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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 21 : Chapter 21
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 The next morning was spent in mostly chaos. The only three who were ready to actually go to the train station were Scorpius, Amelia and Lily. James, Albus and Adam had decided to leave their packing until that morning, after they had finished their breakfast, they had apparently not felt the need to pack earlier as they weren’t planning on taking much back to the castle.

They were still running behind due to the boys and had made it to the train station in the nick of time, making it onto the train five minutes before it left the station. After they had all found a compartment together, they all leant out of the window to wave back at Harry and Ginny Potter, who seemed quite happy at being away from them all.

“What shall we do now?” Scorpius asked them all as they each sat down in the compartment. Amelia sat opposite James and next to Lily, having taken the window seat. Albus seemed to be in a bit of a huff about it.

“I’m going to find Hugo in a minute,” Lily told them.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t found us yet.” James admitted, knowing that it wasn’t often that Hugo and Lily were seen without each other. If he didn’t know better he would have said that they were twins.

“I should go and find Kelly,” Amelia stated, looking at James who was watching her with a smile on his face. He turned away from her quickly to look at Adam who had nudged him and pointed over to where Albus was trying to hide something in his pocket. Lily elbowed Amelia in the side and gave her a smirk as she raised her eyebrows. Amelia didn’t tell Lily what had happened between her and
James last night, in fact she hadn’t told anyone, she wanted to keep it to herself and not get her hopes up about any kind of relationship.

“What have you got there, Albus?” James asked, leaning forwards to look at his brother who was sat on the other side of Lily. Albus looked up quickly and shook his head as he shoved something into his pocket.

“Nothing,” Albus mumbled his mouth full. James and Adam frowned at him as they tried to work out what he was eating.

“He’s got sugar around his mouth,” Adam said loudly, pointing at Albus’s face.

“He’s still got some sweets left from Easter,” Adam cried. “Get him!”

Albus quickly jumped up from his seat, wrenched the door open and ran from the compartment, James and Adam hot on his heels.

Scorpius gave a sigh before turning to look at Lily and Amelia as they were the only ones left in the compartment.

“So what’s going on between you and James?” Scorpius asked Amelia. Amelia stared at him in shock as she began to shake her head, whilst Lily grinned like Christmas had come early.

“There’s nothing going...” Amelia began, shaking her head. But Lily scoffed loudly and Scorpius stopped Amelia from talking.

“Don’t even try to lie to me Amelia,” he stated. “I saw you two last night.”

Lily turned to look at Amelia in shock and Amelia tried to avoid looking at her. Scorpius smiled as he knew that he had got her and that she wouldn’t be able to deny it.

“There is actually nothing going on between me and James.”

“Then why were you going at it against the wall last night?”

“We were not!” Amelia cried, feeling herself beginning to blush. “We’re just... I don’t even know what we are.” She admitted to him.

“Well you best work it out soon; you don’t want to both be strung along.” Scorpius told her.

“I can’t believe he outrun us.” James said with a shake of his head as he entered the compartment again. Amelia tried to stop the fuzzy feeling that went through her at seeing him, Scorpius and
Lily both grinned at seeing her squirming; neither Adam nor James noticed anything different.

“He’s sneaky; he knows where to hide on the train. Don’t worry though, we’ll get him.” Adam stated as he took his seat again.

“I’ll go and find him,” Scorpius stated as he stood up and walked out of the room. Amelia was thankful that he didn’t say anything else before leaving. She wasn’t sure how she would react to it, especially with her brother sitting in the carriage as well; she didn’t think that he would be too happy about Amelia and James. She didn’t look forward to the day that he would find out.


“Time is ticking until the end of our last year here, James.” Adam said as they all began walking towards the carriages, having just stepped off of the train that had brought them all back from their Easter holidays. There weren’t that many people getting off of the train this year, most of the students had stayed at Hogwarts over the holidays. The small group of friends, now joined by Lucy and with Albus and Scorpius both missing, walked towards the awaiting carriages so they could board one to get back to school.

Adam and James stopped as they neared the carriages, the others; most of them were Potters and Weasleys, stopped as well to look at them in question as to why they had halted.

“This is our last time coming back to Hogwarts,” Adam admitted sadly, he could see the castle from where he stood, just over the trees that the carriages had to go through before they ended up on the grounds of the school.

“I know I can’t believe it.” James said an equally sad expression on his face as he looked at the castle as well. Amelia would hate to think what they were going through, the place they had all called their home was going to come to an end soon, for Amelia she had another year but for Adam and James they only had months and this was beginning to hit them now.

“It’s gone so fast,” James added as he looked around, taking in all of the surroundings in great detail, knowing that he would never see this part of the grounds again.

“Tell me about it,” Adam said as he too looked around. Most of the people that had stopped with them had begun getting into the carriages leaving just Lucy, Amelia and Lily behind with Adam and James.

“How about we walk to the castle?” Adam suggested to James who nodded.

“That’s a great idea; we’ve never walked to the castle from here.”

Adam turned to face Amelia, Lucy and Lily, “we’ll meet you back at the castle, okay?”

They nodded before they got into one of the last carriages to take them to the majestic school, Amelia turning to give James and Adam one last look before she got into the carriage, they were walking down the path the carriages were going to be taken them, their arms thrown around each other and beginning to reminisce about their years at Hogwarts.


Albus was rushing down the corridor leading away from the Slytherin common rooms where he had put his bag down, leaving it in the common. He was confident that no one would steal it as they wouldn’t be able to deal with the smell coming from his week old socks in there. He had refused to give to his mother to wash as they were still wearable even if they were a bit stiff. He was rushing because he was almost late for the beginning of lunch, and he never wanted to be late for lunch.

In his haste though he didn’t notice that someone was sitting in the shadows, until he tripped over them, he felt his chin collide with the stone floor painfully before he rolled over with a groan.
He brought his hand up to his chin and touched it, hissing at the pain that was coursing through his chin; he pulled his hand away and squinted at his fingers seeing blood.

“Great,” he cried. “Just great.” sitting up he looked over at what he had tripped over and saw a pair of legs. He stood up and walked over to the person that had tripped him over, going to demand an apology from them.

“What on earth are you doing with your legs out in this shadowy corridor? You bloody tripped me. I scrapped my chin open and everything.”

He got nearer to the person and saw in the darkness that it was Mariah Hayes, his now mortal enemy again after she so cruelly rejected his dance of love by pushing him into the lake. He had only showered twice since that moment and could have sworn that he could still smell the lake on his clothes and hair, sometimes other people could smell it too. He glared down at her.

“Oh, it’s you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tripped me on purpose you spiteful cow,” he seethed at her; Mariah made no noise towards him apart from a sniff which made Albus annoyed at her. How dare she not even yell back at him?

“Well, did you? I take it you’ve been waiting here all day so you could eventually hurt me. Well you’ve succeeded by taking half my chin off in the process, well done you.” he began to slowly clap at her, stopping after a while when she didn’t say anything back to him. He looked at her in silence for another moment, trying to work out just what she was up to and what kind of game she was playing with him when he heard her sniff again. He squinted in the darkness and saw that there were tears glistening on her cheeks, she was quick to wipe them off and duck her head to hide her face when she saw that he was looking, bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. Albus could see that there was a crumpled letter in her hands.

He knelt down beside her and pulled himself across the cold floor to sit next to her by the wall, bringing his own knees up to him and resting his arms on them as he turned to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her in concern, all the mocking and hatred for her was gone from his face and voice and was replaced with concern for her. She sniffed again as she shook her head and kept her face hidden from him.

“Did you get some bad news?” he asked when she didn’t say anything to him, pointing down to the scrunched up parchment in her clenched hands. She gave a small nod as she looked up at him finally, and Albus could see that the tears were falling down her face again, Albus couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful than her in that moment. Well, apart from maybe a smiling Mariah with fewer tears and runny nose.

Mariah wiped her face with her robes before leaning her head backwards to rest on the wall behind her.

“It’s my Uncle,” she told him finally after a few more sniffs. Albus nodded, remembering when they were talking to each other, or the times that he had over heard her conversations with other people on purpose to find out more about his enemy, that she had mentioned her uncle many times, she was quite close to him as he lived at her house with her mum and dad. “He’s been taken very ill and they don’t know if he’ll make it.”

Albus looked at her in silence as he took in her words, noticing that there were more tears in her eyes, waiting to fall slowly down her pale face. He reached his hand forwards and took her hand in his; she clenched it tightly as she gave another sniff.

“He’s at St Mungo’s hospital now,” she told him. “They’ve told me to stay at school and to focus on my studies. But how can I when he’s seriously ill in hospital?”

“What’s wrong with him?” Albus asked gently as Mariah leant her head on his shoulder, he leant his head on top of hers and tried not to think just how warm she was, or how her hair smelt like something he hadn’t smelt in a very long time, shampoo.

“They don’t know,” Mariah told him honestly, removing her head from Albus’s shoulder to look at him, he instantly felt himself missing her warmth. He looked up into her eyes, feeling a warm feeling spreading through his body at her gaze and close proximity to him. They stared at each other for a while before Albus brought his arms around her and brought her in for a hug, Mariah cuddled up to him and burying her face into his chest, letting out loud sobs as she clutched onto the front of his robes. Albus felt his own eyes tearing up at the thought that she was going through so much pain and he couldn’t do anything to make it better for her. Stroking her soft hair he thought about how much he liked her and how much he wished they hadn’t fallen out with each other.

He kissed the top of her head and let himself rest there.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered into her hair and he knew that she had heard him, but she didn’t say anything just continued crying, although this time not as hard as she had done.

What Albus couldn’t work out, was if he was apologising for her Uncle or for the fact that he wished they hadn’t become enemies.

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