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No Good by Loony lovegood
Chapter 1 : Deviation
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognise!

I don't give a damn about my reputation
I've never been afraid of any deviation
And I don't really care if you think I'm strange
I ain't gonna change

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

There was a silent gust of wind that flew down the narrow, dark alleyway. The rain pounded the pebbled ground where puddles of filthy rain water lay. A single street lamp lit the long, winding backstreet and shutters on windows from the towering buildings slammed shut one by one as the storm worsened. A clatter of thunder and a bright streak of lightening flashed across the sky, momentarily filling the alleyway with light. The streetlamp began to flicker as the wind picked up and suddenly went out. The only light in the now black alleyway were the two wide, yellow eyes gleaming in the darkness, fixated on something. Not daring to move. Not daring to breathe.

From the alleyway on the green where tens of street lamps were still well lit, floated a creature in long, black, tattered robes. The grass below it now had died and turned into a thick layer of ice. The creature was patrolling, guarding the dead that lay below the ice which was once green grass on top of their graves. From the alley once the creature had passed, a red fox stood out from the blackness and slowly tip toed towards the green, keeping as low as possible. When it was determined to be safe, the fox made a dash, and swiftly darted into the fortress that is Azkaban Prison.


Sydney looked at her surroundings carefully as she walked through the Hogwarts grounds keeping an eye out for her least favourite people. She could see in front of her the usual band of moronic air heads in front of her gabbing about their hair or lip gloss or some new deadbeat bad boy whom they thought they could tame. She rolled her eyes and snorted in derision as the three girls giggled. Samantha Lawrence was as smart as she was actually blonde. Her hair was a peroxide colour, obviously bleached. She was shallow and small-minded, however she was nothing compared to Janice Fowler. Janice was a gossip; she could never keep anything to herself even when it came to her best friends. She wouldn’t hesitate to chuck her friends under the bus if it came to getting the boy she liked. Then there was Farrah Bishop. She was just a horrible human being, if anyone could outshine her in anyway, she would make it her mission to sabotage them at any cost. She particularly didn’t take kindly to Sydney even though she wasn’t a particularly prim and proper young woman but she continued to hate Sydney for reasons unbeknownst to the both of them.

“Hello Maura” came a deep, husky voice close to Sydney’s ear.

Sydney wrinkled her nose in contempt as if there was a bad smell filling her nostrils. She continued to look at the three girls in front of her, not given any regard to the vile boy. She continued on down the stepping stones towards Hagrid’s Hut for her Care of Magical Creatures lesson, her hair swinging back and forth as she took large strides down the hill.

Chuckles came from behind her and more footsteps getting louder and louder. “Sydney Maura,” came the familiar drawl “I believe our good friend Sirius here said hello.” Said the infamous Potter himself.

“Yes.” Said Sydney, calmly keeping her eyes now fixated on the swishing of the trio of girls’ hair in front of her, going to and fro in unison. “And I believe I blatantly ignored him,” she said smiling a crooked smile “but thank you for allowing me to point it out in front of all of his friends.”

Guffaws and laughter came from the band of hooligans behind her as he words had clearly not stung the boys enough. They were just warming up.

“You’re in luck today Maura!” said Potter swinging his arm around Sydney. She tried to throw his arm off but his muscly bicep proved too strong, if anything his grip tightened.

“Why’s that then eh Potter?” said Sydney playing along with the Marauders’ games.

“Because you get the absolute pleasure,” James Potter said haughtily “of spending all of your lessons today with us.”

Sydney decided on walking faster down the hill in order to hopefully lose James Potter and his band of goons. “I believe that is called a Tuesday.” She said dryly. She was beginning to become breathless as she forgot that she probably would not be able to outrun the Quidditch team. “They occur quite often” Potter’s grip loosened. “Every week in fact!” She took her chance while she could and slid out of James’ reach.

She trotted down the hillside faster while muttering “Fucking idiots”. As she approached Hagrid’s hut he was already standing outside with students gathered, awaiting the remaining attendees.

“All right, all right!” boomed Hagrid “Hurry up will ye’?”

As Sydney joined the group, a few students nearest to her, shuffled away slightly but Sydney took no notice of the juvenile adolescents beside her. It was a known fact in Hogwarts that Sydney’s father, Adbaldar Maura, was an Azkaban prisoner, convicted for the crime of murdering his wife – Sydney’s mother. The fact that Sydney kept her father’s last name did not ease the students of Hogwarts of her stability or danger, her terrible temper and violent outburst did not help her appearance either. Sydney, however, could care less about what the mindless drones surrounding her. Besides, a little fear had benefited her for the past six years at school; it normally gave her the upper hand in bad social situations.

“Right then!” bellowed Hagrid, a smile on his lips. His passion for the subject smeared across his face. “Ev’ryone get inter’ pairs.”

At those words teenage anarchy let loose, girls squealing to be paired with their friends or a handsome boy. Boys punching each other on the arm when they’d paired themselves. Sydney looked around the muddy grounds, once again being left alone. She never cared though, her life was filled with solitude and as a result, she preferred it.

“Hello partner.” Came that familiar rich, rough voice once again.

Sydney crooked her neck slightly to confirm the voice had come from the arrogant, superficial Sirius Black.

“Black I’m not partnering with you.” Sydney said sighing. “To be frank I’d rather partner myself with a bucket of flobberworms.” She nodded to one of the buckets filled to the brim with said creatures sitting beside Hagrid’s hut.

Sirius feigned being wounded. “Don’t say that Maura!” he laughed. His eyes then narrowed at Sydney but continued to smile. “Mean girls get their comeuppance.”

Sydney snorted in derision and turned back to face Hagrid who was explaining the task for today’s class. “Why don’t you return to your band of hooligans bl-”

Before she could finish her sentence, James and the slightly smaller Peter Pettigrew had thrown a bucket of flobberworms over her. They began to crawl all over her body and became tangled in her wild hair. James, Sirius, Peter and Remus Lupin, normally the most humble of the four, began to roar with laughter. Sydney immediately snatched her wand and turned on the four boys, thunder in her eyes.

“Oi!” exclaimed Hargrid “What do ye’ think yer doin’?!”

Though laughs James Potter managed to explain “Miss Maura, here, managed to fall head first into her bucket!”

“Well if I can’t see the lie I can definitely smell it!” bellowed Hagrid. “The five of ye’,” he pointed his gigantic finger at them “Go and see professor McGonagall, right now!”

Without needing to hear another word Sydney spun on her heel and stormed back up the hillside glowering and already planning her revenge.

Grumbling to herself Sydney stormed into Minerva McGonagall’s office causing the profession to snap her eyes up at the angry student from her pieces of parchment in dire need of marking. Professor McGonagall pursed her lips as Sydney, dripping ooze and worms from her robes onto the floor, came and sat at the desk, trying to keep calm and grasp onto the remainder of her dignity.

“Miss Maura,” McGonagall said politely “To what do I owe this..” her eyes snapped to the stone cobbles on the floor now covered in flobberworms and the goo they oozed. The professor then allowed her eyes to then switch back to the student in front of her. “..pleasure.”

Sydney flicked her gold, tousled hair and out flew a few more flobberworms. Professor McGonagall jumped and turned her nose up in repulsion. She pushed her unmarked papers to one side and signed.

“Professor, I have been sent here by Hagrid, the grounds keeper.” McGonagall looked down at her, over her spectacles. “I…” Sydney thought to herself, she could quite easily tell McGonagall what really happened, but these four get in trouble all of the time, it wouldn’t even faze them. “I’m afraid I fell into one of the buckets of flobberworms and I broke the bucket.” After all, where would the fun be if she had told? “Hagrid wishes for the payment to come out of my Gringott’s vault.”

McGonagall nodded, her hand rubbing her chin. “I’ll see to it an owl is sent to Gringott’s then.” She pulled the pieces of parchment back in front of her and pulled out her quill. “You’re excused Miss Maura.”

Sydney nodded and swiftly left the long, echoing classroom. The large wooden door creaked as she opened and closed it and behind those doors she found four Marauders sprawled out on the floor. They had obviously been listening behind the large door and had fallen backwards when she had opened it.

Sydney glared at the four boys “Can I help you?” she snapped.

“Did you just cover for us?” asked Remus astonished, running his fingers through his tousled blonde hair. The four boys managed to regain their balance and all fought to stand up. Sydney smiled at the four boys but her eyes continued to glower at them menacingly.

“Didn’t your parents teach you it was rude to eavesdrop?” she spat. Sydney then said nothing as she walked towards the Gryffindor common room in need of a well-earned hot shower as she was currently stewing in flubberworm juice.


As Sydney exited her bathroom, steam followed her into her cold dormitory, even for September, the weather was rather frightful. She looked out of the window and saw a familiar person down next to the black lake. Sydney threw her clothes on and ran down to the grounds, her hair still wet and shivering. She jogged towards the black lake to keep herself warm, but not before long she was feeling winded as exercise was not her forte. She finally managed to get to the lake and stood beside the girl with ebony skin. She bent over so her hands were on her knees and took deep breaths.

“Hey..” Sydney took a few more deep breaths. “Ashley.”

The girl, Ashley, spun around, her long black hair swooped behind her. “Hey Sid.” She said laughing slightly. “You do realise that this-” she gestured to Sydney being unfit and out of breath. “Is most likely the reason for you not making your Quidditch team.”

Sydney glowered at Ashley for a second. “Shut up.” She said “It was mainly because those arseholes Potter and Black convinced the team captain to not let me on.”

Ashley laughed “Yeah.” She said dryly and looked back out towards the lake. “That’s why.”

Sydney gave a wheezing laugh “You’re such a bitch.” She finally started to get her breath back. “Anyway,” she said clapping her hands and rubbing them together for warmth “I need your help.”

“Ugh,” Ashley rolled her eyes “Why can’t you go to one of your other friends…” she grinned at Sydney “Oh wait.”

Sydney glared at her. “Are you gonna stand here in the cold and make jokes” she gestured to where they were standing “or are you gonna come with me and hear what I have to say?” She crossed her arms.

Ashley threw her arms up in the air. “Fine.” She said with a cheeky smile “I guess I’ll come with you.” They began to walk towards the castle. “And I definitely wasn’t joking by the way.”

Sydney punched Ashley in the arm. Hard.


Authors Note: Please let me know whether or not you like it or not so I know whether or not to continue!

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