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Paper Doll by Chivalrous
Chapter 1 : Family
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 Dominique Apolline Weasley


           Uncle Harry’s birthday is always a huge celebration much to his dismay. We have two huge parties at the Burrow, one for family and one for everyone else. I however was going to miss it this year. I was in France with my mother’s family. I loved my French cousins, more than my Weasley cousins. I was relaxing in my hammock, looking out over the beautiful French beaches when Aunt Gabrielle called my name. I got out of the hammock and my bare feet padded down the hall to where she was in the kitchen.


            “Dominique, your mother is on the phone.” Aunt Gabrielle held out the receiver of the Muggle phone to me.


            “Thank you, Aunty.” I said and took the phone. “Hello?” I leaned against the counter.


            “Dominique!” my mother’s voice was excitable. “Dominique, are you planning on bringing someone to your Uncle’s birthday?” she asked.


            “Mum, I told you that I wasn’t going.” I twirled my long silvery hair around my finger exasperatedly.


            “But Dominique, it’s your Uncle’s birthday.” Mum began using her guilt voice. I gnawed on my lip uneasily. “And everyone is looking forward to having you back.” I bit my lip to keep from laughing.


            “But Mum, I told you I wanted to stay here in France with Aunt Gabrielle.” I said my teeth going back to chew on my lip.


            “Well your father wants you back. And you know if you miss this he will use it as an excuse not to let you go back.” Mum chided.


            I sighed loudly, “Alright fine,” I threw my hands in the air. “I’ll Floo in tonight after I pack.” I said a bit more haughtily than I intended.


            “Alright dear, I love you.” Mum said kindly.


            “Love you too, Mum.” I added and hung up. I sighed and went to my room to pack.



            “Oh Dominique,” my grandmother smiled as she hugged me tightly. “How are you, dearie?” she asked. “You look so thin!” she chided. I was naturally thin, as was all of my family. Louis was even thin and he ate thrice his weight in food. I just smiled and laughed and eased past her. I went carefully into the living room where the other kids were seated. They all looked up at me in surprise.


            “Oh Dominique, you came.” James stated flatly as I sat on one of the armchairs.


            “Yes, I came, Potter.” I hissed. “I’m in this family too, as much as we both try to ignore it.” I snapped. It’s funny, because James and I were incredibly close as kids, but now we could barely stand to be in the same room. Ever since I was sorted into Slytherin, I’d been shunned more or less. I was the only Wotter to go anywhere besides Gryffindor and I went to Slytherin. James just gave me a glare before turning back to Fred.


            “Alright, who’s ready for lunch?” Grandmother called cheerily. All the kids filed and sat down. In order to subdue the chaos the adults handed each kid a plate so there was no fighting over food which had happened a lot in their childhood. I sat between my Dad and Louis at the table. I smiled at Dad when he handed me my plate. He grinned back at me, his scars prominently being displayed. Everyone ate, chatting back and forth loudly down the table. See Aunt Gabrielle’s family always have quiet, classy dinners where pleasantries and rousing debates were exchanged. They did not shout down the table with their mouths full.


            “I dunno about you lot, but I’m ready for cake!” Uncle Ron rubbed his hands together and grinned. The cakes were then levitated in and everyone was cut a slice.


            “So kids, who’s gonna win the House Cup this year?” Uncle George asked trying to start conversation.


            “Gryffindor, obviously!” James grinned impishly as he high-fived Fred. I scoffed loudly and James looked at me. “What, snake?” he snapped.


            I gave him my own steely glare, “Last time I checked Slytherin had the most House points. Are all those detentions coming back to haunt you, eh Jimmy?” I gave him a superior look.


            “It’s just because Zabini favors you all! He gives you points for the stupidest stuff!” James snarled.


            “No Prof. Zabini gives us points, because we earn them with skill and determination.” I hissed. I was highly defensive of my fellow snakes. “We’ve been planning to win the House Cup and well you know us snakes,” I twirled my finger around the rim of my glass. “We always seem to make things work out in our favor.” I threw James a smirk. He glared at me and I raised my glass to him.


            “Dominique has a boyfriend!” Molly blurted. I dropped my hand and my glass clattered, but did not break. “His name is John Rowle, seventh year Slytherin.” She added quickly. I glared at her from across the table. James smirked broadly at me as I sneered at him. I stood up and hastened my paces out the door.


            “Where are you going, Dominique?” I heard my Mum call frantically behind me.


            “Diagon Alley!” I turned around and looked at Uncle Harry. “Happy birthday Uncle Harry,” I gave him a tight-lipped smile before turning to Uncle Percy. “Oh and Uncle Percy, Molly isn’t a virgin.” I gave her a smirk before I hurried to the fireplace.



            “So then you ran out on your Uncle’s party?” Scorpius Malfoy looked at me. I sipped my butterbeer and nodded.


            “I don’t see why you don’t just come live with me.” Lana Goyle twirled a chip around before plopping it in her mouth.


            “Because I couldn’t leave Louis,” I said. “He’s the only one that’s stuck by me through thick and thin. And I couldn’t leave my Mum,” I shrugged. “It’s that other lot that’s the pricks and bitches.” I snapped and then mellowed. “But I feel bad for calling them that and being mean to them. They are my family, and family doesn’t turn their backs on each other.” I said. “Even if the other side of the family did, you don’t.” I said.


            “Dom, don’t feel guilty, because they treat you like crap.” John Rowle, my boyfriend, said and put his hand on my shoulder.


            “I…I…” I stuttered and then sighed, placing my head in my hands. “I can’t help it, but feel like…like it’s my fault that they hate me. Like if I’d been sorted into Gryffindor, James and I, we would still be best friends and everything would be like it used to be,” I refused to look up at my friends.


            “But then you wouldn’t have us, Dom.” Lana wrapped her arms around me. “We’re your new family now and we’ll protect you.” She said and smiled at me. I lifted my head and gave her a smile, but somehow I couldn’t seem to make it whole-hearted.



            My mother always loved to dress me up like a doll. And I mean I let her. I did pageants as a child and I loved it. I grew out of it though after I went to Hogwarts. She was tried to make me into this perfect child, but after my Sorting in Slytherin that had dimmed. Now my parents and I often fought and Dad could barely talk to me about school without getting annoyed by Slytherin friends. I felt tears prick my eyes as I hurried down the sidewalk. After I’d gone home after the birthday party fiasco Dad had yelled and Mum looked at me in disappointment. I went to John’s apartment building. John’s aunt and uncle had allowed him to move out when he asked them last year. He liked living alone and it allowed us our alone time. I knocked on his door and opened it.


            “Dominique?” John called.


            “Yeah,” I said back. John hurried around the corner with a smile. His smile fell when he saw my face.


            “What happened, love?” he pulled me into his lap on the couch. He brushed his brown hair off his forehead and his brown eyes searched my face.


            “I ran out on my parents again.” I said trying to stifle my sobs.


            “Why are you running, Dom?” John asked me carefully.


            “Because my parents, they just…” I broke off. I didn’t know how to explain it.


            “What are you running from Dominique?” John asked me. I sighed and stared my hands, because honestly I didn’t have an answer.



Third Person Omniscient


            Hogwarts is such a big castle it makes it easy to avoid someone if you want too. Not that James was avoiding anyone. Okay, well maybe he was. It’s not his fault every time he sees Dominique she’s with those filthy snakes. He’s going to have to put up with her and her snakes at Victoire and Teddy’s wedding though, seeing as Dom will be a bridesmaid and he a groomsman. He just sighed as he started up to Gryffindor Tower.


            “James!” He heard Lucy yell. He turned on his heel and faced her. “James!” she panted. “We’ve got to go,” Lucy grabbed his wrist.


            “What? Why?” he questioned quickly.


            “Dominique, she’s in the hospital wing.” Lucy said as the duo sprinted down the corridor.


            “What happened?” He asked trying to remain neutral and passive.


            “Some Gryffindor girls jumped her when she was practicing alone at the Quidditch pitch.” Lucy explained. “They bolted when she fell off her broom and didn’t move. Fred found her and stayed with her while Albus ran and got help.” Lucy explained as they started through the doors of the hospital wing. Three of the snakes, Scorpius, Lana, and John were there with Louis. Louis was sitting in the chair beside Dominique with John behind him. Lana Goyle was on the other side with Scorpius and Lily beside him. The rest of the Wotter family came in right behind James with Fred and Albus leading. James looked down at his cousin on the hospital bed. She looked too pale and too broken. James gulped as he looked down. His heart was heavy as he looked upon his beloved cousin, crumpled like a little paper doll.


            “Why are you all here?” Lana hissed quietly. Scorpius put his hand on her shoulder. “You, Potter, and the rest of your brood should get out.” She snapped in a hushed whispered. “Leave us snakes, and Louis, alone!” she pushed James’ shoulders roughly. James was astounded and taken aback by her audacity.


            “Dominique is our family. We have every right to be here.” Rose spoke up. Lana glared at everyone accordingly.


            “You have no right to be here.” Lana hissed. “You abandoned her the second she became a Slytherin. You made her feel like the dirt on the bottom of your trainers and you made her feel horrible about herself and about who she was. She feels guilty like it’s her fault you shunned her.” Lana was menacing. “You treated her like an outcast with the few exceptions of Louis, Lucy, and Lily. But then you made them feel like outcasts for talking to her.” Lana said. Lily wasn’t looking at her family, because she was trying to hide the disgust in her eyes. James noticed she was holding Scorpius’ hand. “And so now you feel guilty and you want to come and make amends. Well you need to get out right now.” Lana ordered pointing with her finger to the door.


            “Dominique is being moved to St. Mungo’s anyway.” Lucy tried to quell the anger she felt rising in her cousins and sibling. “We’ll be sent there soon.” She said. “But they won’t allow Lana, Scorpius, and John out of class so let’s leave them alone.” She said. “Come on.” She led everyone including a reluctant James out of the hospital wing. Lana knelt beside Dominique and brushed her slivery locks continuing to braid them. Scorpius dropped Lily’s hand to kiss Dominique on her forehead,


            “Don’t worry Dom, we are your family now and we will protect you.” He promised.



            James paced back and forth down the corridors of St. Mungo’s. He slowly swallowed his Gryffindor pride and opened the door to the room. Dominique was lying there in the bed asleep on her side. The room was empty; some were gone to work, and some were gone to the cafeteria. Dominique’s pale blonde locks were splayed across the pillow in silvery waves. James sat down in the chair beside her face. He looked down at the girl that was once his best friend. His heart was pained as he stroked the hair away from her face. He was so hurt to see her there crumpled up like a tiny paper doll.


            “Oh Dom-my,” He sighed. “I’m so sorry, Dom-my.” He began. “I shouldn’t have abandoned you just because you became a Slytherin. It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t. You are still Dominique, my best friend.” James held her hand lightly. “I know you can’t hear me Dom, because you’re asleep, but please, please forgive me Dom-my. I’ve been wretched to you and I want to make it right. I need us to be best friends again.” He felt one tear slid delicately from each eye. “I want us to be best friends again.” He said.


            “Me too,” Dominique’s voice was hoarse and she opened her eyes. Her silvery lashes parted to reveal relieved dark blue eyes. She sat up her bruised ribs ached slightly. “Dom-my and Jimmy, dragon keepers,” She held out her hand. She and James had told each other when they were younger they were going to be dragon keepers like Uncle Charlie when they grew up, something both of them still wished to pursue.


            “Dom-my and Jimmy, dragon keepers,” James placed his hand over hers. He grinned at her and she grinned back as they did their secret handshake. A handshake so sacred not a soul besides the two of them knew it. “Damn, I’ve missed you.” James hugged her tightly. Dominique smiled as she hugged him back tightly.


            “I’ve missed you too James.” She smiled and he smiled back.


            “Do you forgive me?” James asked swiping the back of his hand under his eyes. Dominique’s pale lashes fluttered, but she nodded and gave him a smile.


            “You’re family James.” She told him. “I never turn my back on my family.” She promised.



Dominique Apolline Weasley


            James and I made up quite easily all those many years ago. It was everyone else that had taken the adjusting. So when James decided to get married. I was a bridesmaid at James’ request. I watched as the hair dresser turned my hair into a beautiful spill of silvery curls. I had my make-up done easily so now I just had to pull on my shoes.


            “Hey Dom,” Fred entered the room. “Hey James wants to talk to you.” Fred said and helped me out of my chair. “He’s panicking.” Fred whispered in my ear shooting a careful look at James’ bride.


            “Oh no,” I whispered back and hurried barefoot down the hall. I opened the door to where the other groomsmen were. “Hello everyone,” I waved. “Looking handsome as always, Lou,” I smacked my little brother on the butt. “Where’s Jimmy?” I asked.


            “In there,” Louis pointed and I went through the doors. I looked around and then saw James trying to climb out the window.


            “James!” I shrieked. “Petrificus Totalus!” I waved my wand. James clattered to the floor. I quickly closed the window and then undid the spell. “Jimmy, what the hell were you thinking?” I asked as I helped him to his feet.


            “Dom-my, I…I can’t do this!” James hissed. “I’m about to get married! I’m about to have to stick with one woman for the rest of my life.” He ran his hands through his mused hair. “I can’t be in this kind of commitment it’s too binding.” He pulled at his collar. “I can’t breathe, Dom.” He paced back and forth.


            “Okay Jimmy, calm down.” I put my hands on his shoulders. “Just relax and breathe.” I told him and he did so. “Look, you love her don’t you?” I asked him.


            “Yeah, I love her.” He then gave a little smile. “I really, really love her.” He admitted.


            “Then what’s got your wand in a knot?” I raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him. “If you love her, marry her!” I smacked the back of his head. “That’s what people do you idiot.” I shook my head at him. “If you love her like you say you do, I want to see you at the end of that aisle, savvy?” I raised my eyebrow again.


            “Always can count on you for a heartfelt motivational speech, Dom-my.” He smirked at me as he ran a hand through his hair.


            “I’ll always be here for you Jimmy,” I promised as we did our secret handshake. “Family sticks together,” I stood up. “And occasionally pulls certain, arrogant member’s head out of their arse.” I winked at him.


            “Oi, I find offense in that!” James yelled after me. I threw back my head and laughed loudly.


            “Oh, well you’ll be alright, you’re a tough guy, most of the time.” I teased and James glared at me. I paused and stuck my head back around the door. “See you at the end of the aisle, Jimmy.” I smiled warmly at him before continuing out the door.



Dominique Apolline Weasley


            I cannot do this. I cannot get married. I paced back and forth in my wedding dress. My mother fussed and fussed telling me things I couldn’t give a rats arse about. I was suddenly fed up with her fussing and talking, “Mum!” I hissed. “Be quiet!” I snapped. She looked taken aback, but nodded and slowly eased away much like I do when confronted by a hostile female dragon.


            “There’s my favorite cousin!” James laughed loudly and I shot him a glare. “Ooh, that’s not nice.” He said and I grabbed his wrist.


            “Come with me.” I snapped dragging him into the private room complete with silencing charms. I looked at him and he looked worried. “James, I need you to sneak me out of here!” I hissed. “I can’t do this. I’m not someone who gets married, because I don’t do well with commitment!” I hissed loudly. “I mean John doesn’t deserve me,” I stuttered. John and I had broken up shortly after Hogwarts, but we reconnected and had been dating for three years, living together for two, before he finally popped the question with my father’s blessing.


            “Dom-my,” James rolled his eyes. “You can handle Hungarian Horntails,” he stated. “You can handle marriage,” he held me by my forearms. “It’s not a big deal.” He said.


            “Yeah says the guy who’s almost got a divorce like eight times.” I snapped angrily and immediately regretted it at James’ hurt expression. “I’m sorry Jimmy, I didn’t mean that.” To my surprise he just laughed,


            “Yeah you did,” he smiled. “But you know who kept me from getting a divorce?” he asked. “You!” he poked my arm. “Dominique Apolline Weasley,” I scowled at him for using my full name. I wasn’t very fond of it. I mean it was better than Severus, but that’s beside the point. “So if you can fix my screwed up, but still working marriage you can surely make yours and John’s work.” He said and I smiled at him.


            “Thanks Jimmy,” I hugged him tightly.


            “You’re welcome Dom-my,” he hugged me back. “That’s what family is for,” he released me. I raised my hands,


            “Dom-my and Jimmy dragon keepers forever,” we did the secret handshake.


            “I’m pretty sure it was Jimmy and Dom-my dragon keepers forever,” James smirked and I punched his shoulder.


            “Shut-up James,” I laughed and smiled. He led me back into the room where my Dad was waiting to take me to my future husband. I smiled as I watched James disappear out the door to join the groomsmen. I exhaled in relief and looked up at my Dad, who smiled down at me and kissed my forehead.


            “I’m so proud of you Dominique.” He smiled at me. I felt my heart swell with a pride that could belong to a Gryffindor. I then linked my arm with my father’s and strode out the door ready to face the world with my family by my side.


            You never turn your back on family no matter what.

Author's Notes:

Thank you for reading this! This was written for LilyLou's Family Challenge so I hope she likes it! Please review and tell me whatcha think about it! :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the HP universe or characters (except for Lana Goyle and John Rowle). It all belongs to JK Rowling. I also don't own the lyrics in the summary those belong to John Mayer and the song is Paper Doll by John Mayer (it's a great tune, one of my favs). 

Thanks again for reading! :)

Sincerely, Ireland

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