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What's My Age Again? by Hashbr0wns
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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A/N: Sorry for not updating for months I had no clue what to write. Thank you for any reviews/follows/favourites! Somehow I managed to end up writing in first and third person so sorry for any confusion.


Disclaimer: I own nothing


I'll admit that in the past few weeks I've been a complete fool. I've made stupid decisions and said stupid things. My grades are at rock bottom and my social life is almost non existent and I'm having no more of it.


I sat on my bed wrapped in a red fluffy blanket hugging a dusty blue journal to my chest. The journal was a birthday present from my father three years ago and of course I'd forgotten about it and hadn't wrote a single word in it until now.


Usually in social situations my only problem is not thinking before I speak or rather not thinking before I lash out and knock somebody unconscious so maybe if I was to rationalize my thoughts I'd get along a lot more easily.


Number One I scribbled on to paper splattering ink across the page.


Stop swearing – it makes you you sound like an uneducated twat, no twit. I corrected.


Number Two, write to mum and make amends, stop being a brat and be grateful that you're not an orphan no matter how hard it is going to be to live with Greg.


Number Three, Work harder. Stop being late for classes. Catch up on all your homework. Get your grades back to how they were in fourth year. Make a timetable for your detentions. Schedule catch up sessions with Professors.


Number Four, Get up early and go to bed at a suitable time. Stop sleeping in your uniform.

Number Five, Forget Fred and try to make a friendship work with George.


Number Six, Apologize to Angelina.


Number Seven, Publicly humiliate Angelina.


I smirked to myself if I could follow this then maybe things will get better and I'll prove everyone wrong.


“New day, new me.” I chuckled to myself, I sounded like I was starting one of my mum's ridiculous muggle diet plans.


Elle Jones, my mum was a muggle we looked a like I had her dark messy hair but that's about the only visible thing I inherited from my parents. I'd love to say I got my brains from my father but evidently I did not. In fact my mum probably knows more about the wizarding world than I do.


Edward Oliver Deacon was my dad and apart from being a little old fashioned and moody he was great, he had his dream job as an Arithmancer, mum was an aspiring chef and life was dandy until the day he went missing. It was an average day in the summer before fifth year, dad was dedicated to his job and still hadn't managed to get any time off. The people from the ministry asked if I'd noticed anything odd before he left or if he'd been acting strange. I wasn't even awake when he left so how would I have known? The Ministry couldn't do much to help after all he had literally vanished without a trace and in the wizarding world that is not uncommon. There is a chance that he's alive somewhere there were all sorts of suggestions memory curses, enchanted doors to parallel worlds, black holes and so on. After mum starting telling people he had 'died' I couldn't really object I just went with it.


I sighed thinking of what Fred had said 'you've changed Jess'.


I yanked back the curtain surrounding my bed. “Ana have you noticed anything different about me recently?” She was sat on her bed running a comb through her plum coloured hair.


“You're awake!” I giggled at her shocked expression.


“Ha haven't slept yet actually too much energy. I'm buzzed.” I replied with crazy eyes and bounced over to her bed. “So have you noticed anything different?”


“Hmm, is this a test? Have you changed you hair?” She quizzed twiddling my hair between her fingers.


“No, I mean as a person.”


“Well I think you're getting lazier, why do you ask?”


“No reason I just needed some reassurance.” She looked at my sceptically squinting an eye.


“You okay?”


“Yeah I will be just need to sort a few things out.” I replied honestly hoping she wouldn't get concerned.


“Don't do anything stupid.”


“Wouldn't dream of it Ana.” I grinned as I walked off to get changed I was up before Angelina for the first time in a long time and she was going to have to wait for the shower.




I'd made it all the way to lunchtime, I hadn't swore, I hadn't even looked at Fred or George, I didn't sleep in class and I haven't been shouted at all morning.


It felt weird not having the twins around, it felt like losing a limb or two.


-At the other end of the Gryffindor table-


“She looks miserable” George observed to Fred who was more focused on his chicken sandwich.


With only a small grunt in reply George continued. “What happened between you two after I left yesterday?”


Fred sighed pushing his plate away and pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration knowing he couldn't lie to his twin. “She started crying George I didn't know what to do I just-” he cut himself off and continued to stare at his food.


“Jesus Fred you were meant to sort it out what did you say?” George looked at him unable to believe that his brother would act like this.


“Same thing as last time.” He replied not bothering to make eye contact.


“What that rubbish about bullying?”


“Maybe bullying wasn't the right word.” Fred admitted.


“What exactly was it that Angelina said to you? George asked. “Be specific” he added.


“Ange was crying one night in the common room you'd gone to bed and I was sorting out our skiving snackbox stock. She was cradling her wrist you should have seen it George it was brutal black, yellow horrible it must have been broken but she wouldn't let me touch it. Then I asked her who did it and...”


“And what? What did she say?” George pressed still sceptical of Angelina.


“She said it was Jess, she said that she didn't like Ange being close to us it made her jealous. Ange said that Jess said “Stay away from Fred or next time I'll break you're fucking neck.” Fred sighed looking down once more.


“So you take her word for it? It's just that it doesn't really add up does it Fred? We've been friends with Angelina and Jess for what over six years and suddenly Jess is making death threats and snapping people's wrists. That person being a chaser that put Marcus Flint in hospital for a week.” George exclaimed raising his voice.


“Don't you think I considered that? You're forgetting something though remember when Jess lost her dad those first few weeks she'd lash out and tear up everything in the room. You saw her she nearly knocked you out and not to mention that Jess hates Ange it's all she ever complains about she gets so angry and she just freaks.” Fred argued back starting to lose his temper.


“No she wouldn't, not on purpose. Sure she can be aggressive but she's not violent. She wouldn't do that.” George replied shaking his head.


“Wouldn't she? Then what was that in the hall the other week, did she not knock Ange unconscious just for talking about Quidditch?


Before George could reply Angelina had walked in making her way to where they were sitting.


- Jess P.O.V -


If I was going to do it it might as well be now. Angelina had just walked in she shot me a glare and continued to strut down the hall.


“Angelina” I called getting on my feet. Half of the room had already turned their heads most probably expecting another public brawl.


“What?” She snapped raising her eyebrows expectantly but she would not expect what I was about to do.


“I just wanted to say I am sorry.” I managed taking pauses between each word.


“I shouldn't of lashed out at you the other day, I don't know what came over me.” I said trying to look as sincere as possible, quite a few students had taken an interest to us now including the twins.

I really didn't know what she was going to do she could tell me to stick it but that would ruin her 'Oh Fred I'm so helpless please don't let Jess bully me' act. Or she could play the innocent.


“Oh well yeah, I er it's fine Jess don't worry about it.” She forced a smile, I returned it knowing I had caught her off guard.


Stage one complete.


Yule Ball. Brilliant. As if I didn't have enough to think about.


I had never seen Professor McGonagall take anything so seriously. To be honest she was probably the only person in the room taking it seriously. I laughed as she dragged up Ron to dance, I accidentally made eye contact with either Fred or George I can't tell which it was too brief.


“Any further questions?” McGonagall asked the group.


“Erm Professor is it compulsory to attend?” I managed to spit out waiting for an ear bashing for even asking.


“Miss Deacon if you do not wish to attend no one is going to force you but you'll be passing on a once in a lifetime opportunity.” She concluded telling us all to get out and go on our way.


I wanted to go to the Yule Ball, I really did but I had no date, no dress and two left feet.

“BLACKBURN!” I shouted running to catch up with him.


“What's up? Merlin you can shout loud Jess.” Oliver was one of the only Slytherins I associated my self with which Fred did not approve of since Oliver was his rival beater on the the Slytherin Quidditch team.


“Are you single?” I asked getting straight to the point.


“Possibly, why? Are you asking me out Deacon?” He grinned leaning against the wall.


“Yule Ball.” I said simply wanting this to be over with.


“Ah afraid I can't help you there already been asked, twice but I might know someone who hasn't been.” He straightened up I could hear his brain ticking.




“Alex Debroux, Seventh Year, Slytherin of course.” He smiled waiting for my reaction.


“You mean the psycho who killed his brother with a pitchfork?”


He rolled his eyes dramatically. “Playground rumours Jessica, he's a decent guy.”


“And why would he want to take me to the Yule Ball?” I questioned.


“He might not, probably wont judging from the rumours going around about you lately but I'll mention you.”


“You're a charmer Blackburn, thank you though I'll see you tomorrow.” I responded turning to walk the other way.


It had been the longest school day of my life I had only properly spoken to two people, one of them being my arch nemesis. I actually did work for once in my life and it does not make the lesson go quicker that's a complete lie. Plus I had to stick around after every class to try and sort out my work with the Professors but fortunately I would not have to face Snape until tomorrow, avoiding Fred and George wasn't all that hard I just sat in someone else's seat right at the front before that unsuspecting student had a chance to complain the lesson had already started.


I had two detentions tonight one with Mad Eye Moody and one with Snape. I had a detention with Snape every night this week.


At least I was turning up to them though, right?  

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