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Secrets inside me. by granger9draco
Chapter 2 : The train ride.
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"Hermione!" I heard a mans voice in my dream.

"Hermione, get up!"

"Ugh" I moaned, remembering that I was to return to school for my fifth year that morning.


"I'm up, I'm up" I cut him off, Merlin, I had never done that before, how rude.

I brushed my hand through my hair and jumped up, wondering why it was short. Oh yeah, I thought, I'm a boy now. I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the shower, stumbling slightly, not quite used to having a mans body. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth, spending about ten minutes looking in the mirror at my new face. I loved the look of my bright green eyes and the gorgeous bronzy-red hair. I must be the first Slytherin to have a colorful face. I smiled and went back to the bedroom.

Pulling on my most tasteful boy clothes, I could smell bacon from the kitchen and laughed at how well boys could smell food, no wonder my dad was always the first at the table in the morning, he must be able to smell my mums cooking from a mile away.

"Good morning Zephyrin, here's your breakfast, eat up, the ministry might have made you a rich Slytherin, but you don't want to go spending it all on train food" said Lupin, pilling my plate with bacon and eggs. We ate in silence, until the clock on the mantel chimed for 8:45, we were to leave in 15 minutes. I was not looking forward to the meeting I was to have with McGonagall in the train, we had Two hours to spend together until the train set off and I could wonder around to find a Slytherin filled cabin.

"Right, lets go, grab your bags and be at the fire place in ten minutes" said Lupin, collecting the empty dishes and taking them to the sink, normally I would offer to help, but I only had ten minutes, so...

Once in the bedroom, I collected all my lose clothes and books and stuffed them into the Slytherin trunk.

"Woah!" I received a huge fright when I noticed my 'clone' standing in the corner of the room, I was after forgetting about her-IT- altogether. Lupin had informed me that It didn't need to eat, or sleep, but it would if I ordered It to.

"Umm, hello. Do you know if you're coming with us, or..." I asked awkwardly, it was weird talking to myself, well, something that looked immensely like me.

"No, I have not received this information, would you like me to inquest Mr. Lupin?" It asked in a flat tone.

"If you wouldn't mind..."

I continued to pack as It headed out the door. Merlin, this will be difficult.

I heaved my overly heavy trunk into the kitchen to find It and Lupin waiting for me, didn't I ask It to find out if it was coming? It was standing beside my old trunk, still full with my normal stuff.

"You didn't tell It to give you the answer and it wouldn't do what I say" said Lupin, as if reading my thoughts.

"Right I should have thought of that.." I said, heaving a sigh.

"Hey, it's going to be fine, just relax, you haven't got many classes so you have lots of time to figure things out." Lupin reassured in a soothing voice.

"I know I know, it's just... Everything will be so new and..."

"No it won't, the castle will be the same, McGanagall will be there for you"

"Ok, I'm ready, lets go" I said, forcing a smile.

My reflection went first after I told It to and I met it on the other side, near the train at the empty station.

"Ok, Listen to me, you are to go to a compartment at the back and wait for me there, if anyone comes in, be nice, greet them with a hello and talk to them on whatever subject they bring up. Don't change in front of them, find a private place where no one can see you to change into your robes, I don't want anyone seeing you naked, it's still a copy of my body. You answer to the name of Hermione, 'mione or Miny, got it? Don't be nice to any Slytherins save me and don't even think of mentioning anything about this plan, to anyone, even your friends. You know who your friends are right?

"Yes, they are Ronald Weasley, Harry James Potter and Ginny Weasley, you talk to your fellow Gryffindores as friends also." It concluded.

"Right, and do your studying. I think it best we meat up every once in a while, meat with me in the owlery on monday morning, this monday, got it?"

"Yes mistress"

"And don't call me that. Now go" I ordered. I didn't mean to be mean, but Lupin said it had no feelings, so I was doing nothing wrong.

"Ah, Hermi- sorry- Zephyrin, that's going to take some getting used to. You look dashing might I say" greeted McGonagall as I sat down opposite her in the train compartment.

"Thank you miss, I was rather surprised with the outcome also" I said, smiling.

"Well, I'm here to discus your bedroom and lesson arrangement, you are taking DADA , ancient runes, transfiguration and potions, quite an empty time table, but you will be able to collect your learnings from your reflection at the end of term, so not to worry, your brain won't go hungry." She smiled.

We made arrangements for meetings and wether I was still interested in being an( can't find the word for..not head girl, the sort of helpers) also, she told me more of my reflection, giving me warnings and advice.

"I had better get to the teachers cabin, why don't you roam around, find someone to talk to, I'll see you at school" she said, giving me a wink before heading out into the hall. I looked down at my new body,

I had on a blue t-shirt, black baggy jeans and a pair of green converse on. I must look really hot right now...

Once the train started moveing, I headed out, in search of someone to talk to as I was getting really bored, I found myself too lazy to get my trunk down and look through it for a book.

"Quibler? Quibler anyone?" came the familiar soft voice of Luna

"Hey" I said, stopping myself before I said her name, I wasn't to know that yet.

"Oh, hello. Are you a new student, I haven't seen you before?" she asked politely, I'm going to miss hanging out with her.

"Umm, yeah. I'm going into fifth year, what year are you in?" though I already knew the answer.

"Fourth, Quibler?" she asked again.

"Yeah, sure" I said, taking one of the purple magazines before she walked away, obviously not interested in a conversation.

I walked down the hall, looking into every cabin in search for a Slytherin filled one. After passing a group of girls and watching them blush like crazy when I said hello, I was feeling a lot more confident in my looks as a boy.

Finally, I found one with two Slytherins in it, I recognized one of them to be Cozemo Falton, the boy beside him, I had never met before. I slid the door open and greeted them-

"Hi, do you mind if I sit?" I asked, motioning to an empty seat.

"If you must" said Cozemo. Cozemo had dark skin and a military style hair cut, he had dark eyes and was quite muscular, the other boy was tall and lanky with pale skin and black hair, some light freckles visible on his face and bare arms.

"What're your names?" I asked, taking a seat across from them.

"What business is it of yours?" retorted the boy I didn't know.

"Just a question, what house are you in, I'm in Slytherin, though I am only enrolling this year, as a fifth year student, I have already been placed." I said, in a snobby-ish voice.

The two boys changed expression immediately, looking slightly welcoming, rather than bored and uninterested.

"Well, I'm Charlie and this is Cozemo, we're fifth year Slytherins also" said Charlie, an unusual Slytherin name.

"Cool, I'm Zephyrin P. Frost, nice to meat you," I said, extending my hand, which they both shook.

"What's your story Zephyrin? You know what, Zephyrin is a long name, can I call you Zeph?" asked Cozemo.


"Where are you from, Zeph?" he asked.

"Dorset, south of here, it's a really nice place" thoigh I have never been there.

"Never heard of it. Are you a pure blood?" he asked suddenly. I was sure that question would come up, I was, after all, a Slytherin now.

"Of course, you aren't?" I say, making the words seem genuine, though I knew he was, his friend was too, all Slytherins were.

"What's wring with you man? Of course I am" said Cozemo, rather defensively.

"Nothing, I needed to make sure, I hate Mudbloods, they disgust me" I force the words out of my mouth.

"You ought to watch out for a few students then, there is one mudblood in our year, Hermione Granger, she is the worst one if you ask me" he said with a sneer. The words stung, but I tried my best to ignore them.

"Then there's two or three others, but they are all in 2nd and 3rd year, not to worry about bumping into them and having to get your clothes washed, ey?" they laughed but I didn't laugh with them. I couldn't believe I had to spend a full term around these jokers, what a load of rubbish, washing your clothes after touching a mudblood, it made me wonder if they did that after I touched them, not that I had done often.

"I have to go, see you at school Cozemo, Charlie," I said, nodding my goodbyes. They didn't seem to notice me leaving as they were still laughing, Merlin, it wasn't even funny.

I headed toward the back of the train, in search for my clone.

"And then she snogged me for, like, an hour..." I overheard Ron and Harry talking, as I passed their cabin, Ron blabbing on about Lavender, while Harry pretended to listen, nodding his head and saying 'Ummhmm, yeah' every once in a while, no changes there.

I continued until I found It in the last compartment, staring at the wall in front of It.

"Hi, thank you for waiting, did anyone talk to you?" I asked as I closed the door behind me.

"No, no one likes you that much, I have waited here for you, as asked." It said, I knew the words were true, but I couldn't help but say-

"Actually, no one likes you too much. Anyway, we need to talk about our meetings..." we launched-well I launched, she listened- into the situation, in the end, we agreed to meat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Iheaded back to my compartment after an hour or so, I had given It a list of orders and made sure she didn't forget any. After sliding closed the door, I sunk into a seat and fell asleep, I knew this would be hard, but I had not yet figured out how hard it would be, and it will be, overly difficult.

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