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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 12 : Dates Wanted
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 Dates Wanted


These two handsome men look smashing in this CI by bathtub.@TDA! 

I’m a genius. I’m a pure intelligent genius. I think I have finally figured out why I was put into Ravenclaw. Because I’m just such an amazing genius!




Gosh I’m so modest it literally kills me.




I have come up with the perfect solution to my whole Hogsmeade issue. It was rather quiet simple really. The girls were upset that I was leaving them to go on a ‘date’ with a boy, if you could call it that, so there was a simple way to fix that.




Get them both dates. Specifically male and semi-normal.




I had to tread this water carefully though. I couldn’t just come outright and tell them I was in search of getting them dates. They would probably get highly offended and throw some more items at me. I would have to go about this situation sneaky and carefully.




There is only a small selection of guys I would trust to ask this favor of them.






















Okay, so technically I don’t even know number seven personally but he’s in our year and I’m sure I can get one of the boys to talk to him for me if I really needed him. He was kind of a last resort, to be honest. He was an attractive lad and all but I don’t know if he would work for either of the girls. Or well more for Amelia, I mean.




I already know who Leslie’s going with. Or better be going with. Freddy boy is obviously the best candidate. You’d have to be blind not to notice how awesome of a couple they would make. Like uber awesome.




I still don’t know about Amelia. I’m afraid she might try to kill her date if she doesn’t like him. Sigh – maybe I can convince James to go with her. He looks like he can take a few punches from a girl.






“Oh, dearest Freddy, there you are!”




I threw my arms around Fred at the end of Transfiguration, suddenly glad I had decided to take this crazy class now. One of the very few plus sides about taking Advance Transfig is that neither Amelia nor Leslie took it so it allowed me some down time with Fred and James.




Some personal time with my favorite seventh year boys.




Well the only seventh year boys I really talk too. Same thing, though.




“Well look here Jamsie, it seems like we’ve got a visitor!” Fred grinned fondly at me before turning his face slightly to exchange the same smile towards James who was sharing the desk with him. I wish I was partners with one of them. I just have some stupid Gryffindor chick that smells like two week old tuna and tells me I have horrid handwriting.




I do not have horrid handwriting. My handwriting is beautiful, thank you very much.




“And what do we owe you this fine morning?” James arched an eyebrow as he smiled at me as well, starting to clean up some broken tea cups that Fred had failed to transfigure. I still have no clue how this bloke managed to get in this class. He really does suck at Transfiguration.




“Freddy owes me,” I said quickly, sliding my bum on the top of the desk so my feet could dangle. I swung them back and forth in a childish manner before asking another question. “So, Freddy boy, are you taking anyone to Hogsmeade next week?”




“Yeah,” He grumbled with a cheeky smile, tossing back some of the pastries he had hidden under the desk on his lap. “Fiona Jones.”




I frowned.




“I’m sure you know of her,” James added on for him, starting to shake his head enthusiastically. “She’s that blonde bimbo Hufflepuff in your year that has enormous boobs.”




I frowned some more.




I’m slowly losing hope for the male population.




“Wrong answer,” I rolled my eyes before turning my face a fraction to give James a disapproving look, adding on to what I said before. “Both of you.”




“I’m confused. Care to elaborate?” Fred frowned as he shoved the last of his pastry in his mouth, picking up the baking paper to lick it clean. What an animal he was. I’m so glad my mum never wanted to have another kid. Or, well, she really didn’t have a choice considering dad just got up and left the two of us.




Thanks a lot, Dad.




“I would love to elaborate,” I slid down from the desk, tugging on Fred’s cloak sleeve. “Just not with James here.”








“Sorry James, no hard feelings.” I gave him a sympathetic smile as he pouted at me. Please – I was immune to those puppy dog eyes. I blew him a kiss before tugging on Fred’s sleeve some more. “C’mon now Fred. I don’t have all day.”








“Okay, wait; give me a second to get this straight.”




I sighed obnoxiously loud as I kept eye contact with Fred. I had already explained the predicament I was in nearly three times and Fred still was such a dumbo that he couldn’t just grasp the concept. All I wanted him to do was ask Leslie out to Hogsmeade so she would forget about me ditching her. It really wouldn’t take much on his part besides breaking up with that Hufflepuff skank and trying to be at least semi-romantic with Leslie while asking her.




I wasn’t asking for much.




It’s not asking him to go build me a kingdom named in honor of myself while collecting hundreds of people to serve under my command. Now that would be too much.




“Fred, your brain works painfully slow.” I whined as I adjusted the strap of my heavy school bag. Lunch started in fifteen minutes and my stomach was already grumbling. I was hungry and I wanted to get my grub on.




He shot me a nasty look before sticking up his middle finger. Ladies and Gents, there you have it, Fred Weasley and his wonderful ways of charming the ladies. If anyone would be interested in contacting him you can find him located in the nearest brooms closet. He may or may not already be snogging some sexed up sixth year so enter at your own risk.




“Okay tell me if I’ve finally gotten it right. You’re going to Hogsmeade with Scorpius because he wants you to help him make Rosie jealous since she’s going with another bloke.” I nodded as he decided to go on. “Leslie and Amelia are upset that you’re ditching them and they’re going on a crazy bitch fest until you make it up to them so you decided to get them dates.” I nodded again. Like I mentioned before, it really isn’t that complicated. “And you want me to be Leslie’s date?”




“Bingo, Freddy, you nailed it right on the dot.”




“B-but Brielle, I’m going with Fiona Jones. Y’know, the one with the big erm…well y’know.” Fred began to make gestures to his chest with big round circles extending out much farther than a normal girl’s chest really should be extended.




You should all know that it takes a lot of self control to not whip this boy over the head.








Just kidding, I lost my self control. Sorry Fred but you deserved it.




“Sorry,” I said with a shrug as I rubbed the palm of my hand where I had just smacked the backside of Fred’s head. I’m pretty sure I might have clawed out some hair by accident. Woops. “Anyways, I don’t care about Fiona. She’s a skank, no offense, and snogs anyone with a pulse.”




Fred didn’t object to my statement but instead shifted his weight back and forth on his heels.




“Can you please just do this favor for me? I’ll owe you.” I tried my best at those endearing puppy dog eyes. I pouted my bottom lip as I clasped my hands together. “Please?”




Fred let out an exasperated and over-dramatic sigh before saying, “Fine, for you. You’re lucky your friend has a nice arse.”




I squealed. “Thanks Fred!” I leapt from my spot to give him a quick hug, feeling like at least some weight had been lifted from my shoulders. “You better be nice when you ask her and when you dump that Jones girl.”




Fred stood up straight and saluted me. “Yes ma’am!”




Merlin I want to hit him again. Maybe I have anger management problems. It could be probable.




“Oh and Fred,”








“If you try to take advantage of my friend I’ll kick you so hard in your manhood you won’t be able to ever produce your little ginger haired children, so watch yourself.”




One date down, one more to go. Time for a lunch break!








Part two of this plan was not going as planned. Bollocks. Why can’t things ever be easy for me?




“C’mon, James, please.” I kept my death grip on James as he navigated through the crowded corridors full of people. Lunch had just ended and we have fifteen minutes until our next class. I have casually asked James if he would take Amelia to Hogsmeade via owl mail in which he responded by spitting out his pumpkin juice all over poor Albus and trying to make a run for it.




That little bugger isn’t getting away from me.




“I can’t take her!” He let out a huge groan, allowing me to cling to his over-sized cloak as he pulled us in a more open hallway leading towards his common room. Or at least I think it was towards his common room. “She’s a bloody scary woman and besides I’m taking Kayla as our first real date.”




Kayla. I remember hearing her name before. Oh, right! She’s that bimbo that James was kind of dating during the sleepover that he crashed where I kissed him…on a dare! I think Al mentioned her before we kissed. James said they weren’t serious though so why is he taking her on a date…




“Is Kayla your girlfriend?”




Merlin I sound like a jealous wannabe girlfriend of James. I need to check myself before I wreck myself. I looked around sheepishly before pulling my hair to the side, twirling it around on my finger.




He arched an eyebrow but responded, “Well, not technically. She thinks we’ve been dating for about a month now but it’s been nothing serious to me. Maybe the date will change it for us, I don’t really know but I just can’t ditch her.”




I was tempted to blurt out that it must have been really nothing serious to him because he had no problem kissing me while she thought they were dating but I kept my tongue in. This was not my place to butt in and besides, James and I were just friends. Right? Gosh I’m so confused.




“I’m sorry, Brielle,” He added after I didn’t respond, stopping walking so he could pat me on the shoulder like he would to any of his mates. “Is there anyone else you can ask?”




I let out an exasperated sigh. “I’ve used up most of my resources,” I mumbled before pulling out my list of guys. He chuckled when he read the title. “I’ve already got Fred covering Leslie for me, so he’s off the list. You just turned me down, Hunter is too busy stalking his sister to make sure her boyfriend doesn’t try to make a move on her, and Malcolm and Mel fight all the time.”




He plucked the list from my hand to scan it over with his dark eyes before arching an eyebrow. “You have Louis on the list?”




I nodded. “Well yeah, but we’ve never really talked or anything. I put him more on there as a last resort. I remember Mel having a crush on him back in third year so maybe she still thinks he’s an attractive lad or something…hopefully.”




“I’m sure Louis wouldn’t mind doing a favor for you.”




“Maybe,” I let my teeth skin my bottom lip as I shifted my weight on my heels. “Maybe I can ask Al. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”




“Don’t,” My eyes snapped up to meet James as he responded quickly.




“Why not?” I raised my eyebrow. Why would asking Al be such a big deal? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all doing a little favor for me. Al and I were good friends so I don’t know what would be the problem with it.




“You really are clueless,” He rolled his eyes before laughing at me. When I went to go open my mouth to ask what he was going on about he shook his head. “Just forget about it. Louis has a free period right now I think. You can probably catch him in the library or out by the garden.” James said as he looked over at his watch.




I smiled at him, “Thanks Jamsie, you’re a doll.” I blew him a kiss which he reached for and pressed to his chest. What a wanker. “Have fun with Karly.”




“Her name is Kayla.”




“Yeah, yes, sorry.” I waved my hand dismissively even though I knew her real name. “I’m off to find Louis. Toodles!”




“Hey there, good looking.”




Oh my god, I’m the epitome for awkward. It took me fifteen minutes-ish to locate Louis Weasley hunched over in the library reading some Potions book. His dirty blonde hair was a mess on top of his head and his blue eyes were narrowed together in concentration.




“Hello,” He said with a stifled laugh, his back tensing as he looked up to see who had just interrupted his studies and possibly just sexually assaulted him via words. That would be me in case you were wondering. “You’re that thief,” He murmured.




Thank you for pointing out that, Weasley.




“Well, technically, we established I borrowed your sister’s blanket.” I said with a frown as I tapped my quill on the aged wood. Louis Weasley was actually my age which was sixteen. His sister was seventeen but was in our year because of various reasons that weren’t exactly clear to me.




“Mh, yes, I remember. You’re the one that’s friends with my cousins now.” He nodded as he leaned back in his chair, flicking some blonde hair out of his eyes. “What can I do for you? Shouldn’t you be off with Albus or something?”




“What’s that supposed to mean?” I frowned and he shrugged. “I need a favor, actually.”




He arched an eyebrow, “Well, ask away then, love.”




Swoon. Really this veela charm is starting to get to me. So fast forward ten minutes later after I explained to the poor bloke the whole situation and told him all about how I needed a small favor for him. Y’know, really small, just go out with Mel. Simple as pie.








I bit my lip as I waited for him to say anything. Really do anything. All he was doing was staring at me blankly. Louis was my last resort and I could not deal with him saying no. If he said no then I would probably run off crying about how the world is out to get me. I’d probably also go kill Scorpius for getting me in this mess, too.




“Sounds like fun. I’m up for it.”




Am I dreaming? Is this reality?




“I LOVE YOU,” I threw my arms around the bloke sitting in front of me. He staggered back in his chair but reciprocated the hug lightly, patting my back. I pulled back to give him a wide grin, “I seriously owe you.”




After scaring the living the shits out of Louis Weasley and being kicked out of the library for screaming ‘I love you’ too loud I skipped towards my Muggle Studies class. I could finally breath. I would actually be a tad bit happier too if I didn’t realize that I was fifteen minutes late to class.






A/N: Hello guys! Sorry it has taken me some time to update but I was at a four day sports camp but I am back so no worries :) I was so super excited to come home last night and see all the lovely reviews I had gotten. In case you guys weren't aware, I respond to every review I get and I love seeing all the sweet things you guys say to me. 


I'm considering getting a beta since some of you guys have suggested it but I'm really not sure it if is some thing that appeals to me, to be honest. I tried to be better with my grammar issues and typos but I am human so feel free to correct me if I am wrong. 


So what did you guys think? I've introduced Louis as a character that you will be seeing a bit in these next couple chapters. Not really any Albus - I know and I apologize - but they did mention him. No worries though because he WILL be in the next chapter. So what are your thoughts on everything going on? I know the lot of you guys are still dying to know about what Dominique is up to and you will find out soon enough. 


As always, review if you would like some more! xx


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