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A Long Summer by alicia and anne
Chapter 4 : Sulking the day away
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Days Ginny has been gone: 3
Almost mental breakdowns: 5 (4 ½ of which were Harry’s)
Number of thefts: 2
Threats of running away from home: 3 (2 of which were Harry)
Items broken: Part of a shed roof, a plate and Harry’s spirit.
Harry: 2 Kids: 5

James was acting suspicious. More suspicious than normal, this was causing Harry to be worried about what his son could be up to.

Harry approached the dining room slowly, using a spell to slowly open the door without a noise, James had hidden himself in here earlier and Harry knew that he was up to no good. When the door finally opened, Harry peered into the room to see that James was hunched over something with his back to the door.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked as he walked into the room, causing James to let out a shriek and turn around to face him, quickly hiding something behind his back.

“Dad, you scared me.” James cried.

“What have you got behind your back?” Harry asked him, taking a few steps forwards and pointing. James tried to turn so his father couldn’t see what was hidden.

“Nothing,” James said quickly. Harry gave a frown before holding his hand out expectantly.

“Give it here, James.” Harry stated.

James shook his head quickly. “No, I don’t have anything.”

Harry dived quickly to the side and caught sight of a magazine clutched in James’ hand.

“Is that a copy of Witches Weekly?” Harry asked with a frown. “Where on earth did you get it from? Your mother cancelled the subscription.”

“I found it,” James said, trying to move around Harry so he could run from the room, but Harry was blocking his way.

“Where did you find it?” Harry asked suspiciously, realising that he used more of his Auror skills to keep control of his children then he would on suspects whilst at work.

“Nowhere,” James cried, realising that he had nowhere to escape. Harry saw that he was beginning to look at the open window, as though trying to see if he could make a break for it. Harry hoped that he wouldn’t, he didn’t feel like chasing his son around the garden.

“Did you steal that from your Nan’s house? Is this the one that she’s been searching for?” Harry asked, trying to move to the side so that James would move away from the window. James moved away from the window and Harry knew that with only a few more moves Harry would be able to grab for the magazine.

“You can’t prove anything.” James told him.

“Give it here.”

“Stay away, I need it. Dad, I need the articles on skin care, I can’t go out with greasy skin, and how am I meant to tame my wild hair without their styling tips.” James cried, trying to shield the magazine in his hands.

“No, James,” Harry said as he dived quickly and managed to grab the magazine from James’s grip before James could make a run for it. Harry quickly waving his wand so that the magazine flew up into the air and out of James’s reach. James jumped around under it, trying his best to reach it.

“Why do you hate me so much, dad?” James whined, giving up after a few jumps. He gave a loud yell of anger before storming from the room.

Harry tried to think of a place he could hide the magazine until he was able to take it back to The Burrow.


“James is sulking,” Lily stated to her father as they sat in the kitchen, both enjoying a hot chocolate made for them by Albus. Harry knew that Albus was up to something but didn’t have the energy to find out what.

“I know, love.” Harry told her, flipping through his copy of the Evening Prophet as he sipped at his hot chocolate. It was a bit bland but Albus had tried his best, Harry didn’t have the heart to tell him as he looked so happy with himself, so he powered through.

“Shall we just ignore him like normal?” Albus asked.

“He’ll snap out of it soon,” Harry said, hopefully as he took another sip of his drink. Lily finished her drink quickly before standing up from the table.

“I’m going to go and get my stuff ready for when Rose and Uncle Ron come over to get me,” She told them. She was having a sleepover with Rose at Ron and Hermione’s house that night, Harry knew that Hermione had suggested it to give Harry a break from all of the kids, to which he was thankful. Although he wished that they would have offered to take James instead, at least he would have been sulking at their house and given Harry a break.

“Do you want me to go and check on James?” Albus offered. Harry gave a nod and Albus left the room quickly. Harry definitely knew that Albus was either up to something or was enjoying his brother being told off, although with Albus it was probably both.

Once Albus was out of the room Harry quickly poured his hot chocolate into the sink and placed his cup onto the side, ready for him to wash up with the other cups.

Albus came down quickly and Harry turned to look at him.

“James has snuck out of the house.” Albus informed Harry, who gave a small sigh.

“He wasn’t grounded.” Harry stated with a frown, wondering why his son felt the need to sneak outside when he was old enough to go outside on his own, without permission.

“That’s not what he obviously thinks.”

“Do you know where he went?” Harry asked Albus, who gave a shrug.

“Let’s hope that he’s run away for good.” Albus said with a smile as he left the room.

“Don’t say that about your brother,” Harry said scolding his son, as he filled the kitchen sink with water so he could begin the washing up.

Harry looked up with a frown a while later, as he heard a noise coming from the garden. He gave a sigh as he saw that his eldest son had somehow managed to climb on top of the garden shed and was glaring over at him, causing Harry to stop washing up the cup that was currently in his soapy hands.

“I hate you!” James called across the garden, as he folded his arms across his chest angrily.

Harry gave another weary sigh as he finished washing the cup and dried his hands on the towel, which was hanging on the oven handle.

He heard the doorbell ringing and Albus calling that he was going to answer it. Harry decided to sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy the plate of biscuits his children had kindly left for him to eat, mainly because he had hidden them.


“Albus, my favourite cousin, how have you been?” Rose asked sweetly, as she followed her father and Albus into the front room before grabbing hold of Albus and giving him a hug.

Ron gave them both a smile before leaving the room; he had been looking for Harry who was in the kitchen. Rose waiting until her and Albus were alone before getting him into a headlock. Albus let out a muffled yell for help.

“Where the hell is it, Albus?” She seethed, tightening her grip as Albus’s face started to turn red.

“Where’s what? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“My diary, genius. Where the hell is it?”

“I don’t have anything.” Albus managed to say as he pulled at Rose’s arm, trying to get her to let go of him.

“Don’t lie to me, Albus. Hugo said he saw you take it.”

“Hugo is a dead man when I see him,” Albus told her, trying to nudge Rose in the side with his elbow, but she was managing to block him. Albus was beginning to see stars when he finally came up with a plan; he relaxed his entire body, making him fall in Rose’s arms. Rose dropped to the floor with the sudden weight of Albus weighing her down and they both tumbled to the floor. She moved her arms away from him and stood up as she grumbled down at Albus, pushing him with her foot in annoyance, but Albus didn’t make a sound or move.

“Albus, stop playing around. You need to apologise to me and give me back my diary.” She told him pushing him with her foot again, but still he didn’t move. Worry crossed Rose’s face as she bent down slightly and shoved him roughly, still nothing.

“Oh god, I’ve killed him. I’ve actually done it this time.” Rose whispered in shock, her face paling as she looked around quickly, wondering if anyone was around as a witness to the murder she had just committed, when she saw that she was alone, she was quick to flee from the room.

Albus waited a few moments before he opened his eyes and moved his head to look around. He gave a chuckle at seeing that Rose had disappeared before pushing himself up off of the floor and standing up. Now he needed to find a good hiding place until she left, whilst he thought of his next plan of action against Rose, especially after reading in her diary that she fancied his best friend Scorpius.


“Hey, Harry. How are you doing?” Ron asked as he walked into the kitchen and over to Harry, clapping him on the shoulder as he took a seat next to his friend at the kitchen table, reaching for the plate of biscuits that Harry had in front of him.

“I’m doing alright, I think.” Harry told him, taking a sip from his glass of water he had just poured himself, before placing the glass down on the table.

“Albus said in a letter, to Hermione, that you almost had a breakdown yesterday during a game of hide and seek.” Ron stated, trying and failing to hide his smirk.

Harry’s eyes narrowed. “That’s a matter of opinion.”

“It was a game of hide and seek, Harry.”

“James locked me in a cupboard after taking my wand.”

Ron laughed as he shook his head and looked around.

“Speaking of the devil child, where is James?” he asked “Is he upstairs?”

“No, he’s on the shed roof.”

“What?” Ron asked with a laugh, he turned to look out of the kitchen window and over at his nephew, who was sitting on the shed roof with a face of thunder. “Why is he on the shed roof?”

“I took the magazine that he stole from your mum, away from him.”

“James stole it? Mum’s been looking for that since yesterday, she thought she was going mad and misplacing things again.”

“Nope, James stole it. I took the magazine off of him and now he’s sulking on the roof, he must think that I’ll give it back if he sulks for long enough.” Harry told Ron.

“A case of the dramatics I see. I wonder who James got that from.” Ron stated, turning to look at Harry pointedly.

“Must be Ginny,” Harry said, with a shrug. Ron shook his head at him.

“When do you think he’ll come in?” Ron asked Harry as he looked out into the garden at James, whose glare had hardened at seeing that Ron was now watching and laughing at him, James responded by flipping him the bird which caused Ron to laugh harder.

Ron was just about to raise his own hand to swear back at James, but he was interrupted by Rose rushing into the room, with Lily following close behind and clutching a backpack.

“Come on, dad. Lily’s got her stuff and we’re ready to go.” Rose said hurriedly. Ron gave a small frown as he realised that his daughter seemed like she was hiding something.

“What’s the hurry?” Ron asked suspiciously.

“No hurry really, but I think that we should leave now. Lily and I have a lot of important things to do, so we’d like to get a start on them.”

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing at all,” Rose said, attempting to smile sweetly.

Ron watched her for a moment, before giving a small shrug. “It’s a good thing that I’m feeling too lazy to try and work out what it is. Harry, I’ll see you later on.”

“Bye Ron.” Harry said with a laugh, he gave Lily a hug goodbye and waved at Rose before they all left the kitchen and making their way out of the house.

He turned to look back out of the kitchen window and over at James, who was now laying down on the shed roof. Harry shook his head as he realised that all of this was over a magazine, Harry just hoped that James would give in eventually and realise that this was all for his own good.


“Albus, go and take James’s dinner out to him,” Harry told his youngest son, nodding down at the full plate that was sat next to Albus’s empty one.

“Why don’t you take it?” Albus asked him haughtily.

“Because I asked you to,” Harry responded, in his best ‘Do as I say’ tone, that only rarely worked.

Albus gave a huff as he got out of his chair and picked up the plate of fish fingers, chips and peas and walked out of the kitchen and into the garden.

Albus walked over to the garden shed and took a seat on the grass, facing James who was still lying on the shed. Albus was amazed that James hadn’t fallen off of it yet, but James seemed to have a knack at climbing things. Albus knew that it was probably one of James’s only skills in life.

“Oi, jerk face.” Albus called up to his brother, who gave a small groan and waved his arm around but otherwise seemed to be ignoring him. “I’ll eat your dinner if you don’t get down here now.”

James sat up slowly and looked down at his brother, who had the plate on his lap and was casually eating one of the chips.

“Well, bring it up to me then.” James told him.

“That wasn’t part of the plan, Jamesy. Come down here and you’ll get your dinner.”

“Just bring it up to me, will you? I’m trying to protest and I won’t be taken seriously if I get off of the shed.”

“No one is taking you seriously anyway.” Albus stated with a shrug as he picked up another chip and began eating it.

“Stop eating my dinner.” James snapped at Albus after seeing him pick up a fish finger and take a bite of it. Albus ignored him as he kept chewing, causing James to get angrier, James reached across the shed and pulled a corner of the crumbling roofing off and threw it at Albus, which hit Albus in the leg. James knew it was a bad idea upon seeing the anger that crossed his brother’s face; James covered his face in time before the rest of the fish finger hit him, hard.

“Stop wasting my dinner,” James cried, moving his arm and grabbing for more of the roof to throw at Albus, angry himself that his brother was wasting his food. He threw it at Albus before covering his face with his hands again as another fish finger flew at him.

“Stop throwing things at me.” Albus countered back at him, grabbing the plate and standing up, another piece of roof hit Albus, this time in the arm. Albus threw the plate at James, not realising until it was too late that he had done so. James managed to jump off of the roof in time to avoid being hit, and turned to look at Albus in shock, he remains of the plate by his feet.

“You could have killed me,” James cried, pointing at where the plate had smashed.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t, isn’t it?” Albus yelled, before turning away from James and storming off towards the kitchen. Pushing himself passed Harry who had come outside to stop his sons from killing each other, but he arrived too late to save the plate, dinner or shed from being destroyed.

“Dad, he threw my dinner at me.” James wailed. They heard Albus stomping up the stairs as James and Harry entered the kitchen.

“Sit down, James.” Harry said his hand on his sons shoulder comfortingly. “I’ll get you some more dinner.”

James sat down in his chair sadly, “it’s been a bad day dad, my protest was ignored and my brother tried to kill me.”

Harry opened the oven door and waved his wand, a plate levitated out of the oven and over to where James was sat. Harry had counted on Albus annoying James enough to get him off of the roof, it was the reason that he had sent Albus out to give James his dinner. He was thankful that he made enough food to replace the meal that Albus had ruined.

“It’ll be okay, James.” Harry told his son. “Be careful of the plate, James. It’s hot.”

Of course James ignored Harry and touched the plate anyway, before letting out a yell of pain.

Harry gave another sigh and looked over at the calendar that he had placed on the fridge, counting down the days until Ginny would be home to save him.

There were only four more days to go.

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A Long Summer: Sulking the day away


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