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Double Trouble by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2- Meet Jasmine Potter
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“Jasmine! JAS!” Sirius shouted smacking my face lightly. “Damn it Albus, I told you we shouldn’t have just loaded it all onto her like that!”

“Unload that twist in your panties, I’m fine.” I said sitting up and looking at the adults surrounding me. “All right I guess I am actually Jasmine…What now?”

“I think it’s best if we start at the beginning Ms. Potter. What do you know of Voldemort?”

“Not much since he never did touch America but he was this real crazy dude who probably never got hugged enough as a child and decided to take his daddy issues out on the world and kill all muggle-borns and anyone who supported muggle relationships. On October 31st 1981 Harry Potter defeated him and UK has been living in relative peace since.”

“Yes that basically is it but it wasn’t just Harry who defeated Voldemort you were also there that night and that is how you received that scar on your forehead.”

“So what you’re telling me is that the people I thought were my parents aren’t and my actual parents are dead? Well damn who the fuck did I piss off in a past life to deserve this.”

“I’m sorry Jas…I really am but we had to protect you. I’ve loved you since you were born and I promised your parents when they made me Harry and yours godfather, that I would do anything in my power to protect you and that is what I did.” Sirius bent his head down and I felt a twinge of guilt at the hopeless expression on his face.  “It’s not your fault Sirius. If anyone is to be blamed it’s the psycho that killed my parents for no reason. I do have a question. If Harry is my twin and he lost his parents also why separate him from the only family he has left?”

“To protect yourself and him Ms. Potter. If we had kept you together any of Voldemort’s followers, which he had a lot of, could have used Mr. Potter against you or vice versa and something horrible could have happened.”

“I guess that makes since in I’m going to control everyone’s move type of way, so who was my brother with then if we had no family left to speak of then by law which is the same in both muggle and wizarding states if there is no family left to take the child of a deceased parent then that child should go to the godparent that parents selected unless they are unfit to take care of said child then they will be placed in foster care.”

“That is true but I’ve never said you didn’t have any family left, your mother was a muggle-born and she had an older sister who was very happy to take in Harry when your parents were murdered.”

“Bullshit! Petunia treated Lily like shit and wanted nothing to do with her so the only way she would’ve taken her sister’s “demon spawn” unless you convinced her somehow. Don’t think I haven’t heard how Harry arrived at Hogwarts and what has happened to him since he’s been there!” Sirius shouted in Dumbledore’s face while Arabella put a restraining hand on his shoulder. “What are you talking about?! What happened to my brother?”

“Nothing has happened to him but let’s just say he has been through some difficult times.”

“DIFFICULT?! You call showing up at Hogwarts malnourished and scared of his shadow difficult? Or how about the fact that he has faced and defeated Voldemort twice while in your school? Or how about Peter Pettigrew escaping from Azkaban and him going after Harry and Harry had to escape him and the bloody dementors who surrounded him? And all that happened before he was 14! I have no idea what even happened last year because Remus wouldn’t tell me and told me you would when you showed up during the summer to tell Jasmine the truth. You call that difficult? You and I have way different opinions on the definition of difficult then Albus!”

“Voldemort? I thought he was dead and who is this Peter Pettigrew.” The adults looked at me like they forgot I was sitting there and then Arabella looked at Dumbledore. “You might as well tell her the whole truth now Albus.”

“Ms. Potter you see when your mother sacrificed herself for you and Harry she placed an old and powerful protection on you, one that made it impossible for Voldemort to kill you. Therefore when that killing curse rebounded of you and onto him he did die in the way that he had no body but the essence of Voldemort himself was still very much alive. During Harry’s first year at Hogwarts I had placed the Sorcerer’s Stone in my school because I had received word that someone wanted to steal it. Well someone did try to steal it and your brother went to stop him with the help of some of his friends. The person who was trying to steal it was Voldemort, living on the back of my Defense against the Dark Arts teacher; Professor Quirrell. When Professor Quirrell tried to attack Harry the protection your mother gave the both of you activated. It had killed Professor Quirrell but Voldemort was able to escape. During Harry’s second year Harry did defeat Voldemort again, in the form of his 16 old self in a diary he had created. So yes Harry has defeated Voldemort twice.”

“Who is Peter Pettigrew?”

“Sirius perhaps you should explain.”

“I had gone to school with your father and I was one of his best friends, his others were Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. We were inseparable, we did everything together: eat, sleep, classes, homework, pull pranks, and get in trouble. We had a name for our group, The Marauders and we each had nicknames. After we had graduated we were still as close and your father had married your mother.  As the years passed and the war got worse time spent together became less and less as we all did our part to stop Voldemort but we still had this unbreakable bond. When Lily gave birth to you and Harry it brought us even closer, we had The Marauders Jr. to protect from this horrible war. A couple weeks before Halloween of 1981 Dumbledore ordered your parents to go into hiding with you and Harry under the Fidelius Charm and Dumbledore offered to be the secret-keeper but your parents had denied saying they wanted to use me. Now before I continue I have to explain that by this time in the war there were so many spies for Voldemort that you didn’t know who you could trust. I myself admit that I suspected one of my closest friends based on stupid prejudices but during that your father and I both knew we would never betray each other because we were like brothers. Voldemort also knew this so I had convinced your parents to change their secret-keeper to Peter because no one would suspect that James would choose anyone over me and we told no one of the switch not even Dumbledore. Unknown to us Peter had been a Death Eater for a year and he wasted no time in telling Voldemort where you guys were hiding. I had promised your parents I would check on Peter to make sure everything was okay but when I arrived at the place he was hiding he wasn’t there and there was no proof of a struggle. When I saw that I knew I had made a terrible mistake, that I had just basically served you guys on a platter to Voldemort so I rushed to your house but...but I was too late and…” Sirius broke off as he started bawling. “Sirius explained to me when he arrived with you at your aunt’s house where my gate keeper was supposed to bring you and Harry. Before he left with you to go into hiding with Arabella he gave me all information he knew about Peter so we could capture him. We did capture and he was sent to Azkaban but during Harry’s third year he escaped and came to Hogwarts to either harm or kidnap Harry we still do not know for sure. Due to events of misfortune Peter was able to escape and no one has seen him since.”

“Sirius it wasn’t your fault…If I don’t blame you I can promise you that my parents who were your closest friends would never blame you.”

“Thank you Jas.” Sirius stood and wrapped his arms around me as he cried silently on top of my head. “Now that she is caught up Albus why have you finally come to tell her the truth?” Arabella asked taking Dumbledore’s attention of Sirius and I for which I will be forever grateful. “Voldemort is back and in order for him to be defeated once and for all Harry and Jasmine need to reunite again.”

“Back? How?” Sirius asked his face pale.

“Last year Harry was entered in the Triwizard Tournament by one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters and during the last challenge he made the trophy into portkey and when Harry and another student touched it they were portkeyed to where Voldemort was hiding.  Voldemort had killed the other student and using a dark potion he was able to resurrect his body. After distracting Voldemort with Priori Incantatem during a duel with him Harry was able to retrieve the portkey and come back to warn us about Voldemort’s return. That actually worked out in our favor because Voldemort never expected Harry would leave and come back to warn me.”
“So you are telling me that I have to kill Voldemort with a brother I never met, leave the only home I’ve ever known, leave my friends, and go to a school right where a guy who wants to kill me is?”
“Yes.” I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to get out of there before I started flipping out or worse crying. So I ran.

Wow all that dialogue but it was necessary for Jasmine to know what has happened to her brother and how she lost her parents...I'm not normally an author to beg for reviews but please please tell me what you think. Do you like it? Do you hate it? What should I change? Should I seriously just stop trying and break my fingers and never type a story again? Please let me know so I can try to better myself I really do want to write after I finish getting school stuff done and right now Fanfiction is my way of doing that so please help me become better. I'm already starting on the next chapter so it should be up once this chapter is validated.

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Double Trouble : Chapter 2- Meet Jasmine Potter


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