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Glad You Came by demigodshadeslayer
Chapter 13 : Tricks, havoc and decisions
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hey guys! thank you for those people who've reviewed so far, you lot made my day! :D and omg! I've got more than 5,000 reads!! *dances around with pompoms* 

anyways, this chapter is from Al's pov, I hope you enjoy it! 

as always, r&r 




(Al’s POV)

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, as Fred’s elbow jammed into my ribs.

“Shut up, Al” hissed James, hitting me on my head.

“OW!” I said, more loudly.

“Seriously, Al. Stop being so loud, bro” Fred said, jamming me in my ribs, this time on purpose, “Be a man. Suck it up”

I glared at the pair of them.

“If you tossers want me to keep quiet, then stop hitting me” I hissed, right back at them.

“Guys, guys, please. And stop hitting Al” said Ian, barely glancing at us.

“Dude, you sound like my Dad” sniggered James.

“Yeah, stop treating us like we’re kids” said Fred, giggling as well.

“Then stop behaving like one, dumb-arse” retorted Ian, glaring at them.

“I don’t mean to interrupt this lovely conversation, but I would like to know whether you guys were planning on telling me why in the world you dragged me here?” I asked, ever-so-politely, giving them my good-boy-angel smile.

I’m pretty legit that way.

With the variety of smiles, I mean.

The GBA smile never fails.

If I had a galleon for every time GBA got me out of trouble...

“Well” sighed Ian, finally deciding to open up to me, and divulge the mystery I was simply dying to know. (See, what I mean? The good-boy-angel smile never fails)

“We’re here to help Ian in his romantic conquest” said Fred, peeking out of the peep-hole.

“How are we exactly helping Cooper in his –whatever- by being cooped up in a very small, spare broom shed near the Quidditch pitch?” I asked testily.

I could not bring myself to say ‘romantic conquest’.

It’s not manly, bro.

And I am, as you all know, very manly.

Also, cooped up to help Cooper?

Sometimes I amaze myself.

“Well, my darling brother” said James, putting his arm around me with difficulty due to lack of space, and pulling me toward the peep-hole “See for yourself”

I put my eye to the hole, and saw that we had quite a clear view of the pitch.

“We’re here to spy on other house’s Quidditch practice? James!” I admonished him, whacking him on his head.

“No, you tosspot!” he said whacking me in return, “See which House it is”

I peeped out once more, and noticed that the stadium was filled with people in yellow Quidditch robes.



Oh no.

“You idiots!” I glared at them, “You dragged me here so we could talk to Layla? You guys could have done that anytime!”

“Yeah, Al. That’s a genius idea” said Fred sarcastically, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

“Well, my darling, unintelligent brother” said James, “We cannot talk to her about helping Ian with Dana, when Dana is present, can we? I mean, I may be new at this, but I was under the impression that Dana was kind of supposed to be in the dark about all this until we’re sure she feels the same way about my mucker here” he said, thumping Ian on the back.

“And since Dana’s always around when Layla talk to us...” Ian trailed off, looking out at the pitch again.

“I get that” I said, “But how are we gonna make her talk to us? We can’t go in the pitch right now, those Hufflepuff idiots are gonna think we are spying on them or something” Honestly, that would just be plain embarrassing, dude.

To think we have to spy on them to beat them.

Okay, you will not think about the previous time we faced them in a match.

That was plain luck, dude. They have one decent player, and we have seven.

End of story.

“Plus, I’m guessing she has to be in her Common Room as soon as practise is over, and she wouldn’t stay back to chat” said Ian, looking worried

“Exactly” said Fred, giving me a wicked grin.

“Which is why, we have a plan” said James, grinning like an idiot.

“What plan?” I asked warily.

I am well and truly aware unfortunately, what kinds of ‘plans’ my brother and cousin are capable of coming up with.

I assure you, I do not want to be in the area of immediate impact when that happens.

“We just need to cause a little diversion, so their practise ends early, and she can talk to us” said Fred, winking.

“What sort of a diversion are we talking about here?” asked Ian, now looking worried. Usually, he would be bursting with excitement at their goofy plans, but this time he couldn’t afford to take that risk, what with Layla being his only chance with Dana and all.

His words, mate. Not mine.

“Wait and watch, mucker” said James, while Fred pulled out something from his pocket.

He held it out in his hand, and we all peered to look. It seemed to be a small, harmless, Muggle helicopter-like toy, and it could fit in his palm. I don’t understand how that would cause the distraction, it could hardly fly more than a few feet.

Unless someone flies at the ground level, that thing ain’t gonna be much of a distraction, bro.

I wouldn’t put it past those Puffs to do that, though.

On the other hand, they are pretty air-headed and wouldn’t need a broom to float in the air, if you know what I mean.

Fred started to meddle with the toy, tweaking this and turning that, pushing a few buttons, and then pointed it towards the pitch and let it fly.

Naturally, we all rushed to the peep-hole to see what happened.

The helicopter-thingy flew steadily towards the Pitch, and kept flying higher and higher. It gained a lot of attitude, and it was in the middle of the Pitch, hovering in mid-air and those Hufflepuff idiots didn’t even notice.

I mean, seriously, it hovered for a minute right beneath the Captain’s nose and he was busy looking at the sun and clouds.

How thick can you get?

I could tell Layla noticed that something was wrong, though. She frowned at that toy, and made to open her mouth to warn the stupid Captain when-


The helicopter suddenly made a huge noise and went berserk, causing a few people to fall off their brooms. It sprouted a few nozzles, and targeted the players and let off bullets that exploded with paint on contact, kind of like the paint-ball guns you see Muggles playing with. Of course, since we’re magical and all, we just had to alter it so the paint wouldn’t come off for at least forty-eight hours.

All hell broke loose, and the players got paint everywhere, and a few of those idiots didn’t know which direction to fly, and thought it would be brilliant if they flew directly near the toy to try and dismantle it, when the toy turned it’s nozzles and sprayed them directly in their oncoming faces. They couldn’t see where they were going, and all of them made to return to the ground, spitting out paint and staggering towards their changing-rooms. Only the Captain and Layla were still up in the air, and that is because the Captain was stupid enough to keep going near the toy and getting paint sprayed in his eyes repeatedly, as a result of which he couldn’t see where he was going and hence kept going near the helicopter-thingy and getting sprayed more.

Honestly, how he got made the Quidditch Captain when he’s thicker than a concussed Troll with a memory charm on him is beyond me.

Layla finally caught the Captain mid-air and dragged him toward the ground and pushed him in the direction of the changing-rooms, while she made to collect the remaining balls and put them in the crate. Meanwhile, the helicopter-thingy was happily spraying paint all over the pitch and stands with a happy “wheeeee”.

When there were no recognizable targets, it went off with a bright and loud explosion, covering nearly every inch of the pitch with paint and confetti.

How did something so small manage to cause this havoc, you ask?

Because it is a product of the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, bitch.

The whole stadium looked like the battleground of a fierce war between the Trolls and Giants, except that they were armed with paint-ball guns and party poppers.

Layla was cursing and dragging her crate through the gate, all spattered with blue, pink and purple paint and covered in bright confetti. Combine that with her bright yellow Quidditch robes, she looked like a weird bird a carnival threw up on.

What an interesting image.

“C’mon” Ian muttered, and pulled James and Fred from the ground, where they were rolling, cracking up like the bunch of loons they are, tears streaming down their faces.

“What’s the next step?” I asked “Now that you’ve provided the distraction and nuisance”

“Oh lighten up, Al” chortled Fred “Don’t be such a Mum”

I rolled my eyes at that one.

I am NOT a Mum.

As I have mentioned before, I am quite manly, thank you very much.

Just because I don’t behave like a bunch of baboons on the loose, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy humour or that I’m capable of letting loose.

We then crept out of our hidey-hole (I sound like such a stalker right now) and made along the bushes to where Layla was struggling with the crate.

James suddenly flicked his wand, and a blindfold appeared covering Layla’s eyes and she staggered a bit, before shouting out “Who’s there?”

“Struggling is pointless” said Fred, his voice altered with a thick Italian accent. He thought it made him sound deep and menacing, like the Muggle Mafia.

In my opinion, he sounded like the villain of a bad movie from the 50’s who had no idea how an Italian accent should sound like.

“Who the hell are you? Let me go, you ruthless bastard” she said, struggling to remove her blindfold, as we rushed to where she was and made to grab her from behind.

Yes, my older brother and cousin were a bunch of sissies who couldn’t even grab a girl when she was blindfolded.

That’s Gryffindor bravery for you, right there.

“I thought I told you not to struggle” said Fred, whipping out the fake accent again.

“And I thought I told you to let me go!” she said, still struggling in his arms, “What is it you want from me? Face me like a man, you spineless worm. What’s with the fake accent anyway?”

I couldn’t help grin at that one.

Fred and James looked pretty affronted at the insults, Fred more for the dig on his accent.

“Just don’t make noise” said Fred, still using the accent. That boy doesn’t learn a lesson.

I sighed, and pushed them both out of the way, put a silencing charm on her, grabbed her by her arm, and pulled her into our hidey-hole.

It took all of five seconds.

That’s how it’s done, boys.

*dusts hands*

We took off her blindfold, and she made to shout, but stopped when she saw who it was. She chose to give those three death glares instead. Can’t say I blame her, really.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” said Layla, still glowering at them in turn. She didn’t notice me, I was standing right behind her in the shadows.

“Don’t look at me, it was their idea” Ian said, backing off into a wall. It didn’t help that he was pointing at James and Fred either, who backed off as well.

“What the hell, guys?” she said, and took a menacing step forward.

“We just wanted to talk to you?” mumbled Fred, grinning at her apologetically.

“Yeah, and the only way to do that was by disrupting our practice, and turning the stadium into carnival-vomit is it?” she said, echoing my thoughts.

(Hey! That’s my dialogue, woman! I have copyrights and stuff!)

“This is something different” said James, almost cowering.

“How? Even if it is, you could have approached me directly instead of doing something this dumb. What the hell was that helicopter thing?”

“That, is the new WWW product, love” beamed Fred proudly, “Specially designed for Muggles by the great Fred II. I call it, the Copter-Blaster. Five galleons a piece, they keep walking right off the shelves”

“You’re that jobless?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“That’s what I said!” exclaimed Ian, but then shut up after one look from her.

“And to think you actually made to kind-of kidnap me? By the way, that accent was the worst thing I’ve ever heard!”

“Hey! I spent three days trying to master that” said Fred, hurt.

Layla rolled her pretty sea-green eyes at them all. They seemed to stand out like jewels in the paint-job that is her face at the moment.



Focus, Al.

“So, are you actually going to tell me why you did all this, or am I going to force it out of you?” she said, her threatening look back on her face.

“Relax, Lewis” I drawled, grinning lazily at her, “It’s their way of saying they need your help”

“Al?” she squeaked turning around to look at me, “You’re here too?”

Well, good to know I can still get a reaction out of her.

“Hear them out” I said, still grinning lazily-and a bit arrogantly- at her.

She narrowed her eyes at me and turned to them, demanding an explanation.

“W-w-ell..” stammered James, looking at Fred desperately, who looked at Ian, who looked terrified.

“Oh for the love of Merlin, just get out with it” she snapped, and they backed up even more.

“It’s...well..” Ian cleared his throat a few times, and seemed to try again ”Actually..”

“Ian’s in love with Dana and would like your help” I stated, my voice ringing out clearly.

I knew I should have let Ian come out with it himself and all, but the way these wankers were behaving was a serious insult to Godric Gryffindor. And judging by the grateful look Ian was giving me, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he doesn’t mind.

Someone else minded though.

And that someone was staring at us in shock.

“WHAT?” she shrieked, “”

Here we go again.


“’re in love with Dana” she stated, three hours later, still in shock.

“Yes, and please keep it down” begged Ian, looking around the Great Hall, which was buzzing with talk and laughter so loud, that I bet Layla’s whisper went unnoticed. Still, he wasn’t taking any chances.

“Like, actually in love” she said, still staring at him. She seems to have lost the ability to grasp things. Pity, really. She used to be so smart and all that.

“Yes” repeated Ian, looking solemn.

“’re in love with my best friend, and you want my help?” she said, her whisper rising to normal tones.

“Yes, and please don’t whisper-shout it!” said Ian, once more looking around to make sure nobody heard.

“Doesn’t matter how many times you keep repeating it, Lewis, doesn’t change the facts” I said calmly, putting more mashed potatoes on my plate, “And Cooper, stop looking around like a girl, nobody cares about your love-life”

True story.

“Why are you calm about this?” she whisper-shouted again, “She’s your best friend too!”

“Yea, see ish” I agreed, my mouth full of potatoes, “An’ ‘M kay wif Cwooper”

“That’s disgusting, bro” said Fred, arriving on the scene.

I flipped him off, and took a huge swallow.

“Look,” I said, turning to Layla, “I know this takes some getting used to, and I was how you are about two days back. But now after I’ve thought about it, I find that this news doesn’t make me as nauseous as it used to, and I’m fine with that” I shrugged.

“But-“ she started, but was cut off by the arrival of Rose, Scor, Lily, Hugo and the woman of the hour-Dana.

“Hey” she smiled, changing tact, “Why are you guys so late?”

“What are you doing at our table, Lewis?” asked Rose, but not in a harsh way. Kinda like, I-know-why-you-are-here-and-I’m-gonna-tease-the-hell-out-of-this-situtaion kinda way. Though she had absolutely no idea what the actual situation was, I could tell Layla sitting at the Gryffindor table is going to bring up a serious bout of teasing.

Meh, I can survive.

“Cooper wanted my help” she said, frowning at Ian, who shook his head vigorously “I’ve not yet decided on whether or not to help him”

“Well...that is a head-scratcher” said Hugo, sitting down besides her and giving her a hug.

It took all of my self-control not to fling my potatoes in his stupid face.

How is it that he can hug her freely and I can’t?

How in the world is that fair?

Why has Merlin decided to make my life miserable?


The ‘bomb’? Seriously? – my brain asked me.

Shut up, brain.

“Yeah, helping these wankers can have serious, fatal consequences” said Lily, hugging her as well.

“I’d advise you to go for it” stated Dana simply, sitting down and piling her plate with food.

Me, Ian, Fred, James and Layla all stared at her.

“What? I’m hungry!” she said, looking down at the plateful of stew.

“Where you put all that food is beyond me” said Rose, sitting down on the other side of Hugh, but not before hugging Layla.

Of course, people have to hug her.

Even Scorpius got to hug her.


“Anyways” said James, turning to Layla, “I think you should help him too. This can lead to no harm”

“Better watch out when that statement comes out from the mouth of James Potter” said Scor, grinning.

“Oh stop with all the hype, you guys” said Lily.

“Yeah, just go for it” agreed Hugo.

Layla looked at Rose, who seemed to be the only one not giving her opinion.

“Why are you looking at me?” Rose asked innocently.

Layla gave her a “Really?” kinda look.

“Okay” Rose sighed “I suppose you can help them. I mean, it must be a tough situation if these tossers actually deflated their heads enough to ask someone for help. Especially someone who isn’t family or from their own House. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though” she finished, grinning.

“So...that’s been decided” grinned Fred, giving us all a thoroughly non-required view of his mouth full of food.


How am I related to these idiots again?

“You’re helping Ian” said James, looking at Layla.

Layla slowly nodded her head.

Ian’s face could have lit the fucking Great Hall for the rest of the millennia.

This is going to be fun.



thanks a mil for reading!! please leave a review, it's quite simple. just click on the box below and type your heart away, my friend!

I'm sorry about this filler chapter thouugh, but I'v got some ideas for the upcoming ones!! :D 

keep reading, I love you lot!


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