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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 1 : The coffee
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 (Authors Note:)  Hey guys!  Here's the first chapter of my newest story, Unexpected Blessings!  Enjoy!


Hermione Granger linked arms with Ginny as they made their way towards the library from Potions class.  After the war, Ginny had been bumped up a year, while Hermione and the other previous seventh years were asked to repeat the year.  The two girls giggled all the way down, stopping only to grab Luna and add her to the chain.


“Hey, we all have a free period right now, we should go try out that new snack bar with all the muggle foods!”  Ginny exclaimed, referring to a new section of Hogwarts.  A small shack had been set up so students could grab a snack or a drink on their way to class.  In addition to the typical wizard foods, it offered a large variety of muggle snacks they could try.




“That sounds like a great idea, I could go for a butterbeer right now, ‘Mione?”  Luna asked, dreamy eyed.  Hermione nodded, indicating she thought it a good idea too.  With that, the trio linked arms again and headed back down the corridor.




When they arrived at the hut, Hermione found herself explaining what all the muggle options were.  She ended up ordering a black coffee, while the other girls stuck to butterbeers.  They asked for a round of nachos too, which they would all share.  The three girls grabbed an empty table and talked while they waited for their food to be ready.




“So Luna… how are you and Neville?  We’ve been dying to know!”  Ginny questioned.  It was true, Hermione had been curious too.  The blonde girl blushed a bit before answering.




“Oh he’s wonderful.  I got nightmares after the war and he would come in and hold me until I fell asleep,” Luna replied, lost in thought.  Ginny and Hermione exchanged glances and Hermione raised her eyebrows before asking,




“And how did he get in your room?  The staircases won’t allow guys in the girls dorms, Luna!”  Luna locked eyes with her and whispered, “I got the wereflutes to help me; they lift him over the stair and set him down inside the common room.”  Her statement only confused the other two even more, as they had never heard of this creature.




 Ginny was about to question her about it when a floating tray landed on their table, filled with their snacks.




They grabbed their respective snacks and Hermione cradled the coffee to her, stealing its warmth against the cold.  She lifted it to her lips but as soon as the strong aroma reached her nose, she felt sick.  Dropping her mug with a clang, she got up and fled to the nearest restroom.




Moments later, she heard Luna and Ginny burst in, worrying.  They waited patiently outside the stall as Hermione emptied her stomach.  Tears started to free themselves and travel down her cheeks as she flushed the loo and sank to the floor.




“’Mione?  ‘Mione, let us in please.” The red haired girl said from outside the door.  Hermione could hear the fear in her voice so she stood up and unlocked the door, moving over to the nearest sink.  Luna was waiting with a cup of water she’d conjured and Hermione took it gratefully.  Ginny fretted over her, wiping her tears and asking if she was sick.




“I don’t know Gin, I felt fine before.  The smell of the coffee just repulsed me, even though I normally love my coffee!”  Hermione explained, “Maybe it’s the weather, I don’t know.  I’ll be fine though, don’t you worry.  She looked at her two friends and offered them a weak smile.  




“Alright, if you’re sure.  But we really must be getting to class, it starts in two minutes and we’re on the opposite side of the hall!”  Ginny said anxiously.  Hermione debated skipping class for a moment but quickly discarded that idea.  There was no way she would willingly miss class if she was feeling better, and besides, she was sure there was nothing left in her stomach to throw up.




As the trio raced through the hall, Hermione kept her mind racing.  She rarely got sick, this was strange for her.  Unless… no, that’s not it.  She pushed all thoughts out of her mind as they reached their Transfiguration classroom.  Luckily, they shared the same class.  Hermione could see Ginny occasionally glancing at her, making sure she was okay.  




When the last class of the day ended, they bid farewell to Luna, who would probably visit their dorm later and departed.  


“Hey Gin, Hermione!  Wait up!” they heard Harry call from behind them.  They swiveled around and waited as he caught up, Ron at his heels.  Hermione smiled at both of them as they asked the girls how their day had been.  She got lost in thought, about Ron, as they progressed.  After everything had ended, they had decided to stay friends as they were more like brother and sister than anything more.




Hermione snapped out of her thoughts as she heard her name.  They were all looking at her.




“Um, what was that, sorry?” she blushed.  




“Ginny said you got sick earlier today, are you alright?” Harry repeated, concern evident in his voice.  She smiled reassuringly at them before answering,




“Oh I feel much better now, not sure what was into me earlier, thanks” She answered.




 They talked aimlessly until they reached the staircases and the guys had to go a different direction.  The boys hugged them, and they bid them farewell and continued through the common room into the dorm.




Arriving at her room, she collapsed into her bed.  She hadn’t realized how tired she was!  Before she could even change her clothes, she was asleep.



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