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My Only Sunshine by transfigurationprofessor
Chapter 2 : Sunburn
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 Chapter 2: Sunburn

-July 27th, 2022

So far my summer had been going well. I went on a trip with mum to France and I probably gained five pounds because I ate so much. Remy and I were together, I was a shoe in for Gryffindor Seeker again for the coming school year, and my O.W.L.s had going swimmingly. Rose and I wrote nearly every day, not that there was much to say on her part, it went a lot like,

Dear Mira,

Mum is driving me batty! Sweet Merlin, it’s never ending! ‘Rose, do your homework,’ ‘Rose, be nice to Hugo, he’s sensitive,’ ‘Rose, clean your room,’ ‘Rose, practice your quidditch skills!’ Okay, well the last one was dad, but you get the idea. I’m so bored and you’re off gallivanting in France! Albus is never available because he’s always hanging out with Scorpius and I can’t stand the blonde headed freak so I don’t have him to boss around. Sorry, I’m complaining. Please come home. I’m begging you. I mean, if you could see me, I’d be on my hands and knees. I’m seriously not kidding. Well, I guess I’ll let you get back to the French country side.

Lots of love,


P.S. Did you know James snagged captaincy this year? Should be interesting.

Once I had gotten back from our trip, Rose stayed over for a week then it switched and I was staying over at the Granger-Weasley household like I had been since the summer I finished first year.

“Good morning Miss Sunshine number one and two,” Ron said to both Rose and I as we appeared in the kitchen that morning. He handed us two cups of tea as Hermione began to put food on our plates; eggs and bacon were common in this house.

“Alright girls,” Hermione started, “Today Grandma Weasley has requested everyone to gather at the Burrow, for a reunion of sorts. Of course your Uncle Charlie won’t be there, Teddy may or may not arrive, and Uncle Percy is a no go, but Aunt Audrey will bring Lucy and Molly over.”

“So, does that mean I’ll be heading to my mum’s house?” I asked; feeling a little disappointed at the prospect of my week with Rose being cut so short.

“Oh no,” Hermione said quickly, “I told Grandma Weasley that you were staying at our house this week and she said, ‘Oh that nice friend of Rose? Well she’s always welcome, being friends with the grandchildren and all.’ So, you’re coming too.”

“Oh, great, thank you Ms. Weasley!” I gave my best, ‘Parents like me’ smile.

“Now both of you finish your breakfast and run up and get ready, we’re leaving in a half hour.”

We scrambled to finish our eggs, and ran up the stairs to get ready for the Burrow.

“Do you think that since James is captain, he’ll want us to play today?” Rose asked as we picked out our clothes.

I pondered for a moment and answered, “It’s likely, I mean it’s lovely out today, but I’m sure if you didn’t want to play, you could go to Diagon Alley with Lily or someone. I want to play, but I never get to play during the summer, not with mum’s skills at least. I swear mum couldn’t play quidditch to save her life.”

Rose laughed as she tossed me some pads and gear for today. “Exactly; at least your mum can ride a broom. My mum refuses to even touch it. She says that the Battle of Hogwarts was the last time she ever felt inclined to ride one.”

“My mum just has to know for her job. If she wasn’t an auror, well, it just wouldn’t happen.”

“Ladies, are you almost done up there? Or are you two just talking?” I heard Ron’s voice echo up the stairs. It was pure luck that we had just gotten ready when he yelled. Some days like this we were never ready on time.

“READY!” we called simultaneously. Together we bounded down the stairs, Hugo behind us. Oh Hugo. As kind as he was, he was so awkward. While Rose was ready and willing to meet anyone who even glances her way, Hugo went the opposite and became one of quietest people I’ve ever met. Even after nearly six years of knowing him, Hugo Weasley continued to be someone I hardly knew at all.

I’ve never really minded flooing. Though I couldn’t stand side along apparation, using the floo network was something I always enjoyed, though I couldn’t tell you why; maybe I’m just a closet adrenaline junkie, that’s probably it.

With a slight feeling of wooziness, I landed on my two feet in the fireplace of the Burrow. Though it was only my second time at the Burrow, I felt like I had been living there for years. Tucked away in the corner of Ottery St. Catchpole, there was something about the Burrow that seemed to naturally be better at being a house than all other houses. Maybe it was the way it looked like people stacked multiple houses on top of each other, or maybe it was that sweet aroma that always seemed to leak from the kitchen. It was almost as if the home had arms that just wrapped you in a big warm hug, making you feel like you belonged there. It might not have been the most modern of houses, but the Burrow was so full of character, stories, and it place that gave you the warm and fuzzy feeling inside your stomach.

I was taken away from my thoughts as a zealous Grandma Weasley ran up to her family and me. She looked slightly winded; she was getting on in age. Despite her somewhat heavy breathing, she made her rounds, making sure everyone felt welcome in one of her tight hugs. Mrs. Weasley even gave me a hug and told me how excited she had another child here today; my heart swelled, she was just so lovely.

At an exponential rate, the rest of the Wotters, with a few exceptions, piled into the house; I noticed it quickly seemed much smaller with this many people inside. Luckily it was full of familiar faces, many of whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of months.

“Rose and Mira,” a voice called out to the pair of us and we saw Albus waving his hand in the air, James, the other one, right behind him. Rose and I ran over to him and gave him a hug; I had missed Al, he was one of my closest friends, despite his different house.

“Albus, I’ve missed you so much! How has summer been going?”

“Fine, the usual, homework here, slacking off there, I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Scorp-,” he was interrupted.

“A little too much time if you ask me; hi Mira,” James came around from behind Al and gave me a quick hug, seeing as neither of us were incredibly found of excessive physical contact; unless of course it meant James snogging his flavor of the week.

“Hi James, congrats on captaincy, I’m excited to see how the year plays out.”

“Thanks, I was hoping that some of us could go out and practice later, you know, just to be ready.” I nodded, and Rose rolled her eyes but continued on with the usual pleasantries.

“What was the eye roll for Rosie Posie?” James asked.

“It was nothing; it was something just before we arrived. I had asked Mira if you’d want us to practice today, she said it was likely. I don’t really want to, in fact, I’m going to find Dom now and a few others to see about a trip to Diagon Alley later in the afternoon.”

“Well you know Dominique is up for anything that involves growing her ever expanding wardrobe,” Albus said as the four of us laughed. Rose disappeared in the swarm of Wotters as Freddie and Roxy came up to our little trio.

“Hello, my fair lady,” Freddie said as he took my hand and kissed the back of it. I simply rolled my eyes. He such a character you’d think he’d have walked right out of a story.

“Hello Freddie, hi Roxy,” I said smiling at her. She smiled and said hello back. We were never really close, Roxy and me. It was nothing personal; she was in Ravenclaw and year older. The only reason Albus and I were so close was because Rose was so close with him before Hogwarts. Oh, I didn’t tell you? The Chosen One’s middle child was a Slytherin. Yeah, I know. It was a bit of a shock to not only the Wotters but to the entire student body. James didn’t talk to him for a week.

 “So Mira, are you still planning on playing quidditch this year, even with N.E.W.T.s?” Freddie asked.

“Yes, I think I’ll need a break from all the work. Quidditch is a pretty reliable source of stress relief.”

“And keeps you nice and fit, doesn’t it?” Freddie asked rhetorically as he looked me up and down.

“Okay, you are done checking me out.”

“I can’t help that you’re the prettiest thing to look at.” Oh Fred Weasley. Let’s talk about him shall we? Fred Weasley is a seventh year Gryffindor, notorious trouble maker and part of the incredibly exclusive, 2nd Marauders, (real creative, I’m aware). Along with James, Dean Thomas the II, and Michael Finnegan, they prank on a near daily basis, and are so original, they have nicknames as well. It’s like the first Marauders, only not near as elusive and they don’t have a really cool map that they made. I’m sure you’re just as jealous as I am. Insert eye roll.

“Only in your wildest dreams Fred,” I retorted back.

The rest of the morning pressed on without much excitement. I was excited for the afternoon; Rose and some of her female cousins, Dominique, Lucy, and Molly, were going dress/dress robe shopping for the Memorial Ball that happens every year. I already had my dress picked out, even though it wasn’t happening for quite a while. Since I was so prepared, I got to stay back and play quidditch. Though it was more an impromptu practice, I still got excited at the prospect of playing today. Quidditch should really be everyone’s favorite pastime.

If there was one good thing about the ever growing Wotter family, it was that because there were so many, there was always enough to play quidditch. Sorry, I guess I really couldn’t stop thinking about playing that today. I mean, it was perfect weather. The sky was the shade of blue like an aquamarine gem, and the clouds were the purest shade of white that looked like balls of cotton stretched and puffed. I don’t think anyone could have asked for a better day.

“Bye Mira! Have fun playing quidditch with the boys, and Lily and Roxy!” Rose waved from the fireplace as I started to walk through the threshold that went into the expansive backyard of the Weasley home.

“Bye Rosie,” I said laughing lightly, shaking my head a little. Clad in my quidditch pads and broom I borrowed from Rose, I made my way over to the cluster of Wotters, ready and pumped to play. “I’ve never played Weasley quidditch, how do we begin?”

“Alright, so you’ll play seeker, Al is filling in for Rose as keeper, Fred is acting as both beaters, Hugo is seeker for the other team, Roxy agreed to be keeper for the other team, Lily is both beaters, Teddy is chaser for the other team, and I’m chaser for ours; got it?” I was impressed, James said that all in one breath. I nodded in understanding and we all mounted our brooms, aside from James and Teddy, who stayed down to release the quidditch balls and snitch from the chest. Everyone was ready to start the game when an owl I recognized as Remy’s swooped down and landed on the end of my broomstick. A letter was held in his beak that said my name in Remy’s script. I figured it must have been important if he wrote me today seeing as we were writing all that past week and agreed to give our owls a break.

“Er, sorry everyone, it’s from Remus, don’t worry, I’ll be right back.” I sailed down to the ground and took the letter into my hands. I went inside for some privacy. I hoped it was something too bad, like his Gran dying; she’d been sick for a while and he was gravely concerned.

With shaky hands, I tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter. It read,

Dear Mira,

I know we agreed to give our owls break, but this was of the utmost importance.

Alright, here goes nothing.

We need to break up. It’s not working out. We tried again and it’s just not fitting right. I’m sorry. I wish it didn’t have to be like this.


Remus N. Longbottom

Swell. That is just lovely.

I couldn’t help it, I started to cry. It was so embarrassing; he had left me for the third time. Yes, we were THAT couple. It was shameful really. Everyone in Hogwarts knew of our relationship, or rather, ended relationship. Everyone knew about the first time in fourth year, the second in fifth, and now the summer before sixth. Maybe it was a pattern I was missing; maybe I should have expected it. Maybe I should have stopped letting him treat me like that.

The tears wouldn’t stop silently falling as I frantically looked for a place to hide. I spotted a broom closet and tucked myself inside. I knew that I had left the game and they might have been wondering of my whereabouts, but I couldn’t face people looking like I did. It wasn’t pretty in the slightest. I desperately wished I was home in my room with some ice cream and Rose’s shoulder to cry on. I would have ranted about Remus and his arrogant ways, the superior look in his eye he got when he talked about how great Ravenclaw was and the way he would walk as if he owned the world. I would ask how in the world did Hannah and Neville Longbottom, two of the most wonderful people ever; create such a sleazebag like Remus; he was even named after a wonderful person for Merlin’s sake!

“Mira,” a voice asked from the other side of the door. A hand rapped on the wood and asked again.

“Mira, I know you’re in there, I can hear you sniffling from out here.” Gee, it was the ever sensitive voice of James Potter II; just cheeky.

“So what if I’m in here? Maybe I just wanted some privacy to read my letter,” I snapped back.

“You’ve been gone for awhile; I was just checking if you still planned on playing, you’re kind of important to the game.”

“I don’t think me playing would be a very good idea.”

The door opened, towering before me, James looked down at me and sighed seeing my tearstained face. “He broke it off, didn’t he?” We both knew the ‘he’ to which James was referring.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered as more tears leaked from the corners of my eyes. “Sorry, I don’t mean to cry, I really should be expecting this,” I started to speak faster and more anxiously. “I mean, why wouldn’t he dump me for the third time? I’m neurotic, a terrible person to have at parties, which he loves, klutzy, an awkward line between not fat and not skinny, not tall, not particularly all that striking, not the smartest, oh Merlin, I’m such a girl, crying over him!”

James sat down across from me in the broom closet, closed the door, and lit up his wand, muttering, “Lumos.”

“Now, I’m not a feelings kind of person, you have Rose for that. But I’m going to be straight with you Mira; you’re not average at all. Remus is not only one of the biggest prats I’ve had the displeasure of knowing, but he’s also a complete fool for letting you go for the third time. It’s his loss; really, he’s even more mental than I thought. Mira, any bloke in the whole world would be lucky to have you.”

I don’t know what came over me in that moment, but something stirred inside of me and I kissed James Potter. He kissed back.

There’s the next installment; chapter title courtesy of an Ed Sheeran song of the same name. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing. If you feel so inclined, let me know what you thought of the chapter; I love feedback!

I hope to have the next chapter up soon! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Besides Mira, I own nothing. I mean it; really, nothing.


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