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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 5 : I Hate You!
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"Malfoy. What is that?" Professor Weasley peered over the edge of my cauldron at the bright crimson liquid at the bottom. "I thought we were creating the potion used by werewolves to stay human not something that is likely to give you food poisoning." Sniggers went up around the room, the two Weasley children had decided they were going to share a table next to us and were loving it. Blaise’s arms twitched as his fingers curled into half-fists whilst Cy’s face was made of stone.

"Sir. We did what was in the book." I pointed at the ancient copy in the middle of table where it had been pulled and yanked about, it’s pages dry, crispy and curled in the corners. "None of us could find the problem."

"Well then, I suggest you start again and get it right." He turned to leave.

"Sir! It's lunch in ten minutes, this potion takes two hours." Everyone went silent, watching. Weasel slowly turned and inspected each of us individually.

"You two can go as you've shown capability at potions. I fear Mister Malfoy requires a bit of extra pushing in order to gain satisfactory N.E.W.T.S." I emptied the cauldron with my wand feeling the blood pump through my neck but couldn't trust myself to say anything, instead I picked up the knife and began slicing the gillyweed into a pulp.

"D. We'll stay and help." I stopped.

Still don't know what was wrong with it. Blaise and Cyrus looked sympathetic.

"You know what." They both frowned. "Don't even bother."

Two hours. Two hours of humiliation. I'll just go see Professor McGonagall, I've never got a potion wrong before and there was nothing we did wrong. Could someone have tampered with it?

I put my books back into my bag.

"Mister Malfoy you do realise that you are to continue your potion through lunch so I suggest you unpack your bag." The whole class stopped to watch me, I rubbed my face.

"If you need me..."

"No. Mister Malfoy. You are not leaving, you are staying to finish your potion." I steadied my face to continue calmly.

"If you need me." I paused to see if he interrupted again. "Then I'll be outside Professor McGonagall's office." I swung my bag onto my shoulder. I could hear him shouting at my retreating back but I ignored him, my legs were numb with pain and I was exhausted. Emotionally and physically from my lack of sleep, a recurring nightmare. I pushed my body up the stairs, panting when I reached the top. I leant against the wall and let my eyes droop.

"Still can't believe Malfoy walked out. Such an idiot." I forced my eyes open as voices drifted up the stairs.

"Merlin, Sir was so pissed. Malfoy's done for, when do you think he'll be kicked out?" My head whirled and my eye sight blacked out as I righted myself.

"Don't expect to see him at dinner to be honest. Surprised they let him back in in the first place. Disgusting rat. Maybe he'll finally be thrown in Azkaban, I'd do it myself if I knew where it was. Along with that Mother of his, whole family is bad blood no question about it."

I walked. Away from the voices. I pushed through the tide of black. Voices firing off here, there, everywhere. I spotted the door to McGonagall's office, stopping in the hall and sighed. They were right, I was on thin strings and possible just snapped them. "Dam I'm fucked."

"Language." The gargoyle on the right lifted its head. "Do you require something or am I wasting my time." The gargoyle on the left was gone for repairs which made the right one permanently miserable.

"I, erm, really should speak to Headmistress McGonagall."

"Do you have the password?" His voice trailed.

"Erm, no." I scratched the back of my head.

"Is she expecting you?" Probably thought I was going to end up in her office one day.

"Well, not exactly."

"Yes or no straight answer."

"No." Oh please don't make this difficult.

"No entry." The gargoyle refroze. Why the bloody hell not!

I drew my wand, blood was pumping through my head and I just flung my arm upwards. I felt the power explode out of the tip of my wand, throwing the gargoyle down the corridor and smashing into the wall at the end. A group of third years squealed, jumping out of the way just in time.

"Oh shit." Three knights leaped off their pedestals, their metal gleaming in the sun. The eyeless eye sockets looked straight through me. I shivered "Look I didn't mean too. I'm sorry!" I lifted my hands as they approached, swords drawn. "I can fix it. The spell is simple." I backed up against the wall. "I said I'm sorry I've had a lot happening." I lifted my wand, quickly doing the spell, the gargoyle was restored on its pedestal. "See he's fixed." The knights stopped, turning their heads to look at the gargoyle. "Come on look, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done it. He's fixed now and no harms done."

The one on the left spoke, it’s voice was like a small metal ball rattling up and down a tin can, detached and sharp. "Where's the other one?"

"That one was not broken by me. He's being repaired for damages it got in the battle of Hogwarts." The knights looked at the pedestal, before slowly looking at me.

They spoke in unison the sound was like a storm in an open drain. "We watch those gargoyles all day every day. Liar!" They lifted their swords in unison. "Liar!"


"Attack!" I turned and ran. I could hear the clangs of metal as they charged behind me. Students who were still coming out of class were leaping back against the walls, some were even screaming. I ran down the corridors, throwing myself against the walls to gain more momentum around corners, it worked but the knights were still faster.

"What’s going on?" Professor Sprout’s face appeared at the end of the corridor before me.

"Professor! Help me!" Something cold and hard slammed into my shoulder, warm blood began to spread across my back, the pain shooting through my body. I screamed. My eyes blacked out and my knees hit the floor with my right hand trying to cover the hole in my left shoulder, I tried to carry on running but couldn't lift my legs; my damaged shoulder hit the floor and I screamed again.

"Mister Malfoy stop panicking. Sean please fetch Madam Pomfrey at once. Okay everyone out of the corridor, go outside. I don't care Miss Elliott if you have a lesson you will leave at once and fetch the Headmistress and I will notify your teachers as to why you are late." 

I forced myself to breathe again, counting the gaps in between to steady them. Before attempting to stand and face the stares.

1...2...3...4...5...6...breathe...1...2...3...4...5...6...breathe...1...2...3...4...5...6...breathe...1...2...3...4...5...6... breathe...1...2.."Mister Malfoy."

"Yeah?" The pain subsided as I felt spells spread across my back like water, it was still crippling.

"Don't move." I paused, my shoulder felt like it had a flaming sword in it.

"Why?" The throbbing in my shoulder was making tears flood down my cheeks, I lifted my left hand to wipe them away, causing spikes of agony to shoot down my spine and arm. Won't be doing that again.

"I can't remove the sword without making your condition worse."

"Excuse me? Why is it still in my FREAKIN' BACK!" I groped around with my right hand, feeling the endless crater in my shoulder, my hand reached something hard and smooth. Must be the sword. I felt along it trying to find the sharp edge, eventually finding it had cut jagged edges instead one straight sharp one.


"Mister Malfoy please. I am doing what I can for the pain for now you just have to wait till Madam Pomfrey arrives!" Oh My Merlin that’s my shoulder! That’s my shoulder! That’s my shoulder and its sliced in half.

"How am I still awake? How am I not dead?" I felt one of her rough hands yank mine away.

"Luck and me. Mister Malfoy is the answer to your questions, I have stopped the bleeding an used a spell that will keep the wound almost frozen so it cannot get worse or, unfortunately, better that is until Madam Pomfrey can see to your wound. However you poking it will not improve things."

"Worse? I have the Grand Canyon on my back!" I heard running footsteps and vibrations in the floor. Only now did I realise my face was streaked with tears and a small puddle had even formed on the floor. Dirt and Dust was clinging to my face and I was desperately struggling to breathe, short shallow breaths. Professor snorted quietly at my comment.

Funny? How in the name of Merlin is this funny?

"Ah! Madam Pomfrey. I froze the wound and have kept him still, as difficult though it was Mister Malfoy you must learn patience." Patience? I'll give you.

OH for god sake she'll only trying to help play nice. I said nothing.

"Right. Moving him will be pointless till we get this sword out."

"Madam?" My voice cracked in the middle, I forced to try and keep it steady.

"What, dear?"

"I don't care what you do. But is there any way to reduce the pain?" My voice didn't crack it completely shattered half way through. The pain was forcing its way up my neck towards the back of my head.

Never passed out before.

The pain had also spread across my back and was forcing its way into my legs.

"Of course deary, Professor fetch the Aphelion flowers please, their qualities will help." I felt the vibrations in the floor as she hurried away. "Headmistress I however think a much stronger pain killer is needed in order to prevent any potential thrashing, if you don't mind?" Wait what?

"Hello what she doing? Professor what’s happening?" I felt something touch the back of my head just as the pain flooded in...





"Where's Draco?" I forced myself to eat more meatloaf, looking at Blaise's mountain of mash.

"How am I supposed to know?" He scooped up a fish finger, dunked it in the baked beans before shovelling it in his mouth.

"Would you like some food with your mash?" He snorted through an overly crammed mouthful of the stuff. "Where do you think McGonagall is? I looked up at the table then over to Granger. Draco was attracted to her, poor dude didn't even know it.

"I dunno. Meditation?" I just looked at him.

"Are you not the least bit concerned?" He glanced up.

"Of course I am! I'm just eating my concerns away." I gripped my knife and slammed it down the middle of his plate making it crack in half. "Al'right I'm sorry. You're right and I am worried but what do you suggest we do?" I yanked my knife back up out of the wood in the table.

"Look. That's what I suggest we do!" He forced another fish finger in his mouth before standing to follow me. Draco where have you gone? No one had seen him since he stormed out of potions, someone mention that he had been running along the third corridor but that was in passing.

"Any suggestions?"

"Dorm, then medical room. Check the main places first." I spotted two school bags dropped outside our Common room door, picking them up I pushed the door open and dropped the bags to the side.

"Oh really? Well you stick your well laid plan up you well laid BUTT!" Rhianna threw her books at Micheal who ducked causing them to go straight in the fire. "I hate you!" Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "I hate you I hate you I hate you. You should just rot in hell!" She flew down the steps to the girls dorm, a door slammed and faint sobs floated up from downstairs.

"Rhianna! Please I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that!" He tried to run down the steps after fishing her scorched books out of the fire. He made it three steps before the staircase went completely flat, sunk down in the ground and bounced him back up to the common room. He landed butt first in front of the fire, looking dazed and on the edge of tears. I looked at Blaise.

"Go check the dorms will you?" I murmured it under my breath. He nodded, I walked forward to see my baby brother fighting back a flood of tears.

Don't like that girl anymore.

"Hey dude." He jumped, coming out of his reverie.

"Hey, hey Cyrus. Thought you'd be at dinner." He stood twiddling his thumbs like a young boy about to be ticked off by his mother.

"Sit down yeah?" He sat at the far end of the sofa, I relaxed on the opposite side putting my feet up next to him. "So, would you like to tell me what’s occurred?" He lowered his head, adjusting the way he was sitting so he was more comfortable.

"Well last week I asked Anna if she'd like to go out with me and she said yes and we hugged." He paused. We've only been at school a month. "Well on Wednesday I asked her if she would mind me holding her hand and she said ‘yeah it would be quite sweet’.  But then when we were walking down the corridor she pulled away from me when she spotted her friends. Later I asked if there was something wrong and she told me I was ‘over-reacting to nothing’. Then later on she did it again as if she didn't want to be seen with me and I mentioned it again and she turned round and said ‘well is that all you want is for me to be an accessory on the end of your arm?’ I said ‘no of course not I just wanted to make sure I hadn't in some way offended you.’  She didn't believe me for some reason. Then she confronted me earlier as to ‘why I want to hold hands all the time,’ if I wanted more and that she was only eleven. I told her she was being silly, I just wanted to feel close to her but I'm not looking for anything like that yet. Then she said ‘oh so you've got it all planned out then have you?’ I said ‘in a way yes’. So she yelled at me and you well, heard the rest." He took a deep breath.

"Doolley?" An elf popped up next to the couch, light skinned and bright purple eyes the size of golf balls, he was small for an elf. "Hey mate, is it possible for you to get us two cups of tea please? Both white with two sugars?" The Elf bowed so low his nose brushed the carpet.

"It is an honour for Doolley to serve." He vanished. I leant forward gently.

"You've only known her a month Birdy. You are both young and every couple argues. If it's, as cheesy as it sounds, meant to be then you'll get past this. This is your first fight and I would eat a mouldy sock to the fact that it won't be the last."

Doolley apparated back that moment, Micheal picked up his tea thanking the little elf and I did the same. Cradling the hot tea in my hands Blaise walked back up the stairs. "Any sign of him?" He shook his head.

Al’righty then.

“The only advice I can give is to talk it out, apologise. If you don’t apologise to women they hold it against you forever. Now would you like to come with us? Perhaps to get your mind of things?” He paused to think for a moment before giving a shy nod.

“What are you guys doing anyway?”

“Draco’s escaped. Got out of his collar and ran for it, we’re trying to find him and get his lead back on him.” I rolled my eyes at Blaise’s.

“Come on then.” I led our little party out the door and up the steps to the corridor again. People were moving around and chatting as we climbed the Great Staircase towards the medical wing.

I spotted Cho and Luna coming down the stairs in the opposite direction, from the corner of my eye her eyes locked with Blaise’s and they smiled. Blaise turned around and kept smiling at her whilst walking backwards causing her to go pink and giggle. Luna glanced at Cho just as she turned back, looking a little confused.  I sighed and looked at Micheal, he had also watched Blaise and Cho’s interaction and looked sad.

I pulled his head closer to my shoulder, he fought back hitting me in the side, I ruffled his hair and twisted him around to annoy him. He grunted and shoved back, a smile on his face. I put my arm around his waist and carried on walking, carrying him on my hip.

“Cy stop it!” He wriggled, kicking out into mid-air. “Put me down!” I plonked him back down on his feet, he was walking slightly closer to me now though and looked a little less miserable. I smiled.

We paused as the stairs started to spin, a few first years in front were clinging to the banisters. Squealing and laughing. We walked into the medical room, two beds held occupants opposite each other at the end. One had blue screens surrounding it and the other had Longbottom, surrounded by the golden trio, Lavender and Ginny Weasley.

Potter was speaking to him. “Neville, I got Cho to take Luna to get something to eat.” He nodded.

“Thanks Harry, poor Luna, I didn’t want to worry her but I couldn’t make her leave without offending her.” He rubbed his head, his fringe had been allowed to grow to cover his scars. I walked up to them.

“Any of you seen Draco?” They all frowned.

“I don’t know, when did you last see him?” I heard a noise behind me. Hermione was the one who spoke.

“When he stormed out of potions. No one’s seen him in hours.” None of them looked worried except Hermione, I heard the noise again.

“Cyrus!” I turned, Micheal was peering through the gaps in the screens.

“Micheal what are you doing those screens are there for a reason?” His face was paled.

“Cy it’s Draco.” I heard whispers as me and Blaise walked around the screens.

“He was here before us Cyrus, we’re sorry we didn’t know.” I ignored them as I spotted Draco on the bed. He was completely passed out, missing the uniform from his chest revealing that half his body was covered in bandages, the other half was patterned with old white scars. His hair had grown long over the summer and had fallen across his face, drops of blood matting it together. Blood had seeped through the bandages, he twitched in his sleep slightly and let out a low painful moan. On the metal table next to the bed was what looked like the snapped blade of a sword.

“Madam Pomfrey.” I turned and walked out from the screens again. All the others had gone quiet, she came out of her office.

“Yes dear?” I couldn’t speak, I simple pointed at the screen. “Ah yes, about time I changed his bandages.” I stood aside as she walked around. “Mr Zabini and Mr Nightingale I’m afraid you need to leave.” They both came round. We waited. Listening to the sound of muttered spells and wet bandages. We waited. Feeling the silent stares in the back of my head until finally she came back round again.

“Madam.” She pulled off her bloodied gloves.

“Yes dear?” She looked tired as she walked over to Neville.

“What happened.”

“You can go deary, the bones are healed.” She walked back over to us. “It seems the knights that guard the gargoyles up to the Headmistresses office, were under the impression that Mister Malfoy had destroyed the gargoyle guarding the office that has been taken for repairs. Those armours are enchanted, including their swords. Well his injuries are healing but the effects are slow, he will be here for three days at least.”

“What has happened to him, exactly?” She sighed.

“The sword went straight through the shoulder and collar bone and punctured the top of his lung. Professor Sprout managed to freeze the injuries for a small period of time so we could fix his lung and take him out of imminent danger. However he still has a long way to go.” Merlin. I heard a gasp behind me, I turned to see that the Gryffindors hadn’t left, half way to the door Hermione had her hand over her mouth. Even Weasley looked shocked.

“Thought you wanted him dead Weasley.” He opened his mouth to reply, his ears bright red but slowly shut his mouth again.

“Come on ‘Mione.” She whipped around.

“Stop! Calling me that.” She marched up to us, I saw Blaise cross his arms and stiffen. “May I see him?” Madam Pomfrey had gone back into her office rooms. It was a moment before I realised she was talking to us. I glanced at Blaise who still looked icy.

“Sure. Why not?” I led the way around the screens, ignoring the glares from Blaise and Weasley. I stepped around his bed so she could see properly. Her hand covered her mouth, she gently reached out as if to touch his mangled shoulder but stopped short. He grunted in his sleep and twisted his head. She looked across the bandages to roughly where the top of his lung was, down his arm to the scar on his wrist, a joke in comparison to rest of his shoulder. She picked up a tissue of the table and carefully picked the bits of blood that Madam Pomfrey had missed out of his hair, making sure it was pushed back from his face. She was covering her expression but her eyes were giving away a conflict inside. Potter poked his head around the corner.

“Anything we can do to help?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Do you have any suggestions?” He shook his head, coming round fully to look at Draco, inspecting his wrist from a distance.

“When did he do it?” It didn’t take a genius to figure he wasn’t talking about his shoulder.

“About a week after the battle.” I sat on the only available chair, Blaise had come round the corner and was blocking the doorway to stop any others coming in including Micheal.

“Why isn’t it healed?” It was Granger’s turn to speak up. I sighed.

“There’s been trouble in their family for years. Draco’s fear of his father kept him from taking his mother and running.” Blaise shut his mouth and that was it. The pair looked like they were expecting a further explanation but were getting none from us. None of your business to be honest. Only person to tell them would be Draco, which I doubted.

“Come on Hermione.” He tugged on her arm gently. “We hope he gets better soon.” We both nodded as they left. Blaise sat on the edge of Draco’s bed.

“What do we do?” I sighed.

“Wait for him to get better. Take notes in class and make sure we do copies for him so when he wakes up he’s not behind.”

“No, I meant with McGonagall.”

“I have no idea.”


So? What do you think? Reviews!!! I live off them :) literally... :P

x Ravenpen x  

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