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Double Trouble by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1- Meet Juliana Freed
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“Juliana! WAKE UP!” My father, Mark Freed, shouted pounding on the door before stomping down the stairs. I groaned and rolled out of bed landing on the floor with a thump. Ow, not my best idea. I rose off the floor yawning and sat at my vanity to fix the birds’ nest that was my hair. I looked in the mirror and grimaced; my brown hair was knotted on top of my head, I had eye boogies in the corner of my blue eyes and my PINK pajama shirt had wet spots that looked a little like drool. Only I can wake up looking like the creature from the black lagoon. Sighing I grabbed the brush and ran it threw my hair until it ran smoothly without grabbing any knots, then I stripped off my pajamas and walked over to my closet grabbed a pair of sweat shorts and a running tank top and threw them on. After washing my face in the bathroom I headed down the stairs into the kitchen where my parents Mark and Erica were sitting eating the breakfast our house elf Twinkle had just got finished making. “Good morning Miss Juliana” Twinkle said putting my plate of French toast and bacon in front of me. “Thanks Twinkle. So what is the big deal that you had to wake me up with the sun during my summer vacation Father?”

“Funny. I have an old um acquaintance coming over and I want you to meet him.”

“Who is this acquaintance and why do I have to be here? I had plans with my friends.” My dad glanced at my mom and then turned to face me. “Albus Dumbledore and you have to be here because I said you had to be here.”

“Albus Dumbledore? The Albus Dumbledore who is responsible for the defeat of Gellert Grindelwald? Headmaster of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry?”

“Err…Yes. How do you know all this?”

“Dad, we may live in America but we still study stuff from other countries. Just like muggles learn about the world wars, we learned about Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald. The question is how do you know him?”

“Well before I moved to America and met your mother at Salem’s school for the beautiful witches and evil wizards I went to Hogwarts. Dumbledore just wants to come over and check up on us. You met him a couple times before when you were younger.” Foggy memories popped into my head of a toddler me pulling on a long beard belonging to an elder man with twinkling blue eyes. “I suppose I have but that still doesn’t explain why I have to be here. He’s your friend, not mine. I want to go meet my friends. Please mom let me go.”

“I’m sorry dear. You have to stay here.” My mom said softly looking at my father. “Ugh! You guys are seriously trying to ruin my life! Making me stay here and hang out with the old people. IT’S NOT FAIR!” I ran out the kitchen, up the stairs and slammed my bedroom door behind me. I wasn’t actually upset, I could always go meet up with my friends after Mr. Dumbledore left but if I didn’t act like I was mad and threw a teenage fit (as my dad calls them) then my parents will think something is wrong with me and then I will have to deal with them questioning me about my friends and where we fighting and it would be a complete nightmare. It is just easier to throw a fit then have them playing Dr. Phil. After a few moments of me making stomping noises and throwing my pillows at the wall, I quietly opened the door and snuck out onto the top of the stairs. “Well, that went great.” I overheard my mother telling my father. “If she acts like this just knowing he’s coming how do you think she will react when we tell her the truth?”

“We just have to tell her the truth and go from there. She definitely got her mother’s temper though.” I crept back into my room, shut the door and slid onto the floor. What truth do they need to tell me and why was mom talking like she wasn’t my actual mother? Could I be adopted? I rose off the floor and crossed the room to where there was a family picture sitting on top of my dresser and stared at it. No. That can’t be it. I have dad’s eyes and chin and I get my hair and body type from mom. So what the fuck is going on??


Hours later while I lying on my bed pondering what truth my parents had to tell me I heard the rush of the fireplace as someone flooed into our living room and the low voices as greetings were being made. “Julie! Come down here please!” My mom shouted up the stairs. I sighed, rose off my bed, and stomped my way down the stairs into the living room where my mom and dad were standing with the man from my foggy memories earlier. Albus Dumbledore was tall maybe around 5’10” with long pure white hair and beard. He had twinkling blue eyes hidden behind a pair of gold framed glasses and a look of amusement on his face. “Julie, this is Albus Dumbledore, my old headmaster. Headmaster, this is my daughter Juliana.” My dad said sitting next to my mother on the love seat. I walked over to the elderly man and stuck out my hand. “Pleasure to meet you sir.”

“Likewise Ms. Freed.” Dumbledore replied shaking my hand. “My you have grown into a beautiful young woman since I last saw you. You do look so like your mother...expect for your eyes. You have your father eyes.” Why did I have the feeling he wasn’t comparing me to the people sitting on the love seat? I smiled in reply and sat on the recliner my mom got my dad for father’s day. When I was younger and dad would be at work I use to curl into the recliner and sniff the scent of my father until he would return home. “Well Ms. Freed I assume you are wondering why you needed to be here at this meeting?”

“You can say that.”

“Well as you know I am headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I am here to offer you the spot you’ve had in my school since birth.”

“But…how would I have a spot at a school in Scotland since birth when I was born in America?”

“Ah but you weren’t born in America. You were born in London at St Mungos on July 31st 1980.”

“Now I know you are bat shit crazy. My birthday is August 4th!”

“Julie! Language!” My mother shouted sternly. “It’s fine Arabella. It is a lot to take in and she has a right to be upset.”

“What did you just call her? Old man I think you’re losing your mind. Her name is Erica not Arabella.”

“Actually…My name is Arabella. It’s Arabella Figg.” The liar formerly known as mom said sheepishly. “Ha-ha. Funny. Next you’re going to tell me Dad isn’t named Mark either.”

“Err...Funny thing that. My name isn’t Mark. It’s Sirius Black.” Are you serious? They bitch about me lying about if I did my homework or not and they’ve been lying about their identities this whole time! “Is anything you ever told me the fucking truth?! Am I even your daughter? Is my name actually Juliana?!” The two liars looked at each other and then over at the person who decided it would be fun and destroy my life. “You have got to be shitting me! Let me guess, I’m actually his daughter?”

“Actually no. You are the daughter of Lily and James Potter. Your real name is Jasmine Potter fraternal twin to Harry Potter.” Dumbledore said with a smirk on his face. I swear to god I am going to slap that fucking smirk of his face. “I was right you are bat shit crazy.”

“He’s telling the truth Jul-Jasmine.” The imposter known as Sirius Black said. “You guys are punking me right? Did Megan put you up to this? I swear I didn’t mean to tell her that she was actually the daughter of wolves. “

“I assure you Ms. Potter we are not punking you and I have no idea who this Megan is you speak of.”

“Okay let’s just say I believe you. Where’s your proof? If I’m supposedly this long lost child of this Lily and James Potter there has to be proof right?” Da-Sirius reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet, removed a picture from it and handed it to me. The picture was of a woman with long red hair and emerald green eyes with her arm around a tall laughing man with messy jet black hair and hazel brown eyes. In their arms were 2 squirming babies, one with jet black hair and the other with a tuft of red hair. “I look nothing like these people.” I said handing the picture back. “Joke over ok?”

“Actually Ms. Potter you do look like them but you have a glamour on yourself. As do Arabella and Sirius.”

“Prove it.” Sirius and Arabella rose off the couch and waved their wands in front of their bodies. Sirius who once had short blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and a nose like a pig now had long black hair, gray eyes, and a face that looked like it was made from a sculpture. Arabella who once had long brown hair, green eyes and a body that any model would envy now had frizzy gray hair, muddy brown eyes, and a body like a grandmother. “Holy shit.”

“Ms. Potter if you would stand in front of me I will take the glamour off.” I stood in front of Dumbledore and when he waved his wand over the front of my body a tingle shot throughout my body. “Well? Do I look any different?” Sirius grabbed my shoulders and led me to the mirror over the fireplace. I looked into the mirror and gasped. Whereas before I had long brown hair, blue eyes, and the same body type as my mother I was now slightly taller with bright red hair, porcelain skin, hazel brown eyes, a body with curves in all the right places and there upon my forehead was a lightning bolt scar. Well fuck. That was my last thought as everything went black and I fell back on the floor.



I know in the last chapter I put that Dumbledore had a safe house in Australia but I changed it to America at last minute and didnt feel like going back to change it. Chapter 2 should be up once this is validated. Review and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

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