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Midnight Romeo by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 1 : Midnight Romeo
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"And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

~ Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

"Meet me at midnight," he would whisper into my ear. And he knew I would be waiting, under the willow tree for him, sure that he would never come, overjoyed when he arrived. We'd sit underneath the stars for hours, and I wished I could freeze those moments in time. I'd slip back into my house, heart thumping, trying to get the green eyed boy out of my mind.

My father would discourage me from even talking to another founders' child, "they all betrayed me, Rosaline. And Slytherin's don't like being betrayed." If he found out about George - the son of his rival Godric Gryffindor - he would kill me, no kill him.

"I don't care about your blood status, you're not a Muggleborn, your father is a Wizard." I said to him one night, looking at the damp, May grass. He grabbed my hand in his, looking at me strangely, his dark blonde hair long, covering the most part of his face. Even in the moonlight, his ocean green eyes were visible. George didn't reply for a few moments, "Rosa, I wish I could freeze these moments in time, and live in them forever."
 I smiled at him, "me too. Everything is so simple when I'm with you, nothing is ever complicated."

"I feel exactly the same. Race you up the hill!" George started running, and I followed him. After a couple of seconds, I fell on the wet grass. George slid next to me a moment later. He ran a hand through my dark red hair, leaning in towards me. His soft lips gently touched mine, and a feeling of complete serenity fills me. I am at peace, I am happy. I could die here, and not have any regrets. Then the moment ends, and George whispered, "I've got to be getting back." I nodded, but waited until he left before apparating to the Slytherin Manor.

The house I lived in with my mother and father, was large, royal and eerily looking, never a sense of warmth to it despite the numerous warming charms I had enchanted it with. My parents had always believed that Slytherin's could do no wrong, so snakes adored our cold and un-forgiving home. Unlike the rest of the manor, my bedroom was the only room not painted green. The walls were white, a queen size bed laid in the center of the room. My clothes, dressing table and mirror were spread across the south side of my bedroom: a dozen French windows on the north. Some days I'd just sit there, waiting for the sun to set.
Before long our seventh year ended, and George and I left Hogwarts.Father refused to teach there, letting his brother Sirius represent the Slytherin house at the school. I stayed at home after Hogwarts, not being allowed to work myself. But George left to travel the world, returning monthly to tell me of his travels. I would share with him my boredom, my fear for the arranged marriage Father had planned since my birth. In the long weeks between his visits, I found myself missing George more and more, my heart aching for his return. I realized I loved him in these long days. One evening, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, my father gave me the announcement I had been dreading ever since I could remember: I was to marry my first cousin, the Baron of Cambridge. I ran up to the willow tree,confessed everything to George, my tears falling onto his robes. He held me, told me everything was to be okay. He said I could run away, come with him. I couldn't go: it would have broken my mothers heart. I laid in his arms, watching the stars underneath the willow tree for a long time, until he whispered, "I love you."A lump appeared at the back of my throat as I finally replied, "I love you too."
George didn't leave the next day, said that I was more important than any trip. I saw him every night, told him about Father's plan for the wedding, told him that even Mother thought he was going mad. The night before the wedding, George suggested that we leave, said we didn't even to tell anyone. I declined again: I couldn't upset Father like that.

Mother woke me up at sunrise the next morning, opening my silk curtains and announcing, "it's going to take us till noon to make you look beautiful!" So for eight hours, Mother and the dozens of house elves worked tirelessly to make me look suitable for my husband. I was placed in a strapless tulle wedding dress, with diamond embroidery upon the corset and a skirt that flew out from my waist. My dark red hair was in a elegant bun, ringlets falling from it.

My favorite house-elf, a small female named Oaky, applied light make-up to my face, but leaving my light brown eyes free. My fear for the future was mirrored in her old, wrinkled face. Father appeared in my room as the clock struck noon. Only twelve hours previously, I had been staring at stars, with the heir of his enemy. Only this thought, allowed me to smile at my father as he placed his Slytherin locket upon my chest.

"You look like a snake... beautiful and elegant." He hissed to me in Parselmouth. I took one last look in the mirror, saw the frightened expression on my face, and changed it into one of utter joy. My parents left to welcome the guests, and I let a single tear fall down my cheek. "Don't worry, Mistress Rosaline, everything will be alright!" Oaky looks at me, her light blue eyes trying to reassure me that everything is fine.

"Please, call me Rosa, Mistress is so formal. Why do you stay Oaky? You possess more magic than more wizards, yet you let yourself be belittled and abused by my parents. Why Oaky?"
"To take care of you, Rosa."
A comfortable silence fell upon the witch and the house-elf, and neither felt the need to break it. A red light filled the room, and George Gryffindor appeared in my bedroom. "George!" I sighed in relief, running up and holding him. He held me tight, whispering words of comfort. Oaky tugged at my dress, pointing at the door. I don't notice Father and Mother standing in the doorway, watching George and I.

"Rosaline." Father snarled in Parselmouth. The look on Mother's face was shame: shame that her only daughter would love a Gryffindor. "I love George, and I don't care what you say. I want to marry him, and bare his children. I don't want to marry the Baron, I don't love him."

"Do you think I loved your Father when I first met him? Merlin no, but I grew to love him. Be gone from here, Mudblood!" With a worried look in his eye, George apparated out of the Slytherin Manor, leaving me alone with my parents. "What were you thinking, Rosaline?! How could you love a Mudblood?" 

My anger rose, how dare she say George possessed dirty blood! His blood was purer than hers, he was a better person. "His parents are wizards, his blood is better than yours, and if anyone has dirty blood its you!"  Silence filled the room, and when Father finally spoke, his voice was low as he struggled to maintain an even tone, "you are dead to me. Leave and do to live with your Gryffindor lover." They left, but I couldn't go.Who knew what was out there? I had to stay.

After touching up my make-up to cover the tears, I started to down the wooden stairs, I held on to the serpent engraved banister, sure that if I let go, I would fall. They seemed to go on forever, my many footsteps echoing in the large, cold manor. Yanking up my dress as not to fall, the Slytherin locket upon my chest suddenly feels heavy, incredibly heavy for such a small locket.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, Father was waiting, wearing black robes. His silver beard was especially wild, his grey-blue eyes not focusing on one thing for more than a second before glancing at something else. His blood was splattered with blood. Human blood. He noticed me looking at his wand and gruffly said, "It's no one you know." I sighed in relief, but still disgusted that my Father could murder another in cold blood. 

He grabbed my arm, shoving it through the crook of his arm. He marched me down the aisle, and practically shoved me into the arms of my cousin, Edward Slytherin, the Baron of Cambridge. The Baron had light brown hair, and dark eyes that were filled with violence. Edward had a sly smile, broad shoulders and was six feet tall.

My mind was else where as the healer performed the ceremony. I suppose brides are meant to feel emotional as they get married. But I felt numb, as if, this was the end of my life. I couldn't marry someone I didn't love, I wasn't fair on him, on me, on George. 

"Do you, Rosaline Slytherin, take Edward Slytherin to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"No." I picked up the bottom of my dress, and ran up the hill towards the Willow Tree. I'd lost my wand, and had no way of defending myself against an attack. I could have gone back, grabbed my wand then returned, but I knew if went back, I would be trapped forever. 

Freedom, I practically skipped at the thought of it. George would be waiting at the Willow Tree, and then we could go from here, go anywhere. The sudden realization that I could make up my own future made me laugh out loud. My own future... It had a certain ring to it. But it wasn't just my future: it was George's future too, we were entwined. "Rosa?" A weak voice called out from under the willow tree.

"George?" I ran with all my might to the spot where we spent our thoughts, our memories, our future together. As soon as I saw the blood, I knew he was going to die. But part of me refused to believe it, despite the fact scarlet blood was everywhere. "Rosa?" George smiled, his green eyes full of wonder.

My voice was thick as I cradled him in my arms, "yes it's me George."

"Your Father did this to me. But, I can get better can't I? Did you bring your wand?" I shook my head, the salty tears falling thick and fast down my cheeks. 

"I'm going to die Rosa," George whispered.

"No, no you're not going to die. I'll go and get someone, I'll be right back, then you'll be better, and we can leave."

"Don't leave me, it's so peaceful. Do you remember the time's we spent together here? It's like our own little piece of heaven."

"I'm pregnant." 

George turned his head, a look of utter happiness upon his face. But blood from my father's hand covered his face too, and I couldn't leave him for a minute, even if that minute would have saved his life. He laid down, and looked at the stars in the sunlight that I couldn't see. "If it's a girl, call her Willow, and if its a boy-"

I interrupted him, "-I'll call him George Godric Gryffindor." He smiled at that, and pulled me to lay next to him. He put his arm around me, and my white wedding dress was covered in the blood of my true love.

"Before I die, will you marry me?" 

"Yes." I replied instantly.

"Rosaline Gryffindor, wife of George Gryffindor." I kissed his hand, before holding it tightly. "The pain's going away Rosa, I think I'm dying. I think I'm dying, Rosa!" Then the light was gone from his eyes, and the weight on my hand was gone.



But George is not gone, I will live on, for him and for our son, George Godric Gryffindor. He has his father's eyes, his father's humor and personality. I'll take him to the Willow Tree one day, tell him about his father. George Gryffindor will live on. 


A/N: So this is a little one-shot I had playing on my mind, so I decided to write it down! It might not be true to the era, but what can you do? So, I hope you enjoyed it!

~ Macy x

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Midnight Romeo: Midnight Romeo


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