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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 9 : Confrontation.
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Dren Potter & Sirius Black

when I woke this morning it took me a moment to realize  that I wasn't safely tucked away in my bed; with just a few minutes to allow my head clear before i started panicking about who it was that was touching me i noticed that i all to well the bed that i'm in 

as well as the snores that had so rudely awakened me.

i had fallen asleep in Sirius' bed; his arm lazily draped over my waist. seeing as this wasn't uncommon of us you'd think i'd merely push him off and go back to my own bed as usual but as the memories of last name came flooding back i couldn't help but have a mental freak out

Holy Fuck. i'm in his bed; we danced; we kissed...and Remus saw everything

I felt the extreme need to sneak away and pray to merlin that i dont wake a single soul; saving my self the embarrasment of facing either Sirius or Remus
and yet i couldnt move a muscle.

I had made several mistakes last night.

1. I kissed Sirius knowing full well that either Remus or my brother could see not caring about the consequenses.
2.Sirius and I have completely betrayed both Emmaline and James
3.I stood up Malfloy and I am extremely aware of how unpleasant he'll be once he gets    his hands on me

and yet somehow it all seemed worth it as i push myself upright in his bed and gaze down at his features with a small smile playing on my lips and then i caught a sight of the impossible.

"Holy shit! Lilly?" looking up from Sirius' sleeping figure i noticed her fiery locks  draped over Jame's arm as she slumbered; her head laying on his chest with her body pressed firmly to his side

but that wasn't all i noticed; oh no i also noticed the extreme abscence of her shirt as she jumped up when i shouted in shock

"where?" clearly hung over i couldnt help it as my smile got wider

"oh lilly you really ought to learn how to hold your drink"


"you're in my brothers bed"

"WHAT!" her sudden screech of terror sent the boys flying into action;but no where the graceful heroic action. 

more like the falling out of bed in a terrified fashion as i laughed my arse off


my brother layed cowering on the floor in a tangled mess as Lilly rounded on him in a furry.

"what did he do now?" turning to my right i saw that sirius had regained composure seeing james lookof utter terror

"i swear Lilly nothing happened!"

"you had better hope not or i swear to merlin-!"

"you threw up on your shirt"

choking back my laughter "well apparent lilly thinks he's taken advantage"
chuckling lightly Sirius ruffled his hair and smiled broadly at the sight that lay before us

"would you rather be James with Lilly pissed at you or be trapped in a dungeon with a blast-ended skrewt?"

Lilly hit my brother furiously as she screeched on about her shirt
"that still doesnt explain why i'm not wearing a shirt! you could've given me one of yours you insensitive prat!"

"i tried! you already passed out when i found one to give you"
james' sounds were muffled by the flurry of pillows lilly began attacking him with in a nearly flirtatious and yet extremely frightening fashion.

"Sirius' i'd taked a blast-ended skrewt anyday." i flopped back on his bed laughing our heads off until we felt the weight of someone joining us;

"we need to talk about last night"

"and thats my cue to leave" i really did try to leave but stupid Remus and his damned werewolf reflexes got a hold of my arm faster then you can say quidditch

"Dren you're staying"

"but i really dont want to; i want to shower and eat breakfeast and not talk about anything; now doesnt that sound wonderful?"
i turned to sirius hoping beyond hope that he'd be on my side but his pity filled smile told me he wanted to talk about it just as much as Remus did.

"Sorry love; but he's right; we need to talk"

wrenching my arm out of Remus's grasp i felt sudden irritation at him for getting involved if it wasnt for him Sirius and i would go about our regular business and just ignore the occurance but no he had to go and put a foolish i dea like talking into sirius' head

"theres nothing to talk about"

"isn't there?" remus interjected

"no there isn't and why is this any of your business?"

"because im your friend"

whispering or not; my tone was getting harsh and they certainly heard it and judging by the lack of commotion from the other side of the room so can every one else

"yeah you're my friend not my bloody body gaurd"

"Dren i-"

"no i am so sick and tired of getting shit from any one of you any time i have a little fun with a member of the oppisite sex just because you cant get laid-"

"Dren stop-"sirius had started rubbing my back trying to calm me down and stop me from saying somethin i know i'll regret but i just shook off and kept going.

"you just push aways every girl that could possibly like you all because of your furry little problem"

"Dren you have no idea what it's like"

every fiber of my being was talling me to shut my gob but i just couldnt'

"oh did i touch a tender subject? do you not want to talk about?"


"good conversation over!" storming out of the boys dorm i heard both Sirius and James calling my name but i didnt stop; no i ran far away from them unable to believe that i said something so horrible to one of my best mates.

I can barely stand at this moment and i find this unforgivable of myself how is he going to forgive me?

"He knows you didnt mean it."
James found me sitting alone near the lake at the base of our tree; ours being the marauders, lilly's and myself.

"dones't change the fact that i said it" 
seating himself next to me i felt my brothers arm make its way around my shoulder in his attempt to comfort me

"what exactly was that about"; right he knows nothing about what happened between Sirius and I. good thing though or Sirius would be more then dead.

Merlin this is way to much drama for a saturday morning and i havent even had a run in with malfloy yet.something tells me that the hogsmade trip this afternoon will be worse then this morning

"Remus caught me hooking up with some random last night and he did keep me from doing something stupid but -"

"what? but what."

"you have no idea how hard it is to try and date someone worth dating when you guys attack anyone whos interested."

his eyebrows knitted together trying to understand where i was coming from.

"so..'we'; the four of us are your furry little problem"

"more like pasty and gangly"

with a light shove my brother protested loudly in laughter

"look why dont we go back and try to re-explain everything; you know a do over"
with a nod and helping hand from my brother we made our way back to the common room where i sincerely hoped that we could fix everthing

"Remus can i talk to you?"
the common room was nealy empty save for Remus, lilly and peter; whom i was axtually shocked to see considering he hasnt been around very much since term started.

I started toward the stairs to the boys dormitory turning only to make sure that Remus was in fact following me

he was.
i hadnt seen Sirius when i entered; no doubt he was just as angry with if not more so for what i said at least that's what i had thought until i saw him walking out of the bathroom fresh from a shower.

"told you it sounded wonderful." he smiled at me and i motioned for him to sit as remus made himself comfortable on the edge of his own bed.

"Dren i didnt mean to make you so angry"

"it doesnt excuse what i said"

"but-"raising my hand he let me finish

"i get why so worried about this- whatever this thing is; but i need you to understand that i havent fully grasped the situation myself and i highly doubt sirius has either"

looking over to sirius i was certain he had no idea what we were doing other then continuosly making the same mistake.

"she's right moony i havent the slightest idea what happened; i mean we were wasted and i have date with emmaline today that i feel like i shouldnt even go on"

so dont go, 
i wanted to say it so badly but i didnt o instead i stood in silence waiting for one of them to speak

"so figure it out soon; im not going to say anything to but james but i will tell you that if this is real you need to tell him; if it isnt and its all in the name of fun. stop being so damn obvious about it"

he smiled lightly at the two of us; he doesnt want this to be over he doesnt want us to stay away

he wants us to be careful and that i can completely understand.

"i really am sorry remus"

"and you are forgiven but you also completely owe me one"

"name your price"

Remus is a diabolical master mind...

i absolutely regret apoligizing to remus. 
i am not sorry; not in the slightest


A/N unfortunately it is about 2 am where i'm writing from and i have to work in the morning so i must leave you with this cliff hanger my very tired brain is unable to fucntion any further but i promise you the day has only just begun and the skinny on lilly/james is yet to come

and i so hope you didnt forget about lucious and how angry he'll be that she completely ditched him; thank merlin the marauders were there to steal her off to london for the night and keep her from making that mistake again am i right?


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my brothers bestfriend: Confrontation.


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