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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 2 : Hit Me With Your Best Shot
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Authors Note: I promise this is all gonna get better and quick so please stick with this and I'll try and write and update this as quickly as possible!

Well you're the real tough cookie with the long history
Of breaking little hearts, like the one in me
Before I put another notch in my lipstick case
You better make sure you put me in my place

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar

Sydney sat on the Gryffindor table alone as always playing with the cereal in her bowl of milk. She was wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice all of the glares from passing girls. She had never been bothered about making friends at Hogwarts anyway and besides she still had her Ravenclaw pal Ashley. She knew that the way she was acting was bound to drive away potential friends, but she never saw the point in wasting her time and in all honesty couldn’t give a damn what people thought about her.

Sydney could be descried as what people would call cheap, she wasn’t exactly a prude when it came to being with boys because she had always thought that flirting and dating and sexual tension was all just beating around the bush.


Sex is what they wanted, what would determine if a person would want to be in a relationship. She was aware that some boys used this to their advantage and had tried to use her just for their own gains, but she was normally pretty good at spotting them and sending them packing. Sure a few had slipped through the cracks but it was expected when she had such a blasé attitude about the whole concept of sex. Skipping the whole beating around the bush, flirting and dating and just getting stuck in there saves time, money and spares feelings. The whole dating scene gets people attached so when they eventually do the nasty and things begin to fall apart they get hurt. Her logic was that if the sex was, obviously, good and the guy was still interested and of course if she was as well then they’d get on to dating and spending more time together.

She felt somebody sit down beside her but her attention never strayed from her breakfast nor did she lose her train of thought.

Of course the guys bragged and the girls glared and the dogs came sniffing around, which understandably got her in some sticky situations but she never changed her system, because the system worked. She saved time and she never got hurt. She wouldn’t let herself get hurt. The amount of girls she saw moping around the castle because “Tom only used me!” or “Why doesn’t Dylan like me?” or “He broke my heart!” They were pretentious and pathetic and quite frankly they looked a mess. Who has enough time to go through the emotional traumas that these girls willingly allow themselves to? Not Sydney Maura.

Her eyes snapped up from the now soggy cereal in her slowly turning warm milk, realising that a few more bodies had come to join her. She was surrounded by them in fact. She sighed and pushed her ruined cereal away from her and folded her arms on the table.

“Is there something I can help you boys with?” She asked looking at them through bored eyes.

“As a matter of fact,” said James Potter a smug look on his face “I want that favour” he winked at this point “I asked you for a couple of years ago.”

The story to behind why James Potter and the marauders had decided that Sydney would be the crash test dummy for pretty much every last one of their pranks and schemes was that in fifth year James Potter had tried to ‘seduce’ Sydney. She smelt him coming a mile off. Shortly before this he had a huge fight with Lily Evans in the Gryffindor common room for everyone to see. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that and ears and a soul capable of recognising and feeling emotions that James Potter was head over heels in love with Lily Evans. Needless to say when he came sniffing around her she immediately sent him packing without question. Some of the boys at Hogwarts were under the impression that she was running some sort of prostitute business or that she just wanted sex no matter who it was with. However James had taken this as a rather large ego blow and had made it his mission to make her rue the day she had turned him down.

“I’m under the impression,” said Sydney tapping her fingernails on her “That you’re the one that owes me a favour.”

“How do you figure?” piped up Sirius Black

She turned her head to face the boy in question “Well I did manage to save you a string of detentions, and missing Hogsmeade for at least three weeks.” She smirked ever so slightly.

“Godric, Maura!” Sirius announced loudly “There’s no need to beat around the bush, you know I’m happy to give you a ‘favour’!”

Sydney rolled her eyes and shook her head, her golden locks falling out of her bun into her face. “Black,” she again began sighing “If I thought for a second that comments like that would make me blush or embarrassed, then I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.”

“What exactly are you doing?” Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Sydney raised an eyebrow at him “That, Black,” she spat “Is none of your business.”

“You know,” he purred in his deep, husky voice. His hand found his way to Sydney’s bare thigh. “It could be.” He winked at her.

Furrowing her eyebrows in disgust at his lewd comment and his vulgar actions, Sydney threw his hand off of her thigh and stood up, towering over the seated boy.

“And that, Black,” she spat his name at him as if it left a bad taste in her mouth. “Is exactly the reason why I would never touch you, at all.” She turned to the sniggering James “Or you Potter.” She said narrowing her eyes.

She walked away from the table and into the corridor where she headed for the moving staircases and inwardly shuddered at the thought of any of the marauders thinking about her like that and what they would do whilst thinking about h — she shuddered again. She wasn’t overly annoyed at the events that had occurred, as everyone knew, she was used to it, but the fact Sirius Black and James Potter, the two most obnoxious, conceited and pompous boys she’d ever had the misfortune of getting mixed up with, were attempting to use her and then discard her like she was nothing. They did that a lot; they used girls and then cast them off as it were all a game. They never cared that they were breaking the gullible girls’ fragile hearts. That was one of the main quotes she heard to back up her dating system “But I thought he liked me! Sirius told me I was special!” or “James is such an arsehole! He told me he didn’t care about Lily Evans anymore!”

Sydney began to walk up the staircase, timing it well as it moved towards the Gryffindor common room. With each step she took she became increasingly aware of her loneliness. Each step she took echoed down the stairwell, making her become a little paranoid about how slowly she was walking. She picked up the pace a little. She left the staircase and began making her way down the corridor towards her house’s dorms. She was suddenly grabbed from behind and pushed into a wall, she glared at her imposer as she managed to get a glimpse of their face. Her eyes narrowed once she realised who it was.

“Sirius.” She spat as she glowered at him. He smirked at her as he leaned towards her, his hands either side of her head against the wall, allowing her no way of escape. “Was I not clear earlier?”

“No one,” he breathed, dampening his lips lustrously “Has said no to me before,” His eyes strayed to her lips and he inched closer to her body “especially a girl with a reputation like yours.”

“What can I say?” she snapped, looking at him in disgust “You’re not my type.”

Sydney attempted to shove him away with her hands on his chest, but it was to no avail as she couldn’t budge the brawny boy, it didn’t help that he was now the one that was towering over her 5 foot 4 self.

“Love,” he laughed a throaty chuckle “I’m everyone’s type.”

He removed his hand from the wall and trailed it down her side and began trailing circles with his finger on her hip.

“I always thought you were special.” He breathed.

Sydney suddenly laughed at him and took this as her chance to escape and slunk from out of his trap. She began to sober up as she shook her head at him and gave him a twisted smirk.

“The day I sleep with you Black,” she said disgustedly, gritting her teeth “Will be the day you’re carted off to Azkaban for rape,” she held her gaze “To join your perverted, beloved family.”

Sirius’ eyes darkened and he began to glare. “Listen you little --” he stopped himself “Do not talk about things you have no idea about.”

“Ooh!” Sydney mocked “Have I hit a nerve?”

Sirius attempted to mask his emotions but failed. “Please,” he feigned nonchalance “You wish.”

“Are you going to follow the family trend?” she asked pretending to be interested “Marry one of your cousins and produce a little incest baby?”

Sirius opened his mouth to spout venom at Sydney however she got there first.

“I guess that’s why you’re so messed up?” she smirked and mocked him “Are your parents brother and sister?”

Sirius gripped her arm and clamped down on it like a vice “You think you’ve got me all figured out,” he said gripping tighter as his anger flared. “You’re no better than one of those messed up pure-blood Slytherin fanatics.”

“What like you?” she hissed, wincing slightly with the pain in her arm.

He threw her down the hallway by her arm and turned his nose up at her. “You’re a piece of trash you know that?” he snarled “Completely worthless.” With that he stormed off back in the direction of the Great Hall.

Sydney knew what she said was unfair and unjust, but all she wanted from the marauders was to be left alone. However she was now highly aware that she just signed her death warrant.

All she wanted was for this year to be a quite one. However she just messed that plan up completely.


Authors Note: Please let me know what you think! Rate and review!

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