upper body build to be one. That and Roxanne knew that he liked to work out a lot, to improve his performance on the pitch and probably his ability to pull more girls. This thought was enough to break the spell that Jason seemed to have on her. She felt her nose screw up as Jason took a seat next to her and turned to grin down at her.

“I hope that you’ve washed your hands,” She told him, not sure if personal hygiene was on the top of his list of things to care about.

“Of course, Love,” Jason told her with a wink.

“Why are you in here?” Roxanne asked again, “Why are you not sitting in one of the other boxes?”

“I could ask you the same question,” he shot back at her. He was watching the game playing in front of them, slouching slightly in the chair next to her with his hands resting on his legs. Roxanne wasn’t sure how she felt about how close he was sitting to her.

“I asked you first.” Roxanne told him.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m going to answer you.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes as she looked back at the game playing in front of her, trying to focus on what was happening. But the smell of Jason’s aftershave was filling her nostrils and she realised that she couldn’t think about anything but the woody, cinnamon smell. She gave a stretch as she took a deep breath, it really did smell good.

Roxanne spotted Jason watching her stretch out of the corner of her eye and turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised. He gave her a grin and a wink as he licked his lips slowly.

“Keep your eyes to yourself, Turner.”

“Just my eyes, Roxanne?” he asked her, with a seductive smile.

Roxanne almost gave in on the smile alone, she quickly came to her senses and sneered at him before standing up and moving away. Walking across the room to lean against the wall, making sure to check that it didn’t have wet paint on it first.

“You really know how to get under my skin,” Roxanne growled, folding her arms and looking back out at the match. She couldn’t remember which team was in the lead and she damned Jason Turner for distracting her.

“I’d like to get under a lot more than that,” He told her honestly.

Roxanne turned to look at him in shock at his words as she tried to ignore the sudden rush of butterflies in her stomach at them. She stilled quickly at unwelcome images of Jason’s arms wrapping themselves around her, as she looked at him. He had turned to look at her, one arm on the back of the chair as he smiled smugly, knowing that he had got to her with his words.

“You’re impossible,” Roxanne said, shaking her head at him. She was beginning to feel angry that she was letting him have this effect on her. “Does this kind of talk really work on all of those bimbos that you’re always around?”

“We don’t really talk,” Jason told her with another smirk.

“You’re sick,” She told him shaking her head.

“I’m joking, Roxanne,” Jason told her with a laugh. “I don’t go home with any of those girls that the papers say I do. You shouldn’t pay attention to what the papers and other people tell you about me. There’s no truth in any of it.”

“I would think a lot different with the way that you behave.”

Jason stood up and began to slowly move towards where Roxanne was standing. She tensed up and tried to keep her face impassive, not wanting Jason to get a reaction out of her.

“Would you like to find out about my love life firsthand, Roxanne? You seem so interested in it.”

Roxanne raised her eyebrows at him, “No, thank you. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to handle me.”

“I’d like to try,” Jason told her, moving away from her and walking closer to the edge of the box to watch the Quidditch match, that they hadn’t been paying any attention too.

Roxanne turned to look at him; letting her eyes travel over him as he stood with his arms crossed looking out at the pitch. She couldn’t deny that she did like what she saw, she just knew that nothing would ever happen, it was a pity that Jason didn’t realise that.

“There’s no chance that it’ll happen,” Roxanne stated, turning to look at the match. She watched as the Tutshill seeker Patricia Gabor narrowly avoided being hit by a Bludger, before diving under a Portree chaser who was coming towards her.

“Do you want to put a bet on that?” Jason asked her.

“Nope,” Roxanne said, making a popping sound on the 'P', as she walked to stand next to him, telling herself that it was to get a better look at the pitch.

“Are you afraid that you’ll lose?” Jason asked her, turning to look at her as she stood next to him.

Roxanne scoffed, “I never lose, Turner.”

“Neither do I, Weasley.”

“I vaguely remember you losing your Quidditch match against my team, last year,” Roxanne told him with a condescending smile.

Jason rolled his eyes at her as he shuffled slightly on the spot he was standing on, bringing him closer to Roxanne who refused to move from where she stood.

“You broke my arm, by hitting a Bludger at me. My team was already two men down before that point, because of your team.”

Roxanne gave a shrug, “If you can’t handle playing against a real team, then don’t play Quidditch.”

Jason let out a laugh and shook his head at her words, amusement written across his face.

“It’s a good thing that you’re beautiful. Not many people would get away with talking shit about the Wimbourne Wasps.”

“It’s not my fault that the Wasps are shit, I’m just stating the truth.”

A smile tugged on Jason’s lips again at Roxanne's words.

“I can’t wait until we play against each other. I’ll show you how a real Beater plays on the pitch,” Jason told her.

“Maybe this time I’ll break both of your arms with a Bludger,” Roxanne threatened.

“You’re a feisty woman, Weasley. I like that quality; it makes me wonder exactly what you’re like in the bedroom.”

Roxanne bit her lip to try and stop herself from laughing as she shook her head and backed away, knowing that if she didn’t leave the room she was going to either make Jason see exactly how feisty she was or end up breaking his arm there and then.

“In your dreams, Turner,” Roxanne told him as she neared the door and grabbed hold of the handle, deciding that she would just go to her father’s shop now. She could catch up with the rest of the match on his wireless in the shop, that way no one would be interrupting her.

“You’re always in my dreams,” Jason called after her. She shook her head and left the room, thankful that he didn’t follow her out.

Roxanne gave a sigh as she began to make her way down the empty corridor and out of the stadium, hearing the cheering of the crowd outside and wondering what team had scored. She wasn’t sure why Jason Turner had decided to begin intruding into her life, she also couldn’t decide if she was happy about this or not. That was the main reason why she had removed herself from the situation, before she ended up doing something that she may have regretted later on.


“Hey, Roxie,” George called across the shop, after seeing his daughter walk in and begin looking around for him. Roxanne smiled as she walked over to him and gave him a hug.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her after moving away from her and walking back over to where he was putting some new stock on the shelves.

Roxanne began helping him fill the shelves up, remembering back in the day when she would spend most of her childhood hanging around the shop with Fred. Those days had long since gone; she and Fred had long since been at an age where they would hang around together.

Her opinion of Fred being the amazing older brother, had changed dramatically when she realised that Fred, had stolen Albus’s girlfriend and denied that he had done anything wrong. Fred’s actions drove Albus into a downward spiral of depression and it had taken everything her family could do, to get Albus to stop destroying himself with drink.

She had never looked at Fred in the same way since, not that Fred seemed to care about anyone else’s opinion of him. All he cared about was his on/off girlfriend Leanne, the girl who had come between Fred and Albus who were once best friends.

Roxanne refused to get to know her. Most of the family had hated her, which made Fred more distant with the family, until they had both had a baby a few years ago. Roxanne adored her nephew Lee, but she wasn’t as close with Fred as she had been.

“How has your day been?” George asked her.

“It’s been alright,” Roxanne told him with a shrug, “I was watching the game, but decided to leave and come up here to see you all.”

Roxanne decided to leave out her conversation with Jason Turner, not wanting her dad to get protective over her, as much as she loved him for it.

“Heya, Roxanne,” Her Uncle Ron said, after walking over to them and putting a box of product down next to where George and Roxanne were putting stock on the shelves. “Tell your dad to go back to Diagon Alley. I have been running this branch for him for over a decade now, I think I know how to run things.”

George rolled his eyes at his brother’s comment. “Come on now Ron, my shops are like my children. I just like to check up on them from time to time, make sure that they’re doing okay.”

Roxanne gave a laugh, her dad and Uncle had been having the same argument for years.

“Who’s at Diagon Alley today?” Roxanne asked.

“Fred is,” George told her, “he wanted some extra shifts and I had them free as Louis and Rachel are both in France with the kids. Louis is trying to secure the deal about expanding the business in France.”

“I would offer to help you out, dad,” Roxanne began, but George waved his hand to dismiss the comment she was about to make.

“Don’t worry about that, Roxie, you worry about training for your match. I think most of the family will be watching.”

“I better make sure I win, then,” Roxanne said with a smile. When she had first begun playing Quidditch professionally, she would be embarrassed about having most of her huge family coming to watch her and cheer her on as they waved a banner around, but now she loved it. In fact, she would always look out for her family when she could, the banner, that her father and Uncle Ron had made for her first ever match, was now her good luck charm.

“If you lose, we might have to disown you,” Ron told her with a serious face, but Roxanne knew that he was joking by the amused look in his eyes.

“That gives me even more reason to want to win.”

“Good, because it would be a shame to disown you, you’re one of my favourite nieces,” Ron told her with a grin.

Roxanne shook her head as she turned to look around the shop, seeing that a customer was waiting at the vacant till. She walked away from her Uncle and father and went to serve the woman, who seemed a bit star struck at having Roxanne serving her.

The shop was where Roxanne spent the rest of her day, hanging around with her father and making jokes at her Uncle’s expense, loving the nostalgia she felt as she hung around in the shop that she had grown up in.

A/N: What did you all think of Jason? Do you think that Roxanne would be able to resist him?

Let me know what you think!

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Beat It: Do you want to put a bet on that?


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