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A Little Bit of Luck by Chivalrous
Chapter 1 : Our Dearest Carty
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 Credit to bathtub. @ TDA for the amazingggg CI! <3

This is one of our narrators the lovely and sarcastic McCartney Georgiana Luck.


McCartney Georgiana Luck




            Hello there my name is McCartney Georgiana Luck. Yes I know it’s a tragic name, but when your Mum was a Beatles fanatic there really is no way she couldn’t not name her daughter after her one true love. I find it weird, but Dom says it quirky and it suits me, because it’s quite girly apparently. I find offense in that. I take pride in being a “tom-boy” etc. etc. I’m a half-blood if you were wondering.




            My Dad was an Irish-born wizard and freaked my American Mum the hell out when he told her after I was born. He probably wouldn’t have ever told her, but he kind of had to when I turned that damn broccoli into cookies and after I set my grandmother’s evil cat on fire at age two. Mum wanted to take me to a mental asylum so he had to think fast. She’s still skeptical about everything and is scared about the fact she can’t Google Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and get turn-by-turn directions to it. So yeah it’s a struggle.




            “Cart!” I heard Dominique yell as I walked onto the platform. “McCartney!” she called. I waved at her to make her shut the hell up before her hot cousins, namely Freddie Weasley, and a certain James Potter II, noticed. “Cart!” she hugged me tightly.


            “Dom!” I hugged her back. “How are you?” I asked. I hadn’t seen Dom in almost a month. She’d gone to France to visit her cousins over there for a month. I’d gone to Darcy Finnigan’s house in Ireland.




            “Oh look it’s our dearest Carty.” Darcy Finnigan teased. Darcy was for all intents and purposes my go-to-lass and I loved her for it every day. She hugged me tightly. I rolled my eyes and then hugged Costa. Zoë “Costa” Mason was our favorite red-headed American. Costa was like the bloody wild-child. She was brash, bold, daring, crass, and brazen. She and Darcy were two peas in a pod, except for the whole you know Irish/American thing and Darcy was slightly (read: a lot) less than Costa. “Can you lot believe we’re sixth years?” Darcy asked. “I feel old!” she complained loudly in that endearing Irish accent. Note the sarcasm you’ll be seeing a lot of it.


            I then turned to Benjamin, who I hadn’t greeted yet, “Hello Benjamin.” I smiled at Benjamin Flint, Dominique’s Slytherin boyfriend who was a seventh year and so fit it made my mouth water.


            “Hello McCartney,” Benjamin pretended to tip his hat to me. I laughed and then turned back to my roommates.


            “Merlin, here comes the rest of the clan.” Dominique groaned. I looked up and saw the rest of the Wotter clan making their way over to where Dominique’s family was a few feet away.


            “You know what? I’m just gonna go grab us a compartment.” I said quickly taking my leave. I latched onto Darcy’s wrist. “Come on Darcy, buddy-system.” I said and dragged her away quickly.


            “Oi! Why me? Take Costa!” she complained. I rolled my eyes.


            “Because Costa is a ginger,” I replied with a flip of my hair. I then slammed right into someone. “Bloody hell,” I rubbed my shoulder. I looked up into James Potter’s hazel eyes and my eyes widened. The earth stopped spinning on its axis as my mouth formed a gaping maw and I gulped like a fish out of water. Darcy touched my arm and I jolted out of my daze, “Sorry!” I squeaked before sprinting away dragging Darcy behind me. “Darcy, I just rammed into James Potter,” I said beginning to hyperventilating.


            “Chill,” Darcy rolled her eyes. “He’s just a dude. He’s got a penis just like every other boy in the world.” She said.


            “Thanks for that Darcy.” I rolled my eyes.




            “Just speaking the truth,” She shrugged. “Hey, you got any more Muggle music for me to listen too?” she asked.


            “Yeah I’ll give it to you in the dorm.” I replied with a wave of my hand. “Just get in the compartment!” I attempted to kick her and ended up toppling over in the seat.


            “Slow-clap,” Darcy clapped her hands slowly as she sat down.


            “You’re just jealous,” I fake sneered unable to come up with a comeback.


            “And of what, dare I ask your little boobies?” Darcy chortled. I pouted, my boobs were like barely B-cups and so my roommates made fun of them at every turn. It was bloody unfair.


            “Bugger off,” I pouted and sank back into my seat. I pulled out my Muggle novel; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Darcy pulled a Witch Weekly magazine out of her trunk which was above us and began flipping through the pages.


            “Hullo!” Talia chirped happily as she strode into the compartment. Talia Dearborn was our last roommate and too much of a positive person. It made me want to smack her; a lot. I glanced up at her tossing my fishtail braid off my shoulder. “It’s just the loveliest day today!” she chimed. “Isn’t it?” she beamed. I raised my eyebrows in a affronted manner, pushing my glasses up my nose.


            “The best-est-est!” Darcy exclaimed, sardonic sarcasm prominent. Talia just smiled and sat down leading her boyfriend in behind her. Drystan was pretty cool, mostly chill. Then Dominique, Benjamin, and Costa piled in loudly. I was squashed against the window with Costa and Darcy while the couples took the other bench. I soon stuck my head in back in between the pages of my book. I was already in twenty pages when I felt Costa elbow me,


            “Wow, this awkward…” Costa commented. I looked up and saw the two couples were snogging.


            My face skewered into a frown, “Ew emotions,” I crinkled my nose and Costa and Darcy laughed loudly. The couples weren’t fazed.


            “I’m going to the bathroom,” Darcy said loudly, to no response. She quickly got up and skirted out the door. 


            “Buddy-system is a go!” Costa exclaimed as she practically sprinted out of the compartment. I groaned, but stretched out across the bench. My eyes flickered back to couples who were still grossly snogging.


            “You guys are bloody impossible.” I rolled my eyes and opened my book. “Slags,” I muttered.


            “What was that?” Dominique asked and I looked up.


            “How the hell did you hear that?” I raised my eyebrows. “You couldn’t seem to hear anything else short of an atomic bomb hitting the train.” I scoffed. I then turned back to my book, pulling my knees up further.


            “What’s got your wand in a knot?” Dominique rolled her eyes and I shot her a glare.


            “I’d rather not have my young eyes defiled by the sight of your snogging thank you.” I replied sassily. Dominique snorted and then faced me.


            “Well what do you wanted to talk about dearest Carty?” she asked in faux cheerfulness. I flicked her off and rolled my eyes. “Well that was rude,” Dominique was unfazed. I winked at her before opening my book again.



Author's Note:


Soooo here is my first story! I'm pretty excited for it! I'd love to get your opinion on it seeing as I'm new here and all... So please leave a review! :)


Oh and....


1) McCartney Luck is portrayed by Barbara Palvin


2) James Potter II is portrayed by Francisco Lachowski


3) Dominique Weasley is portrayed by Cara Delevingne


4) Darcy Finnigan is portrayed by Teresa Palmer


5) Costa Mason is portrayed by Emma Stone


6) Drystan Llewellyn is portrayed by Sam Claflin


7) Benjamin Flint is portrayed by Nicholas Hoult

8) Talia Dearborn is portrayed by Nina Dobrev

Sept. 30, 2013: This chapter was edited.

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A Little Bit of Luck: Our Dearest Carty


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