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All Bets Are Off by maraudertimes
Chapter 16 : The Party: Kendra Williams
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 Author's Note: Hey guys! Sorry for the long update. But as soon as this was completely ready to go, I put it up. No Beta'ing. Although I would like to thank everyone who has Beta'd for me up until now. I will probably send you this chapter ASAP and edit the chapter as I see fit once you get back to me. I would also like to thank all of you for reviewing. There aren't that many, but it makes me happy that you thought to do so.

So, in no particular order, thanks to:

Expecto-Prongs (Mucho gracias for sticking with me – original Beta'er here), , letty-fan24, ninjastar 175, saint-self-destruction, BunnyMooMooMonster, Peanut Butter makes Diamonds, - all from FF – hpffisawesome (multiple thanks for the first review), my best friends Alyssa and Sabrina (as well as Alyssa's younger sister who really shouldn't be reading this, but whatever), River Treasure (River_Treasure ? the review names are hard to discern), lilylunalover, Mezzy, ilovegeorgeweasly101, Mystery Man aka Inky Quill (again, is it Inky_Quill ? don't think so, but you never know), teeheemarauder24601, Allilipsie, Jenny, and last but not least, the one reviewer I can count on to make up a fuss about how I never post anything on time: Alanah – all on HPFF.

I can't thank you enough. I realize this chapter isn't all that exciting (just another POV of the Gryffindor party) and I couldn't be bothered to do either James's POV or Lily's POV, so it's really short, but I'm putting the next one up now, and I can assure you the next two will be interesting. Winks and clinks! Maraudertimes




(Kendra's POV)

"Please, Kendra? Just one date. It'll be fun, I promise!"

I rolled my eyes and walked away from the begging seventh year Hufflepuff. The desperate kid just couldn't take no for an answer.

"Look John. We had a one night stand. I'm not in love with you, you're not in love with me. It was just a good shag. End of story."

I kept walking, flicking my hair over my shoulder as a particularly dashing sixth year Slytherin. What? Some of them are right bints but others… Well let's just say I've made my rounds, and Slytherins are definitely fun. Of course, if any of the marauders found out, I'd be hanging by my toes out of the astronomy tower. Blast those numpties. Ever since I became friends with Lily, they've always hung around since James is smitten with Lils. Of course, she's a scathing bitch to him – something I taught her thank you very much – but the perks of marauders following your best friend were not lost on me.

Especially in the form of Sirius Black.

Tall, dark and handsome. Exactly how I like them. Not to mention the fact that I've fancied him for an insufferable three years, he always seems to be suggestive around me, shooting me winks and eyebrow raises. Of course, I've never gotten the chance to sink my claws into him. He's like the mouse and I'm an owl. He's a smart little bugger, always hiding, but one day I'll be there. Of course, getting him to ask me out would be swell. Not like Jack or whatever. I'd actually take up the offer of a date from Sirius Black. Of course, the majority of the date would be spent in broom cupboards…

"Please. Just once chance."

I turned on my heel, glaring at the idiot following me. "Josh, I swear on Merlin's trousers I will hex you into next Saturday if you don't lay off. Go run off to whatever it is you Hufflepuffs do so that I can get to the Great Hall and eat my breakfast."

"It's Jacob, actually," he said, quietly, tears in his eyes.

I silently swore and turned back, determinedly heading towards the Great Hall. Idiot Hufflepuffs. Especially the sensitive males. As I made my way to the Gryffindor table (Lily, Mary and Alice are really the only friends I've got), I felt my stomach lurch as I saw the familiar mop of shaggy black hair of none other than Hogwarts' resident playboy. But as I continued to look around the Gryffindor table, my heart dropped as I saw where Lily was sitting. All the way on the other side of the table.

As I tried to swallow with my dry mouth, I sauntered over there, making sure to move my hips in a way that led to many envious stares from other girls and many more less-than-admirable thoughts from the boys. As I sat down, Lily smiled brightly at me through a mouthful of cereal, Mary gave me a hushed "Morning" and Alice snored a little from her spot on Mary's shoulder. I let out a small chuckle and sat, digging into the pancakes on the plate in front of me.

"That Jason kid from Hufflepuff was trailing after me this morning," I said to Lily as she took a swig of her pumpkin juice. She gave me a look. "It's not my fault. We hooked up well over a week ago. The mourning period doesn't normally last this long."

"It's not that, Kendra. I just don't think you should be toying with these lads. They have feelings."

I scoffed. "Jackson is just a whiny Puff who can't even last ten minutes. And he wonders why I shot him down."

Mary's mouth puckered and Lily rolled her eyes at my statement. Alice yawned and sat up, oblivious to our previous semi-started conversation.

"Isn't his name Jacob?"

Oops. Guess not so oblivious.

I glared at her as she tried to pat down her mess of black curls. Usually her hair is pin-straight, but on certain days (that may involve a certain Frank Longbottom), she wakes up an hour early to curl it. Hence the sleepiness.

"Whatever," I muttered as a familiar flapping was heard throughtout the Great Hall.

I looked up excitedly. Mail was easily one of the highlights of any week here at Hogwarts. Without it, I wouldn't have the dulcet tones of Mary asking us questions from the quizzes in Witch Weekly, or the distraction that mag gave me in Slughorn's insufferable potions class. But as I saw an inky black owl circle down to rest on the table in front of me, I felt a stone in my stomach. Slowly taking the letter from the owl, I opened it as Lily, Mary and Alice stared at me. Unfolding the parchment inside, I trembled as I saw the familiar handwriting.

Kendra Elizabeth,

I've received word from your headmaster that your grades are quite adequate so far in the year. Adequate? Keep that up and I'll have you brought straight home. If all you can pull is an adequate, I don't expect you'll be staying there too long. I expect you are still training. If not, I will know as soon as you come home. Keep in shape. I will not be having a pudgy daughter, especially with my reputation.

Aunt Kathy sends her regards. Her new beau Timothy has great pull in the oil front in Canada, so I expect she'll be sending out wedding invitations soon. I have already told her you will not be attending. No need for such a young, impressionable girl to attend such an event. Especially one who pulls adequate grades.

Don't bother sending that blasted owl back with a reply. The bloody bastard bit me until it found two pounds on my desk. I'll see you on the holidays unless something comes up.

E. Williams

My hands shook as I read the letter. Adequate grades? We weren't two months into the year! Bloody bastard probably didn't even know a teacup from a tea cozy, let alone transfiguring them into each other.

And Aunt Kathy? Her weddings were always splendid. She never let me go without a drink in hand and always seemed to set me up with a handsome relative of her new 'beau.'

Also, beau? Who the hell says beau? And what kind of father signs his letters like that? Obviously mine.

As for the pudgy daughter comment, I'd show him. Jumping up from the table, I quickly said goodbye to my friends and raced to the corridors. Exercise, my arse. That fucker had no idea that his precious exercises had long since been forgotten with me. I had developed my own method of staying in shape. And I could see it now. The handsome Slytherin from before was chatting with his mates and I plastered a bored expression on my face.

"Excuse me," I said, interrupting them. "Professor McGonagall wishes to speak to you in her office. I'm to accompany you so you don't 'get lost.'"

"Tough luck mate," one of the other boys said.

Handsome boy smiled. "It's alright. Be back in a jiffy. Mc G probably just wants to ask about that kitten from last week. I told her it still whistled when it got too hot."

His friends laughed and one of them clapped him on the back. "Man, Theo, you crack me up."

Theo smiled and turned back to me. "Mc G thinks I'll get lost?" He asked, looking at me curiously as we walked away from his friends and rounded a corner.

"No," I said coyly, slowly placing a hand on his arm and discreetly steering him towards the door of a broom cupboard I was all too familiar with. "But I did."

"Professor McGonagall doesn't want to see me in her office, does she?" Theo asked, raising an eyebrow rather… suggestively.

"No," I breathed, opening the broom cupboard and shoving him inside.

You wanted exercise, E. Williams? Well I'll give you exercise.





Theo and I had a lot of fun. So much so that I walked into Potions 45 minutes late and Lily glared at me. I had to sit next to this rando Hufflepuff bloke named Kevin or Andrew or Phillip or something, but I passed notes to Mary the entire time. Apparently we were attending the Gryffindor party tonight. I smirked as I realized this meant I wouldn't have to deal with Theo trailing after me at the party. Gryffindor parties meant no Slytherins.

After our last class of the day (it could have been Herbology or Charms, but I just didn't care) I raced back to my dormitory. It would take me hours to get ready. I needed to be slag-tastic for this party. Hopefully Sirius was drunk enough to give me a chance tonight. He always laughed it off, chalking it up to be too sober to shag a friend. Well, not tonight.





I opened the door to my dormitory just in time to see the bathroom door close. I rolled my eyes as I heard the shower turn on. The girls in my dormitory thought they were smart. They really weren't. Zoe and Sydney were smart, to be honest, but they could never keep something secret. Alexandra and Charlie were the same, but not as bad. Right now, I could tell that Alexandra had broken up with Diggory – good thing too 'cause that boy was trouble – and that Charlie was crying for some reason or another but using the shower as a cover for being alone. Bloody idiotic bints.

"Are you going to the Gryffindor party tonight?" I asked Alexandra's sobbing form. Fucking get over it you whore, I said in my head. Aren't I just so nice? "I'm going and I'm getting ready in Lily's dorm. If you are going though, remember not to be too much of a drag like last time okay?"

I was about to turn away when her voice split through the otherwise silent dormitory.

"Actually Kendra, I was wondering if you could help me get ready for the Gryffindor party. I've decided to go all out and I need someone like you to help me."

Wait! Alexandra Fucking James wanted my help? To look like a slag?

"Oh Merlin, of course Alexandra!" Dress up was my favorite sport after all. "Now that you're done with Diggory, the best thing to do is get him jealous. I know he'll be there so you need to look hot. Smoking to be exact. I want you to look like the end of a cigarette."

Mmm, cigarettes. My last summer fling this year was with this guy named Beck who could make smoke rings with his cigarettes. Sexy. But apparently Alexandra didn't think so. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Kendra, it's not for a few hours at least. We don't need to get ready until, what, an hour beforehand?"

Shock coursed through me. This girl had no idea what she had gotten herself into by asking for my help. Thankfully, I was going to explain everything. And then force her to go with it even if I had to hex her to a chair.





It had taken three hours to get Alexandra and Charlie ready, but as I saw them walk through the portrait hole, I couldn't have been prouder. It had taken me two hours to get myself ready, which was good because almost every other girl would have paled next to those two bitches whereas I stood out myself. Currently grinding to a hot seventh year, I turned and kissed him full on the mouth.

Gross. Saliva city.

Tearing away from Water Works, I made my way through the dance floor, eventually making it to the Gryffindor boys' stairs. Perfect. Slowly making my way up them (allowing the entire Gryffindor a nice view of my arse), I heard minimal noise from each dormitory until I heard a large guffaw from the fifth years room.


I threw open the door and saw none other than James Potter, some of his fan club, and extremely attractive blokes. Mind you, I had already made my mark on half of them, but second time can be the charm, right? Right! They seemed to be playing Truth or Dare. I saw a bottle of firewhiskey in James's hand and sat down next to him much to the dismay of his fan club. Downing about half the contents of the bottle I turned to him.

"Get me wasted and get me laid," I told him.

"I promise."

He smiled and I knew he would make good on that promise. Looking across the circle, I caught the eye of a very attractive boy.

"You," I said shrilly. "Truth or Dare."

"Dare," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I smiled, licking my lips. "Change underwear with the person to your left."

The boy looked over and gave me a look as he saw the lacy thong poking out of the girl's denim mini skirt. I smirked and silently promised him he would not have them on for long.





Somewhere along the course of the night, I had gotten shit faced, given James Potter my underwear, hooked up with the attractive boy who eventually put on the lacy thong, along with that rando seventh year Puff again, and then two other boys. At least, I think I did.

Alcohol was always abused when it came to me.

I had made it back to my own dormitory at one point in the night, and collapsed on my bed. I didn't actually go to sleep though. Too much buzzing in my head. That was happening a lot lately. As I turned around again, I heard the door slowly click open and pretended to be asleep as whoever the late comer was tried to walk to her bed silently. It didn't work. I heard rustling from Alexandra's bed as Charlie (at least I thought it was her) tried to be quieter.

"Charlie," I heard Alexandra mutter. Yes, I knew it was Charlie! "Charlie, what time is it?"

"Hey sweetheart," Charlie said, trying to distract her, "how are you? I didn't wake you did I?"

More rustling was heard.

"Charlie what time is it?" Alexandra asked forcefully.

"It's four in the morning. I did wake you didn't I? I'm sorry sweetheart. Go back to sleep."

"Charlie, you don't sound drunk. But you came back late. Charlie what did you do?"

I think the better question would be who did she do? But I didn't say that. I held my tongue.

"Go back to sleep sweetheart, we'll talk in the morning, okay?"

"Does Charlie have a boyfriend?" More like a fuck buddy, but continue Alexandra. "Does – Oh I'm sorry Charlie I won't tease you anymore, okay?"

"That's okay Al. Now go back to sleep."

I heard more movement and could barely hold in all my excitement. Charlotte Meaver, prude extraordinaire was a slag. Just like me! Well, slightly less slaggy. But still a little slaggy. As I waited for her to get in bed, I felt myself jump up and at her bed. I just couldn't hold in my excitement. Landing on her and covering her mouth with my hand, I put my mouth near her ear.

"You dirty little slag." I felt her relax from the tensed up state she was in from when I attacked her. I took my hand off her mouth. "Who was it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Kendra dearest."

"Oh please. You slept with someone, dirty little slag."

"Stop calling me that!"

"But it's true. Makeup smudged, outfit trashed, hair mussed, and coming back early in the morning. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Take it from a real veritable slag. I know when someone has had amazing fun."

"Keep it down," she said, shushing me. "I don't want Alexandra to know."

"Why not?"

"Because it's not something to be proud of, Kendra!"

"Really? Because I quite like doing so."

"Kendra, I'm not you. I don't want the news of my exploits all around Hogwarts."

"Oh come on. At least tell me who it was."

"If I do will you promise to keep it a secret? To not tell anyone? And to stop pestering me?"

I groaned. "Fine."

"Um, Remus Lupin."

Hold up. HOLD. THE. FUCK. UP. Remus Lupin. REMUS FUCKING LUPIN?! What? Which is exactly what I said.


"Kendra!" She said, slapping her hand against her mouth and shushing me.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry," I muttered. But then my curiosity got the better of me. "So, anyways, was he any good?"


My question never got answered.





Author's Note: So how do you like it? I'm thinking of doing a short spinoff written in Kendra's perspective. Thoughts? Favorite moments, quotes? Expectations? Next one's coming right up!

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