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Always Yours by anissamalfoy
Chapter 6 : The Malfoys
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This isn't beta read yet, so I apologised if you found any grammar mistakes.

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Going to the library was always one of Draco's hobbies. He may had been known as a stuck up bully by all over Hogwarts students, but honestly he wasn't that bad like they always thought. He liked being in the library, enjoying the calm ambience while reading books or sometimes well, shag on the corner of restricted section with some random girls at night (Well, they didn't call him the Slytherin Sex God for nothing). But that was before the war though, Draco wasn't sure girl were still interested in him now that they knew he was an ex Death Eater. Not that he cared anyway; they probably would come back worshipping him in no time.

He was currently doing his Potions essay on Elixir to Induce Euphoria that Professor Slughorn gave earlier in double Potions when Blaise barged into the library with a magazine in his hand. Upon spotting Draco, he walked down to him with a smirk that made Draco felt suspicious.

"Been smoking those muggle illegal drugs, haven't you you Blaise? You look awfully cheerful." Draco teased him, closing his book and put his quill down. Only joking, of course.

The Italian just gave him a smirk then pulled out a chair so that he could sit in front of the blond. "I'm surprised you know about those things, considering you loathe muggle more than me." he tutted, putting down the magazine he had been carried on the table and pushed it toward his friend. "Speaking of muggle, check this out."

Draco just stared at the magazine with no interest. He didn't think he had seen this magazine before. There was a picture of a smiling woman, which he didn't have any slight idea who that could be and some headlines written on it, mostly about women fashion. It looked really high class and expensive, something that his mother usually read. But judging by how the picture didn't move, Draco could presume that this was a muggle magazine. Thus, there was no way his mother would read that, not even a glance.

But why would Blaise show this to him? Since when did he read muggle magazine, and even worse, muggle magazine?

"What the fuck are you doing with women magazine, Blaise Zabini?"

Blaise barked out a laugh seeing his fellow Slytherin looked at him as if he had grown two heads, then immediately apologised to Madam Pince who had sent him a death glare for being loud in the library.

Draco merely smirked at that. Served you right, tosser.

Muttering incoherently about the librarian, Blaise flipped through the pages and once he stopped, he showed Draco the two pages where there were some of particular black haired witch's pictures on it, wearing a long Slytherin green dress with a black belt on the mid section. It was low cut on the front side, which exposed some parts of her breasts but mind you, she didn't look cheap at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. She looked stunning with her French bun hairstyle and little make up. Elegant, yet innocent at the same time that Draco couldn't even take his eyes off of this picture. He even felt his jaw dropped a little, especially upon seeing her, ehem, half- exposed chest. What, he was still a normal guy after all.

Aware of the amused smirk that his friend was giving him, Draco tried to pull himself together. "That's the Ramsey girl, isn't it?" he asked flatly, trying not to seem interested but failed miserably.

"Your ex- bride, yes. Turns out she's famous in the muggle world as what they call a fashion model," Blaise explained with a nod, ignoring Draco's murderous face when he referred her by 'ex-bride'. "It makes sense now why some of muggle borns were acting crazy yesterday."

That also explained why she thought I was stalking her and fucking beat me. The blond's expression turned sour at that thought. "Where did you get this?"

"Well, I overheard some sixth year girls talking about Cleora Ramsey at the courtyard and thanks to my devastatingly good looks my friend, they agreed to give this to me." he said, puffing his chest in smug manner. Truth to be told, they actually just lent it to him for a while. However, being a Slytherin himself, of course Blaise didn't plan to return it back.

Draco smirked again. "Your devastatingly good looks are nothing compare to mine, Zabini."

"Aha! Still a narcissistic bastard, I see." Blaise chuckled, shaking his head. His face turned serious afterwards. "Have your parents said anything, mate? I assumed they've probably known about this since Ramsey's family comeback was actually on the Daily Prophet yesterday."

Shifting his gaze back to one of the picture that had her smiling, the blond shook his head while running his hand through the back of his neck. "Dunno, I haven't got any letter from them, but you're probably right, Blaise."

"Think they'll continue your engagement after this? If I were you, I wouldn't mind really. I mean mate, look at that chest. Did you see her legs yesterday? Oh man, bloody long and sexy! Oh the things I'd do to her..." Blaise was practically ranting now while moving his hands like a true Italian. Only Merlin knows what was it on his perverted minds.

Draco instantly made a disgusted face. How the hell did he know that? She was wearing her robes during the ceremony, for Salazar Slytherin's sake! It was most likely impossible to get a good look of her legs. Unlike him, who actually got a chance to see her in muggle jeans and Merlin's beard, she did have nice legs.

"You are such a fucking pervert, mate. I'm telling you."

"Oi, speak for yourself, you are just as perverted as I am, you twat!" the Italian protested, not realising that his voice had gone up and caused Madam Pince to once again shot him a threatening glare with a "shh!" as bonus. Blaise mumbled his apology for the second time. He may be a Slytherin, but still there was nothing scarier than a pissed off librarian.

Grinning, Draco leaned back on his chair with his head resting on his arms. "I don't know what you're talking about, Blaise. You're clearly the one who have perverted mind here. Besides, Cleora Ramsey is too nosy for my liking. Almost like Granger, but much better in physical shape." he replied, obviously wasn't aware that he had said too much.

The blonde Slytherin silently cursed himself as he watched Blaise's expression changed from utter shocked to mischievous next seconds. "Wait, how did you even know that? Is there anything you haven't told me, Draco Lucius Malfoy?"

"Gahh! Alright, she was in my compartment yesterday after you left... Oh, wipe that fucking look off your face, tosser. She said everywhere else is full." Irritated, Draco grabbed his quill from the table and threw it at Blaise, who dodged the poor object with a wicked grin on his face. "Swear to Merlin, I didn't know who she was until she introduced herself. Well, I talked to her again this morning, found her crying in the dungeon just because she got lost. Pathetic, isn't she?"

"Ouch. That's pretty harsh, mate." Blaise tutted.

Draco just shrugged, his eyes bored to the magazine again. Although he found Cleora Ramsey nauseating, he had to admit that she really had a nice smile. Draco wasn't the type of guy who easily found things adorable. However, when he noticed the way her eyes squinted when she laughed at something the Weasel said during the feast last night, he frankly found himself smiling as well from afar. Only for two seconds though before he regained his composure again.

This girl was practically a muggle, for crying out loud!

He and his family may have changed their perceptions toward muggles, but letting this pureblood-turned-muggle into their family line? Absolutely not. Draco grimaced as he imagined how angry his father would be if he found out about his bestriend's family status. Well, let's just say he'd rather not to think about it.

A hand was shot right in front of his face, completely dismissing his thoughts. "Hellooo, earth to Draco!"

Draco let out a sigh. "Sorry, just lost in thoughts for a second. Mind if I keep this?" he replied, pointing at the magazine with his chin.

Standing up from his chair, Blaise answered. "Of course, mate. I meant to give it to you anyway."

"Cheers, mate."

"Alright, I'm off for lunch then. You coming?"

"I'm not hungry. You go on then, see you in Charms."

Blaise grinned while nodded knowingly. "Ahh I definitely can smell a wedding soon. Later, lover boy!" he teased him for the last time then took off from the library in a flash before Draco could hex him into next year.

Meanwhile, instead of going back to Potions, in the end Cleo finally chose to just go to the Great Hall and waited for her friends there. She inwardly laughed at herself for skipping class purposely, something that she had never done before back in her school unless she had to due to her job as a model. But in her defence, since it was almost twelve o'clock and the bell would ring soon, she didn't think it was necessary to go back there, not to mention the time she would consume in order to find the class. Besides, she was famished too.

There weren't many people when she got there, only some of students sitting on their own house table while chattering, playing wizard chess, or reading. She caught the sight of two of her fellow Gryffindor smiling at her, which she replied with a friendly smile as she took a seat and let herself slumped over the table.

God, her first day in Hogwarts had been horrible so far. Not only she accidentally skipped her breakfast and got lost too, she also met the parents of a certain blond git that had been getting on her nerves for these past two days. She sighed, closing her eyes as she recalled her meeting with the Malfoy earlier.

At first she thought the guests that Professor Slughorn meant were her parents, thought it was almost impossible considering she just talked to her parents through the phone last night and they didn't even mention about visiting her. But still, one could only hope right?

Much to her dismay, it wasn't her parents figure when she stepped her feet on McGonagall's office. Instead, it was a marriage couple, which Cleo presumably were in the same age as her parents.

The woman, which Cleo thought was really beautiful with her slim and tall body was practically beaming at her. She looked really elegant, wearing a stunning and no doubt, expensive dark green robes in contrast of her blonde hair. Her husband wasn't much different from her. He was devastatingly handsome for a man on his forties, piercing grey eyes, aristocrat face, platinum blond hair, and the way he smirked... All of the sudden, Cleo really wished she was at Potions instead. He scared her somehow.

Hold up. This man's face was actually familiar with her and there was only one person that appeared on her head just by looking at this man.

"Oh, Lucius! Look at her!" the woman gushed, strutting closer to Cleo with bright eyes and stopped just before her. "Cleora darling, do you remember who we are?"

Cleo bit her bottom lip and backed away from her a little bit, feeling slightly uncomfortable. Who the heck were they?

Moving her gaze to Professor McGonagall who actually seemed really worried, she answered with a shook.

"There, there Narcissa. Look, you are scaring the girl, darling." Lucius came behind Narcissa, reaching at his wife's hand so she wouldn't scare the confused girl away. He whispered something to his wife, which she replied by an affirmative nod and smiled.

Cleo stared at them with an utter bewilderment as she tried to figure out who her guests were. As far as she remembered, her parents never mentioned anything about them before nor she would get a visit from them. Then again, that wouldn't be possible since her parents hadn't even keep in contact with anyone in the wizarding world, even with her grandparents whom she only saw through their old pictures. McGonagall was the first person ever that her parents even contacted prior to her family's disappearance and it even took sixteen years to do that. How did the Professor do it, Cleo didn't even know.

Lucius turned his head back to the young girl and started to say. "Miss Ramsey, I sincerely apologise for my wife behavior, she tends to be really excited when it comes to meeting someone she hasn't seen for years, especially our old friends."

That actually triggered something on her brain.

Old friends. Grey eyes. Blond hair. Aristocratic face features.

Oh hell, no.

"Let me introduce ourselves. My name is…,"

No way, they couldn't be…

"… Lucius Malfoy. And this is my wife, Narcissa Malfoy." the man finished his sentence, looking at his wife for a second then back again at Cleo with a polite smile.

Well, shit.

Cleo inwardly grimaced, never thought she would meet Draco Malfoy's parents this soon. It was official, her first day at Hogwarts had just gotten worse and worse. It wasn't like she didn't want to meet her parents' friends, but it was the fact that they were the parents of the guy who Cleo really wanted to smack on the head that bothered her.

Did he even know that his parents were here?

Running a hand through her wave, she quickly wore a fake smile and finally said with an exaggerated joy. "Oh, nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy! Draco told me you two were friends with my parents back then."

Narcissa's face brightened more at this. "You met our son Draco?" she asked, stealing a glance at her smirking husband that Cleo couldn't miss.

"Yes, I sat with him on the train actually." she replied, smiling still while deep inside she was extremely confused. What was that all about?

"Oh splendid! I hope he didn't give you a hard time, darling. Draco can be really infuriating sometimes."

You don't say, Cleo said to herself. "No, he didn't, Mrs. Malfoy. He was… decent, really."

The Malfoy Lady smiled and took a step forward to hug her, much to Cleo's surprise. Her brown eyes widened and her body went stiff for a moment before she relaxed herself and hugged the blond woman back. She took a glance at Lucius and Professor McGonagall. There was a thin smile showing on the Headmistress's guarded face upon seeing the girl and her godmother reunion. Lucius, on the other side, was remained silent but seemed content nonetheless.

Truthfully, Narcissa Malfoy actually seemed like a nice woman despite of her son's horrible attitude. Malfoy must have gotten that from his father then, she assumed as she eyed Lucius once again. She wasn't even sure, but God, she got a shiver just looking at that man.

Narcissa finally released her. "I can't believe I've finally met you. Oh Merlin, you've grown up into such a fine young woman! My ickle Cleora."

Cleo's smile instantly died and she noticed that Lucius Malfoy was now trying to stifle his laugh by covering his mouth with his palm. Oh no, she was definitely NOT ickle! She was 5' 8" tall, for God's sake! Although she had to admit that she wasn't that tall compared to some of her fellow models who were around 5' 9" or more.

"Thank you, Mrs. Malfoy."

"Oh dear, do call me Narcissa. We're your godparents after all."

Again, her eyes enlarged at the woman's statement. "R-really?" she asked, flabbergasted.

"Why yes, Cleora. We are. Don't your parents ever tell you that?" it was Lucius now who spoke.

The young model shook her head again.

Noticing that her new student was now looking stunned with the news, Professor McGonagall felt the need to step into their conversation. "I hate to interrupt this, but don't you think it's best for you three to sit down for a while? Looks like young Miss Ramsey would need that." she said sternly, giving the Malfoy couple a hard look.

"Oh yes, yes! You're right, Minerva. Come on Cleora darling." Narcissa said, taking Cleo's hand and guided her to the nearest visitor chairs. Lucius followed suit.

Once they were seated, Lucius questioned her. "So, if you don't mind me asking, where have you been all these years, Cleora? We had tried to find you and your family all over the world but alas, no luck. Care to tell?"

Cleo merely sighed. Oh not again… she was so sick of telling people about their whereabouts during these past sixteen years. She really wanted to tell the man to ask their son instead since he knew, but really couldn't. She turned to Narcissa, who appeared to be interested with her answer, and then to the Headmistress as if asking her whether it was best to tell them or not.

From the other side of her seat, Professor McGonagall seemed a little reluctant but gave her an assuring nod nonetheless.

"We… we have been lived in London actually, we still do."

The Malfoy couple frowned. "Is that so? Then why couldn't we find you?"

"Honestly Mr. Malfo—I mean, Lucius—I can't answer much about that. I don't know whether Muggle London was included in your searching, but to answer your question, we've been living as muggle ever since. That's probably the reason why you couldn't find us."

She watched as Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy's expression changed. Shocked and horrified clearly showed on Narcissa's flawless face, while Lucius looked a little repulsed with her answer. His jaw clenched, like he was truly angry at something.

And she understood.

Her parents always told her that not all purebloods were nice toward muggles and half-blood, regarded themselves as superior and believed that people who weren't born from pureblood families were unworthy of doing magic. Judging by how the couple reacted, Cleo could assume they were one of them.

Lucius started to talk. His face didn't appear to be tensed anymore. "It finally makes sense now why you and your family were untraceable. We didn't check Muggle London just because I didn't expect Stephanos would actually… do that. He was a Slytherin, after all."

"Yeah, Dad wasn't actually thrilled with his own idea, but he had to, I guess. For our family safety." Cleo replied, leaving the part where actually her parents had grown to love their muggle life, particularly her mother. "Since you were good friends with my parents, does that mean you were in Slytherin too with my dad?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

Narcissa Malfoy smiled fondly, caressing her goddaughter's black hair. "Yes, darling. Lucius and I were both in Slytherin with your father. As for your mum, she was in Ravenclaw. I'm sure they have told you that. Speaking of which, what house did you get in?"


"Gryffindor?!" the Malfoy couple nearly hissed with distaste at her answer, causing Professor McGonagall to shot them a dark look from the other side.

"If you're going to insult my house, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, I can assure that you would go to St. Mungos instead of Malfoy Manor after this." threatened the Professor before throwing a wink to the new Gryffindor.

Cleo let out a giggle seeing the couple's face turned red, clearly embarrassed from being scolded by the old Professor in front of their goddaughter.

"Ah yes, sorry for that. We didn't mean to be impolite, Minerva." Lucius politely said, clearing his throat. "Now tell me, Cleora. How are they doing? And what do they do in… your muggle life?"

"Cleora Ramsey?"

A voice was heard, instantly pulled her from the thought and noticed that the hall was now pretty filled with students. She slowly lifted her head and whirled around to find a sixth- year Hufflepuff who shouted her name during the sorting ceremony, standing behind her with a sheepish smile on her face, clearly felt bad cause she had interrupted the model from whatever she was doing. Or probably felt bad at how tired and dreadful Cleo looked now.

"Yes, can I help you?" Cleo asked, trying to smile at the girl even though deep inside she wanted to snap the hell out of her. Darn this model thing that obliged her to be always nice in public, even when she wasn't in her best days.

"Oh Merlin, I still can't believe you're here! You don't even know how much I adore you! Oh and can I just say that you're even prettier in real life?!" all of sudden, the girl squealed while jumping a little with her hands clasped together. "Oh sorry for rambling, I normally don't get like this but I was just so happy. I'm Valeria, by the way." she said again, much more calmer this time as she offered her hand toward the Gryffindor.

Smiling, Cleo politely took her hand to shake. "Cleo."

Valeria obviously was in wonderstruck now, staring widely at Cleo with mouth open. Cleo also felt that the girl didn't seem to want to let her hand go. "Careful, you don't wanna catch a fly there." she added, laughing softly. The annoyance was gone, replaced by amusement. This girl was just adorable.

The Hufflepuff girl quickly closed her mouth. A shade of red appeared on her heart-shape face when she realised that she just made a fool oh herself in front of her favourite model. "Sorry again. Uhmm… I was wondering, would you mind to give me your autograph?"

"Sure, where do you want me to sign?"

"Here," Valeria gave her a blank parchment, a quill, and an ink bottle that she had taken from her bag earlier.

Cleo stared at those oddly, completely forgot that the people here didn't use pens and pencils to write. However, she still took them all from the girl and put it on the table.

"You know, I never thought that you were actually a witch." Valeria started to talk again when Cleo was dipping the quill into the ink. Cleo didn't bother to reply and instead, just moved on to sign the parchment, adding 'to Valeria, thank you for being adorable. Love, Cleora Ramsey.' above it.

"Here you go," Cleo gave the parchment to the brown haired Hufflepuff.

"Oh! Thank you so much, you are the best, Cleo!"

Cleo let out a laugh at this. "You're welcome."

After collecting her quill and ink bottle into her bag, Valeria happily went back to her own table, accidentally pushed Harry Potter who just arrived at the Great Hall in the way.

He was alone and his hair seemed to look messier than usual due to the stress during Potions. His face brightened when he spotted her.

Ever since Hermione showed Cleora's editorial spread to him yesterday, Harry couldn't help but thought that Cleora Ramsey was really beautiful, even more beautiful when he saw her walking down the hall for the first time. He wouldn't deny that he felt a slight attraction toward the girl and actually felt grateful she was placed in Gryffindor, yet didn't understand why in the name of Merlin she got her own quarters. Wasn't she supposed to mingle with them?

"Hey." he greeted as he took a seat next to her. Then his green eyes fell on her disheveled bun hair and tired face. "You look like hell. What happened to you?" he commented, boyishly grinning.

Cleo rolled her eyes even though there was a smile on her face. "Ha- ha. Funny, I should ask you the same, Harry."

Harry merely shrugged as he smiled lopsidedly. "Potions, driving me crazy that one. Where were you? I didn't see you in class."

"McGonagall's office. I had visitors." she answered while taking off the hair bobble, letting her hair down and then retied them into a neat ponytail instead. "Better?"

He nodded when in truth she actually still looked beautiful no matter what state her hair in. And frankly, Harry much preferred the messy bun. "So how's your first day been?"

She told him everything that had happened, from she first woke up late this morning until the part where she went to McGonagall's office, though she didn't really mention the identity of her visitors. Harry somehow was curious at that but didn't really want to press her further and just laughed out loud at how miserable (as she called it) her first day been.

"Ugh not funny, Harry! Can you imagine if Bloody Baron showed up while I got lost in the dungeon? I could probably die from heart attack and hunt you guys." she protested, slapping Harry's arm lightly in order to stop him from laughing at her. "Where are Ron and Hermione anyways?"

"Dunno, I wouldn't worry too much though. They're probably having a hot and passionate snogging moment somewhere." he answered after he was able to contained his laugh.

She made a face at that, but her cheeks were flushed red. It was unbelievably cute.

"Right. That's… too much information, Harry. Thank you."

Harry laughed again, so freely that he forgot when was the last time he laughed like this after Dumbledore's death and during the war. Though he had to admit the mental image of Ron and Hermione getting it on in the broom closet kind of made him gag too.

"Tell you what, why don't I show you around after class? We can go to Gryffindor Common Room afterwards. What do you think?"

"That would be wonderful. Thank you, Harry." she grinned.

I wasn't sure what kind of potions do they learn during Seventh- Year so I wrote Elixir to Induce Euphoria instead. Review please! 



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