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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 2 : Blackout
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 Hermione peered through her barely opened eyelids, glancing around her empty dorm room.  It was the next morning and it was far too bright to still be sleeping.  She yawned as she sat up and casually glanced down at her alarm clock.  As soon as she saw the time, she jumped out of bed and began rushing around.  Breakfast was almost over!  Why hadn’t the other girls awakened her?

She threw on her button up, tie, and robe, and was reaching for her shoes when she suddenly felt nauseous.  She quickly ran to the nearest girls bathroom and emptied her stomach again.  She stood confusedly as she washed her hands.  She was never sick!  Why was she sick?  It was decided she would go see Madam Pomfrey as soon as she could if she still didn’t feel well.

Padding barefoot towards the dorm again, she decided she felt much better already, but still not normal.  Sighing, she gave the password and quickly retreated to her dormitory where she threw on her shoes and attempted to tame her hair.  As she was leaving the common room, she heard all the students being dismissed from breakfast.

Great, she thought, now I’ll have to go without a meal; I’d better grab something from the shack.  She walked down to the shack and ordered a hot chocolate and some toast.  She figured that would be easy on her unhappy stomach.  While she waited for her food, she put her head down on her arms, exhausted. 

Luna, on her way to her next class, skipped over to Hermione once she had spotted her.

“Hey Hermione, why weren’t you at breakfast?  I saved you a seat!  I had to fight off Lavender for it!” She inquired.  This was one of the things that had changed after the war, the students no longer stayed at the tables of their house.  They sat where they pleased, and the school was pleased to see everyone getting along this way.

“I overslept I suppose.  Never done that before, I just haven’t been feeling the best.  Care for some toast?”  Hermione offered, seeing her food being sat in front of her.  Luna happily accepted and asked Hermione,

“So what do you think is wrong?  You look mighty pale, maybe I should take you to see Madam Pomfrey.  She’s quite good with removing wrackspurts so I bet she could fix you up right quick!”  Hermione gave her a curious look before answering,

“I’m not sure actually.  I’ve probably just started to come down with something.  I’ll go see her if I’m not feeling better by later today.” Luna accepted this, and said they should probably head to class now. 

Standing up, Hermione felt just as sick as she had this morning but resolved to get through at least half of her classes.  She split ways with Luna and headed through a corridor leading to Arithmancy class.  When she arrived, she felt her stomach settled a bit and immediately smiled, feeling proud she had overcome her stomach. 

“Alright now, could everyone please turn to page 609?  Now who wants to read the first paragraph for us today?  Come on, don’t be shy!”  their teacher pleaded with the class.  No hands went up.  Normally Hermione would have volunteered right away, but as she wasn’t feeling well, she simply sunk down in her seat.

“Hmmm… yes Hermione!  Would you care to read for us?” the teacher asked, knowing she wouldn’t refuse.

“Uhm alright, I suppose.  Let’s see, where would you like me to start then?  First paragraph?  Alright, here goes” she said halfheartedly.

She began reading, and the churning feeling in her stomach got worse until she had to stop.

“And the famous arithmancer, Bridget Wenlock was the one to- I’m sorry I don’t feel well.”  She explained as she got up and quickly ran out of the classroom.  She looked around desperately, momentarily forgetting where she was.  She began running down the hall, searching for a restroom.

Turning a corner, she ran smack into a tall figure.  “Oh Merlin, I am so sorry!” she exclaimed, reaching a hand to the figure she’d knocked over, recognizing him the instant she did so.  “Oh Malfoy, it’s you.  Well uh sorry.” She said.

He sneered at her as he stood up, not taking her hand.  “Whatever Granger.  Where are you going in such a rush anyway?  Got to go meet your boyfriend, Weasel?”  He asked, smugly.  Although he had changed sides in the end, giving away Voldemort’s secrets to the Order, he still didn’t like the trio.

“No actually, if you must know- Oh merlin.” She trailed off as she slumped against the wall, holding her stomach in pain.  What was wrong with her?  The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Draco Malfoy looking down at her, a concerned expression on his face, as he called her name.

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Sudden Blessings: Blackout


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