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Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid by StarFeather
Chapter 22 : Assault (2)
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 Kingsley was waiting for him at the entrance of bronzed guarded doors. Harry noticed Williamson and Dawlish were with him. They led the way to the room where the conference would be held. Kingsley and Harry followed. The room was in the inner part of the vast marble hall as the same as the other day when Harry visited with Kingsley. But he became tensed when he saw more than twenty goblins looked down from high stools all at once. The representative of goblins spoke in his high pitch voice,

"I've heard you got rare metals goblins made. I expect you bring them today."

Harry followed the gaze of the representative and found the same goblin that was with him in the cart the other day.

The goblin grinned at him and said, "I'm glad to see you again. My name is Clasprod. Please have a seat. "

Harry sat down, and he pulled out the golden flagon and the bottle of wine Winky brought and put them on the table by his armchair. And he took out the cloth Ginny knitted as he instructed, and noticed for the first time the pattern of the cloth was a snitch and he grinned. And he poured the wine into it, and glanced at Clasprod. He nodded and his gaze urged Harry to do next move. Harry counted the goblins and conjured out Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from his pockets on his palm. And he transfigured them into twenty-four goblets with his wandless magic so swiftly that the representative couldn't find out what Harry had conjured first. Then he stood up, turned his face to Clasprod and said,

"I would like to give this golden flagon I withdrew from my vault to you, sir," Harry stared at the representative, whose eyes glinted with his uncovered materialistic desire.

Harry added, "Please accept this as our apology for the fact that my friends and I broke your bank last year. I don't know the goblin manners when you drink toasts."

Clasprod grinned wide and said, "We know your manners as well."

"All right then," and Harry hovered the goblets with his holly wand. And he swished his wand to write his own name and the name, Godric Gryffindor in druidic runes on the cloth. And he set the square cloth inside the flagon. He did it carefully as he had practiced many times before. And he poured wine from the flagon into each goblet and sent them soaring to the goblins.

Goblins took the goblet respectively and waited for Harry and Kingsley. Harry whispered Kingsley, "Only pretending."

Kingsley gave Harry a little nod and said, "For partnership between goblins and wizards."

"This reconciliation was accepted," the representative responded and he drank. Other goblins drank, too.

"Well, I'd like to make it clear two more things," said Harry gingerly after he feigned he drank wine.

The representative looked at Harry contentedly and said, "What can I do for you?"

"The sword of Gryfindor belongs to Hogwarts after Godric Gryffindor ordered your ancestors to make it for him, doesn't it?"

Tensed, Harry waited for the answer. What if he deny? Then the representative opened his mouth,

"You're right. Godric Gryffindor ordered our ancestors, the most skilled metalworkers to make the exclusive magical sword a thousand years ago. He paid not only lots of gold, but also showed his respect to our ancestors. Therefore the enchanted metal artifact belongs to Hogwarts."

Harry exhaled a sigh of relief, and said, "Would you mind give me your official document?"

The representative nodded and conjured a sheet of parchment and a quill, he began to write, and he finished. He handed it to Harry. Harry took hold of it and shoved it into his pouch carefully. The magic of the golden flagon worked out as Clasprod told him. He deserved the enchanted artifact goblins made. Harry decided to give the bronze spoon goblins made to Clasprod later as he wished. He glanced at Kingsley once more before he asked the goblins another favor. Kingsley stared back at Harry encouraging him. Harry nodded and said,

"Well, one more thing, I really appreciate for your support, so I'd like to make it clear that we should eliminate bribes from our world through your bank, you know, the secret vaults will not be good for your credit."

He had reckoned there would be a big stir among goblins, but there was no cry of discontent. Harry breathed deeply and he waited patiently for the answer. The representative kept grinning wide and requested him to refill the goblet, and Harry did it. The goblin drank and he looked contented. He finally opened his mouth,

"We have been also perplexed since some Pure-Bloods wizards demanded us to make secret vaults. So this time is a good chance for us to eliminate the unwelcomed custom," said the representative.

Harry exchanged looks with Kingsley and pressed the goblin for his answer,

"Then, will you tell us who uses the secret vault?"

Harry felt Williamson and Dawlish, who had been standing behind Harry and Kingsley, approach them to listen to the answer. The representative opened his mouth,

"They had used the vault before Dark Lord came back. And they are using the same vault now. Their names are Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Parkinson."

Suddenly they were attacked. Dawlish disarmed Harry, who had been listening so intensively to the names of the users of the secret vaults. Harry's holly wand was thrown away.

"Merlin's pants! John is under Confundus Charm!" shouted Williamson who guarded Kingsley pointing his wand at Dawlish whose eyes were vacant.

Dawlish kept casting curses in succession against Harry, even under such a condition, Harry had to admit Dawlish was a superior Auror, he barely dodged the curses from Dawlish and pulled his another, cypress wand wondering who cast Dawlish Imperius Curse and Confundus Charm. Harry expanded Shield Charm over the goblins in the room.

Although Dawlish was under Confundus Charm, he didn't seem to forget that he was an Auror, Harry heard Dawlish mutter, "I'll catch you, Death Eater," But he didn't recognize it was his colleague, Harry Potter he was attacking now.

Then Harry felt surrounded with wizards and witches. They were clad in vivid green robes, he noticed they were Obliviators, their eyes were also expressionless. Harry found what they were up to at once. They must have been up to obliviate their memory about the secret vaults. Harry kept casting Shield Charm over the goblins and he counted Obliviators. They were four. He concentrated his attention on casting wandless magic. Kingsley and Williamson joined him. Kingsley said to Williamson,

"I was an Auror. You don't have to guard me any longer. I can defend myself. Let's disarm them," he nodded towards Obliviators. "Now!" bellowed Kingsley.

Williamson and Kingsley cast disarming charm upon four Obliviators one after another. Harry struggled with casting his wandless magic against Dawlish to prevent him from casting offensive spells. And finally Harry succeeded in casting the wandless disarming spell against Dawlish, and he pointed his cypress wand at Dawlish and chanted, "Finite."

Soon Dawlish blinked his eyes and he stared at Harry dubiously and said, "Potter, why are you pointing your wand at me?"

Harry gave a sigh of relief and summoned Dawlish's wand and handed it to him, and he chanted the same spell and soon his holly wand hurtled into his hand. Kingsley and Williamson finished making Obliviators come to their mind.

Kingsley asked them, "Who cast Confundus Charm?"

One of the wizards in vivid green robes answered, "I don't remember, sir. Minister, did we attack you?" he asked timidly.

Kingsley seemed annoyed and did the same question to Dawlish.

"You had the same experience during the war. Who cast you the Confundus Charm, do you remember?"

"No, sir. I've heard you had cast the same charm upon me during the war to let Death Eaters and Dark Lord believe the false information about the Boy Who Lived," said Dawlish and he glanced at Harry.

Kingsley cleared his throat and said, "Well, it is obvious Parkinson and Malfoy had supposed that we would find out the Secret Vaults. They prepared this."

Harry asked,

"Who had contacted you before you came here?"

Dawlish stared at Harry thinking for a while and said,

"Robards and …Cornelius Fudge."

"Fudge? Sir, when did you meet him?" asked Harry, who had let the goblins go out of the conference room.

"He spoke to me on my way back to the Auror Headquarters from Hogwarts. Fudge was with Mr. Flint."

"Mr. Flint?" Williamson joined their conversation, "I've doubted Arcturus Flint must have divulged the information about our mission to Dolores Umbridge when we traced the route of the remaining Death Eaters. We must arrest him. He must have cast Confundus Charm and Imperius Curse on you, John."

"All right. Search and fetch Mr. Flint of Department of Magical Transportation," said Kingsley.

"Yes, sir," said Williamson.

Dawlish also was going to leave with Williamson, but Kingsley halted him.

"Dawlish, you're easily cast Confundus Charm. Guard Obliviators to the Ministry with Harry, and I'll go with you," said Kingsley.

When Harry went out of the conference room with Dawlish escorting Obliviators, he noticed Clasprod stand at the exit.

"Did the representative bring the golden flagon with him safely?" asked Harry.

"Yes, he did. He never loses the treasure," Clasprod grinned at Harry.

"Well, now it's yours," Harry pulled out one of the druidic bronze spoons goblins made and handed it to Clasprod.

Clasprod took hold of it with his gnarled hands and made a deep bow to Harry,

"Thank you, Mr. Potter. One more thing, I'll tell you," and he took a step closer to Harry and beckoned Harry to stoop down. Harry did as Clasprod said, and Clasprod whispered,

"You have the same druidic bronze spoon, don't you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Use it well. The druidic bronze spoon will protect you from your enemies."

"How will it work for me?"

"When you're coerced to drink poison, you stir the liquid with it, so that it will prevent you from being poisoned."

They couldn't find Flint in the office on the sixth level of the Ministry. The officers couldn't tell them where Flint was at all.

"I'm sure he fled. He must be hidden or fled to Ireland," said Williamson bitterly in the office of the Auror Headquarters.

"I don't think he fled to Ireland. If he flees to Ireland, our Hit Wizards will owl us. They are standing by now. They are on constant alert over all air routes to Ireland, and we are holding an authority to watch apparition abroad. Search Parkinson's Manor, Williamson," said Robards, "Potter, go with Williamson."

"But sir, I have to search the book about druidic curses Professor Snape told me," Harry said.

"Susan Bones and Terry Boots will search the book. Dawlish is easily cast Confundus Charm. The trainees will do better. Tell them the title of the book, Potter. We'll arrest Lucius Malfoy and Parkinson for their committing bribery soon. Search Flint and the evidence that Parkinson have used the Secret Vault for his committing bribery." Robards ordered his men.


Draco Malfoy was eating lunch with Astoria and Blaise at the Slytherin long table.

Pansy and Not were smirking at Gryffindors who looked gloomy.

Pansy said maliciously, "Look at Blood traitor, Weasley. He hasn't spoken words with Potter at all this week. The golden trio will soon break up. Granger won't concentrate her attention on breaking the curse."

Draco sighed and felt tired of everything, when an eagle owl fluttered down between Astoria's plate and Blaise's goblet. It dropped a note on to his plate.

Dear Draco

I've heard you invented Concealment Powder from Theo. My father needs it on urgent business. We'll pay you galleons for it. Please owl it via Pansy.

Marcus Flint

"From who?" asked Blaise, and he shot Draco a sharp glance.

"My mother," Draco lied and he crumpled the note in his hand, and he shoved it in his pocket.


Dara Cadwagan flew back to England for her father, who asked her to keep spying on the movements of the curse breakers and Aurors. She transfigured to her original figure from a Cornish Chough, her animagus form. Two feelings had been struggling in her mind: She had a strong feeling for Harry Potter, she still loved him so much, but she wanted to revenge on him for her unanswered love. She combed her blond hair and transformed into a goblin and she entered the guarded door of Gringotts. Every time she transformed into another figure, she felt exhausted. To do druidic magic took so much energy from warlocks and witches. At the same time she wondered what a powerful wizard Harry Potter was, she remembered he didn't look tired at all after fighting against Rodolfus Lestrange and Reptilian form of Bellatrix Lestrange. And she yearned to see Harry again. Then she heard the representative of goblins speak,

"I didn't know Harry Potter had this druidic golden flagon in his vault. We're lucky they had broken into this bank last year. Consequently we could get this rare treasure."

The other goblin said, "They must be searching the evidence at Parkinson Manor. Though they have given us lots of rare treasures, nothing can compare with this golden flagon our ancestors made."

Dara changed her plan and she hurried to Parkinson Manor.

Author's Note: Act 1 will be ended soon. Please leave your comments below. Thank you!

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