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Double Trouble by TheGirlWithTheLaughingFace
Chapter 1 : Prologue-October 31st
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This is the night that everyone will talk about for years. The night Lily and James Potter died and Harry Potter defeated Voldemort. What no one knows is Harry wasn’t the only one in that crib and he isn’t the only one walking around with a lightning bolt scar. What everyone conveniently forgot is Harry wasn’t an only child; he had twin sister name Jasmine.  What happened to dear Jasmine, you make ask: why Dumbledore of course, but that is exactly where our story begins.

Sirius Black rushed into the destroyed Potter house. Tears filled his eyes as he found his best friend and brother in all but blood, James Potter, lying on the stairs. Sirius stared at his friend tears streaming down his face as he moved closer to the non-moving body. If Sirius hadn’t known better he would have thought his friend was just sleeping with how peaceful his face looked.  He tore his eyes of his friend’s body and looked at the destruction of the once gorgeous house around him. The front door was laying on the floor as if it was blown off the hinges, the coffee table that once belonged to James’ mother was turned over on its side and broken glass from pictures of happier time crunched under Sirius’ boots as he walked closer to his friend.

Oh Merlin James. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault you’re dead. If only I hadn’t insisted on the switch you would still be here. Sirius thought, the tears coming faster as he closed his friend’s hazel eyes behind the lopsided glasses. He continued up the stairs, taking each step gingerly as if they would collapse at any time, making his way to the nursery.  The first thing Sirius noticed was the huge hole in the wall and the leaves being blown in by the blistering wind, the second was the body of his best friend’s wife and one true love. Sirius rushed over to the body and fell to the ground sobbing as the green eyes James loved stared up at him lifelessly.

“Oh Merlin, I’m so sorry. I never wanted this to happen,” Sirius cried as he rocked Lily’s body back and forth. A wail from the crib Lily’s body lay in front of made Sirius jump to his feet. Inside the crib were his godchildren; Harry and Jasmine both staring up at him with eyes so like their parents it was eerie and both with matching lightning bolt scars on their forehead.

 “Harry! Jassie! How…?” Sirius grabbed his godchildren out of the crib, placed one on each hip and glanced at the body once more on the floor. “I swear on my life that I will protect them. I love you Lily.” Sirius cautiously walked down the stairs where he once again stopped at the body of his best friend and repeated the same sentiment. He rushed out of the house where he ran into Rubeus Hagrid

“Sirius are you okay?” Hagrid asked looking over Sirius’ shoulder at the destroyed Potter house with tears in his eyes.

“Why are you here, Hagrid?”

“Dumbledore sent me to retrieve Harry and Jasmine. Blimey Sirius, are you sure you’re okay?” Sirius ignored Hagrid and looked at the children in his arms, wondering if he should give them over to Hagrid. If he did that he would be free to find the rat that betrayed James and Lily, but he could also take them to Dumbledore himself and explain about the switch.  He didn’t know what would be the best choice. On one hand he wanted to find the rat and destroy him personally. On the other, he didn’t want to leave his godchildren. “Pafoo,” Harry said, his little hand reaching up to Sirius’s face.” Pafoo, where Daddy?”

Sirius swallowed the sob that rose in his throat and looked at Hagrid. “Where is Dumbledore, Hagrid? I’ll go with you to take the children. You can take Harry on my bike and I’ll take Jasmine by apparition.”

“Well…I guess we can do that. Dumbledore told me to meet him at Lily’s sister house.” Petunia? Why would Dumbledore take the kids there? She hated anything that had to do with Lily. Sirius didn’t voice his thoughts though, just handed Harry and the keys to his motorbike to Hagrid. He clutched Jasmine close to his body and disapparated with a crack.



13 Privet Drive was silent when Sirius appeared as the only people around was Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. “Sirius?” Dumbledore asked, spotting the man with Jasmine Potter. “Where’s Harry? Is he..?”

“No, Hagrid is bringing him on my motorbike, but I needed to speak to you, Headmaster. I wasn’t the secret-keeper for the Potters. We made a switch with Peter Pettigrew. Everyone knew James would pick me so I made him switch to Peter. I swear I didn’t betray them, but they are dead because of me. If only I had stayed secret-keeper they would still be alive.”

 Dumbledore stared at the tears streaming down Sirius’s face and the broken expression. He knew the younger man was telling the truth, but now that he was here Dumbledore wondered how that would affect his plans. Dumbledore knew Sirius would never let Dumbledore place the children with Petunia Dursley…unless…of course. “Sirius, I believe you but I need your help.”

“What is it, sir?”

“I need you to run away with Jasmine with Arabella Figg under an alias and keep hidden until I contact you.”

“Sir, what of Harry?”

“Harry must stay here, Sirius. I know you disapprove of Lily’s sister, but it is the best place for him right now.  Jasmine and Harry must not be together for it would be dangerous in case Death Eaters continue to look for them. Will you do it?”

“I…I...I’ll do it sir. When should we leave?”

 Dumbledore went to answer but was cut off by the roar of a motorbike as Hagrid arrived with Harry. “Everything okay?” Dumbledore asked as Hagrid rose off the bike, glanced at Sirius, and handed Harry to Dumbledore.

“Yes sir, he fell asleep as we were flying over Bristol.” Dumbledore glanced at the child in his arms, nodded to Hagrid, and turned to Sirius.

“You should leave now Sirius. I will send Arabella to meet you once I take care of Harry here. After today you will no longer be Sirius Black and Jasmine will no longer be Jasmine Potter; you will be Mark Freed, father of Juliana Freed. I have a safe house in America used for Order business that you can use. Take nothing but the clothes you have on your back. I will contact an associate of mine who will fill the house of the necessities needed for Jasmine and I shall provide you with funds later on. No one must know where you are, not even Remus. Can you do this Sirius?”

Sirius looked down at Jasmine into the eyes so like her father’s and nodded. “Sir, may I say goodbye to Harry?” Dumbledore nodded and handed the child over. “This isn’t goodbye Harry because I know I will see you soon. I promise that your sister and you will be reunited. I love you.” Sirius kissed Harry’s forehead, handed him back to Dumbledore, and with a crack disappeared. 

For 14 years, no one saw or heard from Jasmine Potter again.


Ok I have no idea how I feel about this chaper but it was needed for the story to work so I guess it will work for now if I ever need to I can always go back and edit it. Review what you guys think of the idea so far please your reviews will really help me out on if I should continue this story or not.


Edit: 8/30/2013 Beta'd by the fabulous luvinpadfoot!

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