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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 30 : Truth be told
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 Draco frowned. "Remember what?" he said as he stood up.

Hermione felt her heart break, she shook her head, "Nothing…thank you, Malfoy." She smiled at him sadly.

"Uh…yeah, no one deserves that, not even you." With a flick of his wand, Hermione was released, "let’s not…uh tell anyone about this. Ill do a memory charm on him." 

With an a obliviate, Draco was gone from the scene, leaving a dumbfounded Hermione rubbing her wrists. With one last look at the shame of a man that lay unconscious on the ground, she left the scene.

Swapping her school clothes for some muggle clothes, she made her way to the Gryffindor common room, the previous events of the day haunting her thoughts. She soon arrived at the common room and was greeted by a gloomy feel in the air. The only people that were in the common room where Harry, Ron and Ginny. Each of their heads rose when Hermione entered the room.

"Hey Hermione." Harry got up got from his seat, embracing her in a hug.

"Hey." She said into his shoulder.

Harry released her and bought her to the sofas, she sat down next to Ginny opposite Ron.

"How are you?" Harry asked her.

Hermione knew he wanted to talk about the previous day, but she decided to answer vaguely, she would answer properly later, "I'm okay, I suppose, what about you?" Harry rose an eyebrow, but Ron and Ginny took her answer, blinded by grief.

"I could be better, I’ve been better." Harry shrugged.

"I need to be by myself" Ginny got up out of her seat, Hermione noticed she had streaks going down her face. 

Ron got up also and went with his sister, Hermione and Harry let them grieve.

"Now tell me the real reason Hermione." Harry looked at her.

Hermione was so proud of Harry, with the amount of loss he had suffered, greater than anyone else's, yet he managed to put it one side and be there for others.

"Harry, there is no need to be concerned, you have your own problems." Hermione pursed her lips.

"If I didn’t want to help, I wouldn’t ask."

"Uh, I just want to break down, it’s not even been a day but yet it feels like a lifetime. He hates me, just like before, and today, after hearing all the names that we cared about, loved ones, it bought back memories of my parents, and then what happened aft-." Hermione stopped herself-eyes wide.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows,


Hermione sighed, "I don’t want to talk about it."

"Dont or wont?" Harry studied her.

Hermione looked at her best friend, she knew she could tell Harry anything, "promise you wont over-react?"

Harry nodded. "Well I was walking back to the common room and McClaggen found me…he tried to kiss me and I couldn’t get away." She looked up at Harry who seemed to be very angry, "he’d boxed me in and charmed my arms and legs so I couldn’t move them to defend myself. He started taunting me again so I closed my eyes, but nothing happened, I opened them and saw Draco beating the crap out of him." Hermione’s eyes widened at the memory.

"I'm going to find Cormac and beat the crap out of hi-wait, wait Draco was beating him up?" Harry sat back, for he had risen in anger.

"Yes, for a moment I thought he had remembered, so I asked him if he did so, his words were remember what?" Hermione shook her head, "he then performed obliviate to make Cormac forget."

"Oh Hermione, I'm sorry, I should have been more persistent and walked you home." Harry got up and sat next to her.

"No, Harry, you had to grieve and so did I." Hermione felt tears sting her eyes.

Hermione embraced Harry in a hug, "we’ve grown apart Hermione, we need to do something together, no Ginny, no...well, discussing things like Malfoy or things in the past year." He looked at her seriously.

Hermione took a deep breath, "Okay Harry, what do you want to do?"

"Well think of it at the time, this Saturday at noon, meet me in here." He smiled.

"Alright, I better be getting back, Prefect things to sort out." She smiled sadly at him.

Harry wished Hermione goodbye and watched her as she left the common room.

Hermione wandered the corridors, trying to avoid the corridors that Cormac followed her, then attacked her in, if you could call it an attack.

She soon arrived back at the common room and slumped down into the chair, rubbing her temples to get rid of her looming headache. The bathroom door swung open and Draco exited the bathroom, Hermione watched as he did so, trying to see if his bandages needed changing when he spun around.

"Like what you see Granger?" Draco winked at her, with a final smirk, turned back around and into her room, which now had most of his possessions in.

As the words left his mouth, Hermione was transported to the start of the year when he first said it, when she first started having confusing feelings for him. Hermione shut her eyes, remembering the days that followed, she smiled to herself, remembering the words of awe he would say to her.

With the long day, Hermione didn’t feel like going to dinner, so she decided to go the kitchens and ask for some food. She got up out of her chair and went up to her room, knocking three times. 

"Malfoy, do you want any food? I'm going to get some."

She stepped back as she saw the the door starting to open, and an almost naked Draco stood as it fully opened.
She tried not to notice, but she quickly realised he was just in his pants, he had taken his bandage off.

"Where’s your bandage?" Hermione said, trying to keep eye contact, she could see the amusement in his eyes.

"It needed changing." He smirked.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him, "put something on and then I’ll do it." She stormed back in the room feeling frustrated. 

"Actually. I think I'm going to stay like this." he shrugged, smirking.

Hermione rolled her eyes and flicked her wands, conjuring up a pair of joggers appear on Draco’s legs.

"Hey!" Draco’s eyes darkened.

Once Hermione had wrapped round new bandages around him, she asked him if he would like any dinner. 

"No, not from someone as filthy as you, it's disgusting a Mudblood has to do my bandages." He scowled.

"Two steps forward, three steps back." Hermione whispered to herself, she couldn’t rise to having an argument with the man she was deeply in love with, even in evil form.

"Excuse me?" he raised an eyebrow, his eyes burning into Hermione's. 

"I said two steps forward, three steps back." She said through her teeth, caution going out of the window.

"What’s that meant to mean?" he growled, taking a step closer.

"Well just as I think im making progress with you, you call me a mudblood or say something offensive!" 

"Making progress? With what? What do you mean?" he shook his head, confused.

Hermione backed away, getting smaller in size, "nothing." Too far.

"Tell me." His face was like thunder.

“EARLIER!" she shouted, her arms flung open, "when you defended me with Cormac." Her breathing was becoming erratic.

"That was nothing. No one deserves to be pushed like that, not even someone like you." he said, slightly calmer. 

Why did I defend her?

"Someone like me." She whispered, her head down, "I'm going." And with that, she left the common room pushing past Draco and headed off to the library.

Once there, she picked out a book and went to the back to her favourite corner by the window. She sat herself down and opened the book. She started to read it, but her mind kept pondering over numerous things, so instead, she slumped even further into the armchair and stared out the window.

Draco banged his head against the wall in frustration, he knew Hermione was right, and it bugged him. He wanted to be mean to Hermione, to upset her, but somewhere deep down, he cared about her, he didn’t know why and it bugged him. He had wondered if it was because he used to be close to her, but it still didn’t make sense to him. 

If I had forgotten three years, the feelings and emotional bond I had with her, if there was any, would be gone. Did I care for her? Was I close to her? Did I have feelings for her?

He shook his head, it was too much to handle.

I'm a fourteen year old in a seventeen, nearly eighteen year olds body. I'm not mentally ready for this yet, I know this, but something in me keeps nagging, like my near eighteen year old self is trying to tell me something, but I cant figure it out. I cant remember anything. Its so frustrating.

Draco walked back into Hermione’s room and padded over to her full length mirror, he studied himself. 

No hair gel, I must have carried on with Quidditch as my muscles are more prominent. He cocked his head to the left, feeling terribly confused.

Hermione woke with a start, she opened her eyes and looked around, confused at her surroundings when she realised she was still in the library. It was dark and she was sure she shouldnt be in there. She looked down in her lap and saw the forgotten book; she placed it on the table and scurried to the other end of the library, hoping to make it back without being caught. She soon arrived back (thanks to the jog she managed to keep up) and quickly entered, leaning on the back of the portrait to catch her breath. Once she had caught it, she followed the corridor through to the main common room to find Draco sitting on the sofa, head in his hands. She approached him cautiously,

"Are you okay?" she asked him quietly.

His head snapped up, his eyes wide, "no." he said.

Hermione cautiously walked around him and sat on the arm chair opposite him, "would you care to share?", she knew she was pushing him, testing the waters.

"No. I know we apparently used to be close or whatever, but I'm not close with you, me, fourteen year old Draco is not close with eighteen year old Granger. So you can leave me the hell alone."

As soon as the words left his mouth, he regretted it, he wanted to take it back, but he didn’t want to hurt his pride. He managed to look up at Hermione, she looked hurt and confused.

Hermione looked at him, she knew she pushed it too far, that had hurt. Anger flooded through her from her head to her toes. 

"I know im not close with fourteen year old Draco, I know that, but I'm sorry, I can’t help that I care still, feelings don’t just, go away." She made a motion with her hand as if something was fluttering away. "You think this is easy for me? I want my friend back but he’s gone and the old vile, selfish, horrible ferret boy has replaced him. I'm sorry that I miss my friend, I still hope he is in there, trying to find his way out and replace this shadow of a man that you are."

Hermione looked at him one last time, leaving the flabbergasted Draco and stormed into her room.
She was sleeping in her bed tonight.

She looked over at the clock on the wall, luckily it read ten pm, fatigue swept over her, she quickly hovered Draco’s stuff into the common room ("wingardium Leviosa") and slumped into her in fluffy pj’s, sobbing into her pillow.

Draco looked at the slammed shut door and sunk into the sofa, he summoned his medication, downed it in one go, and shut his eyes, he was not coping. He lay his head down on the arm of the chair and shut his eyes, knowing full well he wouldn’t sleep.

Hermione’s eyes bolted open as she realised what she had done, she had left an injured man to sleep on an uncomfortable sofa to get no sleep. Hermione sat up in her bed, feeling ashamed of herself. She got up and shuffled out of her bed and into her slippers, squeaking her way to the door, she slowly opened it and saw Draco awake on the sofa, he looked up to her, his emotion not changing.
Hermione widened the door. 

"You can have my bed." 

She dragged her hands down her face and shuffled her way into the room, expecting Draco to go straight into her room, instead he just stood up and looked at her confused.

"Go on then" Hermione pointed to the door.

Draco shook his head, "no let me sleep here, I know how horrid to sleep on it is, you have slept on it already."

"no, you’re injured! You’re meant to be getting proper rest!" Hermione slumped onto the sofa where Draco was.

"Granger, are we really going to start a fight about where we sleep at two in the morning?" His guard dropped and she could see how tired he truly was.

Hermione rubbed her eyes and looked up at the man standing in front of her, "it’s what we used to do."

"Used to?" Draco frowned.

"Yes, used to. We had our few arguments but not a couple of times a day, we probably had about three from October to last month."

Draco’s eyes widened when a thought struck him, "why dont we just extend the bed and make it bigger, put pillows in between and promise to keep to our own sides?" he looked at her, waiting for a response.

Hermione thought about it, it would be weird but familiar to her. She knew the pillows would stop one another from rolling to the other side, why not? 

"Alright, but I’m to the left of the bed."

Hermione shrugged and walked back into the room, putting an extendable charm on the bed, then conjuring up extra pillows. She placed them in the middle and put a locking charm on them so they wouldn’t move. She quickly slumped into her side of the bed, the last thing she heard was the duvet being moved on the other side of the bed.

It was nearly a week later (the Saturday) and every night, they had slept in the same bed, both keeping to their word and staying on their side, although Hermione longed for him to be on her side and to be the old him, but she didn’t know if he would ever come back.

The sunlight shone through the curtains, making a pool of light on the floor. Hermione’s eyes fluttered open, all she could see was the left side of the room. She tried to move her arm, but felt something heavy draped across it . She looked down and saw Draco’s forearm and hand. She looked over her shoulder, and Draco was huddled up close to her, she could feel something hard pressing into the back of her thigh. It took a minute to realise what it was. In a panic, she shrieked, resulting in her rolling and falling onto the floor, waking Draco up.

Hermione fell on her back, knocking the wind out of her. She closed her eyes, trying to get her breath back. She heard a muffled "are you okay?" presumably from the man that caused her surprise.

After about a minute or so, she managed to get her breath back, "I am now."

She continued to lie on the floor, looking up at Draco’s face that poked over the edge of the bed.

"What happened?" he raised an eyebrow, a shadow of a smirk playing on his lips.

"You." she pulled a straight face.

"Me?" he looked confused.

"Yes you, you were on MY side, and your arm was draping over me, I was going to wake you up when I felt something" Hermione stopped herself, she didn’t want to carry on.

"Felt what?"

"You." she narrowed her eyes.

"Me? In what way?"

Hermione squirmed around on the floor, shuffling uncomfortably, "in a way that I shouldn’t of felt… something hard." Hermione closed her eyes, she could feel a blush appearing. 

She heard gasp and curse under his breath, "and I would appreciate you stay on your side of the bed, I don’t want to go through that again." Or who knows what she might do?

She finally got herself up and looked over at a squirmy Draco. 

"Sorry, but it won’t happen again as my room is being sorted out now." he mumbled. 

She felt a pang inside her, she looked down.


"Yeah let’s not mention that to anyone." He mumbled.

Hermione felt a laugh coming on, she couldn’t contain it.

"What?" Draco asked as he got up out of the bed.

"You! I'm not used to seeing the shy you, you’re just so you, but in an eighteen year old body." She snorted.

Draco looked at her scowling, ignoring her comment he began to speak, "I'm going to see pansy today, I have an eighteen year old body and a new bedroom that needs making use of, I might as well take advantage." He smirked, revealing his white straight teeth.

Hermione’s insides churned at the thought, Pansy pugface Parkinson. She put on a small smile, "sure, don’t forget to be back by three, you need to study."

Earlier in the week, the pair got told that Draco would need to be tutored by Hermione if he wanted to pass his exams. They both reluctantly agreed, it was best for Draco. They had been studying (well, teaching and bickering) every night, and it was decided that they would do a couple of hours on the weekend. Hermione found Draco was a quick learner, and they were near the end of sixth year spells, potions and whatnot, then at about five, Draco had to go see his father to say his final goodbye.

"Uh, yes." He rolled his eyes and he walked out to the bathroom.
Hermione watched him go longingly, 

Will he ever come back? Will he ever remember? Maybe if I tell him he would remember?

Hermione shook her head.

Her day flew by, she met Harry and they decided to go over there memories of the place from the previous years. On the way back from Moaning Myrtles, Harry asked her a question. 

"Hermione, are you ever going to tell Malfoy about your relationship with him? You can’t keep him in the dark forever."

Hermione frowned, rubbing her forehead, "I know…I know I should but I can’t"

"Hermione, imagine if it was the other way around, you would want to know if you fell in love with someone." Harry said as they stopped outside the heads common room.

Sighing she agreed, "you’re right, I’ll tell him tonight." Hermione gave him a small nervous smile.

"You weren’t put into Gryffindor house for nothing." Harry told her as he gave his best friend a hug.

"Thank you, Harry, for everything." She gave him one last smile before entering her common room.

She knew she had an hour to spare as it was only two, she grabbed a book and tried to figure out how to tell him when she was distracted by voices entering from the common room, she turned around and saw Pansy enter the common room hand in hand with Draco. Hermione felt her heart crumble into a million pieces.

Pansy stopped talking and faced Hermione, "Drakie I thought we were going to be alone?"

Draco looked in the direction in which pansy was looking and saw Hermione, her face starting to crumple.

Draco furrowed his eyebrow at Hermione’s reaction and turned to Pansy, "I thought we would, let’s just go to my room."

"I don’t want the ugly Mudblood to hear us though Drakie-poo." She wined.

That was the last straw for Hermione, she burst into tears, knowing what they would be doing was all too much for her. 

"Go wait in my room, I’ll be there in a second." He said as he watched Pansy skip to his room gleefully.

Draco waited until the door was shut before approaching the now sniffing Hermione.


"What?" Hermione said, not looking at him, knowing it would hurt too much.

"What’s wrong?" he wasn’t good at being sympathetic.


"well obviously there is." He said in a sarcastic tone.

This angered Hermione, all of her rage, anger and frustration burst out all at one, "This, us, you, me, her! Pansy being in your room" she pointed towards Draco’s bedroom door.

"Wait...wait what?"

Nothing." She shook her head.

"What’s so upsetting about Pansy being in my room?" he was thoroughly confused.

Hermione sighed, new batches of tears threatened to escape. "Because" she drew a deep breath, "it use to be our room, we use to sleep in there, as a couple."


A/N: i told you i would put it up ;) 

so guyyys, what did you think of this chapter?  

im about halfway through writing chapter 33, that should be done soon, woo!

I do like these cliffhangers! :D

Thats all folks ;)

SlightObsession xx

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