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The Piano by TheHallow
Chapter 9 : Bring out the Claws
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“Show me how to lie
You’re getting better all the time
And turning all against the one
Is an art that’s hard to


I'm listening to the Offspring, "You're gonna go far kid", while writing this chapter :P



When I woke up the next morning, I found the room in complete disarray. What was it that woke me up again? "You- you!" yelled Nyrie, "you toss-pot!" 


"What don't got anything better than that, Valhaven?!" Alice was screeching right back at her.

Oh. That's what it was.


Wait... what?!


Just as I sat up in my bed a pillow landed right on my face, "Oof!" I grunted as the pillow contacted with my face.


"Oi!!", I yelled, "What is going on here?" I was completely ignored and the girls just kept screaming and throwing things at each other.


"Okay that's it!" I yelled. I grabbed my wand and said, "IMPEDIMENTA!" I thank Uncle Harry for using that one on Albus and James when they were fighting in the house.


"AARRGGGGG" yelled Alice and Nyrie screamed suddenly as the were both lifted into the air by their ankles.

"Rose!" Alice yelled, "Get me down from here!" 

"No" I said, "What are two fighting about?"

"Albus asked me out" said Nyrie 

"She stole Albus from me!" Alice said at the same time.

"He wasn't yours in the first place!" 

"Well that's rich! You only became interested in him because I was!"

"I did not!"



"ENOUGH!" I yelled, "Do you know how you people are disturbing everybody? You guys probably even woke up everyone in the castle! And on a Monday!" I stressed, "If you guys are fighting fine, just don't ask me to pick sides. Because I wont."

Then as punishment I left them dangling upside down while I showered and got ready for class, when I came back out of the loo, Alice and Nyrie were just glaring at each other while dangling by their ankles. I then sighed and responded with the counter jinx. Letting my friends drop back to the floor,  I then grabbed my bookbag and stalked out of the dormitory for breakfast.

During breakfast, everybody noticed the three friends not sitting together, Rose ate with Dom, Nyrie ate with Albus down the table, and Alice was nowhere to be seen. She probably was going down to the kitchens during the breaks between classes, as she walked by it on her way to and from potions.

Rose recounted how she had woken up that morning to Dom, who had missed the exchange of ridiculousness due to the essay that she accidentally forgot about for Transfiguration.

"I mean honestly, did they actually have to fight over our cousin? To the degree of throwing things at each other?" I fumed, "that is so childish!"

Dom nodded in agreement, "I absolutely agree" she stated. while buttering her toast.

When Scorpius walked into the Great Hall I noticed him immediately, I began to blush deeply, which Dom took notice to and looked questioningly. And the she looked across the Great Hall to see Scorpius smiling and giving a shy wave to Rose. Dom's mouth dropped, and her egg fell from her toast back onto her plate.

"And what was that?!" said Dom inquiringly, "are you keeping secrets from me Rose?" Dom accused.

"errrr", I said for a moment, "Okay, okay I'll tell you!" I blushed, then I proceeded to tell Dom about my Hogsmead visit with Scorpius.

By the end of the story Dom was squealing, "Oh Rose! I'm so happy for you!" Causing everybody to look at Dom and me to blush furiously. "Well go back to your knitting!" Dom replied coolly. I looked up to see Scorpius snickering and smiling to himself while he ate breakfast. He is such a dream-boat. I could tell I wasn't the only one who thought that, when I noticed that a lot of girls, not only from the Slytherin table, watch Scorpius Malfoy with dreamy eyes as he drank a glass of pumpkin juice. I swelled with pride, since I could say that Scorpius did pick me.

The rest of the day was uneventful, except for the fact that I felt rather lonely without my best friends on my hip. Although, people did notice that I was hanging out with Scorpius during Hogsmead, nobody seemed to make a rumor of it. Which was good for Scorpius and I, there was no need to let the word get back to our parents yet. During our free period, I met Scorpius in an empty classroom to help me on my Patronus.

"okay, you gotta think of something that makes you really happy," Scorpius said, "but not just happy, it can be something that makes you calm. A certain thought, or maybe even remember something that makes you feel really good, but you have to remember it." He explained to me. "look watch this," he then proceeded to take out his wand.

"Expecto Patronum" he said with some fervor, but the way he said it, it was as if his good thoughts where in the words. Out from his wand in silver and blue streams, came out his corpeal, a fox. how cute.

"Okay", I said, let me think, what made me smile the most?

"hmmmmmmm," I said after sometime, "maybe a day where everything went my way" I pondered out loud, "Or maybe something that was just the perfect day with all of my favorite things." 

"That's a good place to start," Scorpius Malfoy responded.

After a while, I finally said, "Expecto Patronum" with my eyes still closed. Behind my eyelids, I could see that the room became very bright.

"Woah," Said scorpius after a few breaths. I opened my eyes and saw a giant cat stalking the room, watching me. I then noticed that It was my corpeal, I smiled wide. My Corpeal, was a lioness. 

"I did it!" I squealed leaping into Scorpius' arms, "Oh thank you Scorpius!" 

He studdered for a second and then proceeded to wrap his arms around me, I then realized that the feeling I felt in his arms was the same feeling I used for my corpeal. IT was the same calm and comfortable feeling when It rained and I was snuggled up with a good book. The same feeling of being held, safe, and a way from harm. As I realized this, I also realized that my patronus made the room glow more and warm the room with its light.

Scorpius and I stayed like that for a while, until I heard, "Eat lunch with me"

I looked up at him, "Are you sure?"

"yeah," he smirked at me, "But if you don't want to eat at the slytherin table that's fine, we can eat in the kitchens." I smiled wide. And when we left the room together, my patronus finally disappeared.

The next day in DADA I showed Professor Saint my corpeal during class. Scorpius was leaning against the wall on his slytherin side, smiling or smirking, i didn't care which it was still cute. "Well done! Well done! Miss Weasley! That was a fantastic Corpeal Patronus! I will now change your great to an Outstanding!" he said passionately. "ah, Scorpius, I heard you helped her with her patronus?" he pointed out to the class, his fellow slytherins looked at him in disbelief. why would he help Rose Weasley? his class mates thought. "Ahh, Yes I did," He said after a long pause. Jaws dropped.

"Well then, I guess I will give you some extra credit for your OWL, maybe you could get into Newt level and become an Auror hm?" Professor Saint said.

"Ah thank you sir, but I think I'd much rather want to be a curse breaker" he said nobly, everyone including myself gawked at him, I had no idea he wanted to be practically the exact opposite of his father. "Very nice Mr. Malfoy, but you know that job is extremely dangerous! Are you sure you're up to it?"

Malfoy gave a big bright smile, "I'm up to it." 



The rest of the week was filled with rumors, as usual as rumors go. And I listened in on a few of them, a few were about Dom and how jealous girls are of her. A few others were about Lily and how she just got on the team, and there was one about Scorpius Malfoy helping out Rose Weasley. This unlikely friendship was different to say the least, and everyone was shocked to say the least. But one thing I made sure, was to keep the rumors under control. I could not have people knowing that Scorpius and I were a little more than friends. Well, we hadn't kissed since last weekend, so I presumed that our relationship is growing, which it definitely was. Scorpius and I just both knew that we weren't at the point where people should knew about us.

During the weekend, I hung out in the library, pouring over music sheets. "Whatchya doin' there Rose?" I jumped in surprise to see James.

I narrowed my eyes at him while hovering over my sheet music protectively, "What do you want James?," I said coolly.

"Ouch, Rose," He chuckled a little, looking kind of nervous, "I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry." he said after a moment. I blinked in surprise.

"Oh," I said intelligently, "well, uh, apology accepted," I said.

James proceeded to sit next to me and pull out a book, I snorted. He looked up at me curiously, so I proceeded to say, "James Potter is reading a book?"

He laughed, "Oh no," he responded, "This is Lucy's Diary," he explained with a snort.

They both then burst into laughter, and were kicked out by Madame Pince. But they still laughed arm in arm down the corridor. So all in all, kicking them out of the library was no use, since their laughter ricochet off of the corridors and traveled right back into the library where everybody could hear their joyous racket.

By the end of the month, Rose Weasley, Nyrie Valhaven and Alice Smith where still not on speaking terms. But when they got on the train for the Christmas Holidays, they each found hidden presents in their bags while sitting on the train. It was usually tradition that they would hand out presents on the train home, so it was a good thing that they didn't let this get too severe. When Rose got off the train and searched for her parents, she noticed that Scorpius wasn't heading toward the warm arms of a Father and Mother but towards a young German Shepard leaping on him and a House elf in a butler's tux.

How Lonely.

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The Piano : Bring out the Claws


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