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Being by Poisoned Lily
Chapter 13 : Thirteen
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognise belongs to J K Rowling.





We’ve been back at school for two weeks, and tensions are still high between the Potter siblings.

Lily and Al are still angry at James for the way he behaved in second year. James is angry at them for being angry with him. Lily is angry at Al because she wanted to kill/hex James, and Al stopped her.

I’m avoiding James again. James is avoiding me.

Except, this time no one cares. They are all more concerned about the Potter siblings to take notice of James and me.

I’m so glad about that.

No, really, I actually am.

I haven’t told anyone about the kiss on Christmas night with James, and I don’t intend to.

Even though keeping it secret is killing me.

But I know that everyone I tell will call me an idiot.

Because that’s what I am.

It is with a dull mood that I go to find Professor Lupin, hoping that even if my life is shit, I can fix someone else’s. I knock on the door to his room and enter, seeing Teddy sitting at his desk, marking essays. He looks up and sees me.

“Arya.” He says. “How can I help you?”

“Have you talked to Victoire?” I ask, skipping pleasantries.

Teddy looks surprised. “Er, yes, I have.”

“So…?” I prompt.

“Well, she’s pregnant. But I’m guessing you knew that.”

“Yep. What are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll- I’ll be there for her, I guess.”

“You guess? You’re not seeming too enthusiastic about it.”

“Look, we’re not together. I-I don’t think I can stand to have another man raising my child, or to watch Victoire marry someone else. I’d want to leave, but I couldn’t, and I’d be so miserable, and-”

“Okay, okay, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here, Teddy. Why is she with another man?”

“She’s not yet, but she will be. She’s just so beautiful.” He says, a slightly glazed look in his eyes.

“Nope. She’s not yet with another man. Just go find her, tell her how you feel. I think she feels the same about you.”

“She doesn’t. Look, I’ll be there for her and the baby, it’s the least I can do. I never knew my parents, they both died in the war. I could never not know my own child. But as for actually dating Victoire? Well, we both know that’s never gonna happen.”

“Right that’s it!” I exclaim, going to Teddy’s side and seizing his wrist, pulling him up. “You’re going to go and tell Victoire about your feelings for her.”

“What? But?” He protests, but lets me lead him outside the room.

“Come on Teddy! IT’S  A QUEST!”

“A QUEST?” An excited voice shouts. We both stop and look in the direction in came from. On our right is a portrait of some medieval knights. The one in the middle has his hand over his sword, and judging by the expression on his face, was the one to speak.

“YES, A QUEST!” I shout.

I can hear Teddy mumbling, “Oh Merlin, no.” Behind me, but I don’t care.

The knight in the middle raises his sword into the air. “A QUEST TO WIN THE FAIR MAIDEN’S HEART!”

The other knights all raise their own swords and cheer.

“Let’s go!” I shout, dragging Teddy once again.

The knights let out a war cry, running into the next portrait, and the next, and so on.

The corridor is a cacophony of sound:


“No, no, no. Merlin what have I done to deserve this?”

“Come on, Teddy! Merlin’s not listening!”

“Oi! What do you think you’re-”

“Get out! This is my portrait! Get your own!”


“No, no, no, no!”

“Shhh Teddy, isn’t this fun? I DO LOVE A GOOD QUEST!”


“Watch out!”

“How dare you?”

About ten minutes later, we round the corridor to McGonagall’s office. “DUMBLEDORE!” I scream, watching the gargoyles move to reveal the stairway up to the office. It opens just in time, and Teddy and I run up the stairs, stopping in the doorway to the office, leaning over and panting for breath.

The knights make it up a second later, joining the former head teachers in their portraits.

They aren’t half complaining about it.

In fact, the only teacher that doesn’t seem to mind having a half crazy knight in his portrait is Dumbledore. I look to the painting next to him, and see the man from the painting in the deserted corridor.

“IT’S YOU!” I shout, pointing a finger at him accusingly.

“Yes, it is I, you horrible child.” He says, trying to elbow the knight currently residing in the portrait out of the way. “I can’t believe you made me wear a pair of glasses. Everyone laughed at me, AGAIN-”

“Teddy, Arya, knights. To what do I owe the pleasure?” A slightly bemused McGonagall asks.

“It is a quest, my lady.” Says the first knight.

“A QUEST TO WIN THE FAIR MAIDEN’S HEART!” The knights all shout in unison.

“Teddy?” McGonagall asks, obviously deeming him the most likely to give a sensible answer that everyone understands.

I don’t understand why she didn’t ask me, really, I’m not that crazy.

“I need to use your fireplace, Professor. I’m sorry about the, er- the commotion, and the knights, and Arya.”

“Hey!” I exclaim, just to be ignored.

“Very well, Teddy.” McGonagall says, moving aside and motioning to the fireplace. Teddy floos away immediately. “You are dismissed, Arya.” She says, and I grudgingly leave.


A/N: Hi! I feel really bad because this chapter's so short :/ I honestly didn't realise :( However, the next ones longer :D

I'm also sorry for how long you've had to wait for this chapter - I put a one-shot in the queue first, and now the queue is getting longer, so I don't know quite when you'll get to read this.

Buuuuuut, thank you for reading. :D

Dana xx


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Being: Thirteen


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