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Project H by Emmerke
Chapter 4 : The one where the book reveals his secrets
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 I often wondered what it would be like. You know ‘the kiss’, from all the romantic movies I have seen I always dreamt of my own very magical kiss. The kiss that would make everything worthwhile. That one enchanting moment.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the kiss. It was romantic and all that, being kissed in front of the whole school while all the boys were avoiding me. But there just wasn’t a spark. Don’t get me wrong. I love Lucas, I mean. He’s gorgeous and so sweet, but I don’t think he is the guy for me.

I must admire what he did for me, he really helped me. For that one moment I felt special and wanted. No one ever made me feel like that. But what’s a relationship without passion?

The moment was over. You could hear a needle fall in the great hall. In all my years in Hogwarts the hall was never this quiet. Lucas was smiling at me so I gave him a heartwarming hug.

‘Thank you’ I whispered in his ear. He didn’t respond, but he understood. I wondered what he thought of the kiss. I hope he felt the same way as me, otherwise this would be quite awkward. I let go of him and turned around. I looked at Nymph, her mouth was wide open. Dom on the other hand was smiling, she was still at the Slytherin table. Malfoy looked as if he had just been punched in the face. Al had the same look like Nymph.

They would fit nicely together. Maybe I should make it my mission to get them together. But let’s not get off subject here.

‘I kissed the girl’ Lucas began, his hair was blue again. ‘And my hair doesn’t remain red.’ He continued. ‘Besides even if it would stay red it was worth it.’ He winked at me. He turned around and walked up the stairs. As soon as he was away, people started talking again. I turned around and followed Lucas.

‘Why did you do that?’ I asked as soon as I caught up with him.

‘I wanted to help you, Rose. I always had a thing for you and I love your hair. Even if I remained red, I wouldn’t mind’ he answered coolly.

‘No, that wouldn’t be right. Then I wouldn’t be able to call you blue anymore.’ He laughed as I messed up his hair.

‘Besides the look on Malfoy’s face was totally worth it.’ He laughed.

‘Sweet revenge.’

He smiled at my last comment but then his face turned all serious.

‘So, euhm,’ he stopped ‘how was it for you?’ his hair turned green again.

What should I reply to this? I don’t want to hurt him in any way. I figured telling the truth would be better than pretending.

‘It was nice, you know. I really appreciate what you’ve done.’ I paused. ‘You really saved me out there, I was losing it. But euhm there wasn’t a ….’

‘Spark?’ he asked. I smiled shyly.

‘You feel the same way?’ I asked. He nodded.

Well that’s a relief.

 He pulled me in for a really long, warm, comforting hug.

‘We can always try again.’ I whispered in his ear. He loosened his grip enough so he could look into my eyes. Just as I was leaning in ….

‘After you two lovebirds are done, could you please follow me Rose?’ a voice behind us asked. It was Albus and he was holding the book.

My dear cousin interrupted me. Have I mentioned the overprotective family part? I was once sharing an ice-cream with this cute guy from kindergarten. Until Al came up, grabbed the cone from his hand and threw it on the ground screaming: ‘LEAVE.’

Well at least I’m glad he has gotten more subtle these days.

‘We have other business to attempt.’ He continued.

‘Very important business.’ Dom continued as she came running to us. I laughed at her. Albus didn’t realize we were making fun of him.

‘Another time.’ He whispered in my ear, before he let go off me.

‘Bye Albus, Dom’ Lucas said and he walked away.

‘He’s a really nice guy.’ Dom said as we walked further upstairs.

‘Yes, he is’ I replied.

‘I mean what he did for you was so romantic, kissing you like that, in front of the entire school’ she continued.

‘Yeah, it was.’ I answered coolly.

‘So are you two an item now?’ she asked. Sometimes someone needs to give Dom a shut-up-candy or something.

‘No, I don’t think so.’ I answered.

‘Why not?’ Albus asked now, suddenly interested.

‘There wasn’t a spark. I mean he’s a really good kisser.’ Albus sniffed. ‘But we both didn’t feel anything and you are supposed to feel something when you kiss someone.’ I said, Dom nodded in agreement.

‘But you can always practice. I mean my first kisses weren’t always –‘ Dom began. But Albus, the big kid that he eyes, covered his ears and yelled: ‘TOO MUCH INFORMATION.’ So she dropped the subject.

Albus smiled at me, probably hoping that he doesn’t have to throw another ice-cream on the ground for another month or so. ‘I’m sorry for what Scorpius did.’

‘It’s not your fault, Al.’ I said to him, his smile fading. Not another word was said until we reached the 7th floor. We were all standing a brick wall.

Albus glanced at me, making sure I was okay, I suspect. Then he paced and walked past us three times, in deep concentration.

A door appeared. We all went in.

Scorpius and Nymph were already waiting for us. Scorpius turned away as soon as he saw me.

‘So this is the book.’ Al said as he sat down. Everybody was looking at the book, I was looking at Scorpius who still refused to meet my gaze.

‘Shall I begin to read?’ I asked. Everybody looked at me, except Scorpius. I mean what’s up with that boy? This morning he was standing so close to me, and now he can’t even look at me?

Albus handed me the book. I opened the book and a deep voice rose from the page.

Welcome to this book, Rose Weasley. You asked me the following: I need this book to tell me everything about how to throw the best party ever.

Your wish is my command.

And just like that the book dropped out of my hands. The book flew open, a few pages further. I read the date that appeared: 14th of May.

That’s when we were planning to throw the party.

Then a blue light rose from the book. It formed a kind of screen. A blue Albus rose from the screen. He was opening a door. A door to the Room of Requirement. The Room looked beautiful. To the left of the door there was a bar. All kind of drinks were available: fire whiskey, butter beer, old Fred’s whiskey (Yeah, Uncle George invented it. It was strong stuff). There were also some delicious pumpkin tarts. Before the bar there were a few round high tables. In the other corner, on the opposite of the bar there were a lot of seats, with tables. They looked really comfortable. In the middle there was a dance floor, in all kind of colors. To his right there was a huge music installation. There was a DJ playing, OMG, it was David G. He was amazing. The best DJ ever! Then in the right corner, opposite the DJ there were pink curtains. After the curtains you could see beds. Oh, no, a hook up spot.

After the book gave us a tour through the room, people came in. I recognized myself, Nymph, Dom, Scorpius, David, Groyle, Lucas and all the rest of the senior year. We all started dancing, talking or drinking. Then Dom went out of the door together with little blue me (No, I’m not a smurf) and Nymph and they came back with the love potions.

Little blue Dom was talking but you couldn’t hear what she said.

There were a lot of scared looks on the girls’ faces. They exchanged some nervous look. Then Kylie drank up her whiskey in one sip. This seemed to give her confidence as she stepped forward. Some girls followed her and they lined up.

You saw the girls going to boys and doing stupid things to impress them. Then me, Dom and Nymph drank our potions ….

The blue faded and the book closed.

Everybody was having the same smile on his face as me, this was going to be the party of the year.

‘So who do you think we will hook up with?’ Dom asked as soon as we got back to our dorm. Kylie and Jackie were already asleep.

‘I don’t know, the book closed.’ I said. We had tried to open the book again but it wouldn’t go open. Then when I put it back on the floor, it flew away. Al told me that the book has done its task and it had to go back to his spot on the bookcase.

‘But who do you want to hook up with?’ Dom asked.

‘I think Rose knows who she will be hooking up with: Lucas!’ Nymph said enthusiastically. Me and Dom looked at each other. I began to tell Nymph all about the kiss and my talk with Lucas.

‘So you two aren’t going to Hogsmeade then, this weekend?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know.’ I answered in deep thoughts. I really like him so maybe we should give this another shot. Besides I just don’t wanne let Scorpius off the hook just yet. I want to give him the idea that his stupid revenge didn’t work. I still got a boyfriend. What you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you, right?

‘You know Scorpius felt really bad.’ Nymph said, interrupting my thoughts.

 ‘Yes, he can feel, Rose’ she continued when she saw my face.

‘Then why did he do it in the first place? ‘I snapped.

Nymph looked kind of taken aback, but answered my question nevertheless.

‘You know, revenge, he didn’t really believe that it would turn out so bad. You know Rose, the next day his hair would turn back to normal and the rumors would wear off. He was surprised with your reaction.’

I let her words sink in before I answered.

‘Well Malfoy needs to thinks before he acts.’ I said angry and turned my back on them.

‘Rose?’ Dom said as she put a hand on my shoulder. ‘I don’t know what this rivalry between you and Malfoy is about, but don’t forget that you started it. You changed his hair, you have to be able to handle whatever he does.’

‘No, Dom. Don’t say that. What he did was really-‘ Nymph started to defend me.

‘She’s right.’ I said as I turned around. ‘This isn’t over.’

1-1   Malfoy. I’ll give you that.

‘So now we know what the party is going to look like, so I just have to keep that memory alive. Then on the day of the party I have to see the room again in my head and then the Room of Requirement will give me the exact same room.’ Albus explained for the billionth time.

It was a very hot day, even if it was only January. Me, Albus, Nymph, Dom and Malfoy were sitting at the lake. Lily and Hugo were playing wizard’s chess. We were watching the game when Albus called us together to talk. Lily and Hugo knew there’s was something going on and knowing them, they would probably try to get to the party.

‘So that’s settled. Now for the invitations? What do we do? We have to make sure that nobody underage gets in’ he was looking at his sister when he said that.

‘I have an idea!’ I said and I took some galleons out of my pocket.

‘I don’t think bribing them will do much good’ Dom said as she looked at the coins.

‘Didn’t even know you had that much money, Weasley’ Malfoy said with a smirk. Yeah, he started talking to me again. I think he got bored, after all I’m really interesting to talk to. But don’t worry he’s not off the hook just yet.

‘Haha, very funny Malfoy. No, these aren’t real coins’ Malfoy smirked. ‘I’m not trying to deceive anyone, like some would think.’ I was looking at Malfoy when I said that.

‘It’s a way of communicating.’ I explained. But everybody looked at me like they had just been hit by a quaffle. Only Al was looking at the coins with interest. ‘You mean, that you ... No, you couldn’t? Did you ask your mum?’ Albus asked full of interest. ‘No, I made them myself. Mom doesn’t have to know of this party. But I did some research about how mom could have done it.’ I said proudly.

‘Can someone please tell me what’s going on here?’ Dom demanded. All the rest nodded in agreement.

‘These are fake coins, like I said. I put a charm on them, the Protean Charm. Just like the death eaters used to communicate. This means that all the coins are in connection with each other. So we hand the coins out to the seniors and when it’s party time this will appear on the coins. That way no one besides us will know when the party is going to be. And those who are to young won’t have a coin. So they won’t know either.’ I explained.

‘Also I can ask the Room of Requirement to only let seniors in. But by using the coin the chance that someone will inform the teachers, will be smaller. Because nobody knows anything besides us. It’s a brilliant idea!’ Albus explained. Everybody started smiling and looking at the coins. Dom took one coin and as soon as she took it in her hand the letters galleon disappeared and it now said No, sorry. There’s no party yet!

‘This is brilliant, Rose. The coolest invitation I have ever seen!’ she exclaimed. Hugo threw her a questioning face. We got back to whispering.

‘And what’s got your mmu to do with all of this?’ Nymph asked interested.

‘Well we’ve learned about Dumbledore’s army, right? In the textbooks it said that they still don’t know how they communicated. Well, that’s how they did it. On the coins the date appeared, when the next lesson was going to take place.’ I smiled.

‘Well, Weasley I don’t like to admit it, but it is a brilliant idea.’ Malfoy said. I know right? I pinced myself. A compliment from him? ‘There’s only one problem: how do we get the coins to the seniors?’

We all looked at each other.

‘Maybe we could give it to them during potions? We get the coins to the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors and Albus and Scorp get them to the Slytherins and Ravenclaws.’ Nymph suggested.

‘No, that wouldn’t work. Corn is really suspicious since that whole decoy detonator fiasco’ said Albus.

‘And besides what do we say? Free coins, take them!’ Dom asked sarcastically.

‘Why don’t we send all the seniors a letter? Asking them to meet us in The Three Broomsticks this weekend in Hogsmeade?’ Albus suggested.

‘Sending everybody a letter, yeah, that will go unnoticed.’ Scorpius said sarcastically.

‘No, but I do like the idea of the meeting in The Three Broomsticks.’ I said pensive.

‘Why don’t we hex the announcements? You know those in the corridors that announce that there is going to be a trip this weekend.’ Dom said pensively.

‘Yeah, so when you look closer to the announcement, all the seniors will see another announcement, one that says: All the seniors are wanted in the three broomsticks this weekend. Be there at 2 o’clock.’ Nymph explained.

‘That’s brilliant.’ I complimented them.

‘How do we know everyone will come?’ Albus questioned.

‘If I saw a message like that, I would want to know what all the fuss is about’ Scorpius replied. ‘Besides news spreads quicker around Hogwarts than a fire in the forbidden forest.’ He looked at me when he said that.

‘Yeah, who wouldn’t be curious?’ I ignored his gaze.

So I was settled. I would hex the announcements. Albus was going to talk to Miss Rosmerta. She was the daughter of Madam Rosmerta and she was quite attractive. She kind of had a thing for Albus, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Miss Rosmerta had to make sure no one else but seniors could come to our meeting.

Since our talk was finished I decided to enjoy this warm weather. I was lying on my back, working on my tan.

‘You know Red, if you don’t put some sunscreen on , your skin will get the same colour as your hair.’ A blue-haired boy said, who was blocking my sun.

‘If you don’t move, I will give you something that matches your hair.’ I threatened.

Lucas didn’t reply, but he moved and came to sit next to me.

 ‘What’s up?’ I asked as I sat up.

‘Well, since this whole situation’ He was looking at Malfoy when he said that. ‘I haven’t been able to ask you if you still want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend? He asked. His hair was green again. I loved the way he got nervous when he spoke to me.

I gave him a quick peck on his cheek for being this cute.

‘Of course, honey. I’d love to.’ I replied, smiling brightly.

‘Alright!’ Dom cried. I turned around and saw that apparently everyone was looking at me.

‘But me and Rose have to care of something before your date. Can you meet us at the three broomsticks at two o’clock?’ she continued.

 ‘Sure.’ He answered with curiosity in his voice. But he didn’t question it. Instead he gave me a smile and then went back to his friends.

‘Oooohn. Rosie has got a date.’ Albus teased.

‘Shut up.’ I mumbled, turning red.

I looked around and everyone was smiling, then my eye fell on Malfoy. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear I saw a look of disappointment in his eyes. 


I have mixed feelings about this chapter ... But bare with me! I have a real treat for you guys in the next chapter! 

Please review! It gives me the courage to write more!

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