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Risen: Out of the Ashes by PhoenixFlame86
Chapter 8 : A Family Reunion
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A/N- This chapter has been edited as of April 2014... this is the first of the original chapters to go through a major edit, as opposed to minor tweaks. 

James POV

It was hot, wherever I was, a kind of heat I’d never actually experienced before. The sun shone very brightly overhead, and I had to keep squinting to try and see where I was. All I knew was that I was walking through a field of very tall grass, dry as a bone, that rustled loudly everytime I took a step.

 Nothing could be seen around me for miles, just tall grass. I heard a laugh, and looked around frantically. There was no one around and I kept walking. There was the laugh again, and I squinted, there! Far off in the distance, near the horizon, was a figure. I started running, trying to catch the person, whoever it was. They never got any closer, but the scenery started to change. The grass got smaller and greener, and off in the distance I saw a large white house, with a very large oak tree in the backyard.

There was the figure again, moving back and forth. As I ran faster, everything came into focus. A swing, and a girl. Bees buzzed around my head. The sun beat down on me, and my clothes stuck to my skin. The air smelled of dry grass, honeysuckle and something else fragrant I couldn’t place. My feet moved me towards the tree, the shade and the girl swinging back and forth. I tried to speak, but found I had no voice. I tried to yell, no sound. I put a foot into the circle of shade and felt transported to another world. The scenery shifted, and I was standing in a forest with tall, red trees.

The air was very clean, and cool. The scent of pine and dark dirt assaulted my senses. Everything had disappeared, no house, no swing, no girl. I looked intently around, searching for any sign of something familiar. A flash of white caught my eye. Behind a tree just a few feet in front of me, a gauzy white fabric billowed out and danced in the wind. 

A laugh again, musical and sweet sounding, reached my ears. I was inches from the tree, and lunged around the trunk to grab at whatever was there, only to be met by a face full of tree bark. I spit out the bark and looked around again. Where was this girl? Why was she playing with me? On the wind, I heard the whisper of my name. James, come find me it said. I’m trying, I yelled, only no sound came out.

 I whipped my head around, searching again for a sign and there she was. Standing, facing away from me, looking out into the forest. Needles crunched underneath my feet as I stepped closer to her. My hand reached out and just barely grazed her bare shoulder before the scenery shifted yet again.

 My eyes took in the new view, a lush, green hill and beyond, the ocean. This time I didn’t have to look for her, she was standing on the edge of the cliff. The white dress was shifting around her as it blew in the breeze, and she turned to face me. The wind picked up the material and it drifted across her face, not allowing me to see anything.

She turned back to face the ocean, laughed again, then started running down the wooden path cut into the hill. My feet pounded across the grass as I chased after her. Mist came out of nowhere and the salt air enveloped me, dampening everything. I carefully found my way down to the beach.

 I was standing in a cove, and looked towards the cold, steel blue water that was right ahead. She was walking in the waves, the bottom of her dress getting soaked. James, she said, come to me. Again, my feet carried me towards her.

 I reached out and wrapped an arm around her slim waist, drawing her into my chest, and expecting her to disappear at any moment. My eyes closed and I relished the feeling of holding her, feeling her soft skin. Her hair danced in the air and tickled my face, but still I didn’t look. Do you see me James? Look.

 I didn’t, instead I slid my hands up her arms, over her shoulders, and up to her head. I titled her head back and moved my head down, placing my mouth over hers. I kissed her slowly, tasting the salt air on her lips. She smelled like the forest, and the hot summer day. My senses were overwhelmed. James, she said, her mouth moving under mine. Look at me, she said. My forehead rested against hers as I pulled back. Will you stay if I see you? I didn’t want the answer, but she answered, telling me she would always stay if I could see her. 

It didn’t make any sense to me, but I had to know what she looked like. I opened my eyes slowly, and looked down at our bare feet, then my gazed slowly travelled the rest of her body. Her face was very hazy and I couldn’t make any details. I can’t see you, I said, finding with relief that my voice finally worked.

 I’ve always been right here James, you can’t see me because of the mask you wear, it’s clouding your vision. Take it off and you’ll see me clearly, she said.

 Her hand reached towards my face, tangling briefly in my hair before grabbing onto something on my face, pulling it back towards her. Everything around me sharpened immediately. The waves, the sand, the cliff and then a feathers My fairy princess had grown wings like a hawk’s and I looked towards her face, framed by dark hair made heavy by the sea air. James! A flash of silver eyes and then everything changed.



“Sorry Mum!”

Is your brother awake yet?”

“He is now, and he doesn’t look happy about it.”

“Tell him to get…”

“He knows what to say Mum!” Lily screamed down the stairs. Why was my family so loud? My room came into focus, slowly. Red and gold wallpaper, hardwood floors barely seen under piles of clothes, and bright green eyes much too close to mine.

I wanted to murder Al for waking me up from that dream, and though I tried to remember it, it fell away from me as I landed painfully back into reality. All I could grasp were fragments, a forest floor, a crashing wave, and a flash of silver. And a pillow coming rapidly towards my face. SMACK! Al just stood there looking at me, pillow in hand and green eyes full of mirth.



“It’s not like she cares…” I whispered under my breath. “Get out, Al!”

“So, what was your dream about?”

“What dream?”

“Must have been a good one. You were making out with your pillow when I came in and whispering about a girl.” He was being a bloddy git, and he knew it. Not only had he woken me up and then refused to leave me alone, he was teasing me about a girl when he knew perfectly well who I was most likely to be dreaming about. 


“Merlin, you’re pissy in the morning.” I shot a glare at him, and when he didn’t move, I threw a handful of hard candies at him. “Alright, alright, I’ll leave you alone. Geez.”
I flopped back onto my bed and let out a loud, annoyed groan. Why did I have to wake up before seeing her?

“Come back to my dreams tonight.” I whispered, closing my eyes. Maybe the dream would come back to me. 

Lily started pounding on my door and yelling about breakfast. I threw a pillow at the door and it landed with a loud thud.



“I DON’T CARE WHO DID WHAT, BOTH OF YOU GET DOWNSTAIRS!” My Mum yelled loudest of all, and it really wasn’t a good idea to annoy her early in the morning. I walked over to my curtains, yanked them open and threw the windows open too. Fresh, morning air came rushing in and I took a deep breath.

It was August 15th, and school started again in two weeks. We’d just gotten back last night from Athens, and Charlotte’s present was sitting on my dresser. I hadn’t discovered until much later the day I’d bought it that she’d wrapped it in a scarf that was the precise color of her eyes, with hand sewn owls in dark gray on either end. I was starting to wonder if Maria had been psychic. 

Today was going to be my first time seeing her in two weeks. Charlotte was coming over later this morning, as it had been decided that her sisters would be coming here to be dropped off. Her father had flown in with them a few days ago, and we were meeting with him so he could pass off his two favorite daughters to his least favorite.

This was all according to Charlotte, and even though I wasn't an expert regarding her family dynamics, I was inclined to trust her opinion. Mum and Dad were both going to be leaving for work this morning, and she probably wanted me downstairs to remind me that as the oldest, it was my responsibility to keep things in order. That and be nice. I’d made a rude comment about Charlotte’s parents last night and gotten smacked upside the head for it. Mum followed that up by telling me that I was right, both her parents were insufferable, but that I wasn’t allowed to say it.

I stretched out in my bed, relishing the feeling of being back in my room. Athens had been a nice experience, but nothing beat being home. 

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, DON’T MAKE ME COME GET YOU!” Uh oh, time to go downstairs.

“COMING!” I ran downstairs, skipping steps and leaping onto the ground floor landing. The air smelled of delicious breakfast things and my stomach grumbled loudly. Everyone was already at the table eating when I finally arrived, skidding right into my seat. I quickly grabbed a plate and piled food on. Mhmmm.

“And the slumbering beast awakens.” Lily mumbled as I started shoving food into my mouth. I ignored her.

“James…” Mum started. Could a guy even finish his breakfast before getting lectured?

“Yes Mum. I know.”

“Oh? I was under the impression you didn’t know anything. Enlighten me, what do you know?” I gave her a cold stare, a giant piece of pancake sticking out of my mouth, so that I didn’t have the desired effect. Lily was bent sideways off her chair laughing.

“Charlotte is coming over at ten. Her sisters are coming at one. As the oldest, I am in charge. Blah blah blah.”

“Did you  just say blah blah blah to me?” Mum gave me one of her looks, eyebrow arched and I slunk down. 

“Sorry Mum.”

“Lily, you make sure everyone behaves.” My sister beamed at me with pride.

“HEY! No! I’m the oldest. Besides Lily is going to be so hyper over seeing Harper again she won’t be able to make sure everyone behaves. Didn’t Harper write you and say she was going to give you a monkey hug? Anything that involves acting like a monkey means the person, or people invovled, will not be able to act mature and responsible.” I puffed up my chest and stared at Lily, daring her to defy my logic. Mum rolled her eyes and asked Al a question.

“Don’t act like you know what a monkey hug is.” Why was Lily grinning about this?

“What is a monkey hug? Does she smash a banana in your face or something?”

“No! Geez James, that’s like the stupidest thing ever.”

“Well Lils, I think a monkey hug sounds pretty stupid, so someone smashing a banana in your face is actually a little less stupid.”

“Would you both stop arguing! I have to leave for work. This house better be in one piece when I get back. You hear me?” Al and Lily nodded. “James?”

“I heard you!”

“It’s a shame I have to leave before Charlotte gets here. I was so hoping to see her again.”

“You’ll see her another time.”

“Yea… when she and James get married.” Lily said out of the corner of her mouth, smirking at me.

“James knows better than that. He knows I have to meet her first, to see if he’s good enough for her.” Mum walked past me, ruffling my hair, as I protested loudly. My stupid siblings chortled. “Don’t bother objecting dear. Hurry up and finish eating. I’m sure you want to look nice for your friend.” She winked at me when she said friend, and I wanted to stick my head into my bowl of cereal.

“I’ll finish when I’m good and full. I haven’t eaten enough.” I speared a piece of sausage on my fork and ate it in two bites. 

“Yes, you have. No one wants to watch you eat any more James. You’re gross.” I glared at my darling little sister, vowing to someday smash a banana in her face for that. She looked like she wanted to do the same and when she started reaching for the oatmeal (which she hates), I knew it was time to leave. I quickly snatched a piece of toast off the plate and dashed up the stairs.

20 minutes later and I was running back downstairs, having showered and changed into jeans and a polo shirt. 

“I’m ready!” I said loudly, wandering through the kitchen and into the rest of the house. No one was downstairs, weird. Did they leave without me? “Hello?” Nothing. Back upstairs it is. “Mum?”  No response. “Lily?” A laugh. “Are you lot playing hide and seek with me? Aren’t we a bit old for that?” A laugh again. “Seriously?” 

“James, why are you talking to yourself?” I turned around and saw Charlotte standing right next to my bedroom door. I walked up to her, and slid around her to shut it. She 

didn’t need to see that I had unmentionables strewn across my floor. 

“I wasn’t talking to myself. I think my siblings are playing hide and seek with me.” 

“Actually they’re in the office, they were showing me something. I just had to put something in my bag downstairs.” 

“What was she showing you?” Lily had to be behind this. Al was too nice, most of the time, and never got fingered as the instigator. 

“Um…,” she started chuckling, this can’t be good, “baby pictures?” She bit her lip trying to stop laughing and stared at the floor. I spun on my heel and barreled into the office. 

“LILY!” She rolled around on the floor laughing. 


 “Baby pictures!?! Are you trying to kill me?” Lily just grinned at me, about as wide a grin as one person could manage without hurting their face. “Baby pictures! To a girl! That’s embarrassing!”

“She’s the only girl you’ve ever had over, and you were such a cute baby. If it makes you feel any better, I was only showing her the pictures of you two.” Lily finally stopped laughing and grinning long enough to tell me. We all knew where the photo albums were. The little sneak. Charlotte had been early and my little sister had taken her opportunity. 

“Oh. Still!”

“I asked Mum to pull them out right before she left, and I was still looking at them when Charlotte arrived, wasn’t I?” Lily got her innocent baby bird look as she turned towards Charlotte. I looked behind me, hoping to see that Charlotte wasn’t buying this act. She was biting back a smirk. At least she was smart enough to see through this charade. “Did you know that you would only go down for naps in the afternoon if Charlotte was in the crib with you? So sweet.” Kill me now. “See, look!” She showed me a picture of two babies in a crib, both with massive amounts of dark hair. Charlotte and I were both in the same crib, she was facing one way and I another, but our heads were right next to each other. As if that weren’t mushy enough, we were also holding hands. “I just made a copy for Charlotte!” I looked at her, and she had the decency to look ashamed. “James Potter, don’t look at her like that.” 

“If you’re done now…” I turned around and grabbed Charlotte’s elbow, intending to take her outside while we waited the next few hours for her siblings to show up. 

“What’s got your knickers…” Al mumbled, spinning around in Dad’s chair. 


“You little snot…” 


“James is right, we should go now. Mum doesn’t like us to be in here long.” One by one, we shuffled out of Mum’s office. Lily went straight for her room, which I noticed with an audible sigh of relief. 


“What are you reading?” Charlotte and Al were walking in front of me, and I knew that if they started talking about books, I’d be ignored for a while. I ducked into my room quickly, grabbing her present, and running back down the stairs in time to hear Al’s answer. 


“The Kite Runner.”


“Let me guess, Ava’s recommendation?” 




“It’s really a fabulous book, I hope you enjoy it.” Charlotte settled on the couch, drawing her legs up underneath her. 


“So you’ve read it?”


“Yes, and then I passed it onto Ava, who seems to have passed it onto you. Are you liking it so far?”


“I am. It’s fascinating reading about this whole other world that exists, even among muggles.” 


“You should read his other books if you end up liking it. I have them both, you’re welcome to borrow them.”


“Thank you for the offer.” I turned my head and tried to keep from rolling my eyes, noticing Lily skipping into the kitchen. 


“Can you stop talking about books and pay attention to me?” Charlotte smacked me on the arm and Lily yelled a thanks from the other room. I sunk lower into my seat and scowled. This was going to be a long wait for her siblings. I finally got Charlotte’s attention by dropping her present in her lap. She looked down at it with an amused, if not confused look on her face.

“What’s this?” She said with a small laugh.

“A present. Got it in Athens for you.” I smiled warmly at her, happy to have her undivided attention once again.

“James, you shouldn’t have!” She picked up the scarf wrapped statue, and marveled at it’s size and weight.

“The scarf came with it.”

“Tell her Maria’s prophecy.” Al said in a low voice, trying to cover it up with a cough. I glared at him. I’d finally caved and told him what Maria had told me. I was regretting now making him promise to never mention it to anyone else.

“Prophecy?” Her nimble fingers were working out the knot in the scarf, and she was able to do it while keeping eye contact with me. “Maria?” She asked, chuckling.

“The woman who made these… well you have to open it first before I can tell you anything.” I leaned forward, feeling very nervous all of a sudden. She would like it, right? What if Maria had been wrong and I wasn’t the guy and Charlotte wasn’t the girl? My chest seized as panic gripped it. I watched as Charlotte pulled off the scarf and looked down at the statue.

Her mouth opened slowly, forming a perfect O. She reached out and ran her fingers gently down the front, staring. Her eyes were watery as she turned and looked at me, before a brilliant smile split her face in two. That was good, right?

She couldn’t maintain the same expression for more than a few seconds, going between wonder, happiness and looking like she wanted to cry, but at this point I was pretty sure they were happy tears. Could you ever really tell with girls?

“It’s Athena. Hand carved. I thought you might like it.”

One second, I was looking at her from the other end of the couch and the next, she was wrapped around me, hugging me tightly. She felt so… good in my arms, and I tucked my head into the crook of her neck, wanting this moment to freeze for a while. Her perfume, something light and floral filled my nose and I held her just a bit tighter.

Al coughed, while Lily whistled. I wanted to kill them both. Charlotte pulled back, blushing furiously. She smiled at me, her eyes bright, placing one hand on the side of my face and leaning in to kiss my cheek. It was so light I wasn’t sure it had really happened.

“You like it ok?”

“James…” The way she said my name, like a caress, made me shudder inside. “This is the best gift ever. I love it. I… thank you. Thank you.”

I grinned broadly at her, content at last, and hoping she’d forgotten about Al’s comment.

“He was so worried you wouldn’t like it.” Al piped up, putting his book on the side table. 

Charlotte’s eyes were piercing as she continued to look at me. “He shouldn’t worry about that anymore.” She put the statue on the coffee table and finally tore her gaze from me, to stare at Athena.

“Ava likes perfume right?” Al piped up, his voice cracking. 

“Now Al’s worried about his gift.”

“She does. Did you get her some?”

“I had them make a custom blend. Things that reminded me of her… only I hope it’s ok.”

“I’m sure she’ll love it Al. Really. That’s her kind of thing.”

“Oh good. That’s a relief.” 

They started talking about what he’d chosen to put into the perfume. I tuned out, laying down, putting my head in her lap. She automatically started running her fingers through my hair, and it was so relaxing that I fell right asleep. 

A loud slam woke me up. Charlotte was still playing with my hair. Lily was standing near us, looking at me with a weird look. I saw Al in the kitchen and realized he must have slammed a cabinet door, probably on purpose. 

“You snore.”

“Huh, what?” 

“You snore. Poor Charlotte.” I shot up and immediately wiped my mouth in case I had also drooled. I hadn’t. I stretched, looking up at Charlotte, feeling the ends of her hair tickling my face. Her mouth quirked up into an amused smile and she scooted forward, intending to stand up. I sat up reluctantly.

“You don’t snore, you know. Lily was just bugging you.” She bumped her shoulder into me, and smiled. 

“Little sisters are good at that.”

“I wouldn’t know.” Charlotte mumbled, her hair swinging forward as she titled her head towards the ground. 

“You have two!”

“I wasn’t lying when I said we didn’t spend much time together.” 

“My family is constantly popping in and out. We never leave each other alone.”

“Sounds nice.” The sad smile I hated showed up.

“No pouting. Ok… answer me this. It’s completely off topic. We have two weeks of summer left. What do you want to do… something you’ve never done. And I’ll do the same.”

“Well… I’m terrified of heights.”

“Perfect. So I’ll take you flying!”

“What? No! That’s not what I meant!”

“It’s perfect. And I’ve never ever cooked a meal. You can teach me.”


“What… it’s a deal. Good. I’m glad you agree.” She started laughing and I could tell she didn’t want to, which just made my smile grow wider. 

“I’m just, terrified of flying. Keep me on the ground and I’m a happy camper.” I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her into the air. “Too high for you?” Her long hair fell around my face and I caught a whiff of her perfume, light and floral. I couldn’t read her expression. 

“I think I can manage this.” She sounded breathless, and I wondered why.

“JAMES, STOP MOLESTING CHARLOTTE!” Did Al really have to yell that. Maybe Charlotte had the right idea, family isn’t always the best thing. I put her down. I looked over at her and notice she looked very tense. I wondered if it was because of me and then I heard the doorbell. Maybe she had the hearing capabilities of an owl… had she heard their footsteps before anyone else?

I slung my arm around her shoulder and she looked up at me, her eyes wide with fear. This wasn’t going to be much fun. I squeezed her shoulder and walked to open the door. I heard Lily thundering down the stairs.  I threw the door open and leaned against the doorframe, not even trying to look upstanding.

Ava and Harper said hello, and introduced me to their Dad. He was a tall, broad shoulder man with blue eyes and dark auburn hair. He looked like he had a permanent frown on his face though.

“Hello. I’m Ethan Gray.” He held his hand out to me and I shook it, but didn’t stand upright.

“James Potter.”

“Thank you for letting me drop my daughters off here. I’ve heard they’re quite fond of your family.”

“Charlotte certainly is.” I said, watching his face. He frowned and I felt my face freezing into an annoyed mask as I stared at him.

“Yes… well… my daughters are looking forward to seeing their friends again. I am quite appreciative of this. I have to go. Goodbye girls.” I looked over my shoulder to see Charlotte standing only a few steps behind me. She was clearly in view of her father, and yet, he hadn’t said anything yet.

I reached behind me, and found her hand, pulling her forward and into my side, wrapping my arm around her shoulder again. Her whole demeanor had changed. Her head was down and her face was soft, her eyes scared. I wanted to see what she’d do.

Harper ran forward upon seeing Charlotte and wrapped her arms around her sister, beaming up at her. She was going to be thirteen soon, but, much like Lily, had her moments where she acted much younger. In them, it was cute and endearing. In others, it was grating.

“Hi Charlie! We missed you.” Charlotte ran her hand down Harpers long red hair and grinned at her. 

“Speak for yourself. I’m kidding of course. Hi Charlotte.” Ava brushed past the three of us, her voice changing from a sarcastic sort of anger to one of gentle happiness as she went and hugged Al. I looked at Al, and he looked back, confused. Maybe this was the first time he was seeing the other side of Ava. I could already tell she was going to drop off my list of people to tolerate to people I don’t like. 

I saw Lily turn her back towards us and Harper detached from Charlotte to make a flying leap onto her back, latching on tight. Was that a monkey hug? The two girls started talking rapidly back and forth and I stared in slight amazement, quickly losing track of their conversation. 

I turned back towards Charlotte and her father, noticing that they were just standing, facing each other, looking awkward. They hadn’t said a single world. He finally caught my eye, and I noticed him noticing my arm around her.

“I didn’t realize you and Charlotte were friends.” He said the word friends slowly. Ok, that wasn’t the nicest response. 

“I’ve known Charlotte my entire life, or don’t you remember?” 

“I did remember that as children… of course. I meant, more recently.”

“We got reacquainted after I had to rescue her. She’d nearly broken her ankle, but you would know that, right?” 

“You hurt yourself?” Her Dad finally looked down at her with a slightly surprised look on his face. 

“It wasn’t a big deal. I’m fine.” Charlotte wrung her hands together, and looked up at me with a deer in the headlights look. Save me, she was saying. 

“Oh. Ok. Well it was nice to meet you James, I’m going to go say good-bye to my daughters.” He walked into the house and Charlotte looked like she was about to crack into a thousand pieces. I pulled her into a tight hug, and felt the tension she was carrying. 

It wasn’t an easy goodbye to watch. I didn’t believe Charlotte before, but I did now. Her father loved and adored Ava and Harper, and didn’t have the same level of affection for his oldest child. Ethan Gray spent ten minutes hugging Ava and Harper, saying good-bye, kissing their heads, telling them how much he’d miss them and asking them to write him a lot. When it came time to leave, he just looked at Charlotte, gave her a very awkward hug, thanked me again and then left. He just left. 

I didn’t know families like that existed. I was starting to understand why Charlotte was so hot and cold sometimes and vowed to include her in my family as much as I could. She had removed herself from me, and was leaning over the sink, staring out the window, watching as his car got further and further away. She looked like a single touch of anything might break her. Her sisters ignored her, happy to be back with their best friends.

I took a step towards her and she whipped her head around, her eyes wide and frightful as she stared back at me. She held my gaze for a single moment before rushing past me into the backyard. I quickly followed, after silently cursing her stupid parents. 

“Charlotte, come here.” She didn’t move, but looked at me, her face a mask of sadness. I walked to her and pulled her into my arms. She buried her head in the crook of my neck. I couldn’t feel her breathing. “You need to breathe.”

“If I breathe, I’ll cry.”

“I’m so sorry Lottie. I didn’t realize.”

“I tried to explain.”

“I didn’t understand. I’m sorry. Stay with me tonight… we’ll go camping or something, ok? Give you time away. You can tell me, or not, cry or not… whatever you need.”

“I didn’t realize you were so…”

 “Nice? I thought you might have realized by now that I’m not quite the same person I am at school.” I might have sounded annoyed, oops. 

 “I had realized. I like this you better.” I didn’t think that was possible. Maybe my brain was right, Charlotte was good challenge for me. 

 “I like this you better too. Well, not this exact you, the sarcastic one that makes me laugh and hits me when I’m being stupid.” She looked up at me, wiped a few tears away and gave me a small smile. 

“Camping, yes?” We could head up to our favorite hill with the grove of trees and camp out for the night. Ava and Harper were spending the night and I knew, deep in my bones, Charlotte couldn’t be alone tonight. 

“That would be nice.” 

“I’ll go get the camping gear now.” Mum would kill me for leaving my siblings alone, but they were old enough, and far more responsible than me. They’d be fine. I told Al that what we were doing tonight, and he asked if Charlotte was ok. I said I didn’t know, but that I was going to do my best to make her happy. He told me that as long as I used protection, and I smacked him upside the head, reminding him we were just friends. He gave me a weird look in return.

I popped up to the attic, and pulled out the backpack with the magical four room tent and various other supplies, before popping back down and meeting Charlotte in the back yard.

 She was silent the whole walk, and I felt like she needed that silence, so I just watched her out of the corner of my eye, making sure she knew she wasn’t alone. 

We set up the tent, and Charlotte went and laid down for a bit, curling up into the fetal position. I stepped in after her, making sure she was ok, to see her holding herself so rigid and tight, I knew she was trying desperately not to cry.

I laid down on the queen bed next to her and stared up at the tent.

After seeing that display, I was more grateful than ever for my crazy family. 



Credit goes to Khaled Hosseini for writing The Kite Runner. 

As I said above, this was the first of the original chapters to undergo a major edit and I hope that you all enjoy it and will enjoy all the new stuff and edits that are coming next. 

Reviews... they mean so much. Please? :D 


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