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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 14 : Hidden Secrets
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Chapter 14

Scorpius sat on a stool in the Leaky Cauldron, staring down at his watch with an annoyed expression.

He had been in London for a week now and every time he tried to arrange to meet Lexie she would always owl back that the timing was bad and ask if they could reschedule. Finally on Wednesday she had sent him a letter saying that she would meet him at the Leaky Cauldron around eight on Friday. Well it was officially eight-thirty and Scorpius knew that she was standing him up.

“You going to order something?” the bartender asked from behind the bar, noticing that the young man had been waiting quite a while.

Sighing Scorpius rubbed his temple “Firewhisky and double it.”

The bartender laughed “Rough week?”

“Try rough year,” he answered taking the glass from the bartender and swigging it down.

“You know if you are trying to get drunk Dragon Tequila is your best approach.”

Scorpius smiled at the voice of the person while lowering the glass, Turning in his seat he faced Rose standing behind him. She was wearing tall boots, jeans and a reddish cloak which cut off right at her waste “I hate the taste of Dragon Tequila,” he replied.

“Suit yourself,” she smirked taking a step towards him and shifting the package that was under her arm.

“Fancy seeing you here,” he commented as she took the seat beside him.

Rose raised her finger and motioned for the bartender to bring two more of what Scorpius was drinking “I was in Diagon Ally picking up a gift for the baby shower tomorrow.” She answered simply

Grabbing the second glass, he clinked it against Rose’s and chugged it down quickly. “So where are your friends?”

Coughing from the burning taste of Firwhisky going down her throat she made a weird face, watching as Scorpius waved for another round of doubles. “They wanted to go see the touristy parts of London, you know Big Ben, Buckingham palace.”

“Ahhh,” Scorpius nodded “All of the things that mean nothing to us because we grew up here.”

“Precisely.” She stated “Anyways they rented a hotel room and said they would be back tomorrow.”

“Sounds exciting,” he stated, his voice less than thrilled while sliding one of the new shots of Firewhisky to Rose, he looked at her.

Rose stared down at the glass “I better not, my parents will be worried about me.” She rationalized.

Scorpius said picking up his own glass “Your twenty-four, your parents have no say in what you do.”

Tracing the edge of the glass in circles “I really should be leaving,” Her attempt to reason with herself sounded weak.

He gave her a sideways glance, the biting of her lip signifying that she wasn’t entirely sure what to do. “Rose,” he interrupted her struggle, after a few minutes “You’re still here,”

“I know,” her fingernail tapped against the glass, a look of uncertainty on her face. Silently she debated to herself. She was stuck between two familiar choices: either she could go home to her parents where she knew without a doubt what would happen, or she could stay here with Scorpius and not know anything.

The smirk on Scorpius’ face was on the borderline of devious. He brushed her hair behind her neck and leaned into her ear. Sudden chills ran down Rose’s back as his warm breath blew onto her ear “So what’s your choice? Are you staying or are you going?”


The yellow glow from the streetlamp cast odd shadows about the room. Rose lay beside him in his apartment, which he never put up for sell, and she was stunning, even while sleeping.

Her bare body was wrapped in his plain white sheets, her back pressed against his chest. His hand propped his head up as he watched her, allowing his spare hand to give into the need to touch her. Tracing his fingertips along her arm, he stroked his thumb over her shoulder, memorizing the slight crevasses of her back. Gently his hand curved around the edge of her shoulder, and his lips kissed the soft skin that he had just touched.

Rose stirred slightly and he lifted his head to see her. “What are you doing to me?” she whispered sleepily, keeping her eyes closed.

“What do you mean?” Scorpius whispered back, his fingers sliding down her arm and entwining hers.

“You make me feel again.” She yawned.

He gave a small chuckle as his chin balanced on her shoulder. “Is that a bad thing?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. “Only if you hurt me,”

Grateful that her eyes were closed so that she couldn’t see the pained expression on his face, his guilt flushing through him. Sighing he squeezed her fingers “Rose we really need to talk,” his voice vibrated against her skin.

Rose yawned again, her eyes remained shut “Alright, we’ll talk tomorrow after the shower.” The last part barely audible as she fell back into her dreams.


Rose rolled over the next morning and awoke to find Scorpius gone and white daisy and folded paper in his place, on his pillow. A giant smile spread across her face as she picked up the flower and flicked the petals across her nose. Unfolding the piece of parchment that was under the steam she read

Had to go out, will see you at the shower. I love you.

Unable to stop the grin as it grew on her face, she couldn’t believe that she had slept with Scorpius again, she didn’t regret it, but still she couldn’t believe it. He was getting to her, breaking her down little by little and for the first time since he walked back into her life, she wondered if that was such a bad thing.

Rose quickly got dressed knowing that she should get home as soon as possible. Looking at herself in the mirror of his dresser she couldn’t stop smirking that was until a piece of parchment caught her eye. Staring at it she could see that it had collected some dust from sitting out over the past three months and on it was the name Hugo Weasley with his address. Sliding it off of the dresser she stared at it momentarily, the only thought coming to mind was why did Scorpius have Hugo’s address?


Scorpius knocked on the blue door, waiting impatiently, for someone to answer.

“It’s open,” he heard her voice yell. A slight ting a frustration flicked inside of him at her inability to lock a door. Forget putting a protective charm on it, she couldn’t even be bothered to turn around and slip the muggle chain to lock it.

Opening the door he walked into the messy apartment which had clothes draped across the pieces of mismatched furniture. Closing the door he noticed how the door blended in perfectly with yellow wall which she had hand painted designs that would move slowly when one stood still and actually looked at it.

“In here,” she yelled annoyed, which was followed by a loud clunking noise and the muttering of several swear words in Fench. There was a point when that would have made him laugh, even though she was British she always swore in French, something which he assumed she picked up during her years at Beauxbaton Academy.

Slowly Scorpius made his way to the back of the apartment where the kitchen was, taking in the smell of cedar as he walked. Her desk was off to the side where her typewriter sat typing away by itself. Rounding the corner to the Kitchen he saw lying on the floor with only her stomach and long legs visible, her head hidden beneath the cabinet that was under the sink. She had on a knee length skirt with a floral print that flowed when she walked and beige boots that cut off at her knee.

“As you can see the leak has not stopped even though you assured me last week that it was fixed.” Her voice said from under the cabinet, as her body shifted from the waving of her wand.

Scorpius crossed his arms and cleared his throat, “Yes I can see that Lexie,” he stated loudly.

Her body stopped moving, as everything became silent, carefully propping herself up she popped her head out from under the cabinet, “You by any chance haven’t changed your profession to magical maintenance have you?”

“Not recently,” he replied dryly.

Lexie gave a funny sort of head shake as she smirked “Didn’t think so,” pushing herself out from under the cabinet, she stood up grabbing a silver bucket which she placed under the leaky pipes of the sink before shutting the door.

Straightening herself up, her long straight black hair hung perfectly pushed back from her head band, and her clothes seemed seamless, as if she had not just been sprawled out on the floor. Tugging on her long sleeved collared shirt, Scorpius was surprised by how little she was showing. It was obvious, to him, that she was pregnant because there was a slight bump, but for her to nearly be five months along he had expected her to be massive.

Lexie crossed her arms and met him with the same inquisitive gaze, after a few moments of silence she finally said “I see you found me,”

“You weren’t that hard to track down, and seeing as how you stood me up last night I decided to not bother trying to make it convenient to meet you.” His expression was dark, which Lexie expected.

“I meant to owl you, the deadline ran late and the printers were shooting ink everywhere, by the time I got off work it was nearly ten,” Being a reporter was a full time job and if she wanted to be made an editor she had to put in the hours to make it happen.

Scorpius seemed to accept that answer because his gaze shifted around the apartment focusing on anything but her. “Would you like some tea?” she asked attempting to break the silence.

He was quick to answer “I would love some coffee,”

Lexie raised an eyebrow to him, attempting to understand what was going through his mind “Since when do you drink coffee?” He rarely drank coffee when they were together, tea always being his preferred drink.

Scratching the back of his head, Scorpius shrugged lightly, “I’ve had a bit of a bad influence in New York,” he mentioned thinking of Rose and her insane coffee habits.

Motioning for him to sit at the table she made the coffee and brought it to him. Before sitting down across from him, she walked to her desk to grab a large envelope. Scorpius recognized the envelope that was in her hands immediately, it contained the three copies of the divorce papers that his lawyer had given him. His lawyer had tried his best to convince him to get an annulment, but that would have meant that their mirage had never existed and he didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Lexie stared at the crack in her wood table, tracing it with her fingers as she spoke “You know we were together for nearly three and a half years, did you ever love me?” she cut to the chase.

Scorpius kept his eyes stuck on the table remaining silent giving her the answer that she needed. “Did you ever even try?”

He shook his head no “It wouldn’t have made a difference,” he said. She already knew that, Scorpius gave his heart away years ago. It wasn’t that he was incapable of love, it was that he loved so strong that he couldn’t bear to let himself love another. She knew that now, she only wished that she had found out sooner.

Her fingers fiddled with the edges of the envelope “The reason I wanted to talk to you is because I want you to see things from my perspective,”

“I’m not sure I want to do that,” said Scorpius.

Lexie figured that he probably wouldn’t “Let me ask you this, were you in love with someone else when you asked me to marry you? Were you in love with someone else throughout the entirety of our relationship?” she dramatized her pause, knowing that she was hitting the guilt button in him. Yes her actions were wrong and she knew that, but she wasn’t sure if Scorpius saw how wrong his were. “You owe me at least this, you led me on for nearly three years. You hurt me just as badly as I hurt you, in fact worse because I actually loved you.”

Water began to well up in her eyes “I never planned on this happening, and I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am that it did, but I want you to see why,”

“And what difference will it make?” he whispered.

Holding her breath to not cry she said “I’m hoping that you won’t hate me as much.”

He contemplated what she said, he had come here on one mission and one mission alone and that was to get his divorce. Unfortunately that meant doing what Lexie asked. “What exactly do you want me to do?”

Lexie waved her wand motioning for an object to come toward her, letting it land in the center of the table. The object was a vile with floating memories inside of it. “I want you to drink them,” she said clearly, no longer seeming as innocent as she had only seconds ago.

He teeth clenched together in a hard line “Why can’t we just use a Pensieve?” he asked staring down the bottle like it was his mortal enemy.

“Because I don’t want you to just see what happened I want you to feel what happened.” Her voice had taken on a darker role.

Reaching forward he picked up the vile and observed it closely. Drinking memories allowed a person to see and feel from the person’s perspective who the memory belonged to. It was uncommon because it forced a person to see things in a very one sided way along with give access to a person’s deepest emotions. His fingers hesitated on the cork of the vile, “If I do this then you will sign the papers?”

Lexie gave a quick nod of the head, unable to make eye contact with him as he drank.


“So I want to know what Scorpius was like in school,” Lexie said forcing Vivian to choke a bit on her wine. It was a month before their wedding and Vivian had port keyed in earlier that day. She had heard so much about Scorpius friend and she was delighted to actually get a chance to meet her.

“Please don’t,” Scorpius groaned lowering his eyes to the table to hide his embarrassment, resulting in both girls to giggle.

“Trust me Scorpius in school was a bit of an outcast.” Vivian said with a smirk.

“A bit?” Scorpius countered with a crazy look on his face.

“Alright, a lot of an outcast, but we all were really.” Vivian said leaning back into her seat.

Lexie smiled as she looked at Scorpius with gentile eyes. He rarely talked about his past especially his days at school and whenever the subject came up he tended to keep his stories short and to the point. Almost as if he was avoiding something. She never pushed him on it or went snooping but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t curious.

“What about girls, who did Scorpius, date?” she asked thinking nothing much of the subject.

Vivian took another sip of wine gave a sweet smile “Well there was me, but that only lasted about two seconds” she said quickly. “And then there was…” but she quit talking, it was almost as if she had realized that she was saying something that she shouldn’t have, that she wasn’t thinking about the second part of what she was saying.

Vivian looked at Scorpius hoping that maybe she had stopped herself before the thought had entered his head but it was too late. Scorpius who had seemed so happy before now looked upset and hurt as he lowered his eyes away from the table and onto his hands.

Not noticing Scorpius’ reaction Lexie pushed “Who were you going to say?”

Scorpius cleared his throat and stood up quickly, “I’m going to be right back.”

Lexie looked to Vivian, watching as her expression was remorseful. “I’m sorry about that,” Vivian said pushing a smile on her face.


Lexie knew that she should have a bit more respect for Scorpius’ privacy, but since that day with Vivian, Scorpius had been distant and reserved.

Sitting in the middle of their attic she was rummaging through Scorpius’ old boxes. When his parents had bought them the house as a pre-wedding present she had thought nothing about what might be in the boxes, but now that was all she was thinking about.

She had found an old baby album which had pictures of Scorpius and his family in it, and she had found Scorpius’ Hogwarts record.

Sifting through the school file she had never realized how smart he actually was, he never mentioned that he had the highest grade in his class or that he had gotten into so much trouble.

She wasn’t joking that file had to be at least five hundred pages and held three folders within it. The first folder was documents of his grades and notes from professors, along with accounts of all the detentions that he had received during his time at Hogwarts. Not seeing anything too alarming in the first folder she put the rest of the file aside, knowing that it would take her all day to actually read through it, and continued to dig though the box.

The box was practically empty and Lexie had found nothing that would suggest Scorpius’ strange reaction to his past. She was about to put everything back when something caught her eye in the corner. Grabbing the folded piece of paper she opened it and saw a picture of a girl. She had bright red hair that had been pulled back at the sides so that it was still down but out of her face. The girl only stared at the camera blushing as she looked at it. Lexie watched as her face made an odd gesture, suggesting that this was silly but she still gave a curious smile that made Lexie wonder what she was thinking. A few seconds later though, the smile disappeared from the girl’s face and was replaced with more serious look. Her eyes had sympathetic tone to them as her gaze shifted from the photographer to the ground; slowly she raised her hand to cover up the lenses. Lexie couldn’t put her finger on it but she recognized the girl.

“Lexie,” she heard Scorpius call searching for her. She could hear him as he walked up the stairs to the attic but she didn’t put the picture down. There was something about the picture that had put her in a trance. The girl was happy but conflicted and yet her eyes said that she was very much in love with the person on the other side. Lexie could have guessed at who was taking the picture but she knew who it was, it was Scorpius.

“What are you doing up here?” he asked coming over to where she sat.

Lowering himself down so that he was nearly eye level with her he smiled at the reminisce of the contents of the box. Seeing his school record laying on the floor he raised his eyebrow “Find anything interesting?” he attempted to joke.

Lexie nodded her head, slowly handing the picture over to Scorpius, “Why have you never told me about her?” she asked not sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

Taking the picture into his hand Scorpius traced it tenderly. “I practically had to beg her to take it.” He said after a few minutes his gaze fixed on the girl. Taking a heavy breath he looked up to Lexie “Why all of a sudden are you so interested in my past?”

Lexie was at a bit of loss for words. “I’m trying to get to know you better,”

Still holding on to the picture he stood up, taking Lexie’s hand to help her. “Lexie I have never lied to you. I tell you what you need to know and I’m telling you that all of this,” he motioned to the boxes “is in the past, please leave it there.”

“And what about her?” Lexie nodded to the picture.  

Crumpling the picture in his hand “She is out of my life for good,” he said unable to look in her eyes, “I’m going to go get dinner started.” He mumbled turning around and leaving.

Lexie was left standing alone, unable to shake the feeling that there was a tone of regret in his voice when he said that she was gone. Kneeling down she began to place the photo album and school records in the box, balancing one of the files on her knee, it toppled over flinging the contents across the floor. As she began to pick it up she noticed one thing that stood out several times across the pages, it was the name Rose Weasley.


It had been two weeks since they found the picture and Scorpius had changed. He was in no way mean to her but that connection that they had seemed to have vanished into thin air. Scorpius used to get excited about picking out their wedding china and going over the guest list, but now he barley even spoke to her. His new routine was to get up, go to work, come home late, and then go to his office where he stayed almost all night.

It frightened her, to have him so distant, she loved him so much and he could hardly look at her for more than a couple of minutes. She had never felt more like a stranger than before.

Lying in bed, her thoughts continued to wonder, as she twisted the ring on her left hand, attempting to find some comfort in it, but none came. Looking over to the clock it was nearly two-thirty in the morning and Scorpius had yet to emerge from his office.  

Sliding out from beneath the covers, Lexie tugged her house coat around her snugly and carefully made her way down the hall to his office. Knocking on the door she didn’t wait for a response before opening it.

“Hey,” she said sweetly, standing in the doorway.

“Hey,” he mumbled not looking up from the folder that was in front of him. She observed how he scooted the folder over in order to center it and then marking something with his quill.

Although his blond hair was short she could see the traces of where he had been rubbing his fingers through it. Closing her eyes she breathed in his scent taking a step into the office. “It’s late,” she commented softly.

“I’ll be just a few more minutes,” he replied still diligently paying attention to the folder.

Lexie sighed taking a seat in the chair that was in front of him. It took him a few minutes before he realized that she hadn’t left. Lifting his head up for the first time he stared at her. Dark purple circles under his eyes and his skin paler than usual, he looked awful.

She sighed looking into his eyes “I’m starting to miss you a bit,”

Scorpius leaned back in his chair and Lexie took this as her chance. Standing up she walked over towards him and carefully sat in his lap leaning her head against him. His body tightened as she touched him, but after a few minutes he slowly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly to him. “I’ve been distracted,” he said simply.

“I know,” she said lightly. Scorpius opened his eyes and looked at her only for a moment before closing them again and shaking his head gently. She went to caress his cheek but in a sudden movement he caught her wrist, not allowing her to touch him. Lexie gasped by the restraint that he had, noticing what he had done he quickly loosened his grip and tenderly covered her hand with his.

“Sorry,” he mumbled honestly.

Lexie accepted his apology, sniffling slightly. Leaning in he kissed her for the first time since that day in the attic, and she rejoiced, feeling relieved and comforted. Pulling apart she smiled down to him “I think we should go to bed,”

Scorpius only nodded while she stood up and watched as he got up and went out of the room, for the first time in a while feeling assured of their relationship.

Smiling to herself she looked down to his desk to see what he had been distracting him. She recognized the name on the file having heard quite a bit about the dark wizard over the past few months. Staring at the folder something caught her eye from beneath the edge. A sickening feeling filled the pit of her stomach, as she moved the folder over and confirming what she thought it was.

Laying on the desk was the picture of the girl with that intense look in her eyes. He hadn’t thrown it away like she had assumed in fact it looked better than it did when she found it in the box.

It about broke her heart to see the picture there, knowing that this was Scorpius’ reason for being distracted. Observing it closely, there was something very familiar about the girl and suddenly it hit her why she recognized her. This was the girl from three and a half years ago, the one that Scorpius nearly got hit by a car to chase after inside a restaurant. Sure her hair was shorter then, but Lexie knew without a doubt that this was the girl from Germany.


Lexie stared at the photograph sitting on her desk at work, the image of the girl practically mocking her. She had always known that there was something that she was missing about Scorpius’ past and it never bothered her once, until now.

Scorpius had said keep the past in the past but how could she now? She could see Scorpius now just staring at that picture for hours, every night, in his office, unable to put it down, thinking and wondering about her. Lexie couldn’t just let that go, so that morning after Scorpius left for work she went into his office and grabbed the picture, determined to piece together Scorpius past and she knew exactly where to start.

Rose Weasley Lexie thought. From what she had read a couple of weeks ago it appeared that Scorpius and this Rose hated each other with a passion. She was sure that the girl wasn’t Rose, but she didn’t have any other name to go off of.

Tentatively tapping fingers against her desk she looked around the busy office, her eyes landing on the desk of Hugo Weasley. She didn’t know much about the Weasley family, she knew that Ron Wesley and his wife, but that was about it.  

It was a long shot that Hugo would have any information, he had never mentioned a Rose before and he had spoken of all of his cousins. Still that was a heck of a last name to share and maybe he could point her in the right direction, or at least recognize the girl in the photograph.  

Standing up she grabbed the picture, took a deep breath, and walked over to Hugo, who was deeply immersed, with his head bent down and his eyes on his typewriter.

“How are you today?” she said with a smile.

Hugo gave a slight grin as he lifted his head up “I’m good, just working on that piece about Toads in Quidditch.”

“That sounds exciting,” said Lexie.

“Oh it’s thrilling,” Hugo replied while eyeing her suspiciously. “What do you want Lexie,” he asked after a few minutes.

Her eyes went wide as she straightened her back in surprise “What makes you think I want anything?” she asked shocked that he caught on so quickly. When Hugo first came to work at the Prophet she thought it was so interesting how he could see right through people. One time at lunch she asked him about it and he said that it was all about reading people. She knew that he would make a great field reporter once he proved himself a little bit more on the Sports column.

“You have that, I’m on a mission, look on your face.” Hugo said simply.

Lexie gave a guilty smile as she sat down in the chair in front of his desk, “Well I was sort of hoping that you could help me with a mystery of sort.” She scratched the back of her ear casually.

“I can try,” he leaned back in his chair, his eyes still boring into her, as if he was trying to predict where this was going.

Slightly relived she rubbed her engagement ring with her thumb, “I was wondering if you had a cousin named Rose?”

She watched as his eyes changed, pretending to think “No, I don’t have a cousin named Rose,” he stated. Lexie’s face scrunched in disappointment, “However my sister’s name is Rose.”

Lexie felt her heart race at the sound of the words. “Sister? I didn’t even know you had a sister,” which was odd because Hugo was probably her closest friend at the Daily Prophet.

“She doesn’t come around much. She works for the Auror department in New York.” Making a weird face Hugo said “She usually invites us to visit her about once a year, although last year I couldn’t go… Law school,” he explained.

“So I’m assuming that you’re not close,” Lexie threw out, suddenly curious about the sister he never talked about.

Hugo shrugged, leaning further back into his chair, his eyes almost raised to the ceiling “Not much anymore. She practically walked out on our family after she graduated Hogwarts.”

“So you were close?” she asked softly.

He nodded “At one point in time,” he lowered his eyes to meet Lexie’s “In my family I was always the odd ball. The weird one as my cousin James would put it.” He paused “Rose never made me feel like that, with her I always fit right in.”

The thin line of a smile started to cross his face “I’ll never forget this one time when I was in second year I was walking to Great Hall, carrying my weight in books, and some kid came up and just knocked them clear out of my hands for no reason, laughing as I picked them up.” There was a twinkle in his eyes as he talked “Well Rose saw and she marched right up to us and shoved the kid to the ground and yelled ‘If you even look at my brother again I will pluck your eyes out with the pointy end of my wand,’

Lexie couldn’t help but giggle at the story. Having read Scorpius record she could assume that just about anyone would have been scared of Rose’s wrath. Her smile faded though as she saw the way Hugo seemed to be upset by the thought. “You miss her,” she didn’t ask.

“It doesn’t matter if I do. She doesn’t want much to do with the family and unfortunately I am in the family.” A somber look appeared on Hugo’s face, one that Lexie was unable to pull her eyes away from. Hugo gave sort of a half-smile “It is what it is I suppose,” he said sadly.

The overwhelming feeling of rage towards Rose consumed Lexie, the fact that anyone could hurt Hugo was disturbing and the fact that his sister didn’t even care, made her hate the stranger all the more. Realizing what she was feeling Lexie shook her head of the thought, focusing on her questions “Why did she leave?”

His eyes became dark as he was pulling away from the deep thought. “Because she wouldn’t stand up to our parents.”

“And do you stand up to your parents?”

“Do you see me in law school right now?” Hugo sat up straight his usual laid back expression coming to him.

Lexie smirked and shook her head “No I see a reporter who is going to take the Daily Prophet by a storm once the editor realizes just how talented you are.

“You’re just saying that because you wanted information out of me,” He joked leaning forward slightly.

Lexie shook her head again “Or because I believe that you belong here.”

“Thanks,” he mumbled awkwardly, shifting his eyes from hers. After a few minutes he asked “Why were you so interested in Rose anyways?”

Lexie rubbed her forehead trying to think of how to explain it without seeming like a lunatic. “I was rummaging around some of my fiancé’s old things over and I came across her name.”

He gave an indifferent shrug and stared at her. She remained still picking at the corner of the picture, she had one more burning question. “Anything else?”

“Yes,” she spoke nervously “I also came across this photograph and I was wondering if you might have any idea of who it was?” Carefully she handed the photograph over, her hands trembling with anticipation.

An odd stillness washed over Hugo, his eyes wide and lips tight, as he clutched the picture. “Who’s your fiancé?” he asked slowly, not answering the question.    

“Scorpius Malfoy,” but she had the gut wrenching feeling that he already knew that, because the way he looked at the photograph was in that protective way that only a brother would look at his sister.


Lexie sat in one of the white satin chairs in the wedding hall of the hotel that they were staying at. It was midnight and in less than twelve hours she would be Mrs. Scorpius Malfoy, a thought which terrified her.

She was supposed to be in her room getting a good night’s rest but she couldn’t sleep, so wondered around until she ended up here. Starring at the finished product of a year’s worth of planning, white with purple touches everywhere, crystal beading and gorgeous flower arrangements. Scorpius had told her countless times that he would rather just go get married and tell people when they got back, but she pushed, always having dreamed of a big wedding and he indulged into her every desire.

He had finally seemed to come around, slightly. Occasionally Scorpius would even smile at her. A shaky breath escaped from her lips, as she thought this is what their relationship had come to. A smile… a simple smile, and she felt pathetic because she waited around for them.   

Standing up she decided to try and go to bed. While she walked down the hall to her room she heard a loud noise come from a room near the end of the hall.

Going past her own door she walked down the hall following the commotion that she was hearing. Stopping at the room where the noise was coming from, her heart pounding as she stared down Scorpius’ door.

There were several voices inside. So tired of being kept in the dark she waved her wand opening the door, enough so that it still appeared to be shut but leaving enough of a space so that she could hear.

“I cannot believe you let this happen,” Vivian yelled harshly.

“How is this my fault?” Bryan spat back.

“The both of you need to calm down, this is nobody’s fault.” Stacy’s voice was hard and Lexie could imagine her narrowing her eyes to the two.

There was a long stint of silence “So what are we going to do?” Vivian finally spoke.

“Just wait until he stops,” Stacy said “He’s drunk, he’s got to sleep it off.”

“He is going to have one massive headache in the morning,” Bryan attempted to joke.

“Seriously Bryan, you think this is funny he has been talking about her for over an hour.” Lexie’s hand trembled on the doorknob, leaning in closer.

As if on cue she heard “Isn’t Rose pretty,” come from Scorpius mouth. His words were slurred.

“Yes absolutely gorgeous mate,” Bryan said dryly.

Scorpius seemed to pause before saying “Yes she is, but I love her for so much more. She is nice and kind,” Vivian snorted “It’s true,” Scorpius shouted “But she doesn’t love me,” Lexie was unable to pull away.

“That’s not true, she does love you,” said Stacy soothingly. There was an odd shift in the room, and footsteps, along with the creaking of the bed, as someone plopped down into it. “There there, doesn’t that feel better all tucked in and warm.” Stacy’s words sounded of a mother.

“I swear this is like dealing with a five year old,” groaned Vivian.

“That’s it, either you two leave or hush up,” Stacy ordered, obviously trying to calm Scorpius down.

“Why doesn’t Rose love me, she hurts my heart real bad Stacy.” Scorpius mumbled.

“She does love you,” Stacy retorted.

“Then why am I not marrying her tomorrow?”

“Because Rose has a lot of problems,” Stacy said softly. “But I do know that she loves you,”

“Good,” Scorpius said softly “Because I only love her.”

Lexie closed the door, not able to take it anymore. She had to get out of there, she was angry and upset, and heartbroken. There was only one person who she knew she could talk to about this and she had to talk to him now.


Lexie banged on Hugo’s door not caring how let it was. She banged and banged and banged until he finally opened it with a confused look.

“Scorpius is the reason why your sister left isn’t he,” Hugo seemed to wake up immediately. “She was the girl in the picture and they were together weren’t they?” she crossed her arms not willing to leave until she had her answers. She had most of the truth, but she needed someone to confirm it.

Hugo sighed “It was years ago Lexie,”

“Oh really, then why did I just hear him say that he loves only her?” Her voice broke and she couldn’t stop from crying now, actually having to say it was her breaking point.

Lexie felt his arms wrap around her tightly pulling her closer to him and she cried into his chest, her body shaking uncontrollably as she sobbed. “I’m sorry, you should never have had to hear that.” He whispered comforting.


Scorpius’ eyes opened, and focused on Lexie who had a blank expression on her face. There was a long silence as he processed everything, he had no memory of that night in the hotel.

“What did Hugo tell you?” Scorpius asked softly, once he found his voice.

“That Rose left because she couldn’t bear not to be with you.” Lexie took a deep breath to steady herself “Also that you were the love of her life and that she was the same for you.” Her eyes remained stuck on the floor “Was he wrong?”

Scorpius shook his head “No,”

“I didn’t think so,” muttered Lexie.

Thinking Scorpius suddenly asked “Why did you not just tell me that you didn’t want to get married.”

Lexie tried to think of a way to explain it. “After everything that happened for some reason the next morning I still wanted to marry you. I told you I thought I could love you enough for the both of us and I wasn’t ready to let you go.”

“Then why did you sleep with him?” Scorpius tried to understand.

“Because he told me he loved me and at that moment I really just needed to be with someone who loved me.” She wiped away a tear “I know it’s not a good answer but it is the honest one.”

He thought momentarily “You know I did care for you,” he said.

“That was never going to be enough, even if I hadn’t slept with Hugo our marriage wouldn’t have lasted more than a year,” She pulled out the papers in the envelope. Scorpius saw where his signature was from three months ago, he wanted his divorce so badly, he didn’t care for the reasons. “Once you found that picture of Rose there was no going back, you couldn’t even pretend you wanted to be with me.” She said picking up a quill and skimming over the form before signing on the line beneath Scorpius’.

She was right, once he was reminded of how much Rose had once loved him he couldn’t get her out of his mind and he didn’t want to. The thing was, Scorpius knew it was a mistake to marry Lexie the second after he did it. Even though he was hurt by what Lexie did he had to admit that he was relieved. “I’m sorry for causing you pain.”

“I know,” She tilted her head “Why do you think I wanted to talk to you so badly. I wanted you to see that I didn’t intentionally hurt you and that I know you didn’t intend to hurt me.” She stacked the papers together and slid them inside the envelope. “We are just two people who didn’t belong together.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but grin, at her words. “So are you and Hugo together?” he asked actually interested in the answer.

“Sort of…not really,” she gave a semi smile to Scorpius “I’m still reeling from the heart break of you, but one day hopefully.” There was a slight spark in her eye as she thought about it “He’s someone who I can picture myself with, he is sweet, kind, and he loves me, and eventually when I heal I will be able to love him back. But right now he knows that I need time and he is giving it to me,”

Scorpius stood up and Lexie followed handing him the papers to him. “Now tell me this are you ever going to sort your problems out and go after Rose?” Lexie asked with a bright smile, reminding Scorpius why he cared for her.

Scorpius nodded his head “I’m going to try,”


Rose stood in the hallway of her brothers flat staring at his door. She figured that she could just knock, but then he wouldn’t answer knowing it was her. Then there was the option to use her wand but he would have been smart enough to put charms on his door. So after deliberating for a few minutes she chose the option that satisfied her need to annoy her part brother… and she just kicked the door in.

“ARE YOU MENTAL?” Hugo shouted jumping up from his desk and staring at Rose in his doorway.

Rose walked in not caring if he was upset “Would you have answered if you knew it was me?”

“No,” he stated waving his wand to fix the hinges on his door before closing it.

“See, my logic was perfect,” she smirked glancing around the apartment before crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at Hugo.

“Yeah if you’re a bloody mental patient, what are you doing here?” he asked not in the mood to deal with Rose.

Rose pretended to think about her question “I want to know what you’re up to?”

A blank expression crossed his face as he stared down his sister “Seriously, it must really bug you that I have a secret.”

“Obviously,” Her stare had softened. “I’m worried about you Hugo, it’s not like you to be so secretive.”

Hugo sighed, “Sit down,” he motioned to the kitchen table behind her. To him Rose was one of the most annoying people on the planet, he loved her but the fact that she could not let anything go drove him nuts, and he knew if he kept on the way he was that the next step would be her searching his apartment for answers. “You swear not to tell mum and dad,”

Rose gave a get real look. Nodding Hugo reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with crumpled edges. Sitting down across from Rose he slid it to her.

Rose picked it up and stared at it speechless. It was an ultrasound picture, her jaw hung open as she looked for words to speak “That’s a baby,” was all she found.

“I know,” he had a sort of smile on his face, but a look of worry as well “It’s mine,”

Rose hung on tightly to the picture before meeting her brother’s eyes, processing the information. “Who’s the mother?”

Hugo bent his head down “It’s Lexie,”

That was surprise to Rose, but it explained why Scorpius reacted to so oddly to seeing Hugo at the World Cup, she being his ex-fiancé and all. But still that didn’t explain why Hugo had been avoiding her. “Okay I get why you have been avoiding Mum and Dad, but why me?”

“I thought that that would have been obvious.” Hugo said. Rose only shrugged her shoulders aching for him to continue. “Lexie and Scorpius are still married.”

Rose nearly fell out of her chair when she heard the words, her face becoming pale at the truth. She was silent as she took in what he said before shaking her head “I’m sorry can you repeat that,”

A/N: Alright there is the truth. Sorry that it has taken so long to get this up, I had a lot going on and this was long chapter. Don’t expect long chapters like this all the time, I just had so much that I wanted to get out before the next chapter and there really wasn’t a good place to end it.

Anyways is Lexie justified in her actions? Better yet did it give some justification into Scorpius? Also what about Rose, she knows now and he didn’t tell her in time? The next chapter is going to be fun… evil grin on my face. Thank you so much for reading and for sure I will be back in two weeks chapter 15 shouldn’t take near as long to write. Please review.

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