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Life, Love, Loose Maniac. by ManiWotter
Chapter 10 : The Discussion ...
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After Aunty ‘Mione had taken us to get some chocolate, which was SO good, she told us to follow her to the headmistresses office apparently we had ‘some things we needed to discuss’ with the head, our Uncles and my dad. Yippee.

As we came up to the gargoyle statue Aunt Hermione said “Tabby Cat” and the gargoyle sprang to life, reviling a spiral staircase that was moving upwards like an escalator. Without another word, Aunt Hermione walked onto the staircase and gestured for us to follow. I climbed on first, followed closely by Teddy. Once we reached the top of the staircase, Aunt rapped her knuckles on the large golden doors and then quickly pushed them open. Once the doors were fully open, I saw that not only was Harry, Ron, Dad and the head was there but so was the whole family that was in the order.

“VICTOIRE!” yelled my mother then wrapped me into a hug. After a while, she released me and moved onto Teddy. I walked up to my father and he put a protective arm around me.

“Vic, Ted, I’m going to have to ask you to tell us exactly what happened, start from when you came back to Gryffindor common room.”

“Okay,” I started, “Well, I’d just finished breakfast and realised I’m really sad and didn’t have anything to do so I decided that I would go to Hogsmeade. When I walked into the common room I saw Tyler and Maria talking, there together, and Teddy was with them, looking awkward. I laughed and he heard me so he literally came to me, running, and wanted to join me on my trip to Hogsmeade. I was like ‘you’re going to get bored because I’m going to be looking for my dress for the animal par…” OOPS! Now what!!!

“Dress for the animal, what?” asked auntie Ginny.

“Erm, oops, I didn’t mean to say that. What I was going to say was my animal print summer dresses. Yeah … that was it. Anyway, after about an hour and a half of dress shopping, we were gonna head to the Three Broomsticks and then suddenly, we feel all cold and that. Then, Teddy dumped my bags and conjured a Protronus and I do the same. We see like, I don’t know, like 50 Dementors heading towards us. Then, the next thing we knew, Aunty Hermione, Uncle Ron and Uncle Harry ‘s Protronus’ appear and we’re saved.” I explained.

“Okay, well, I don’t know if this goes without saying but there will be no more Hogsmeade trips for both of you without an order member to accompany you beca-“ Uncle Harry started but was cut off by my, very loud, protests.

“That is so tight!” I said. “That’s completely unfair.”

“Vic, were doing this for you own protection.” Said my mother.

 “But wouldn’t that look strange, I mean walking into Hogsmeade with a chaperone? What if I have a date?” I asked. I sounded hysterical.

“One,” my father said, “You won’t be having any dates, and two, she has a point. It will draw attention to them.” He finished.

“Well, I can see why that’d be a problem but, we have a good stash of invisibility cloaks. We could just use them.” Said Aunty Hermione. I suddenly felt cold towards her.

“God damn it! I don’t WANT a chaperone!” I yelled.

“Well, you’re getting one.” Said my dad.

“Whatever,” and with that I walked out. I don’t care how rude or childish it made me look. Their family so I really don’t care. And I know a spell that can deactivate howlers so that’s not a problem. I really hope they all understand that I’m not going to Hogsmeade. Or, I’ll figure out a way to go without getting caught.

While I was ranting to myself, I suddenly hit something rock solid. I fell backwards into a wall. My vision was blurry and so was my hearing. I could only just make out the figure. Whoever it was had Smokey grey eyes, light creamy skin and was built with a chasers body. Once my vision was stable again, I saw that that guy’s face was morphed into a horrified expression.

“Oh, I’m really sorry! I didn’t see you, I was trying to read and walk at the same time!” he said.

I smiled. Then I looked at the book he was reading.

“Oh my gosh, you like ‘That Dead Feeling’ by Cassidy Jennifer? It’s one of my favourite books.” I said.

He looked relived at the kindness in my voice and then replied.

“Yeah, mine too. She’s really detailed and this book is like, just brilliant.”

“It really is. Hi, I’m Victoire Weasley. What’s your name?” I asked as I extended my hand out to shake his.

“Hello Victoire, I’m Jaden Collin. It’s really nice to meet you.” He said with a large smile, then grabbed my hand and shook it.

“As pleasant as this has been, I’m meant to be in a rage so, I hope to see you soon Jaden. Goodbye.” I said and walked away, when I looked back he was staring at me with a large grin plastered on his face. I smiled back then turned a corner.

When I walked into the common room, Maria and Tyler were still sat in the exact same position as we left them. This time, they looked as if they were in a serious discussion. As I was just about to go up to my dorm, Tyler caught my eye. He was staring at me. And I was staring right back. After about three minutes of pointless staring, that really reminded me of that awful movie twilight, he shouted across the common room.

“VICTOIRE! Get here before I get up and personally drag you here.” He said. Maria was nodding. I walked over and sat down opposite both of them, still staring. “Well, aren’t you going to tell us why people have been walking around the common room saying that you and Teddy single handily took on like, 50 Dementors and saved all of Hogsmeade?” asked Maria hotly. Touchy.

“Because, it was all reflex’s. We were walking back from going shopping and we just felt dead and all those type of feelings and then Teddy conjured his Protronus and I copied suit. Was it my fault that no-one else was about to share our glory? Plus, if Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione weren’t there then we’d probably be dead.” I said. I sounded like a robot; I felt like a robot, I looked like a robot.  After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, I left for bed.

In the morning I got up at the sound of my alarm and then woke all my roommates in the regular fashion. I’ll have a new bruise thanks Ria. When I had applied my regular amount of lippie, I walked downstairs, deciding to wait for Ria there. When I came to the bottom of the stairs and saw Teddy asleep on the large squashy sofa. I’m that type of amazing friend that slaps a pillow in your face to wake you up, and that’s exactly what I did.

“What the hell, Vic?!” Ted yelled across the common room.

“What? I was just trying to be a good friend and help you not be late to classes … again.” I said innocently.

“What do you mean ‘late to class’?” he said confused.

“Teddy, its 7:50am. That’s what I mean by late to class.” I said.

“Are you kidding me?” he asked. I just looked at him. “Oh snap! I’m gonna be late for Potions! Zabini already hates me!” and with that he jumped up and raced up the boys staircase.

“YOUR WELCOME!” I yelled up the stairs.

I was in the last period of the day and that’s when it happened. Amanda Pucket walked straight up to me and slapped me across the face. There was a surprised gasp issuing from the rest of the class. Unfortunately, Professor Longbottom had just gone to grab a few fully formed Mandrakes to show us how they look when fully matured.

“That’s for stunning me and actually thinking you’d be able to get away with it.” She said. Her voice was vicious and scary.  I wasn’t scared.

I got up out on the stool where I was currently sitting and looked the douchebag straight in the eyes. She was about my height so we were both even on that scale. Her eyes were dark and she looked at me with a glare that was just daring me to retaliate. Poor thing, she doesn’t know what she’s just done.

“You think I just thought I got away with it? Honey, that was nothing compared to what’s about to happen now.” As my sentence was coming to a close I pulled out my wand and directed it right in between the eyes.

“I’m going to enjoy this so much Lev-”

“Look here class this is what a fu-” began Professor Longbottom. He stopped and stared straight at my wand that was still pointed directly at Amanda. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” he yelled.

“Err …” was my response.

“DETENTION, AMANDA AND VICTOIRE! WHY ON EARTH HAVE YOU BOTH GOT YOU WANDS OUT? TONIGHT, MY OFFICE 8PM! UNDERSTOOD?” we nodded. “GOOD!” he yelled. As soon as his last word was out he went straight back to his Mandrakes. Good Lord.

********************************************************************************** as soon as my last lesson was finished, I went back to the common room with the intentions of laying down. I should really know by now that my intentions never actually become a reality.

When I walked into the common room I was suddenly ambushed by Teddy.

“Tonight, 8:30pm.” Was all he said then, he just stared.

“Excuse me?” I asked, perplexed.

“The party Vic, it’s all sorted out in the room of requirements. Just get dressed and show up, the actual thing starts at 9 but we do actually have a few little details, like design, that I just can’t get my head around.” He told me in one breath.

“NO!” I yelled. This attracted the attention of most of the common room.

Ted looked at me with a puzzled expression. “What d’ya mean ‘NO’?” he asked.

“Ted, I can’t come! I’ve got a detention with Longbottom tonight!” I yelled.

“Why do you have a detention with him?” Ted asked me in an angry voice.

“You can blame Amanda.” I said.

“HEY! I’ve got an idea, why don’t we just owl your parents and ask them to as LB to change the date of your detention.” He said as if it was the most brilliant plan on the planet. I got angry.

“NO. You know that I don’t like asking my parents for things, other than money, so I will not ask them for this.” Ted looked as if he was about to argue, so I proceeded. “And even if I did, they’d still want an explanation to why I want to change the date.” I said.

“But Vic, this is meant to be our party.” He said in a whiny voice.

Our?” I asked, “Our party? Ted I’ve had no say in this at all. When Ty and Ria told us we had to throw a party, I’m pretty sure they meant WE!” I yelled at him. “You’ve planned and presented this party all on your own! There is no WE!” and with that I left, but not before I saw a look of hurt and guilt cross his face.

**********************************************************************************As I was getting ready for bed, something hit me in the head. This was followed by a loud “PILLOW FIGHT” by Maria. All my dorm mates grabbed their best pillows and started hitting one and other with them. As I reached for my own pillow, I felt another blow to my head. But, when I turned I didn’t see Ria as I was expecting. Instead, it was Brittany Blake. Brit and I weren’t close but we did have a good friendship.

Brit was one of the six people who lived in my dorm along with Arianna, Kelly, Emily, Ria and I.

Brit had deep red hair that fell just below her shoulders. Her eyes were the colour of smoke; she had thin, small lips and was quite small. He skin was pale but usually had a rosy under tone.

Arianna was around the same height as Brit but she had long, luscious raven black hair. They ran like cork-screws down her back, her eyes where the same shade as her hair and her lips where the same as Ria’s just a tad shade lighter. She had dark tanned skin, which worked well with her dark hair.

Kelly and Emily, being twins, looked similar however there were some major differences. They both had the same hair as each other which was, a mousy brown but while Kelly’s twirled down her back in long curls, Emily’s was shorter and was completely straight. They both had large sea-green eyes that always seemed to calm you down and full lips. Kelly had a creamy skin tone which was completely opposite to her twin who had light brownish skin. Kelly loved being centre of attention while Emily liked to blend in and not stand out.

I grabbed my pillow and slammed it into Brits face. She stumbled backwards but, once she gained her footing she had a smirk placed upon her lips and I knew that this was war.

There was laughter, giggling, and screams all around us, but me and Brit were too focused on each other to really notice. After a few seconds of circling each other, Brittany made the first move. She jumped over Kelly who had just been knocked to the ground by Arianna. She ran at me screaming and then wrestled me to the ground. Before I knew it, my face was being assaulted by her pillow. I struggled for her to let me go.

After a while, I gave her a forceful shove and she fell of me with a dull thud. I leaped up and grabbed my pillow that fell out of my hand when Brit pounced, and then I began to beat her with it. I started to laugh like a maniac. Our whole dorm was yelling, squealing and laughing. It felt just like when we were younger.

Suddenly a pillow smacked me in the back of the head and, you know because I’m so lucky, I was stood right in front of the staircase that lead to the Gryffindor common room. I leaned forward but just before I could regain my balance I began to fall.

I could feel every time my head painfully came in contact with the stairs and when my arms would graze the banister. I was totally going to be bruised by tomorrow. When I was almost to the bottom I turned my head and smashed it painfully against the edge of a step. A piercing pain shot through my head and I yelled. It was the first time I made a noise.

I landed at the bottom of the stairs with a large crash and then, everything went black.


Hiyaah x

Soz about this chapter, I was kinda in a rush and did it in one sitting. Also, soz bout all the spelling mistakes and grammer and all that!

ManiWotter x


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