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You and I by Draco_Lover271
Chapter 7 : Almost Time
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 All characters and setting belong to the wonderfully amazing JK Rowling :)

Hermione: : :

“…and open your books to page 264.” our potions professor continued, he had been lecturing us on Draught of the Living Dead potion. “A five page essay on the properties of Lace Wing Flies will be due on my desk promptly at 8:00am Monday morning.” He said before dismissing the class.

Everyone groaned as we left the class, except for me, I like homework. Our new potions teacher ranks somewhere between Slughorn and Snape, as I thought that name, a twinge of sadness coursed through me. Snape had turned out to be a good guy. I felt really bad about the way he went down. Draco must have noticed how sad I was; he tried to lighten the mood.

“You wanna get everything ready for the ball next weekend?” he asked me.

I nodded and we walked hand in hand to the common room. We spent the remainder of the evening planning and preparing the different movie clips and songs to play in background.

We were sprawled across our common room couch; it is times like these when I truly appreciate not having to live in the Gryffindor common room and having to see Harry and Ron every day. I mean, I really miss them but I feel like we just wouldn’t be able to have the same relationship again. We were all changed people, even Draco, and if they won’t give him a chance, why should I give them a chance? Ranting like this in my mind made me all worked up, I couldn’t even focus.

"How about we just play stuff from both the muggle world and the wizard world?” That way people like me who aren’t as acquainted with wizard world tales can learn too.”

Draco agreed with me.

“I guess that’s it then!” I said excitedly, “everything’s ready for tomorrow night!” I was so excited for tomorrow night, this will be my first really date with Draco. I still can’t believe that this is happening; it’s hard to think that not too long ago we hated each other with a passion. I already had my dress picked out and everything, it was blue to match Draco’s gorgeous eyes.

Draco: : :

“That’s amazing!” I told her with enthusiasm, “I never doubted you!” Not everything was ready quite yet though, I still didn’t have anything to wear. That sounded like such a trivial problem that I never thought I would have to deal with; I never really worried about impressing Pansy when we were together. I might have something packed away upstairs, I would check later. “Do you think that everyone is actually going to show up tomorrow?”

“Yes, it’s mandatory! And even though the Yule Ball didn’t turn out how I’d planned, I have confidence in this one.” She said.

“I never attended the Yule Ball so I wouldn’t know, and if you think everyone is actually going to obey the rules then you’re wrong.“ I told her, I mean how many rules has she broken over her years at Hogwarts?

“Ugh, just Ronald being a git as usual and ruining the entire night. I thought Ginny was better off with Neville then but I guess that everything worked out for the best.” 

“Do you think that you guys will ever be friends again?”

“I think that Ginny and I might find a way to forgive each other and maybe even Harry, but I think there may be just too much bad blood between Ron and I. Then again, I thought there was too much between us and look what happened!” she smiled as she said that last part.

 “I don’t think Ginny needs to forgive you for anything, she would be lucky to have your friendship again.” I said,, getting a little worked up.

“That’s sweet but it takes two to fight, I know that I’m partially to blame.”

“Wait a minute; you’re not leaving me for Weasley are you?” I said half-jokingly

“Never.” She replied simply, sitting up to kiss me.

“We better get to sleep, it’s a big day tomorrow” I reminded her, though I could kiss her forever.

Hermione: : :

I ran up the stairs to my room way too jazzed to even think about going to sleep. I decided to try on my dress one last time to be sure it fit. I twirled around for what seemed like an hour then figured I should probably try and get some sleep.

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You and I: Almost Time


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