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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 5 : the one with the midnight interruption
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  ‘What the hell?’ I put my hand in front of Malfoy’s mouth. I didn’t want him to wake up everybody.

This might be a confusing sight. I was on top of Malfoy. I was sitting on his – may I add very fit – chest. Of course, the bloke didn’t wear a shirt to sleep in. This isn’t what you think. I wanted to talk to Albus, but he wasn’t in his bed. So I figured Malfoy would know where Albus was. And I was sitting in this position because I didn’t want him to start kicking and stuff like that when someone waked him up in the middle of the night. Let’s be honest, how the hell would I explain this situation to 3 other hormonal boys?

Now, the first thing you probably are wondering is why I feel the need to talk to Albus at this hour. Let me explain.  

It all started with this voice waking me up even earlier in the morning …

‘Rose! Rose! Wake up!’

This is the second time that someone interrupts my beauty sleep. And I NEED my beauty sleep. I’m not really a morning person and I’m going on a date today, I need to look …. HOLY CRAP I’m going on a date today!

I was wide awake now.

‘What?’ I shouted at the face before me, it was too dark to see who it was.

‘You have got to help me out here!’ The face said.

‘Alright and who the bloody hell are you, face in the dark?’ I asked sarcastically.

Yes, I’m always this charming in the morning.

‘Ow sorry’ the face answered. ‘Lumos’.

‘Alright, Nymph. What are you so upset about?’ I asked. I got up and put my arms around my knees and looked at Nymph. She looked really upset.

‘Well, you know it was my time to do patrols this week, right? Since I’m a perfect and all that. And of course, David was with me. So we were walking somewhere in a corridor on the third floor and we heard noises. Of course we knew it was a couple, you know, getting it on. So we listened better and finally located the door. And then …’ Tears started streaming down her face. I put an arm around her.

‘What, Nymph? What happened?’ I asked worried.

‘It was .. Albus.’ She said. I looked surprised at her. Why would he do that? I mean Albus knew that Nymph was doing rounds today, he heard me and Nymph talking about it. I know this, because I remember him saying: ‘What a fun way to spend your evening, I’m glad I’m not a perfect’. And I know he liked Nymph … I don’t get it.

‘With who?’ I managed to ask. Nymph started crying even more.

‘JACKIE!’ she spat out. Now she broke down. I put both my arms around her. Jackie? How low can you fall, Albus? I have to go talk to him!

‘Nymph, you can stay in my bed tonight, alright? Try to sleep.’ She nodded.

After an hour of crying she finally fell asleep. I looked at my alarm clock: 2:00. Alright, it was time. I have some very important issue I need solved. I stepped out of bed, trying not to wake Nymph up. I took my bathrobe and put it on. Then I went downstairs. As I got out of the portrait I ran into someone.

‘Rose? What are you doing here?’ David asked.

‘I could ask you the same. This isn’t the Ravenclaw common room, you know.’ I snapped. I know it wasn’t fair, but I was so mad at Albus.

‘I just came by to see how Nymph was doing, she was really upset.’ Ok, now I felt guilty, he was so sweet.

‘Ow, sorry. She’s fine. Well, no she’s not. But can you tell me what exactly happened? Because all I got was that Albus kissed Jackie.’ I said.

David explained everything. Jackie and Albus were in a classroom together. Albus was laying on the floor and Jackie was kissing him. As soon as they opened the door, Albus pushed Jackie away and Nymph ran out crying. He shouted at Albus and Jackie, he took some points from Gryffindor and Slytherin. Jackie ran out of there, but Albus stopped and started talking to him. He asked him if he could speak to Nymph, before he got back to his own common room. David said he had done enough damage for one night and he had to get back.

‘Thanks, David.’ I said and I ran off.

‘Wait, Rose. Where are you going? It’s passed twelve!’ he shouted.

‘I have some important business to discuss’ I shouted back.

So now you know why I’m here, looking for Albus.

‘I always knew you wanted me.’ Malfoy said with his typical smirk. He put his hands behind his head and looked into my blue eyes.

‘In your dreams, Malfoy. I have a question!’ I said while rolling my eyes.

‘Ow and you always go sit on people when you have a question?’ He asked. I threw him a dirty look.

‘No, I didn’t want you to start kicking and shouting and wake everyone up.’ I answered coolly.

‘Alright, fine. What do you want to ask me?’ he said. I swear I heard some annoyance in his voice.

‘Have you seen Albus?’ I wanted to know.

‘What a boring question, Weasley. Did you have to wake me up to ask that? I suggest you go back to your dorm and sleep, you need your beauty sleep!’

I hit him. Of course, his chest was so hard that it probably made my hand hurt more than his chest. He smiled at me when he saw me grabbing my injured hand with my other hand.

‘It’s not funny.’ I mumbled.

‘A little’ he smirked.

‘Just answer the question!’ I almost shouted. I looked around to see if any of the other boys woke up.

‘Don’t worry. These boys sleep very deep. I was here once with a girl and they didn’t even notice. And it’s very hard to stay quiet with me.’ He smirked. Ieuw, I didn’t need to know that.

‘Just tell me, you jerk!’ I shouted again.

‘Tried his bed?’ I rolled my eyes.

‘No, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!’ I said, I wanted to hit him again, but remembered the last time and pulled my hand back.

‘He’s probably with a special friend’ he smirked.

‘No, they got caught. Jackie was sent back and so was Albus.’ I said.

‘What? Jackie?’ Malfoy said with a confusing look in his face. He tried to get up. I got of his chest so that he could sat up. He looked at Albus’ bed.

‘Who caught them?’ He asked.

‘Nymph and David of course … They were –‘ I answered.

‘Holy crap!’ he said. I looked at him confused.

‘O no, and now Nymph thinks he’s … This is bad, really bad.’ He said.

‘WHAT?’ I shouted. I looked around, god these guys, they must be deaf.

‘He knew Nymph was on patrol tonight. He had something planned. He got into an empty classroom and decorated it, roses and candles and all that romantic crap. He even had some butterbeers. He was gonna make noise so that Nymph would come and then he would invite her to join him.’ He explained.

‘Well I guess he changed his mind, he wanted Jackie instead of Nymph’ I replied.

‘Don’t be so stupid, Rose. You know he’s crazy about Nymph and Jackie is like the dumbest person on the planet.’ He replied. Alright, I would normally hate him for insulting someone, but this time I agreed. And was this the first time he called me Rose?

‘This is bad!’ he said more to himself than to me. ‘He must be in the sky … He always flies when he tries to forget.’

Suddenly he looked at me again, like he remembered that I was there.

‘Rose, get back to your dorm. I’m going to look for Al. Don’t worry.’ He said. He took his shirt, put it on. Then took his broomstick and looked at me one more time before he flew out of the window.

I never really thought I’d be one of those persons, you know. Those who lie awake in the middle of the night, because they have so many things going on in their heads. They just can’t sleep. I mean I was one of the fastest sleepers of the planet. I always slept immediately. But not tonight. I was staring at the top of my bed. Nymph was next to me, sleeping. I don’t know what troubled me most. Albus missing, Malfoy caring or Lucas wanting me. It was all one big dilemma.

I looked at my alarm clock, it was 7 o’clock. I might as well get up and head downstairs for breakfast. I chose a pair of jeans and a red V-shaped top.  I looked at myself in the mirror, I was red and blue. I smiled, I knew Lucas would like this. After checking my look one last time in the mirror I headed downstairs.

As I expected, there weren’t many other people eating. One Hufflepuff and two Ravenclaws. I sat somewhere in the middle of the large Gryffindor table. I realized I wasn’t really that hungry when I saw all this food staring at me. So instead of eating I looked at the Slytherin table, there was no one there yet. I wondered whether Malfoy found Albus.

After a minute or two someone came to sit next to me. It was Nymph. She smiled at me.

‘How are you?’ I asked.

‘Okay, I mean. Albus and I aren’t together, he can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t need to explain everything to me.’ She said as she took some toast.

I wanted to tell her what Malfoy told me. But I didn’t want to tell her I went all the way to the Slytherin common room and ended up on top of Malfoy. Besides I figured it wasn’t my place to tell.

‘So are you ready for your date?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, I am!’ I said enthusiastically. I really hoped that there would be a spark this time. I really like Lucas.

After another 20 minutes other people started coming in. I saw Albus and Malfoy. They were heading this way. They sat right in front of us.

‘Don’t you have a table of your own?’ Nymph snapped.

‘We just wanted to go over this afternoon. Settle down, Nymph’ Malfoy replied. Albus was looking rather hurt.

‘So what do you say? We meet each other at 1 o’clock in the Three Broomsticks? To prepare everything?’ Malfoy said again. This was strange. Usually it was Albus talking and Malfoy just giving stupid comments.

‘Yeah, sounds good to me. I will inform Dom.’ I replied.

‘Alright.’ Scorpious said and he and Albus went back to their table.

‘Could you be any more obvious, Nymph?’ I asked. She rolled her eyes and continued eating her toast.

Soon Dom came too, I told her about our plans this afternoon.

‘Fine’ she spat out as she was eating some toast.

I wanted to be carefree Dom sometimes.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ a tall blue guy asked me.

‘Yes, I am.’ I smiled at him. He smiled back at me, a beautiful smile. I could see it in his eyes that he loved me.

He took my hand and we jumped together. My clothes became soaking wet, but I didn’t mind.

‘I can’t believe we just did that!’ I looked at the cliff, it was realty high. I felt his arms around my hips and he kissed me in my neck.

‘I always knew you were brave, Weasley’ I turned around and saw grey eyes staring into my eyes instead of brown eyes …

‘ROSE!’ I suddenly was wide awake. Nymph and Dom were staring at me. I probably fell asleep waiting for Dom to decide what she was going to wear.

‘Do you think this dress is too much?’ Dom asked. She was wearing a dress that would make my grandmother Weasley  swear.

‘Yeah, I do’ I replied.

‘Told you.’ Nymph said as she turned to the next page of Witch Weekly.

‘Maybe for the party then.’ Dom said as she took the dress off and put on a simple pair of jeans and a cute blue shirt.

‘What were you dreaming about, Rose?’ Dom asked.

My heart started beating, I hope I didn’t scream out someone’s name. ‘Why?’ I asked.

‘You were smiling. You know the kind of smile that you have when you like a bloke.’ Dom replied.

‘Ow euhm, I was dreaming of Lucas’ I answered. That wasn’t really a lie, now was it?

‘Speaking of Lucas, we have to go!’ Nymph said. She threw Witch Weekly on her desk and put on her shoes. ‘Dom, you look amazing, now let’s go!’ she said as she pulled Dom away from the mirror.

‘I know you fancy my nephew. But that doesn’t mean you have to drag all of us down with you’ Dom said. Nymph looked at me, but didn’t reply.  She started walking a little bit faster.

‘Did I say anything wrong?’ Dom asked me. I told her what Albus had done last night and I also told her what Malfoy told me.

‘Why doesn’t he just tell Nymph the truth?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know. But he has to be the one to tell her!’ I said demanding. Dom rolled her eyes.

‘Alright alright …’ she said. ‘Wait a minute, when did you spoke to Scorp … I mean Malfoy about this?’ she stopped walking and looked me straight in the eyes.

‘I went to his dorm.’ I simply said and walked on. ‘Hmm …’ Dom said meaningful. I ignored her. I didn’t want to get in to this right now.

At the entrance of our school Albus and Scorpius were already waiting for us. Nymph was standing next to Scorpius.

‘Ready?’ He asked. I nodded. So the five of us headed towards Hogsmeade. Nobody said anything. Albus was throwing Nymph promising looks. Dom was looking at me and then at Malfoy and smiled. I avoided Malfoy’s look because of the whole dream situation.

It was a little awkward.

Finally we arrived at the three broomsticks. I heard some voices inside. I was glad at least someone was talking …

‘Didn’t you say that we would have the Three Broomsticks to ourselves?’ Dom asked as we walked in.

‘No, she can’t just close like that. She reserved a room for us in the back. Don’t worry, it will be big enough.’ Albus replied.

I looked around in the Three Broomsticks. There actually weren’t that many people, only four of them, sitting in the back.

As the rest walked in the door closed with a bang. The four people turned around.


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