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The Peverell Society by MissMdsty
Chapter 1 : 1. Beginnings
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The figure wrapped the black cloak tighter around their body, as they made their way through the dark streets of Diagon Alley. It was spring now, but the nights were chilly, and the London fog that had appeared as evening fell did nothing to ease the ominous feeling that was floating in the air. Walking quickly and without making any noise, they reached the wooden door that led to their destination. A flat on the second floor, in a back alley of the magical shopping district.

The ancient wood creaked with every step, old age and bad maintenance taking their toll on the material. It was obvious magic had to be involved, the person thought, or else they might have already fallen to their death. Two flights of stairs later and the person now stood in front of the door marked, “Number 8”, pulling out a long, slender wand from the inside of the cloak and tapping it gently against the knob. It opened with eased, yet when pushed open, it creaked, with a long and painful sound, meant to alert anybody inside that an unwanted visitor was approaching.

No sound came from inside the flat as they entered, following the dim light that came from the end of the entrance corridor. The light led to a small kitchen, cozy and decorated in shades of white and cream. In the kitchen, in front of a stove, stood a tall man, his back turned towards the door, using a wooden spoon to stir something in a pot. He made no movement that indicated he sensed the new comer and so the cloaked figure began approaching, trying to make their way as quietly as possible across the tiled floor.

“Rose, you are not going to scare me,” said the man, in an even tone, as if this was a regular occurrence in his house.

Rose scrunched her nose and made a face at his back, pulling the robes from her body and tossing them aside. She put a hand on her hip and glared at the back of Scorpius' head, waiting for him to turn around.

“Couldn't you at least pretend to act surprised?” she asked in annoyance, cocking an eyebrow.

“No, because if I did that, I would insult your intelligence, seeing as you added yourself into the wards around my house,” he replied in an even tone and reached for the salt shaker on the counter next to the stove.

“How else am I to get in and look in your private things, like a good girlfriend?” she retorted but her tone had a trace of amusement in it.

“You could always take the key I made you. Or, you know, move in!” he shot back. “Besides, who was it going to be? The only people that can magically unlock that door without setting of the Caterwauling Charm are you and my parents. And I have never known them to leave the house after 6 o'clock in the evening when a gala or ball wasn't involved.”

“Well, I don't need a key, I am very handy with a wand. You know, being an expert in wandlore and all of that. Besides, I like living at home. It's... comforting,” Rose said and walked next to Scorpius. “If I lived here, I'd have to see you ruin dinner every night!” she commented and took the spoon from his hand, examining the contents of the pot.

Scorpius chuckled and kissed her cheek, amused at the look on her face as she analyzed his cooking.

“You know, I did feed myself before you came along,” he argued as she summoned a knife and a chopping board and started slicing up vegetables.

“Oh Malfoy, you were thin as a stick. It's a wonder you didn't fly away in windy weather!” she commented, in her most dramatic tone.

“Fit! I was fit! Before you came along with your Nana Molly cooking skills and started making me gain weight!”

Rose smiled and looked up at her boyfriend, pecking him on the lips.

“I love that you are getting along so well with my family!” she said earnestly. “Well, with almost all my family,” she added as an afterthought and shook her head, shifting her focus back on the vegetables. “But don't worry, I'm sure Daddy will get you off the filling duty soon. Something's bound to turn up about the Society and there will be plenty of field work then...” she finished, and let the last part of the sentence trail in the air.

Ronald Weasley, Deputy to the Head Auror, was not impressed by how Scorpius Malfoy, a member of his team, a person to whom he was a direct superior in terms of rank, had decided to handle his very delicate mission of escorting his only daughter back from her self-imposed exile in Romania and assisting her as she investigated the origins and creation of the duplicate wands.

“I will not have this! I will not! This is final! I am putting my foot down!” Ron bellowed, to nobody in particular as he paced the length of the Potter's sitting room, clutching a drink in his hand. “I am his boss and I will demand that he cease this... this madness immediately!”

Harry Potter, his wife Ginny and their sister-in-law and wife of Ron, Hermione, were all sitting on sofas and recliners around the room, watching Ron pace and shout.

When the Aurors had left on their mission to capture and bring to justice Zacharias Smith, leader of the Peverell Society and orchestrator of three murders and many other crimes, Rose Weasley had decided that it was a fitting moment to announce her feelings for Scorpius Malfoy by kissing him in front of the entire team.

Harry was sure at that moment that this conversation would soon follow, even though deep down he was glad that his niece had decided to stay in the country, and even pursue a relationship with Scorpius. While Hermione and Ginny had had time to process the information, Harry and Ron had been thrown into battle soon after, and it seemed that the fact of the matter was just starting to sink in for Ron. And he was showing it in a manner that reminded Harry a lot of his Uncle Vernon when he was mad.

“Ron, you can't force him to change something in his personal life just because it doesn't seem right to you! He is an Auror, a Ministry employee. We are an Office, not a Fellowship or Brotherhood vowed to celibacy!” Harry argued, trying to calm his friend down, and gesturing towards their wives as an emphasis of this point.

“But she is my little girl! And he is a Malfoy! That is just... Do you remember what I told her when we sent her off to school? Do you? I told her to not get friendly with him! I said, Dad would never forgive her if she married a pureblood! Do you imagine what this will do to Dad's health?” Ron continued ranting.

“Actually, Ron, I think Mum and Dad are quite fond of him from what I could tell. Mom was even talking about adding him to the clock if he proposes. Though I doubt she'll wait that long. Not after knitting his own Weasley sweater on Christmas,” Ginny interjected as she sipped her tea.

“Shut up! Nobody asked you! This isn't about them!” Ron growled and turned his attention to his wife. “What are we going to do?”

Hermione's face betrayed no emotion as she looked into her husbands' eyes.

“We are going to grow up, Ronald. We are going to let go of our childish schoolboy grudges and accept that our daughter is a mature and responsible woman, capable of making her own choices,” she informed him in her best bossy tone, which did nothing to improve the shade of red creeping on Ron's face.

“Or, we can be her parents and we can forbid her to see him! You know that talk you used to give the kids when they were in school and were acting up! My house, my rules, that one!” he argued and sat down next to her on the sofa, placing his glass on the table.

“Ron, that will only make her more distant towards us! Last time we told her we forbade something, she moved half across the continent! So we will be supportive of her, we will accept that this is her choice, and if they end up married, we will spoil our grandchildren rotten, just to make life hard for them!” Hermione said in a softer tone, a smile playing on her lips.

Ron groaned and ran a hand through his hair in frustration, but he couldn't help the grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. He kissed his wife's cheek and put an arm around her.

“This is why you are the smart one, dear!”

True to the promise he had made his wife, Ron did not press matters further regarding the relationship. However, a few weeks later, Scorpius was informed by the Deputy Auror that he had been assigned a very special task, of highest importance, and that he would even be getting his own office to complete it. Scorpius' initial excitement faded fast as he realized his important task was to record and archive of all the cases the Office had worked since Harry became Head in 2007.

Indeed, it was stated in the Office's Internal Regulation Policy that the Aurors needed to have an updated archive that could at all times be consulted by the Wizengamot during trials or by the Minister for Magic, in his role as active supervisor of the act of justice, as it was administered by the wizard high court.

Harry and Ron had neglected to put together the archive for years, seeing as Gladys, Harry's secretary was very professional and had a better memory than Madam Pince, the elderly Hogwarts Librarian that knew where every book was at all times. But with the trial of Zacharias Smith set to commence in a few weeks time and Harry being a key witness for the prosecution led by Hermione Weasley Granger, his Office had to be in top shape, so that no questions could be raised regarding the manner in which the investigation was conducted and how the main Auror team reached the conclusion that Smith was the perpetrator.

Scorpius has even added his father's information for Harry, as being received from an anonymous source, because Draco Malfoy had made it clear that if he were called upon to testify he would deny being the source of the tip that led to the capture of Smith and several others and the retrieval of the cloned wands. If that was the case, then the Aurors' claim on Smith's guilt would be null and void and he would be released pending a final decision by the court.

Even though Scorpius loved his job and considered himself to be quite good at it, he still had trouble understanding some basic principles that Hermione Granger had introduced to the wizarding law system after the Second War. Muggle terms such as “innocent until proven guilty” and “all people in custody of the Ministry were entitled to their basic human rights” were foreign to his all magical upbringing, but seemed to be gaining popularity and thus, Dementors were removed from Azkaban (a measure that the Minister in office, Kingsley Shacklebolt, assured would bring jobs to the wizarding folk, badly shaken by the poverty that came with war and destruction).

In her case in front of the full Wizengamot, Hermione had presented evidence of false accusations brought to innocent people, such as Sirius Black, and how for the progress of the magical community, new rules had to be set in stone, to ensure that the guilty would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that no innocent man may suffer repression by the Ministry's authority without solid proof of his guilt.

Hermione thrived in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She lobbied for the introduction of wizard attorneys and personally supervised their training. It was hard work, but after the break into Gringotts, with the bank's defenses down and the people of Diagon Alley wandless and afraid, hundreds stormed the open vaults, looking for money to help them flee from the country and Voldemort's reign of terror. The courts had had their busiest times, ever since their founding, as the Wizard Council.

However, Scorpius' “highly important” filling and archiving of cases was related to the Smith trial. It had gained a lot of public attention, especially since the papers and magazines had been all over the reappearance of the Unforgivable Curses. That branch of Dark Magic hadn't been used in years, not since the years following the defeat of Voldemort. And a murder by one was shocking enough.

Smith, however, had ordered two murders, one on Dedalus Diggle and one on Hestia Jones, the latter's body being dumped in a public place, for all to see. He had also been involved in the kidnapping and torture, which resulted in the death of Auror Penelope Shepard and the break in and theft of the Elder Wand in Albus Dumbledore's Tomb. Combined with the break in he ordered at Potter Manor and the threats to the lives of Harry Potter and Rose Weasley, Hermione was certain she had a solid case to lock him away for many years to come. Provided, of course, that all Departments and Offices in her division did their part of the work and didn't enable Smith to walk free on a technicality.

“As I was saying,” Rose continued, interrupting Scorpius' thoughts, ”something is bound to come up during the trial and then we'll have a lead on where to start. We can work it from all angles and find out who the top of the pyramid is. My best bet is on the one who is supplying the money and Uncle Bill said he and Fleur are very close to finding the source.”

Scorpius nodded at her words and decided to distract himself by setting the table. As he set the plates and glasses on the kitchen counter, his logical mind told him that he was the best for the job, to prepare the Office for the attorneys and Warlocks that would soon be storming in, searching dates and procedures. However, a small part of him knew that Ron was smiling a little too wide when he slammed mountains of papers waiting to be organized, in front of him.

AN: Welcome to "The Peverell Society", the sequel to "The Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands". This project will be a novel, that I have already started planning out and I am very excited about it! Hope you enjoy the first chapter and make sure to leave your feedback!

As always, Harry Potter and everything magical belongs to J.K. Rowling.

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The Peverell Society: 1. Beginnings


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